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Houses in Somerville reflect its history. Unlike other cities, you will find that most of the homes here were built before the 1940s, prior to World War II. It also has a long history of migrants, making it one of the most ethnically diverse cities. Aside from its historical value, Somerville has beautiful geographical features. People adore the scenery of this coastal city along with its many waterfront activities.

Somerville today is largely residential with more than 60 percent of renting residents. It makes sense since the majority of homes here are small apartment buildings. In this list, you will find ten of the best general contractors in the city. We ranked them based on their work history, awards, recent projects, and client reviews. Nonetheless, each has its own specializations that may suit your needs. 

Remodeling Experts LLC

46 Hurlcroft Ave., Medford, MA 02155

Family-owned with over 14 years of remodeling and construction experience, Remodeling Experts is a trusted Medford company for quality home renovation services. From decks and porches to basement and additions, it is capable of renovating any room in a home. It also offers quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling in and around the Medford area.

The company employs experts in home remodeling and improvement that many can and continue to trust. It extends customer service by competitive prices, flexible hours, and free consultations. With more than 14 years in business, it has also built connections with all types of licensed tradesmen and offices for permits. Through all this, the company assures clients of a smooth project delivery every time.

Everstand Construction

581 Boylston St. Suite #804a, Boston, MA 02116

Everstand Construction acknowledges that every construction project has inevitable challenges. In such cases, the firm commits to be honest not only to the clients, but also to the suppliers and contractors too. In this way, the firm gets to communicate any problem and solve it with its experienced professionals.

The firm also knows that being in the construction business means continuous learning. Hence, Everstand Construction always finds ways to improve by keeping up with technology, doing training, and of course learning from the difficulties that it has faced along the way. Moved by these realizations, the company stands strong in every project. The firm offers kitchen, bathroom, whole-home, and home exterior renovations. In particular, it is a go-to specialist throughout greater Boston when it comes to roof replacements. 

Nuview Construction

6 Liberty Square Suite 392, Boston, MA 02109

Nuview Construction is a Boston-based general contractor that provides high-quality building services at great prices. It offers no money down, no payment for 90 days, no interest for two years, and 100 percent maintenance-free services. Additionally, the firm has a financing option where clients can loan up to $100k for their home project. Many of Nuview’s former clients praise the firm for providing skill and expertise along with great customer service.

The company offers all types of home improvement and construction services from custom home building to remodels and renovations. It also does siding, seamless gutters, leaf filters, painting, and insulation. Clients can also check abundant before and after photos that prove how even simple improvements can create a huge impact on a home. 

Artisans Homes & Renovations

2080 Revere Beach Pkwy., Everett, MA 02149

Artisans Homes & Renovations is built by the tandem of Eric Santos and Gerry Mariano. Before starting the company, both Eric and Gerry gained valuable experience as carpenters. Eric has worked for high-end construction companies while Gerry has worked on numerous residential and commercial projects. These partners bank on their more than 20 years of combined building experience to run Artisans Homes & Renovations.

Eric and Gerry’s goal now is to build not only long-lasting homes, but also long-lasting relationships with their clients. That is why they involve the client in all its five processes—from the initial meeting, planning, pre-construction, the build process, and up to completion. The company also has an organized collection of its kitchen, bathroom, interior, and exterior project photos that potential clients can initially look at before starting a project.

Express Remodeling Group

245 Boston Ave., Medford, MA 02155

For Express Remodeling Group, a successful project is all about client satisfaction. Many reviews reveal that the company has taken on varied projects and different challenges for the clients. From remodeling a home built in the 50s, to  renovating a small condominium and fixing a massive roof leak with structural damage. The company is also able to impress clients by solving permit issues and working unobtrusively while a homeowner lived in the house during the process.

Express Remodeling Group has many recent projects, including partnerships with architectural firms. One of these is this custom-angled addition with kitchen and bathroom remodeling. The company worked on its many aspects, including plumbing, electrical, finishing floor, and carpentry. The home also now features new doors, windows, cabinets, countertops, and paint.

Northshore Window & Siding 

40 Preston Rd., Somerville, MA, 02143

As its name explicitly implies, Northshore Window & Siding specializes in window and siding installation. The firm highlights how faulty windows can bring stress to the family. It is also a practical matter. That is why the company offers high-quality insulated windows that are useful for any weather, thus saving the client heating and electric costs. Homeowners can choose from different types of windows, such as classic double hung, triple double hung, Harvey vinyl casement, and Harvey bay and bow windows.

As for vinyl siding, the firm takes confidence from its almost 30 years of mastering the service to clients in Somerville, Boston, and eastern Massachusetts, among others. Using Certainteed siding products, Northshore Window & Siding offers cedar siding, monogram siding, or weatherboard cement. The firm also provides detailed descriptions of these products so that clients can properly choose what fits for them.

B&D Building and Remodeling

1161 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144

Since 1979, B&D Building and Remodeling has handled everything. It works on small residential remodeling, large residential additions, and commercial projects. Performing its best within such a spectrum, small to large, is the key to this firm’s excellence. For any project size, B&D Building and Remodeling keeps keen on details, realistic on schedules, and consistent in communication. 

B&D Building and Remodeling need not say a lot about itself. One look at its gallery can get anyone’s attention with its impressively built projects. A perfect example is this penthouse that was featured in Boston Home magazine. The project is simply a visual feast with its high ceilings and unique minimalist design.

Bay State Refinishing & Remodeling

121B Tremont St., Boston, MA 02135

Most general contractors usually build something new or remodel something old. But this firm also refinishes what is already there. To save time and money in starting anew, Bay State Refinishing & Remodeling can instead take care of the scratches, old colors, and general wear and tear of a bathroom in particular. 

Since 1999, the firm has been refinishing bathtubs, tiles, sinks, and showers. It also has commercial refinishing projects, such as hotels. Bay State Refinishing & Remodeling uses a world-class, six-step refinishing process—caulk removal, sandling and cleaning, masking, ventilation, bonding process, and glazing. This process allows the firm to finish the project as fast as four hours. And since the bathroom is one of the most used rooms, the firm promises that it can be used within one to two days. Clients can even avail themselves to a completed first-class refinish just a few hours after the process.

Morse Constructions

57 Central St., Somerville, MA 02143

At the top of this list is a company that began way back in 1976. This firm humbly started working on small cabinets. Today, Morse Constructions has grown into a full-service design-build renovation firm that has been featured in many publications. These include the Remodeling magazine, which recognized the firm as one of the top 50 remodeling companies in the country. 

Morse Constructions specializes in long-lasting projects, design-build, historic renovations, and maximizing spaces. One example is enhancing the space of this smaller attic renovation. In such cases, the firm focuses on understanding the home and its owner. Through a whole house review, Morse Constructions figures out hobbies, entertainment style, storage needs, and the client’s long term plan of moving around the space.