Vancouver is home to some of the top homegrown and international retailers in the country, many of which are flagship stores from the food, pharmaceutical, automotive, cosmetics, and fashion industries. In recent years, the region has also observed a rise in other commercial ventures. This triggered a new wave of optimism for the city’s steadily growing commercial industry.

The rapid growth of the retail sector also introduces a corresponding demand for quality commercial buildings. Fortunately, the region is home to some of the best commercial contractors, which have helped local and international companies house their brands in aesthetically and functionally sound spaces. 

The list below features the best retail contractors in Vancouver. The list is composed of general contractors that are either based in the city or have completed commercial projects in the area, especially for the retail market. Many of these professionals are commended for their quality of services, commitment to client satisfaction, and their collaborations with the industry’s leading designers. The firms were evaluated based on their awards, accreditations, and press publications, as well as the background of their principals. The article also looked at the reviews and testimonials that the firms earned through the years.

BLT Construction Services

Suite #901-89, W Georgia, Vancouver, BC V6B 0N8

BLT Construction Services is an established general contracting firm that has shaped Toronto’s entertainment and hospitality industry for years. Under the leadership of its founder, Mark Watts, the company launched its Vancouver office. With this new venture, Watts aims to transform the city’s commercial industry by delivering spaces that hold the same quality and value as the brands that they represent. 

The firm’s massive portfolio is a product of its over 20 years of partnerships with the biggest names in the design and architecture industry. Through these collab works, it has secured many lasting relationships with high-value clients from the restaurant, hospitality, commercial, and entertainment markets.

Many of the company’s construction projects for the retail sector can be found across the region. For years, it has worked with known local and national brands such as Fendi, Olympia Tile, and Simon Chang, to name a few. 

CDC Construction Ltd.

#300–16 W 4th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5Y 1G3

CDC Construction is a general contracting, design-build and construction management firm that was incorporated in 1984. Since its inception, it has answered to the growing demands of the retail, restaurant, healthcare, office improvement, and financial markets. The company’s extensive portfolio, including its work for heritage projects, is currently valued at over $750 million.

The company is owned by Warren Gotch and Chris Holman, both with over 20 years of experience in leadership and construction. Gotch and Holman are hands-on principals involved in the firm’s everyday operations. They have also headed some of the company’s biggest general contracting efforts and contributed to the firm’s continued success in the business.

The firm’s New Age Sports Robson project in Vancouver was a collaboration with Epoch Design Group. The project was a multi-level retail construction that involved following the structural and functional requirements of the client brand. Similar projects for the same market can be seen in the firm’s commercial portfolio. Works for Sugarfina, Lugaro Jewellers, Lindt, and Icebreaker, among others, can be found across the region.

Clark Builders

#1250–700 West Pender St., Vancouver, BC V6C 1G8

The idea of innovating and finding the most efficient construction methods is the goal that sparked Clark Builders’ founders to form the company over four decades years ago. From taking on a small warehouse project, Andy Clark and Bill Giebelhaus expanded the company’s reach to cater to the commercial, residential, public, and energy and resources industry.

Over the years, the company launched in major locations across Canada, including Saskatoon, Yellowknife, Calgary, and Edmonton. Before the end of 2017, the firm opened its doors to the Vancouver market and brought with it the quality and experience that the firm is known for.  

Just like its extensive portfolio for its wide spectrum of markets, the company has also explored the retail industry. Brands like TopShop, Bar Bricco, and Stoneycreek Village turned to the firm’s team of building and management professionals. These partnerships helped breathe life into commercial spaces that answer to the strict demands of every brand’s corporate standards.

Elias Tkachuk Contracting Ltd.

#1465 Rupert St. North Vancouver, BC V7J 1G1

Since Elias Tkachuck Contracting (ELI Contracting) was established in 1994, it has delivered hundreds of projects in the commercial markets. A large percentage of these works come from its major renovations and minor repairs services. Full-scale renovation projects for PCI Developments, SportCheks, Shape Properties, and 13 Real Candian Superstores can also be found in the firm’s over-$120-million portfolio.

Ron Tkachuk, the firm’s president, founded the company in 1994. Aside from being a third-generation contractor, Tkachuk’s over four decades of experience have helped him manage a growing team of building professionals and establish lasting relationships with his clients. As a principal, his top priorities are customer satisfaction and employee welfare.

The firm also explores other services. Many of its recent work comes from office tenant improvement, industrial construction, and warehouse and small shop clients. In 2019, the company completed numerous large scale projects. For instance, it was the main contractor for a project that involved the transformation of a ground floor parking into a modern commercial space that houses five restaurants, retail units, and a fitness center facility. 

GOCAN Contracting

Unit #7-11711 No.5 Rd., Richmond, BC V7A 4E9

By consistently delivering projects on-time and on-budget, GOCAN Contracting has steadily grown since it was founded years ago. Regardless of size or complexity, the firm has completed pre-construction, general contracting, design-build, and construction management services for a long list of commercial clients.

Sunny Kwan, the CEO of the company, is a hands-on principal managing the firm’s everyday operations. Kwan has been involved in the majority of the company’s projects, especially for its partnerships with the region’s food, health, retail, technology, entertainment, and apparel companies. 

In the past, the company partnered with some of the known local and national retail brands, including The Face Shop, Zucca, Planet Eyewear, and Ann Louis.  The firm’s project for LG Cashmere, a luxury cashmere items retail store, involved a complete renovation and customized millwork of the commercial space’s interior. Aside from the floor work and custom shelving units, it also worked on the store’s signage. 

JBR Construction Ltd

#300-8809 Heather St., Vancouver, BC V6P 3T1

Inspired by the commitment to establish a firm that focuses on quality, service, and efficiency, founders Matt Kokan and Warren Barrow gathered a group of construction professionals and founded JBR Construction in 2012. Over the years, the firm has partnered with leading architects and designers to complete high-value and large-scale projects for the single and multi-residential and commercial sectors. 

Known for its flexible design and construction process, the company is a preferred builder and renovator of some of the region’s most stunning commercial spaces. From the project’s inception to the final steps of the development stage, the firm makes sure that it stays true to its client’s aesthetic and structural needs. This customer-focused approach has allowed it to maintain its Better Business Bureau (BBB) membership. This affiliation reflects its efficient business practices and commitment to client satisfaction. 

Many of the firm’s projects can be found in Vancouver and Lower Mainland. Some of its past projects for the commercial and retail industry include the restoration of 100-year old Quigley heritage building.  The firm transformed the old structure into a commercial and office space.

Kindred Construction

#308–2150 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 4L9

Because of Kindred Construction’s wide spectrum of commercial services, the firm has the skills and manpower to deliver custom solutions to the industry’s ever-evolving construction challenges. Since its establishment in 1980, the company has completed over $2 billion worth of automotive, office, retail, restaurant, residential projects found across the region. 

Under the leadership of its chairman and founder, Dick Reid, the firm has garnered industry awards and has secured memberships with respected institutions. As a builder for multi and single-family projects, the firm won multiple Georgie Awards in 2016, 2018, and 2019. The firm is also a part of the green building movement and is affiliated with Canada Green Building Council, BuiltGreen, and PassiveHouse Canada. 

As a general contractor for the commercial sector, the firm has completed projects for More Bikes, Everything Wine, and YYOGA Kitsilano. Its project for the outdoor clothing store, Arc’Teryx, is one of its most recent works for the retail market. It involved completing a 3,100-square foot tenant improvement project.

Klondike Contracting

#300-1375 W 6 Ave., Vancouver, BC V6H 0B1

Customer satisfaction is one of Klondike Contracting’s key drivers to success. This core belief did not only secured the firm’s membership with the BBB but also opened many doors, especially for its retail and commercial services. A look at its extensive portfolio reveals international and high-end retail brands such as Prada, Guess, Salvatore Ferragmo, RYU, Feuille, and Gucci, among others. 

Established in 1998, the firm specializes in office interior construction, restaurant, and retail general contracting services. The firm collaborates with the leading architecture and design firms to complete projects in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland area. Depending on the clients’ requests, it can also accommodate projects in other parts of Canada. 

Under the leadership of Eric Schapira, the company stays true to its client’s corporate vision, from the first stages of development all the way through to occupancy. Aside from its achievements in the commercial sector, the firm is also a multi-awarded professional in the field of residential general contracting, renovation, and interior design.  

Norson Construction

#221–949 West 3rd St., North Vancouver, BC V7P 3P7

A large percentage of Norson Construction’s projects for the commercial, retail, and institutional sectors come from repeat clients. Apart from its general contracting and construction management scope are its design-build, project budgeting, quantity surveying, as well as cost estimation and accounting services.

The company was formed in 1983 with the goal of serving Western Canada. The firm’s team is composed of construction professionals, many of whom have been with the firm since its establishment. Today, the firm has four locations: Kelowna, Edmonton, Alberta, and Vancouver. To answer the market’s ever-evolving demands, it stays relevant by maintaining and upgrading its equipment and methods to better deliver efficient and quality results.

Projects of varying scales and value can be found in the firm’s portfolio. Cabela’s, Landmark, Indigo, Rexall, Canadian Tire, Walmart, among others, make up the company’s high-value clientele. Aside from the commercial sector, the company partners with developers to build high-end multifamily and mixed-use spaces. 

Traugott Building Contractors Inc

1520 Rand Ave., Unit 103, Vancouver, BC V6P 3G2

Traugott Building Contractors’ five decades of success in the construction industry say a lot about the firm’s performance as a builder and manager for many of the region’s biggest development projects. While the company is known for its wide spectrum of general contracting services, it is more recognized as one of Canada’s largest retail builders capable of delivering LEED-accredited structures.

The firm started out as a design-build company for Zehrs grocery stores in 1964. Since then, it has established lasting relationships with influential estate developers. This milestone fueled the firm’s expansion into a whole new industry: the commercial and retail sectors. It was in 2016 when the firm launched its location in Vancouver. 

Today, Dan Flaminio leads the firm’s growing success in securing multi-million retail renovation and design-build contracts from the industry’s largest clients. One of the firm’s biggest projects is for The Stockyards shopping mall. The work covered over 550,000 square feet of urban retail space redevelopment. 

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