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Oklahoma City, often referred to as OKC, has an economy based on the world’s most coveted natural resource: OKC runs on oil, and business is booming right now. The city is a great place to start a business, have a family, and to own a home.

Across Oklahoma’s towns and cities, craftsman-style homes are a common sight. However, home styles aren’t limited to that style alone anymore. Many homeowners and contractors are starting to look for ways to add distinctive touches to the town. And homes here are affordable. According to Zillow average home prices in Oklahoma City range between $80k to $400k. While owning a new home is exciting, remodeling homes is also a great way to freshen up existing spaces and to increase the value of a property.

We’ve handpicked the top 12 general contractors in Oklahoma City to help you with your home building and remodeling needs. We searched for contractors that have won awards, who have experience working with historic builds, and have worked with a variety of home styles. Whether it’s a simple home remodel or a major construction, there’s a contractor on this list for you.



12) Sanders Builders

13853 Quail Pointe Dr., Oklahoma, OK 73134

As a fourth generation builder, Chris Sanders is upholding the family tradition of high-quality construction. Home building runs in his blood: he followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and father who were both home builders.

Though the company underwent a lot of changes since its inception in 1921, the firm’s commitment to bettering homes has remained steadfast. The firm’s excellent work ethic is reflected by its longstanding membership in several professional associations, including the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association (COHBA), and Oklahoma State Home Builders Association (OSHBA).

The firm offers a range of services from home remodeling to custom new homes. Its portfolio indicates versatility when it comes to creating and constructing designs that are both stylish and functional. This bathroom remodel is a great example of the company’s custom remodels. The room is rendered relaxing, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing with an expansive vanity mirror illuminated by an elegant chandelier. A simple palette, which focuses on white, adds sophistication.

11) Huffman Construction

P.O. Box 890125, Oklahoma, OK 73189

Huffman Construction serves Oklahoma City homes with style and class. Travis Huffman and his team know that building, and even remodeling homes, is often overwhelming. The firm is committed to making home building and construction a remarkable, memorable experience for its clients. And whether it’s an elaborate custom home build, or a simple home remodel, Huffman Construction’s professionalism remains the same.

Modern and contemporary home designs are a common sight among the firm’s completed projects. Because of its reputation as a leading building firm, Huffman maintains affiliations with associations such as the NAHB, COHBA, OSHBA, Southwest Homebuilders Association, and Moore Homebuilders Association.

Featured below is the recent home remodeling done by Huffman Construction in Oklahoma City. The whole home remodel included an open concept layout which allows an easy transition from one area to the other while still keeping the organization of the house manageable. Huffman played with textures while creating this modern home. From the polished wood floors to the stacked stone wall which anchors the room’s personality, everything was carefully planned to the last aesthetic detail. Included in this remodel were refreshed amenities for both the kitchen and bathroom, as well as an expanded space for events and gatherings.

10) Rick Russell Homes

42106 N Portland Ave. Suite #100, Oklahoma, OK 73112

Rick Russell’s childhood hobby of drawing furniture led him to enter the world of custom home building. Now Rick Russell Homes is a family-owned company that has been serving the greater Oklahoma City since 1991. The firm offers services from custom homes to whole home renovations.

Rick Russell Homes is a design/build firm that provides homes and home improvements that are distinct and add value. As a design/build firm, it does more than just realize the design as it exists on paper: the firm also constantly takes into consideration the functionality of homes. After all, the homeowner has to live in the actual home, not the design.

Among the firm’s many compleed works, this living area stood out for its warm, clean concept. Rick Russell Homes installed a  wall-mounted fireplace to keep the room cozy. Both family and guests can enjoy this area during small gatherings because of its open concept floor plan.

9) Paul Little Construction

7210 Broadway Ext. Suite #107, Oklahoma, OK 73116

From minor home remodels to whole home renovations, Paul Little Construction’s skilled and knowledgeable team offers seamless work. Paul Little established Paul Little Construction in 1997, and the firm specializes in attic restoration, custom woodwork, and kitchen and bath remodeling.

Its portfolio perfectly captures the amazing transformations the firm has performed over the years. The firm reimagines unwanted spaces into sleek, modern rooms. Working with a cramped, outdated kitchen, Paul Little Construction utterly transformed the space,  and a modern, open concept kitchen emerged. Old wooden cabinets were replaced with new cupboards, while the kitchen amenities were updated to accommodate the family’s needs.

8) Gary Randolph Master Builder

6440 Avondale Dr. Suite #200-17, Nichols Hills, OK 73116

Gary Randolph Master Builder is a family-owned design/build firm in Nichols Hills serving Oklahoma City and its neighboring cities since 1975. Gary Randolph brought his solid background in home construction to Gary Randolph Master Builder in order to build homes that transform the lifestyle of its homeowners.

Modern home design often informs the firm’s most common works, but the firm is not limited to this style. The firm’s portfolio offers clients the liberty to see the projects it has completed. From small scale remodeling up to major home remodels worth $1 million, Gary Randolph treats each project with the same amount of professionalism.

Take this home on 54th street, for instance. Gary Randolph Master Builder gracefully combined elements of modernism with a minimalist approach. Clean, graceful lines frame this inviting kitchen. The firm also installed recessed lights to add illumination, and installed suspended lights to accent the kitchen island. All in all, this home’s kitchen is a masterpiece.

7) Brent Cornman Construction, Inc.

407 W 15th St. Suite #8, Edmond, OK 73013

Building homes with class, luxury, and confidence: this is what Brent Cornman Construction wants to do, and it’s what makes them stand apart from the rest. Brent Cornman started Brent Cornman Construction as a small construction company with a particular focus on the quality of its service. As the company grew from its humble beginnings, it increasingly focused on creating quality, high-end homes that homeowners love to come home to.

Brent Cornman Construction’s online gallery demonstrates the diverse style of homes it constructs. The firm works on expansive new builds and remodels, and do so working with home styles that include modern, Tudor, farmhouse, and cobblestone. Each project receives painstaking attention, with values that range from $50k to $3 million.

Consider this extravagant wine cellar, perfect for wine collectors and connoisseurs. Brent Cornman Construction remodeled this home in Northwest Oklahoma City. The stunning cellar added a layer of sophistication to this already dashing home. Track lights and a candle chandelier keep the room well-illuminated, while its polished wood floors invite you in for a leisurely glass.

6) Alliance Construction Services

2919 NW 122nd St. Suite A, Oklahoma, OK 73120

Named as 2017’s Oklahoma City Business Hall of Fame Awardee, Alliance Construction Services (ACS), carries its commitment to home construction with a keen eye for quality and design. ACS is a family-owned company serving Oklahoma City and its surrounding cities with home improvements since 2011. It offers clients home care from roofing down to kitchen remodeling.

ACS’s portfolio highlights the firm’s versatility when it comes to exterior and interior craftsmanship. The firm remodels spaces to function, but it brings in that added functionality with graceful features, and they do so by incorporating both traditional and modern design.

Clean crisp lines with a touch of sophistication exude from this modern-minimalist home. Alliance Construction Services gave this home in Cedar Springs, Oklahoma City a whole home renovation and an interior remodel. The home’s layout was kept open to make the room look larger, and to distribute light evenly across the room. The spacious plan also allows homeowners to host events without the hassle of dividers blocking the way. Neutral colors were incorporated to match the walnut colored floor planks.

5) Red Eagle Construction

8678 N May Ave., Oklahoma, OK 73120

Red Eagle Construction is well-known for its luxury residential and commercial construction. The Oklahoma firm has worked with some of the most seasoned architects and home designers in the state, and has its own team of impressive creative craftsmen on staff. David Reynolds established Red Eagle Construction in 1994 and the firm’s projects range in value from $20k to $4 million.

The firm’s portfolio perfectly captures the quality and style of work it delivers to its clients. Because of its excellence in historic home remodeling, it was given the Historic Preservation and Design Award. Additionally, the firm was mentioned in publications such as Southern Living magazine, Historic Living magazine, Slice magazine, Nichols Hills magazine, and Slice TV.

Featured below you’ll find an open floor layout between the home’s living room, small dining area, and the rest of the room. While this promotes a free-flowing transition from one place to another, a floor to ceiling fireplace divider provides a bit of privacy for small gatherings.

4) Urban Kitchens

4410 N Western Ave., Oklahoma, OK 73118

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this 2019, Urban Kitchens (UK) continues to offer its clients kitchen, bath, and home remodels that elevate the lives of their clients. The firm’s founder, Jo Meacham, holds a master’s degree in Architecture and Historic Preservation from the University of Oklahoma. Jo, along with her UK team, has built hundreds of kitchens in Oklahoma’s historic neighborhoods.

Urban Kitchens was featured in the August 2018 issue of I magazine in which Jo Meacham talked about the success of Urban Kitchens and what makes the firm stand out from other competitors in the area.

A great collaboration between Urban Kitchens and its homeowners resulted in a spacious vintage Industrial-inspired kitchen in Oklahoma City. The home features an end-to-end style from the industrial kitchen to a vintage-pastel inspired dining area. Little details like a tile backsplash and light fixtures give this home a unique vibe.

3) McMillan Remodels

P.O. Box 2374, Edmond, OK 78083

McMillan Remodels reimagines uninviting spaces, turning them into useful, enjoyable rooms. Prior to building McMillan Remodels, Michael McMillan worked as a painter, working on home restorations along the historical neighborhood of Mesta Park. A fascination for older homes led Michael to start McMillan Remodels in 1989.

The firm offers its services in areas including Edmond, Oklahoma City, Nichols Hills, and Lake Aluma. From major home reconstruction/remodels down to the tiniest home details, McMillan Remodels’ craftspeople can handle it, and they will do so with professionalism.

This used to be an outdated, formal dining room; the space was converted into a sophisticated study. Bookcases were built to match the existing trim, while the floor and chandelier remained an original piece of the room.

2) A Karen Black Company

3013 NW 63rd St., Oklahoma, OK 73116

A Karen Black Company is a design/build firm composed of qualified interior designers and experienced craftspeople. The firm designs and constructs home and office settings to promote relaxation and productivity. A Karen Black Company provides its clients with a custom design for each remodeling project it handles, unique designs not easily found elsewhere. Founder Karen Black brought her knowledge and expertise in interior design when she founded the company 1997.

A Karen Black Company is a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, and the firm’s work has been featured by magazines like House Beautiful, Colonial Homes, Women’s Day, and Kitchens by Professionals.

Featured below is an open floor plan kitchen that promotes a seamless transition from different parts of the home. Expansive windows allow natural light to flood the room. Double globe chandeliers provide a charming frame for the sleek kitchen island.

1) EKB Home

243 N Broadway, Edmond, OK 73034

Edmond Kitchen & Bath Home (EKB Home) is a family-owned business serving Edmond and Central Oklahoma. The firm is headed by Brenda Helms, and her ability to create fresh and innovative designs pushed her to start EKB Home in 2001. The firm specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling, but it has also  expanded its service to whole home remodeling and new construction throughout Oklahoma.

EKB Home’s Prairie Home in Jones, OK was featured in Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine’s July 2018 issue. Oklahoma’s scarcity of modern homes gave EKB the creative space necessary to create a modern prairie home. The magazine featured the home’s minimalism that elevated the design by making the home more elegant and sleek.

From an outdated, cramped, barely functional space, the kitchen pictured here was transformed by EKB Home into a modern transitional kitchen. The family loved cooking and small gatherings with friends, so EKB gave this kitchen a new floor plan that included the removal of an unnecessary hallway to maximize the space. Doing so made transitions from one room to the next utterly seamless. Some highlights of the kitchen include a 10-feet island, two floor-to-ceiling pull-out pantries flanking the refrigerator, and contemporary organic pendants for texture.

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