Many homeowners in Omaha own traditional Victorian-inspired farmhouses and craftsman-style homes. As new home trends emerge, homeowners are opting to remodel their homes, keeping up with their growing family and aging relatives. Many homes in Omaha are becoming transitional homes, contemporary, and modern farmhouses with pops of accent colors, which give a beautiful contrast between the neutral backdrop and the colorful home fixtures. Home designers and contractors are also becoming more experimental and bold in choosing unconventional designs and merging two or more home styles on their projects. The current median home value sits at around $170k, forecasted to remain about the same.

Among the hundreds of the general contractors in Omaha, only the most innovative and creative are the ones who can adapt to the modern trends and technology in home remodeling. This list gives the best general contractors in Omaha when it comes to home remodeling and renovation. All of these firms have been evaluated on their craftsmanship, customer service, reputation, and accolades. They are all capable of completing projects to meet and exceed their clients’ hopes and expectations.

15) DPO Construction

10129 J St., Omaha, NE 68127

Family owned and locally grown, DPO Construction has been servicing Omaha since its establishment in 2006. Founder Dennis Ostdiek began building and remodeling homes in the 1980s, honing his skills as a craftsman. His 28-year experience in the construction industry has helped him establish his firm’s reputation for excellence in home building and remodeling.

DPO Construction is a full-scale contracto, handling design, permits, simplified billing, material curation, and job supervision. Most of its projects were craftsman and contemporary homes with Victoria-inspired interiors. Open concept kitchens, monochromatic color scheme, white pillars, wooden ceiling beams, and bathroom glass doors are common features on DPO Construction’s home remodeling projects. These features are designed to complement each other and create harmonious patterns inside the home.

14) Bolte Construction

12411 Hickory Rd.,  Omaha, NE 68144

Bolte Construction values customer service above all. It offers full transparency on its projects; fees for its projects are paid per job and not per hour. This provides the affordability that per hour jobs sometimes cannot offer, as projects that take longer time to complete incurs more fees. The firm also gives its clients a two-year written guarantee, protecting them against unnecessary expenses from structural defects such as roofing work and foundation integrity. Even after the job is done and delivered, Bolte Construction continues to serve its clients.

The firm works mostly on transitional homes, where modern and traditional styles of home meet halfway to create an updated vibe that preserves the home’s quaint aesthetics. Wooden cabinets with intricate trimming, bright, clean color scheme, and multi-functional counters often adorn Bolte Construction’s remodels.

13) McNeil Company Builders

4666 South 132nd St., Omaha, NE 68137

Patrick McNeil founded McNeil Company Builders in 1977, offering custom home building and remodeling services Omaha’s homeowners. The firm has built and remodeled many homes and estates in the area, as well as several multi-million dollar projects benefiting the community, which solidified its reputation as one of the top custom home building and remodeling firms in the area.

The firm’s designers, architects, cabinetry specialists, and AutoCAD operators have shown their creative strength through the homes they have created and remodeled. Most of the firm’s projects are contemporary, transitional, modern, and modern farmhouses. Multi-functional kitchen counters, sleek cabinets, industrial-inspired lighting, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and brightly-lit living spaces are some of the features often found in the firm’s projects.

12) SL Jensen Construction

6324 S 118th St., Omaha, NE 68137

Specializing in remodeling and renovation, SL Jensen Construction has been servicing Omaha, Papillion, La Vista, and surrounding areas since its establishment by Stanley Jensen in 1984. Its success came from its team of skilled professionals who are working tirelessly to meet the client’s requests and expectations.

SL Jensen Construction grew from a two-person crew to become a highly-accomplished, full-scale construction firm. The firm emphasizes its project management, and provides an open book policy to its clients to ensure transparency from both parties. This approach has helped the firm accomplish its projects smoothly and punctually.

Large windows, traditional fireplaces, multi-functional wooden kitchen counters, and intricate trimmings are details common to the firm’s projects. Some homes also include Victorian-inspired or modern midcentury interiors, as well as industrial-style lighting.

11) Stormberg Construction

1025 N 64th St., Omaha, NE 68132

Don Stormberg’s Construction Engineering degree from the University of Nebraska gave him the foundation he needed to establish Stormberg Construction. Since its founding, the firm has specialized in home remodeling projects in the Bellevue, Papillion, Omaha, and Ralston areas.

The firm thrives mostly on client referrals, and carefully chooses which projects to accept—this selection process allows the firm to ensure the highest-quality services. Quaint al fresco dining areas, futuristic living spaces, French Country-inspired interiors, and traditional kitchens with farmhouse accents are common to Stormberg Construction’s home remodeling projects. The firm also often completes transitional homes with a mix of modern- and Victorian-inspired interiors.

10) Total Construction Services

6727 N 56th St., Omaha, NE 68152

Since 1987, Total Construction Services has been servicing the Omaha area, assisting its homeowners in home recovery, whether damage be from hailstorms, fire, or a different disaster. The firm works with the homeowner’s insurance company to ensure that the repair or remodeling job will be completed.

Under the leadership of its founder Kevin Jackson, the firm has seen considerable growth and prestige. It won the Omaha’s Choice Awards and Best of Omaha Award in 2018, and was featured in Omaha Magazine for its exceptional home construction and remodeling projects.

Traditional homes, modern farmhouses, open concept kitchens, wooden kitchen counters, and customized vanity tables are the main features in Total Construction Services remodels. Dainty, white lighting and natural stone fireplaces complete the look of these skillfully remodeled homes.

9) HC Remodel and Design

11811 I St. Suite #202, Omaha, NE 68137

Remodeling projects often take over homeowner’s spaces, leaving clients with little to no area to live in. HC Remodel and Design’s approach takes a “livable remodeling” approach, leaving each client with working space during construction. The goal is to complete the project on-time and in-budget without hindering the client’s daily routine.

Gary Haldeman, founder of HC Remodel and Design, began using this method with the hopes of making the remodeling process much easier for his clients. As a National Association Remodeling Industry (NARI) Certified Remodeler with more than 30 years of experience, Haldeman has become a seasoned home remodeler recognized for his craftsmanship. HC Remodel and Design was included in Remodeling Magazine’s Big 50 list and received the Guild Quality 550 Award. The firm’s excellent customer relations and quality home remodeling services, as well as Haldeman’s openness to consider his client’s ideas for their own projects, have supported the reputation that the firm has been cultivating for years.

Contemporary interiors with rustic elements are common in the firm’s work. Neutral color schemes with pop art accents, minimalist bookshelves, multi-functional sink with cabinets, and modern fireplaces also adorn homes newly remodeled by HC Remodel and Design.

8) Quality Home Exteriors

9358 H Court, Omaha, NE 68127

A specialist in exterior remodeling, Quality Home Exteriors won the 2017 Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was featured in Remodeling’s Big 50 list, Remodeling 550, and Qualified Remodeler’s 500. The firm’s exceptional remodeling for the homeowners of Omaha, Papillion, La Vista, Bellevue, and Blair have made the firm one of the top remodelers in the area. Founder Brian Diamond, a second-generation home builder who has been recognized for his entrepreneurial ability, established his company 12 years ago. Since then, Quality Home Exteriors has remodeled many Nebraskan homes under Brian’s leadership.

Most of the firm’s works are modern colonials with craftsman accents and transitional homes that have both modern and quaint aesthetics. Symmetrical windows, straight roofs, and combination of wood and stone walls are some of the features of Quality Home Exteriors’ remodeling projects.

7) Craig Tuttle Construction

1536 S 79th St., Omaha, Nebraska 68124

With its impressive portfolio of contemporary homes, craftsman, and Victorian interiors, Craig Tuttle Construction has created and remodeled hundreds of Nebraskan homes as well constructed special home projects such as rural spaces and penthouses.

Elaborate ceiling beams, floor to ceiling glass windows, industrial-inspired staircases, and full-length glass walls are a common to the firm’s works. Some of the extra elements that the firm often implements include crisp, white paint, Victorian-inspired trimmings, and marble countertops.

Since its establishment 20 years ago by Craig Tuttle, the firm has grown considerably, now serving the Omaha, Bellevue, Elkhorn, and Crescent areas. Craig Tuttle can help with renovations whether the client already has an architect or is still choosing one. Furthermore, the firm can handle an entire project from start to finish with the help of its in-house designer and contractors.

6) Hoffman Weber Construction

2104 S 156th Cir., Omaha, NE 68130

Hoffman Weber Construction has grown since its establishment in 2004, and now operates in multiple locations across the United States. As of today, the firm has offices in Omaha, NE, Minneapolis, MN, Denver, CO, and Saint Joseph, CO. It continues to serve the homeowners in eastern Nebraska and its surrounding areas. Hoffman Weber Construction has achieved a number of milestones throughout its years of service, including being selected as one of the finalists in Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Award for Ethics, as well as winning the Guild Quality’s Guildmaster Award.

In addition to these recognitions, the firm has been awarded as a NARI Contractor of the Year for exterior remodeling and is a founding member of the United Association of Storm Restoration Contractors (UASRC). The firm is also a member of the Community Associations Institute and has developed unique processes to carry out exterior renovations to full HOA and other common interest communities.

Joseph Hoffman and his stepfather John Weber founded the company; the pair transforms and restores colonial homes, French cottage, craftsman with Hamptons accent, and cozy bungalow houses. Gabled roofs, stone walls, and arched doors adorn the firm’s remodeling projects.

5) T. Hurt Construction

4978 F St., Omaha, NE 68117

T. Hurt Construction has garnered a number of awards since its establishment in 2004. The firm has won Best Home Remodeling, a Chrysalis Award, and a Residential Historic Renovation Award multiple times for several years. Omaha Magazine also featured the firm’s remodeling projects for its elegance and excellent designs. The firm is affiliated with the NARI, and acquired the Douglas County Health LEAD certification in accordance with its commitment to building and remodeling safe and eco-friendly homes.

T. Hurt Construction builds and remodels traditional homes, farmhouse-inspired kitchens, and modern Mediterranean bathrooms. Decorative stones, tile mosaic borders on mirrors, and ambient lighting complete the look of the remodeled bathrooms, while kitchens generally have industrial-inspired lighting and contemporary cabinetry. The firm services Bellevue, Omaha, Chalco, Papillion, and the surrounding areas.

4) R.D. Schuller General Contractor and Remodeling

2907 S 186th Plz. #709, Omaha, NE 68130

R.D. Schuller General Contractor and Remodeling has serviced the Omaha, Papillon, Valley, and Elkhorn areas for more than 40 years, providing home building and remodeling services. Traditional homes, al fresco-inspired kitchens, and modernist interiors are some of the most common features in R.D. Schuller’s remodeling projects. Wooden kitchen counters, industrial-inspired lighting, Victorian-inspired sink trimmings, and multi-functional counters complement the overall design of the home.

Throughout the years, the firm has won many awards, such as as Remodeler of the Year, Nebraska State Homebuilders Association (NSHBA) Remodeler of the Year, and a Best of Omaha award for nine years in a row. The firm was also awarded with a Big 50 Award, given to the Top 50 Remodelers in the United States. R.D. Schuller General Contractor and Remodeling is also afiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the NSHA, the Metropolitan Omaha Builders Association, the BBB, and the NARI.

3) Cornerstone Remodeling

4540 S 79th St., Omaha, NE 68127

With humble beginnings as a one-man operation, Cornerstone Remodeling has grown to be one of the best home remodelers in Omaha. Servicing Bellevue, Omaha, Elkhorn, and Papillion, Cornerstone Remodeling has been specializing in home remodeling since its conception in 1999. Founder Nathan McGranahan began with small jobs while in college. Today, his excellent customer service and high-end remodeling are well-known, and have been featured by Omaha Magazine. The firm was also named as Best of Omaha for its remodeling projects in the area.

Modern Midcentury interiors, traditional homes, and al fresco-inspired dining areas are some of the impressive features in homes remodeled by Cornerstone Remodeling. Floor-to-ceiling windows, rustic tub accents, modern fireplaces, and contemporary home fixtures can also generally be found in the firm’s projects.

2) Oldenhuis Contracting, Inc.

4501 Leavenworth St., Omaha, NE  68106

Oldenhuis Contracting has been renovating and remodeling homes in Omaha since its establishment in 1994 by Chris Oldenhuis. With its design-build services, the firm can take up a remodeling project right from its design up to completion. The firm prides itself on constant open communication with its clients to ensure transparency, as well as to keep them up to date on every stage of the project. In-house designers provide consultations for the clients to have a better grasp on and control of the outcome of their homes.

The firm works mostly on colonial, traditional, craftsman, and modern farmhouses. Massive exterior pillars, wooden ceiling beams, multi-functional kitchen counters, and intricate fireplace masonry are features common to the firm’s building style. Some projects also have contrasting features, such as brightly colored fixtures in a neutral hallway, which creates a lively yet calm interior.

1) Sanwick Remodeling Contractors

2335 S 147th St., Omaha, NE 68144

Todd Sanwick, founder of Sanwick Remodeling Contractors, has extensive experience, which has helped him build his firm’s strong foundation. Todd is one of the first remodelers in Omaha to earn the Certified Aging in Place Specialization (CAPS) which has enabled him to cater more homeowners especially the handicapped and the aging ones. He also holds the Certified Graduate Remodeler designation.

Sanwick’s experience and background has helped his firm achieve many milestones. The firm was featured by Omaha Magazine and has received a BBB Integrity Award. It has also been the Omaha Omaha Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Month, the NARI Greater Omaha Contractor of the Year, and the Metro Omaha Builders Association (MOBA) Remodeler of the Year.

Sanwick Remodeling Contractors works and remodels home according to current trends and technology in the remodeling industry. The firm often remodels transitional homes, and creates modern interiors, as well as fireplaces with intricate masonry.

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