The United States’ masonry industry has become a highly-fragmented one. Today’s industry involves small-scale companies competing in a market dominated by longer-established national companies that have many capabilities. Clients are faced with a myriad of choices—from choosing among brick, stucco, stone and concrete, to finding the right contractors to hire.

This article lists the best masonry contractors near you, throughout the United States. These 25 firms are well-respected companies with rich portfolios and excellent reputations in the industry. Most of them specialize in commercial projects while occasionally working on residential buildings. They include award-winning and active members of national and state masonry organizations, including the Masonry Contractors Association of America (MCAA) and the United Masonry Contractors Association (UMCA).


25) Skinner Masonry

3905 Forney Rd., Mesquite, TX 75149

Skinner Masonry is an award-winning contractor in Mesquite, Texas. The company is currently led by Lynn Skinner, who is recognized in the construction industry as one of the best masonry professionals in the U.S. From 1996 to 2000, Skinner was on the board of directors of the UMCA, where he also served as president from 2001 to 2003. Under his leadership, the firm has grown into one of Texas’ contractors of choice through its high-quality work and excellent customer service.

24) Metro Masonry Construction

3900 Split Trail Rd., Plano, TX 75074

Steve Carter established Metro Masonry Construction in 1991, after a decade of experience in masonry construction. The company’s founding followed his three-year stint as president of the UMCA, from 1988 to 1990. Through his expertise, the firm quickly rose as one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s best specialty contracting firms for masonry. It has received several prestigious industry awards, such as the Golden Trowel Award from UMCA, and the Best in Class Brick in Architecture Award from the Brick Industry Association (BIA). Most recently, it received a distinction from the American Institute of Architects for its excellence in masonry craftsmanship.

23) Davidson Masonry

2080 Vista Ave. SE, Salem, OR 97302

Davidson Masonry is a contemporary specialty contractor that offers brick, block, and masonry contracting services. Since its inception by brothers Jim and Gordon Davidson, the company has offered quality brick and block work across Oregon and nearby states. Over the years, the company began expanding beyond the residential market. Today, much of its revenue comes from commercial projects in the Northwest states.

The firm actively participates in the industry as a member of the MCAA and the local Masonry Institute of Oregon (MIO). It is a recipient of numerous Hammurabi Awards from MIO, as well as a distinction from the MCAA’s International Excellence in Masonry Awards Competition.

22) Griffin Masonry

11301 Blair Rd., Charlotte, NC 28227

Founded in 1990, Griffin Masonry was established by brothers Scott and Tony Griffin. Their joint efforts as masonry professionals helped the company enjoy steady growth over its nearly three decades of operation in the Charlotte Metro area of North Carolina. The firm has managed to expand from a single brick crew to over 40 construction crews that specialize in different areas of the business.

The company offers an array of specialty contracting services, including brick, block, and stone masonry, concrete flatwork, and concrete pumping. Its consistent delivery of excellent results has allowed it to eventually offer commercial construction.

21) McGee Brothers

4608 Carriker Rd., Monroe, NC 28110

McGee Brothers was founded in 1971 by brothers Sam and Don McGee. The brothers are renowned in the industry for pioneering one-stop and turn-key masonry installation, and innovating several methods in the trade. For his contributions to the growth of the industry, Sam McGee was inducted into the MCAA’s Hall of Fame in 2014.

Today, it is one of the largest residential masonry contractors in the U.S., with more than 200 crews and over 1400 members in employment. The firm has been featured on several local media outlets in North Carolina, and received much attention when it broke the Guinness Book of World Record’s Fastest Brick Layer record.

20) Calvert Masonry

9651 Hawkins Dr., Manassas, VA 20109

Calvert Masonry is an award-winning masonry firm that serves Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland. Its current president, Bruce Spengler, brings over three decades of experience in general contracting. His background in civil engineering allows him to be hands-on with contracts, construction engineering, planning, logistics, and issue resolution.

The company has received awards from the Associated Builders and Contractors, The Masonry Institute, and the Washington Builders Congress. Among its award-winning projects is its work on the $400 million Museum of the Bible. Calvert Masonry was hired to work on the building’s exterior, for which it used imported handmade clay bricks from Denmark.

19) Fairweather Masonry

1400 140th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98005

For over four decades, Fairweather Masonry has worked on projects in the retail, educational, government, and residential market in the Northwest region. Recently, the company began venturing into green masonry to lower its projects’ impact on the environment. It has worked on a number of LEED-certified buildings, most notably the Washington State Department of Information Services.

The company is the masonry contractor behind the $3.5 million masonry exterior of the University of Washington – William H. Gates Hall School of Law. The building stands out on the campus because of its contemporary design, emphasized by the combination of glass, masonry, and sleek lines. Fairweather Masonry used 225,000 bricks, 25,000 blocks, and 2,000 pieces of precast concrete to complete the project.

18) Seedorff Masonry

408 West Mission St., ​Strawberry Point, IA 52076

Seedorff Masonry is a multi-awarded masonry contractor with over six decades of experience in the industry. The company has grown from its Iowa headquarters and expanded with regional operations in Omaha, Des Moines, and the Quad Cities. It is active in the industry network, being a member of the Masonry Institute of Iowa (MII), Master Builders of Iowa, and the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

In addition to its usual commercial and hospitality projects, it also occasionally creates masonry for monuments. In 2018, it received the 2018 AIA Excellence in Craft Merit Award, and the 2018 MII Golden Trowel Award for its masonry work on “A Monumental Journey” by artist Kerry James Marshall. The monument, located in the National Bar Association in Des Moines, is a 30-foot tall structure that resembles African talking drums that are stacked atop each other. Seedorff Masonry hand-cut every brick to keep it consistent with the design.

17) CA Lindman

10411 Guilford Rd., Jessup, MD 20794

CA Lindman began in 1990 with just 20 employees. Today, it has grown into a construction group with a myriad of services and a national reach. It has received recognition from Engineering News-Record, the International Concrete Repair Institute, and Masonry Construction Magazine.

The company is a winner of several historic preservation awards for its excellent work on refreshing iconic structures throughout the country. One of its most important works is the restoration of the Wheat Row Townhomes in Washington, which were originally built in the 1790’s. CA Lindman’s work on the Late Georgian-style homes was featured prominently in Masonry Construction Magazine’s Historic Restoration category.

16) Wilks Masonry

1430 Markum Ranch Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76126

Brothers Farris and Dan Wilks are second-generation masonry professionals who run the family-owned Wilks Masonry. Established in 1995, the company has enjoyed consistent growth over its two decades of operation in Texas and Oklahoma. In 2011, the brothers made it to the Forbes 400, which is Forbes’ definitive list of the top 400 billionaires in the U.S.

Through the Wilks’ masonry background and business acumen, the company is able to earn highly-coveted projects. One of these projects is Oklahoma State University’s (OSU) Boone Pickens Stadium exterior upgrade, which took place in 2003. Wilks Masonry was hired to work on the exterior brick masonry of the stadium to match OSU’s modified Georgian architecture.

15) John J. Smith Masonry

9200 Green Park Rd., St. Louis, MO 63123

John J. Smith, Sr. founded John J. Smith Masonry in 1977 after two decades of experience in the masonry trade. In the early 2000s, he was succeeded by his son and namesake as president of the company. Around that time, the company became known as one of the top ten masonry contractors in the country, after finishing work on Ameren World Headquarters, Greybar, and Boatman’s Bank. Since then, the firm has grown steadily, and has been consistently featured on national lists. Most recently, it was included on the Engineering News-Record’s list of the Top 600 Specialty Contractors.

In 2006, the company was hired to work on Saint Louis University’s Chaifetz Arena. The 10,000-seat structure’s exterior was clad in brick masonry, which contrasted well with the use of steel finishes and glass doors and windows.

14) Northland Concrete and Masonry

1125 Stagecoach Rd., Shakopee, MN 55379

Northland Concrete Masonry has been in the concrete and masonry industry for over 40 years. In the last decade, the company experienced significant growth, with its revenue increasing from $18 million in 2003 to $114 million in 2016. This explosive growth is attributed to the company’s shift in focus to field productivity, as directed by its newly installed CEO in 2013, Doug Schieffer.

The company has been featured in Construction Today, and in Inc. Magazine under its 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the United States. It has also received multiple accolades from the Minnesota Concrete and Masonry Contractors Association (MC&MCA) and has been listed in Engineering News-Record’s Top Masonry Contractors for four consecutive years from 2012 to 2015.

13) Merit Construction

10435 Dutchtown Rd., Knoxville, TN 37932

Merit Construction became an independently registered company after it separated from its parent company in 1990. It currently operates as a general contracting and construction management firm, also offering masonry construction and renovation services to its clients. The company is a proud member of the Masonry Institute of Tennessee (MIT) and the AIA.

In 2009, the company won the prestigious Excellence in Masonry Merit Award from MIT for its work on the Hardin Valley Academy. The school was created in collaboration with The Lewis Group Architects, and was given the 2008 High School of the Year Award by the Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA).

12) IMS Masonry

335 South 1250 W., Lindon, UT 84042

IMS Masonry offers masonry services throughout the Western region of the United States. Since its establishment in 1989, the company has remained consistent with its goal of exceeding expectations. As a masonry contractor, it has experienced working with some of the country’s largest general contractors, such as Layton Construction and Jacobsen Construction.

In 2017, the company worked on the Hale Center Theater. The project was awarded as the Most Outstanding Specialty Contracting Project by Utah Construction & Design Magazine. The building’s exterior is warm and classy, thanks to 13,000 square feet of dimensional stone and limestone that were used for traditional masonry. It also features two-color granite that was cut to size and Norman brick in three shades.

11) Brazos Masonry

287 Cherokee Trail, Waco, TX 76712

Established in 1989, Brazos Masonry is a full-service masonry contracting company that was established by Macke Bounds. Bounds is renowned for his contributions to the subcontracting industry. He was the first subcontractor who sat on the Board of Directors of the Central Texas Associated General Contractors (AGC), and later on, became a member of the National AGC’s Board of Directors. Most recently, he served as president of the MCAA, where he implemented a marketing program for masonry to educate Americans about its advantages as a construction material.

In addition to the reputation of its founder in the industry, the company also benefits from its established culture for excellence. Brazos Masonry has won several Golden Trowel Awards from the Texas Masonry Council and the MCAA. It has also been featured prominently in Construction News and Masonry Magazine.

10) Masonry Builders

5012 W. Cypress St., Tampa, FL 33607

Masonry Builders was founded by Thomas Bradley, a fourth-generation mason contractor from Florida. He collaborated with his brother, Todd Bradley, and Rich Chivari in growing the company into one of the top masonry contractors in the U.S. Together, they bring over 100 years of experience in the industry. Under their direction, the company focuses on pursuing projects in the retail market, and also excels in education, corporate, and sporting venue projects.

The company is a proud member of the MCAA. It has been featured in Concrete Construction and Masonry Construction Magazine, in which it is consistently listed as one of the top 50 masonry contractors in the U.S. It also has over 20 awards from the Masonry Contractors Association of Florida (MCAF).

9) Sun Valley Masonry

10828 N Cave Creek Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85020

Sun Valley Masonry is a full-service masonry and concrete contractor with an extensive portfolio in brick, block, structural concrete, and tilt panel construction. Its commitment to precise workmanship has helped it grow into one of Engineering News-Record’s Southwest’s Top Specialty Contractors.

The company cemented its reputation in the masonry industry when it finished working on the Borgata, a replica of the San Gimignano town in Italy. Sun Valley Masonry faced the challenge of recreating the town using modern equipment while following a strict project timeline.

8) Shadrock & Williams

10047 Floore Dr., Helotes, TX 78023

Since 1968, Shadrock & Williams has been offering masonry and wall-cladding subcontracting services in Texas. It is consistently listed on Engineering News-Record’s annual list of top specialty contractors in the country, which is based on the firms’ earnings per annum.  

The firm has worked on several high-profile projects. Among these are the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Latin American Art, and the University of Texas Downtown Campus Phase II. The latter project received the International Excellence in Masonry Award in 2000. Shadrock & Williams is also a recipient of several Golden Trowel Awards from the Texas Masonry Council (TMC) and the San Antonio Masonry Contractors Association (SAMCA).

7) Mid-Continental Restoration

401 Hudson Rd., Fort Scott, KS 66701

For over seven decades, Mid-Continental Restoration has been revamping building exteriors across the United States’ Midwest. It was originally founded as a painting company in South Dakota by Frank J. Doharty, who passed down the business to his family. Today, the firm is headed by Frank Halsey, Doharty’s grandson. Under his leadership, the company expanded to different areas of specialty contracting: masonry cleaning, new masonry construction, concrete repair, and terra cotta repair and replacement.

In 1995, the company opened a separate division for New Masonry. It is run by Douglas Strong, who was hired in the same year to focus specifically on growing the department. It has successfully earned high-profile projects, such as the historic exterior restoration of the iconic Hotel John Marshall in Virginia. It has also received recognition from Engineering News-Record as one of the top specialty contractors in the U.S.

6) The Witmer Group

1003 Cornerstone Dr., Mount Joy, PA 17552

The Witmer Group, originally established as Witmer & McCoy, was founded in 1967 by friends Les Witmer and Dale McCoy. It offered commercial masonry contracting services for over two decades, until Todd Witmer succeeded Les Witmer as president of the company in the 1990’s. He began his term by focusing on diversifying the firm’s offered services and widening the company’s reach beyond Pennsylvania.

Today, the Witmer Group offers masonry restoration and construction, waterproofing, and coating. It is now among the country’s best specialty contractors, earning over $20 million annually from the residential, commercial, educational, and governmental markets.

5) Wasco Masonry

1122 2nd Avenue N. Ste B, Nashville, TN 37208

With over 300 construction professionals employed in Tennessee and Kentucky, Wasco Masonry is one of America’s leading commercial masonry contractors. It is currently led by William A. Sneed, Jr. Sneed is a third-generation mason, following the footsteps of his father, Robert R. Sneed, who is a founding member of the prestigious MCAA.

Among the firm’s landmark projects is its involvement in the $1.58 million restoration project of the iconic Belmont University Tower in Nashville. The historic restoration was widely documented because of the comprehensive revival that the building’s exterior underwent after its last remodel in 1859. The building is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

4) Dee Brown, Inc.

4101 S. Shiloh Rd., Garland, TX 75041

Founded in 1955 in Dallas, Texas, Dee Brown, Inc. (DBI) is a family-owned and operated company that works on everything that involves stone, masonry, or terra cotta for interior or exterior construction. DBI bids on projects from several sectors, including residential, commercial, and institutional market segments. Its involvement in many sectors has enabled the company to earn a spot on Engineering News-Record’s Top 600 Specialty Contractors consistently from 2014 to 2018.

In 2013, the company received a Golden Trowel Award from the UMCA for its excellent work on the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas. The prestigious building is one of only 14 monumental presidential libraries across the United States.

3) DMG Masonry

1007 Commercial Blvd. N., Arlington, TX 76001

DMG Masonry has worked on all aspects of the masonry trade for over four decades. The firm is an expert in constructing masonry structures out of a variety of materials, including brick, blocks, granite, marble, stone, and limestone. Its flexibility has opened opportunities to work on different projects in the residential, industrial, and commercial markets. DMG was one of the companies that worked on the famed Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

In addition to earning contracts for high-profile projects, DMG Masonry is also a multi-awarded contractor. It is a recipient of multiple awards from the Texas Masonry Council (TMC), with two accolades from the BIA, and a Design Award from the South Central Wall-Ceiling and Plastering Association (SCWCPA).

2) Western Specialty Contractors

7401 Alabama Ave., St. Louis, MO 63111

Western Specialty Contractors is one of America’s largest specialty contractors for masonry and concrete restoration. Founded in 1915, it grew into one of the country’s construction giants by committing itself to consistently delivering quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. The company began humbly by offering a single service: waterproofing. It slowly expanded by offering other specialty services like facade and masonry restoration.

At present, a huge part of Western Specialty Contractors’ earnings come from masonry projects. In 2015, the company reportedly earned $71.9 million out of its $170 million annual revenue from masonry alone. Notably, it has also received industry recognition for its expertise in this field. It received the Excellence in Masonry Award from the Masonry Institute of St. Louis on several occasions, and was also listed by Engineering News-Record as one of the Top 20 Masonry and Concrete Firms across the United States in 2016.

1) Bulley & Andrews

1755 W Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60622

Bulley and Andrews had a headstart in the construction industry through its early establishment in 1891. Having begun in the era of ropes and pulleys, it is impressive to see how it has grown into a technologically-advanced and innovative construction company that offers its services on the national level. Despite its tremendous growth, it has not forgotten its roots in stone masonry. In 2005, the company opened Bulley & Andrews Masonry Restoration (BAMR), which now performs maintenance, protection, and preservation of building exteriors.

The company’s legacy and reputation allow it to earn high-profile projects. BAMR was awarded the historic restoration of the Riverside Water Tower, which was originally designed by renowned architect William Le Baron Jenney. The firm has received awards from AIA, Engineering News-Record, and Evanston Preservation Commission. Its projects have also been featured on CBS, Chicago Tribune, The Real Deal, and Architect Magazine.

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