Lack of space is probably one of the most common reasons why families remodel their homes. Homeowners with big families always want each corner of the house to be fully employed, which is why many contractors suggest taking a second look at the basement. The basement’s original purpose was storage for food and other important, but seasonal, household items. As time passed, the purpose of basements started to evolve; they started to play a more flexible role in the household. People discovered that basements can be repurposed into home offices, entertainment rooms, or even mini gyms. With the help of creative architects and builders, homeowners transformed their basements into just about anything they could think of.

We’ve narrowed down the 40 best basement remodelers found across the country. Most of these contractors are seasoned construction professionals that are capable of remodeling any part of the home. Thus, these remodeling professionals are aware of all the preliminary steps necessary before remodeling any basement. These contractors were chosen based on their body of work, the recognition they have received throughout the years, and the scope of services they offer. We’ve highlighted some of their best basement so readers can have a better idea of what these contractors have to offer.

If you are thinking about remodeling your basement, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

AB&K Bath and Kitchen

11063 N Port Washington Rd., Mequon, WI 53092

With over 130 Wisconsin awards under its belt, AB&K Bath and Kitchen has been the state’s leading residential remodeler for the past 20 years. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the firm’s specialties, but its experienced design team can remodel any room of the house. The firm’s design-build services include condo remodels, wine cellars, gyms, and mudrooms.

Most of the firm’s Wisconsin awards were for kitchen and bathroom projects but it also has earned accolades for basement and interior designs. One of its recent award-winning projects is this wine cellar in Cheverny Road. The cellar is luxurious, yet quite functional. There are hooks that can hold dozens of wines and an island that stores more wine and has a mini-fridge. This project has won many awards including a Gold award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the Wisconsin Remodeling Association.

Adam Beasley and Associates

669 Bedford Rd., Carlisle, MA 01741

Childhood friends Eric Adams and Angus Beasley developed an early appreciation for building. When the two became friends, they didn’t know that both of them had uncles in the construction industry. They spent their summers working alongside their uncles and, eventually, followed in their footsteps. In 2007, Adams and Beasley became business partners when they established Adam Beasley and Associates. Today, the firm provides custom building services to Greater Boston. Adams handles the technicalities of remodeling while Beasley takes care of the carpentry and furnishing. Boston Magazine has featured the partners on its 40 under 40 list.

In partnership with DGS Architecture, the firm built a sophisticated basement remodel that won the 2019 Best Basement Remodel award from the National Association of Home Builder (NAHB). The upper floors have a 19th-century Italianate design and the homeowners wanted something contemporary for their basement. Adam Beasley and Associates came through with polished interiors and that features a butler’s pantry, a wet bar, and a laundry room.

Alure Home Improvement

1999 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow, NY 11554

Remodeling family homes is the specialty of New York-based Alure Home Improvement. The firm is an institution in the New York home building industry: it’s been in the business for seven decades. From basic kitchen and bathroom remodels to technical alterations, Alure can take on any kind of home service. Most of its clients are families who have hired the firm for generations and continue to hire them to this day. One of its famous repeat clients is the hit television show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The firm has done eight remodels for the home remodeling show.

Basement remodels are popular for many homeowners. Many clients have hired Alure to transform their basements into functional rooms. The firm has turned basements into bars, entertainment rooms, exercises areas, and playrooms.

Atlanta Design & Build

1631 Canton Rd., Marietta, GA 30066

Seasoned remodeler H. Dale Contant has been in the construction and architectural industry for more than 45 years. He was at the height of his career when he established Atlanta Design & Build in 1996. Today his firm offers Design/Build whole home remodeling including basement renovation services. It is also the first NARI Accredited Remodeling Company in Georgia. The firm’s experienced team has various industry accreditations for carpentry and universal design. Contant is an active member of the Atlanta construction industry and has received regional and national recognition for his work. Atlanta Design & Build has been part of Qualified Remodeler magazine’s Top 500 Remodelers from 2006 until 2020.

This North Ivy Road basement is one of the firm’s award-winning remodeling projects. The firm worked closely with its client, a landscape architect who wanted to transform an unfinished basement into a functional space. The task was to turn the basement into a terrace-level living area. The result was a spacious area that has several entertainment areas, a guest room, and bathroom. Rustic details like distressed reclaimed wood were used as ceiling beams, a faux wood accent wall, barn doors are found throughout the room.

Basement Contractors Oklahoma

6300 Industrial Blvd., Edmond, Oklahoma 73034

Basement Contractors Oklahoma has been the state’s leading residential and commercial basement construction company for the past decade. Prior to establishing his firm, Founder Mike Hancock is an engineer who worked in the Kansas Nuclear industry. His expertise spans both the technicalities of basement Construction and creative architecture. The firm can handle both above and below grade waterproofing projects and concrete construction.

The local contractor has worked on over a thousand basement projects in Oklahoma. These include a variety of projects including concrete decks, retaining walls, safe rooms, fireplaces, and walk-out basements. This arcade has very colorful walls that give it a fun look. This room has its own mini-bar and other fun amenities like a pinball machine, an air hockey table, and a pool table.

Booher Building

5840 W 71st St., Indianapolis, IN 46278

What started out as a home-based remodeling boutique is now one of the leading general contractors in Indiana and Indianapolis. In 2001, Rob and Kathi Booher combined their 20 years’ worth of industry knowledge by starting a remodeling company in their own home. As the firm’s clientele started to grow, the firm’s services started to expand to basement remodeling and other design-build services. Its most recent achievement is receiving the Pulse of the City Award for Excellence in Customer Service.

The nationally recognized remodeler is not limited to conventional parts of the home. Many homeowners hire Booher Building to turn basements into functional spaces. The firm’s goal is to increase the value of a home by giving it more function and increasing its square footage. These basements can be converted into guest rooms or entertainment areas, there are endless options for homeowners. Like this Breneman project, the basement was converted into a rustic laundry room with a built-in closet.

Broderick Builders

6594 Hwy. #100, Nashville, TN 37205

For the past four decades, Broderick Builders has been remodeling the neighborhoods of Nashville. The remodeling firm was established by former Navy Officer John Broderick who got his start building custom homes in Lake Tahoe and resorts in Tennessee. John remodeled 2,500 homes across the state. John has passed down his firm to Jason Broderick who grew up helping around the firm. He finished with a degree in Marketing and uses it to improve the firm’s customer service.

Middle Tennessee homeowners have raved about the firm’s basement remodeling services for decades. From dusty ignored spaces to modern living areas, Broderick Builders can make any Nashville basement good as new. Because the firm has been remodeling homes for years, it can assess technicalities that need to be determined before designing basements. These local contractors are familiar with the difficulties unique to their area which makes it the ideal for remodeling spaces that are sensitive to their environment.

Buckeye Basements, Inc.

Delaware, OH 43015

After 27 years in the construction industry, Jonathan Smith established Central Ohio’s leading basement contractor. Buckeye Basements has been in business for 20 years but Smith still personally manages the design and construction of every project. His hands-on approach has earned the firm positive reviews. Many network shows have approached Smith for his construction expertise. He has appeared on CNN, The Dispatch, and Fox Sports Radio Network. Smith’s claim to fame was winning the title of “King of the Drill” from the Dewalt Million Dollar Tool Challenge when he drilled five screws to a pinewood for a record time of 60 seconds.

The firm’s award-winning portfolio includes basements that have been turned into mini theatres, custom bars, rec areas, and exercise rooms. Buckeye Basements receives awards every year and its latest distinction is the Shining Star Award for Innovation from the Innovation and Excellence Awards. The firm’s diverse portfolio includes rustic bars, sophisticated recreational areas, and modern in-home theatres.

Cornerstone Remodeling

324 Chase Ln., Marietta, GA 30068

Made of Georgia’s most experienced team of remodelers, Cornerstone Remodeling specializes in basement remodeling for Marietta homeowners. Whenever the firm does a whole home remodeling it always makes sure that it also takes care of the basement. Founder Larry Alford believes that there is a lot of untapped potential in basements. Cornerstone Remodeling can transform basements into any kind of room and Alford believes that these challenges help improve the team’s creativity. The firm also provides residential construction services.

The experienced contractor takes a number of preliminary steps before taking on a basement renovation. There are certain technicalities that need to be considered before construction, including foundation strength, moisture, and basement lighting. The firm has worked with a very diverse portfolio that includes The Property Brothers.

Craftsman Design and Renovation

837 SE 27th Ave., Portland, OR 97214

Portland has a charming collection of historical homes in its neighborhoods. Most of these homes have been maintained by their owners or the government. Craftsman Design and Renovation had its start restoring old homes and these clients were so pleased that they also started hiring the firm for modern remodels. Now, the firm is a nationally recognized remodeler who services both contemporary and historical homes.

As a remodeler accustomed to historical homes, the firm has an eye for finding the hidden potential for unused spaces. The firm often suggests looking into basement remodeling before opting for home additions. Basement remodels are an effective way of integrating modern rooms into historical homes without compromising the original façade. Homeowners can create contemporary entertainment spaces that seem out of place in traditional homes. They also have more freedom when it comes to design because these disconnected basements can have a totally different look from the main house.

DiFabion Remodeling

1070 Van Buren Ave. Ste. D, Indian Trail, NC 28079

New York native Mike Di Fabion was a successful swimming pool manufacturer for 11 years. When he achieved all of his goals, DiFabion decided to relocate to another state and pursue another industry. For the next decade, DiFabion helped one of North Carolina’s biggest remodeling companies to grow and its profits increased exponentially. After his success, DiFabion decided to bring a more personalized approach to remodeling. DiFabion Remodeling was established in 2001 as a customer-focused firm that services the neighborhoods of Charlotte. The firm’s specializations include kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling.

DiFabion Remodeling has a lot of unique custom design remodeling projects. Most of these unique custom design projects are unfinished basements repurposed into functional spaces. The firm wants its clients to treat these spaces as blank canvases where they can do anything. One client decided to turn their basement into a sophisticated area where they can relax and entertain guests. Guests can sit by the stunning Robley Tate Fireplace or lounge by the grand piano located at the foot of the stairs.

FBC Remodel

1205 S. Platte River Dr. GL 100, Denver, CO 80223

Design-Build FBC Remodel is the only leading basement designer in Colorado, Illinois, and Minnesota. The firm became a household name when the Spotlight Section editor of Rocky Mountain News saw it on the Fall Home Show. The editor was intrigued by a contractor that only specialized in basement finishes, so she decided to meet the FBC Remodel team to learn more about its operations. Two weeks later, FBC Remodel was found on the front page of Rocky Mountain News. This article helped the firm gain more clients from other states, which in turn led to more branches.

The firm is one of the few basement companies that continuously wins awards every year. One of its unique award-winning projects is this Star Trek themed basement. The client loves Star Treks and has a collection dedicated to the show. FBC Remodel wanted to create a space where his collection can be displayed and enjoyed by people who are not fans of the show. The firm designed a hallway that recreates the spaceship found in the show. Inside is an arcade that has pinball machines, a gaming table, a wet bar, and a home theater.

Foster Remodeling

7211-H Telegraph Square Dr., Lorton, VA 22079

At a young age, David Foster had an interest in the home improvement business. Foster always had a curious nature and the unpredictable conditions of remodeling helped fulfill his need to be challenged. He is one of the first builders to integrate project management software into his building process. David is also one of the developers of the Remodelers Business Solution, a software that remodelers from different states have adopted. Foster is no longer part of this program but Foster Remodeling still uses it for every project. This software helps the team to stay on budget and finish on time.

Foster Remodeling can remodel any part of just about any home. This Alexandria basement shows how skilled the firm truly is. Originally constructed as an in-law suite, this basement was converted into a functional space that has its own living area, sleeping quarters, and a small yoga room.

G.M. Roth Design Build

12 Murphy Dr. Unit G, Nashua NH, 03062

Since 1986, G.M. Roth Design Build has been constructing and remodeling homes throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. G.M. Roth Design Build is the trusted builder in several neighborhoods due to its experienced team. The firm has a very diverse portfolio that includes traditional homes and sustainable houses that have a low carbon footprint. The firm’s impressive services have earned it a number of Cornerstone Awards and its stellar customer service has been recognized by the GuildQuality Master Awards.

The firm’s seasoned design team are also basement remodeling experts. Many clients have opted for this option because it is an affordable alternative to home additions. G.M. Roth Design Build’s award-winning services can turn a simple basement into just about anything a client can dream up, and the firm is familiar with game rooms, gyms, wine cellars, and office spaces.


919 Glenbrook Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Full-service construction and architecture company Gardner/Fox has built the best commercial and residential projects in Philadelphia. Brook Gardner and Mark Fox, both young professionals who wanted to combine their expertise for the Philadelphia market, started the firm. Gardner’s engineering skill combined with Fox’s architectural knowledge and it worked: this formidable firm has been in business for more than 30 years.

The firm has won awards for its interior design and historical renovation but some of its underrated work can be found in the basement remodels section of its portfolio. The award-winning basement project we’ve chosen to show you here is an entertainment area with rustic-inspired elements. When the firm started this project it was an unfinished basement that did not have any use for its homeowners. Gardner/Fox decided to integrate the individual interests of every family member into the entertainment room. All of the features are custom, including the mini bar, the fitness center, the gymnastics studio, and the game area.

Grand Homes & Renovations

2265 SW Hearthstone Cir., Altoona, Iowa 50009

Carrie Norse and David Kruse are two of Des Moines’s best home designers. Their individual homes have been featured in Des Moines Home Style and Meredith. Through their firm, Grand Homes & Renovations, Norse and Kruse are able to combine their design sensibilities and deliver elegant custom homes that have classic architecture paired with sophisticated rustic interiors. Grand Homes is an active member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines and the NAHB. That professional association keeps the remodeling firm updated on all the latest industry trends. Its classic designs combined with modern elements have caught the attention of local design publications like Woman’s Day Kitchens & Baths, Renovation Style, Welcome Home, and Home Style.

Remodeling is definitely the firm’s strength. The firm can transform an outdated home and give it a more modern aesthetic while maintaining its classic design. It can also totally refurbish a home and give it a new purpose. Grand Homes gave this rustic wine cellar a mysterious vibe to contrast against the bright home. Varnished brick ceilings gave the firm an authentic look while the elegant furnishing completed the feeling of intriguing elegance.

GV Kustom Kitchen & Baths

1020 Southeast Harrison St., Portland, OR 97214

Nick Vondrack started GV Kustom Kitchen & Baths as a custom cabinet maker. The firm’s expertise soon expanded to kitchen remodeling, and it expanded geographically into other states as well. Now, GV Kustom Kitchen and Baths offers whole home remodeling services to East Valley, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona, Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler. One of its innovative processes includes the use of 3D technology during the design stage. The firm’s team is made of interior designers and carpentry experts who specialize in kitchen remodels.

Kitchen remodeling is the firm’s strength, but it is also very experienced with basement remodels. GV Kustom is more than familiar with basement remodeling and maintenance. The firm helps clients determine if there are any problems with their basements, including leaks and molds. These must be addressed before any construction is done to avoid further damage. The firm’s interior design team can draft a plan that will use the basement’s space and increase the overall value of the home.

Hammer and Hand

1020 Southeast Harrison Street, Portland, OR 97214

Multifaceted construction company Hammer and Hand is a household name in the Portland building industry. It has a wide range of services that includes home building, remodeling, custom woodworking, and historical restoration. Hammer and Hand also offers its building services to both commercial and residential clients. Homeowners hire Hammer and Hand for its personalized services and quality craftsmanship. In its 25 years of service, the firm has won a number of awards. Its most recent accolades include a Golden Nugget award from Builder Magazine, a Housing Innovation Award from the U.S. Department of Energy, and a Green Home of the Year Award from Green Builder Magazine.

Hammer and Hand’s custom furnishing makes the firm a perfect remodeler for a personalized basement. The firm can create furniture that can fit cramped spaces and has different functions. Like this Buckman basement, the firm was able to build a storage area, a living room, and sleeping quarters with a full bath. One of its focal points is a custom barn door that also doubles as a chalkboard. The sliding barn door separates the kitchen counters from the bookshelf.

HIVEX Basement Finishing Co.

6324 Old Plank Rd Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Dan and Linda Betts started this company as Dee Bee Home Improvements; later their daughter Lena decided to rebrand the company to focus exclusively on basement finishing. Together with her husband, Christopher McNally, they now manage HIVEX Basement Finishing Co. delivering excellent service to the neighborhoods of Virginia. The couple has transformed the business into the premier local basement finishing firm and have remodeled more than 900 projects in central and northern Virginia.

In its decade of service, the firm has been part of Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 list and its owners were listed in Pro Remodeler Magazine’s 40 Under 40 annual list. One of its unique projects is this Prince William County project. A beautiful and inviting space, this basement was a dream to work on with all the exceptional details such as the custom millwork, the custom drink ledge in the game room, and the beautiful tile work in the bathroom.  This came together wonderfully and the family couldn’t be happier with their new entertaining and relaxing addition.

J&R Construction

633 West Main St., Lexington, KY 40508

Award-winning J&R Construction is the leading Central Kentucky design-build firm. President Jimmy McKinney’s first venture was McKinney Deck Builders, a construction firm that specializes in deck building and remodeling. In 2003, McKinney teamed up with a childhood friend to rebrand his firm into J&R Construction. The firm’s services expanded to design-build services that include professional interior design and whole home remodeling. Many homeowners have commended the firm’s customer service. Customers can check a project’s progress through an online portal and can request a 3D rendering of the floorplan.

The firm’s 3D rendering technology comes in handy with basement remodeling services, especially if the clients want a complete overhaul of their basement. It helps contractors and clients determine if there is enough space for the type of room in the plan. The advance planning that 3D imaging brings allows J&R Construction to implement space-saving furnishing—like these custom shelves that increased the storage area for this converted living room.

KC Home Solutions

18901 W. 158th St., Olathe, KS 66062

KC Home Solutions is the result of Nick Shepard’s two decades of working in the Kansas construction industry. From being a laborer to becoming the vice president of a local firm, Shepard has experienced every aspect of construction. The firm was established in 2012 to offer its full scope of remodeling services to homeowners in Central Kansas. In addition to its whole home remodeling services, the firm offers a comprehensive maintenance program for its clients.

In less than ten years, the firm became one of Kansas’ most awarded construction firms. Kansas City Home and Style Magazine’s most recent Remodel of the Year awards recognized five projects from KC Home Solutions. One was the best Basement Remodel under $100,000. Despite the limited space, the firm constructed a gorgeous kitchen complete with its own bar. The rustic wood elements perfectly complement the polished dark wood furnish and bring a sophisticated look to the kitchen.

Keith Trembley Home Solutions

9 County Rd., Milford, ME 04461

Building and remodeling company Keith Trembley Home Solutions is Maine’s go-to contractor for home and basement remodeling services. The firm has three divisions that have different construction specializations. For its basement services, the firm works with international company Total Basement Finishing (TBF). TBF provides free training on proper basement remodeling to its network of contractors found in different parts of the US and Canada. By partnering with TBF, Keith Trembley Home Solutions stays on-trend and has access to the best products and system designs.

This Brunswick Basement is 1,200 square feet and took only three weeks to complete. The firm was able to turn it into a mold and waterproof basement in a short amount of time. This basement is now a central living space with a theater area, a minibar, and a pool table. There was also enough space to build two spare bedrooms.

MA Peterson

6161 Wooddale Ave., Edina, MN 55424

For the past four decades, MA Peterson has been building homes that reflect the modern lifestyle of homeowners in Twin Cities. The goal of every MA Peterson remodel is to give every client a personal connection to their homes. From whole home to lower level remodels, the firm has experience in renovating every part of the home. The seasoned firm is a known figure in the Minneapolis building industry and many publications have approached the firm for expert advice. MA Peterson was recently interviewed by Spaces Magazine about the factors first-time homeowners should consider when hiring their first contractor.

The firm might have been in business for a long time, but it has a contemporary portfolio that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. This Edina home is an example of how the firm properly takes advantage of the site’s space. The basement was transformed into an entertainment area with an indoor theatre and game area. Hues of blue can be seen throughout, lending the space a relaxing aura and providing a striking contrast to the exposed wood beams on the ceiling. To complete this transitional aesthetic, modern furnishings were chosen to contrast with the rustic architecture.

Magnolia Home Remodeling

1640 Vauxhall Rd., Union, NJ 07083

New Jersey-based Magnolia Home Remodeling provides extensive residential services with the use of sustainable materials. Specializing in exterior and interior remodels, the firm uses energy-efficient windows custom fit for every project. Another one of its specialties is deck and porch installations. The firm uses natural wood and composite materials for its deck and rail systems. For the past 24 years, Magnolia Home Remodeling has built a reputation for being a reputable remodeler and outdoor contractor.

The firm’s team includes talented craftspeople who have plenty of experience in constructing different parts of a home. Homeowners will closely work with project managers to create a plan for an efficient basement system. The Magnolia Home Remodeling team is capable of various insulation techniques and painting concepts that can efficiently transform a basement into any type of room.

Matrix Basement Finishing System

36082 Industrial Rd., Livonia, MI 48150

The nation’s largest basement remodeling company, Matrix Basement Finishing System has been providing its specialized services to Chicago and Michigan for some time. The firm is not the only basement contractor in the Midwest, but it can execute every step of the construction process without any subcontractors. From interior design to plumbing, Matrix Basement Finishing System has an in-house team that can give a basement a brand new look. The firm’s extensive services also impress on a national scale.

Remodeling Magazine and Qualified Remodeler have included the firm in their annual top home remodeling lists. Matrix Basement Finishing System is the only remodeling company in the Midwest to be included in these prestigious lists.

The firm has transformed basements into offices, pantries, gyms, and entertainment rooms. One of the most popular requests is “man cave” renovations. These rooms are private spaces where men of the household can showcase their personal design tastes. These rooms often have a sports theme or make room for hobbies. When the firm designs a “man cave” it often makes space for a game room, a minibar, and enough space to entertain guests or host parties.

Meadowlark Builders

3250 W. Liberty Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Meadowlark Builders was started by two of the most unlikely craftspeople. Doug Selby was a chemist for seven years while Kirk Brandon has a degree in accounting. None of them have any formal training in homebuilding but both were passionate carpenters who have a talent for woodworking. Prior to venturing into homebuilding, the partners honed their carpentry skills by running their own woodworking company. Selby learned the basics remodeling rental houses; meanwhile, Brandon became a master cabinet maker. In 2004, Selby and Brandon decided to use their years of experience to serve the homeowners of Ann Arbor through their remodeling and custom home design build firm, Meadowlark Builders. The founders established Meadowlark Builders to create beautiful homes that are built using sustainable techniques, all hand-crafted by the most skilled craftsmen in Michigan.

This basement remodel was the third project that Meadowlark completed for this client. The goal was to create well-defined spaces in an otherwise large open area. The custom, site-built ceiling/wall feature separates the living area from the bar area. A custom built entertainment center separates the living area from the game room behind the TV. This area also has a seating area with a fireplace and an art area for the budding young artist in the family. The result is the perfect space for entertaining friends and family.

Metro Building and Remodeling Group LLC

41768 Ivy Glen Court, Ashburn, VA 20148

Serving the homeowners in Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, and Washington, DC is Metro Building and Remodeling Group. The firm has only been in business for seven years, but it already has won nationally acclaimed awards from NARI Contractor of the Year and Remodeling Magazine. Founder George Kall is most proud of the firm’s Big50 Award because only 50 remodeling companies receive this distinction annually.

The firm’s services include whole home remodeling, basement renovations, kitchen and bath remodeling, home additions, and general construction services. Its basement remodeling is perhaps the firm’s most popular service. Some of its basement projects have been featured in various publications because they so dramatically changed the way the original basement looked. This remodeled basement is a sports fan’s dream and is one of the firm’s most famous projects. Starting as an unfinished basement, it became a sophisticated space perfect for game night. Guests can enjoy watching up to three games at the same time because there are three flat-screen televisions mounted on the wall. There is also a full wet bar and various indoor games to pass the time.

MGO Design Build

PO Box 764, Slatersville, RI 02876

Husband and wife Maureen and Michael Dubois are professionals in the health and construction industry who always seek building solutions designed to maintain a healthy environment, and that’s why they started MGO Design Build. The design-build firm provides remodeling services with mold and mildew resistant materials that are fireproof as well. As an asthma specialist, Maureen advocates for investing in toxin-free materials because not only will it last longer but it will be better for the homeowner’s health. Mold in the air is invisible but it is very harmful to respiratory health and will eventually destroy the foundation of the home’s walls.

Mold and mildew are common in basements which is why most of the firm’s clients hire MGO for basement remodels. The firm has remodeled 125 basements making it the most experienced basement contractor in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Besides its comprehensive experience, homeowners hire the firm for its non-toxic building materials. Such materials are perfect for basement remodels because underground spaces are usually the first to deteriorate. The firm’s remodels do not just render basements functional; they make these rooms durable.

Michael Nash Kitchens

8630A Lee Hwy., Fairfax, VA 22031

Taking pride in being the most decorated firm in Northern Virginia, Michael Nash Kitchens is a big name in the Southern remodeling industry. The firm has amassed over 300 awards in 14 years. To this day, Michael Nash Kitchens continues to receive regional and national awards. The firm has also been recognized at the Contractor of the Year awards annually and, just this year, it received 13 awards for its kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodels.

Michael Nash Kitchens’s latest award-winning project is this sports-themed basement. The clients wanted a place where they could display their vast collection of wines. Their client was transformed into an entertainment room with a built-in wine cellar and a pub-style bar. The client’s love for hockey inspired Michael Nash Kitchen to give it the look of a sports bar. An entertainment area where the homeowners can enjoy the game, it also displays framed hockey jerseys of their favorite players.

Mosaik Design and Remodeling

112 S. Hamilton St. Portland, OR 97219

Mosaik Design & Remodeling is a full-service remodeler that provides the full scope of design, construction, interior design, and landscaping. President and Lead Designer Erin Davis want the firm to be a one-stop-shop general contractor so everything is consistent with the original design aesthetic. The firm’s portfolio has a wide range of architectural styles from traditional French country homes to contemporary sustainable houses. These stunning Mosaik Design projects have been featured in many local publications like Oregon Home magazine and Portraits of Portland.

Storage Magazine featured one of the firm’s stunning remodels in the Vista Hills neighborhood. The project included a 1,700 square foot basement; Mosaik Design & Remodeling turned it into an industrial living space. The clients wanted it to be a timeless family room that the kids would appreciate as they grow up. Colorful furniture like this cyan mod chair and patterned poufs give a  fun contemporary look to the family room. Another factor the firm had to consider was making this tight space more functional and spacious. It was given a flexible layout and light furniture that could be easily moved around, and built-in cabinets and shelves were installed to save space.

Mosby Building Arts

645 Leffingwell Ave., St. Louis, MO 63122

The St. Louis remodeling industry has been greatly influenced by Mosby Building Arts. The home remodeling company has been in the industry for more than seven decades and is one of the oldest companies in Missouri. The first is family-owned and managed which allows it to maintain the consistent level of integrity it has brought to projects since its humble beginnings. The firm is often included on Remodeling Magazine’s annual “Top Ten Remodeling Firm” lists and current President Sam Mosby is known as the local radio’s Home Improvement Answer Man for KMOX.

The firm is known for remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. Most of these projects have won notable distinctions, including a Chrysalis Award for Residential Universal Design. But many of its standout projects are basement remodels. One of its unique basement projects is this art studio made for children and adults to enjoy. Tasteful pale blue adorns the walls and a custom shelf makes an assortment of art materials easily available.

Polli Construction

11 Gregory Dr., South Burlington, VT 05403

Residential Contractor Polli Construction is Chittenden County’s leading source for construction. The firm has a comprehensive list of services for both interior and exterior projects. In addition to their construction and remodeling services, Polli construction also installs windows, doors, and skylights.

The firm’s extensive knowledge in all aspects of construction is beneficial even before starting the project, checking for water leaks and any ground, structural or code issues that need to be solved before the renovation. They also guide clients through the design process and material selection to ensure that their new basement is not only everything they hope for but also stands the test of time.

Sebring Design Build

424 Fort Hill Dr. Ste. #105, Naperville, IL 60540

Originally called Sebring Services, Bryan Sebring eventually decided to shift the company’s focus to designing and building residential projects. The firm rebranded into Sebring Design Build and started offering full-service remodeling and new construction services to the Western Chicago Suburbs. When the firm decided to shift its focus, it also became more customer-friendly. Sebring Design Build works closely with its clients because the firm believes that open communication will always make a project successful. Clients are provided with online scheduling, budgeting, and communication systems to make everything more convenient.

The firm is a known quantity in the Illinois building industry because it’s an active member of regional and national design organizations. Founder Sebring has been repeatedly featured in HGTV and Sebring Design Build has been part of Remodeling Magazine’s Big 50 List. The National Home Builders Association has also recognized the firm as Remodeler of the Year twice.

Shack Built

15615-A S Keeler Ter., Olathe, KS 66062

After going through two tours as a Ranger in the US Army, Derick Shackleford returned home to pursue his lifelong interest in construction. He established Shack Built to provide sustainable construction solutions for Kansas City. Educating builders and homeowners about environmental-friendly building practices is one of Shackleford’s passions: he is the co-chairman of the NARI Education Committee and a licensed renovator of the Kansas City Department of Health and Environment.

Shack Built is one of the few Kansas-based firms that is a Passive House Alliance US member. Unlike most homes, Passive Houses are constructed with less waste and have superior insulation that requires little energy for heating or cooling. But Shack Built’s remodeling services are popular with many homeowners. Its basement remodels show how Shack Built can completely renovate a space. This unfinished walkout basement became a gorgeous family room complete with a craft room, sitting area, and a kitchenette with a wet bar. The firm installed large windows to facilitate natural light flow in the space, especially into the crafts room and sitting area. Shack Built also made custom cabinetry that tied the sitting area into the kitchenette.

Sun Design Inc.

5795B Burke Centre Pkwy., Burke, VA 22015

Experienced builder Craig Durosko is the owner and chairman of Sun Design Inc. Durosko led the firm to expand into an architectural design-build with more than 50 employees. His long years of hard work have earned him a number of awards, including the President’s Award from NARI. Recently President Bob Gallagher took over the leadership of the firm and has become a key figure in the Sun Design operational procedures. Like Durosko, Gallagher has also received a President’s Award from NARI and he has been inducted into the Regional NARI Hall of Fame.

Sun Design is known for remodeling homes through the creative use of light and space. Every Sun Design remodel guarantees to increase the value of a home which is why many clients seek its services for unfinished basements. One of its stunning remodels is this award-winning rustic basement. The project’s exposed wooden beams and stone wall accents have more than a hint of a rustic log cabin, but the sauna and fireplace are pure modern luxury.

Synergy Home Remodel

850 Meadowview Crossing #13, West Chicago, IL 60185

What started as a basement remodeling company is now one of the most experienced home remodeling companies in Chicagoland. Synergy Home Remodel has extended its services to whole home remodeling, including interior and exterior renovations. The firm is a favorite among Chicagoland homeowners because of its free in-home complimentary consultation and referral rewards system. The firm has received glowing reviews and was named one of Illinois’s best companies to work for by The Daily Herald Business Ledger.

Despite shifting its focus to whole home remodeling, the firm’s best work can still be found in its basement remodels. Synergy Builders creates basements that are durable, functional, and modern. This Oak Park project used to be a bare basement that had no function for its owners. The firm transformed the space into a children’s recreational area, complete with designated space for storage and crafts.

The Lifestyle Group

6230 Southeastern Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203​

Central Indiana’s leading full-service remodeler for the past 20 years is The Lifestyle Group. The firm has served more than a thousand homeowners in Indiana and it has been recognized by Qualified Remodeler and Remodeling Magazine as one of the top remodeling companies in the country. Founder Geoff Horen started The Lifestyle Group with the goal of creating a team of contractors he would hire himself. His interest in homebuilding started when he had a bad experience with a contractor he hired. That experience inspired him to create a remodeling firm that keeps communication with its clients open.

The Lifestyle Group is a certified aging in place specialist which makes it an expert remodeler. Its portfolio consists of several award-winning projects including kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovations. It has received the Best Basement Remodel (Under $40K) award, three Best Whole Home Remodel Awards, three Best Bathroom Remodel Awards, and a Builder of the Year Award from the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis.

Total Basement Finishing

60 Silvermine Rd., Seymour, CT 06483

Total Basement Finishing provides specialized services for the suburbs of Connecticut. The firm has a very comprehensive basement service that includes space planning, insulation, wall, and flooring installation. Founder Larry Janesky has been a carpenter since he was 17 years old. He has a lot of experience in carpentry and two decades of his career have been dedicated to basement projects. That experience inspired him to establish a construction company that has comprehensive services dedicated to basements.

The firm is part of an international network of basement contractors that share and educate themselves on all the newest trends in the industry. But Total Basement Finishing keeps its services local so it can have a customer-focused team. Total Basement Finishing can transform basements into any type of room. From private spa areas to home theaters, the firm has completed some of the most unique projects in Connecticut.


3017 4th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55408

Fine carpentry and expert craftsmanship are the two things TreHus has become known for in Minneapolis. The name ‘TreHus’ was derived from a Norwegian word that means “house of wood” and Founder David Amundson chose this name to uphold the culture of craftsmanship passed down from his family. Born into a proud tradition of boat builders, the Amundson family made handcrafted wooden sailboats and rowboats in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. The few remaining Amundson boats have stood the test of time and are priceless memorabilia from an otherwise forgotten time. Today, Amundson uses this same craftsmanship in his own design and build remodeling company. The firm is the only firm with a Master Carpenter System which allows project managers to take over organizational details so carpenters can have creative freedom over a project.

The firm’s craftsmanship focused services have earned many awards: Contractor of the Year, Chrysalis Awards, and the Design Excellence Awards. One of its award-winning projects is this basement remodel in Minneapolis. Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s paintings, TreHus designed a vibrant space where its owner can fully express his creativity. Pollock was known for his abstract painting and his splattered strokes inspired the strand-woven bamboo flooring. When guests enter, they are greeted by a cozy living room with a horizontal gas fireplace. A custom-built barn door separates the living room from the painter’s studio.

Wentworth Studio

8401 Connecticut Ave. Ste. #310, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Design-build Wentworth Studio offers cost-effective residential services to Maryland and District of Columbia homeowners. The firm is more affordable than its competitors because it can provide architecture, interior design, and construction for all of its projects. Wentworth Studio is the single point of contact for all of its clients because there are no third-party contractors involved in the project. The firm’s team is capable of comprehensive services because it’s been certified by prestigious organizations like the American Institute of Architects, American Society of Interior Designers, National Kitchen and Bath Association, and NARI.

Reconfigured spaces totally refurbished to fit its owner’s lifestyle and design taste dominate the Wentworth portfolio. These projects have been featured in the pages of The Washington Post, Home & Design Magazine, and Home Magazine. The firm’s remodeling strengths are best displayed in its basement projects. This basement in Woodley Park was transformed from a bare unfinished basement to a modern living space. Its modern color palette is both playful and sophisticated, and it complements the home office and play area.

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