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In 1918, the very first commercial, multi-story parking garage was built in the United States. This was an engineering and construction innovation that would soon introduce a conveniently off-street parking era for the country’s growing number of car owners. More importantly, it was a significant page of history that would eventually transform the nation’s urban and rural landscapes.

Today, there are almost three million car owners in the U.S. This is on top of other service and transport vehicles hired to support the everyday social and economic mobility of modern living. Because of these, the demand for safe, accessible, and high-performing parking spaces has grown over the years, with New York Times estimating that at least 105 million, or could be as many as two billion parking spaces can be found across the country.

The best parking garage contractors in the US have responded to the call for more sustainable, high-performing, and advanced parking structures in the country. Below is the list of the top contractors for this market. The firms were qualified based on the number of projects they completed for the niche, the awards and certifications secured by these builds, and the value and quality of their projects. The list also considered the firms’ years of services, industry awards and achievements, client testimonials, as well as the backgrounds of their principals.

If you are thinking about building a parking garage, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

Andersen Construction

6712 N Cutter Circle, Portland, OR 97217

From Andersen Construction’s very first warehouse and office project in 1950, the company has grown to take on some of the most complex multimillion-dollar projects across the United States. Even in its earliest years as a business, it delivered landmark projects that elevated its reputation in Portland: the US Main Post Office, the city’s Standard Insurance building, and Hilton Hotel, and the 4th and Yamhill Parking Garage.

The company, aside from its wide spectrum of markets, continues to build parking spaces for high-value clientele. For instance, the firm’s collaboration with LRS Architects produced a modern four-level garage that can accommodate 3,000 vehicles. With an area of approximately 1,000,000 square feet, the building stands in a cast-in-place concrete structure. To facilitate smooth traffic flow, it also features a double-threaded ramp system and four flat bays.

The company’s expertise in general contracting and concrete construction has helped it gain the business of the biggest clients in a wide variety of markets. These include healthcare, multifamily, commercial, industrial, hospitality, and advanced technology, among others.

Bell & Associates Construction

1000 Health Park Dr. Suite #150, Brentwood, TN 37027

Committed to highlighting the vital sustainability and advanced technology in the construction industry, Bell & Associates Construction incorporates sustainable practices, LEED-accredited designs, and environmentally-conscious practices in many of its projects for the different sectors: sports, commercial, hospitality, academic, civic, and public markets, among others.

Its accomplishments as one of the biggest parking garage contractors in the region are supported by its comprehensive delivery methods employed to ensure quality, cost efficiency, and timely completion. The company currently offers pre-construction services, construction management at-risk, design-build, building information modeling (BIM), as well as traditional construction methods.

For one of its projects for the niche, the company partnered with Duda Paine architect to construct a six-level garage that covers 1,153 parking spaces. Supported by deep foundations, the structure is framed using precast concrete. Aside from elevators for accessible entrance and exits, the building also features parking control systems. The project was built concurrently with an adjacent structure to ensure the foundations and utilities were coordinated.

Big-D Construction

404 West 400 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

As an award-winning construction company that has been constantly featured on different publications, Big-D Construction has one of the most inspiring success stories out there. Its milestones and achievements include multiple recognition from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Associated General Contractors (AGC). Utah Construction and Design ranked the firm as the Top Utah General Contractor; Engineering News-Record also included the company in its 2018 Top 400 Contractor. Other publication listings also chose the company for its general contracting efforts and sustainable building practices.

The company’s focus on its enduring relationships with its clients has allowed a local construction company to rise and become a preferred builder for the food, manufacturing, warehouse, healthcare, education, self-performed, office, and commercial sectors. Complex projects for commercial and civic structures can be found in its extensive portfolio, including advanced parking structures as featured here.

The firm’s project for the Towne Ridge Centre introduces a four-story, 354,000-square-foot structure that can accommodate almost 1,100 parking stalls. The firm took the lead to complete the project’s more than six feet of concrete work. The parking’s second, third and fourth levels supported by post-tensioned concrete decks and held by thick, 60-feet beams.

Carl Walker Construction

935 Vista Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Since its founding in 1996, Carl Walker Construction has established its place as a single-source solution for technically-complex structural projects, such as specialty concrete works, construction, and restoration, as well as parking garage design and building. The company’s association with the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) helps it stay relevant and updated on the latest building and construction practices in the industry.

One of the ideal examples of its experience as a parking garage contractor is its project for the Meadows Casino. With a capacity to house 2,300 vehicles, the firm’s project for a 775,000 square feet parking project was divided into two phases. The company deployed the design-build delivery system to complete the structure on time, without compromising the quality and structural soundness of the build. It also gave the firm the freedom and efficient planning to seamlessly blend the functional and architectural aspects of the project with the existing casino building.

The company’s award-winning portfolio helped it gather commendations and recognition from the biggest organizations in the country. For the commercial parking market, it won multiple awards of merit and excellence from the Pennsylvania Parking Association (PPA). Recently, the ICRI also honored the firm with the 2018 Award of Excellence for one of its high-value rehabilitation project.

Choate Construction

8200 Roberts Dr. Suite #600, Atlanta, GA 30350

Three decades of award-winning building and design services propelled Choate Construction’s reputation as a leading professional for diverse markets. What started out as a humble local firm operating in a basement, the company now runs across six regional offices, four interior divisions, almost 500 employees, and an extensive portfolio of projects scattered throughout the United States.

The company is a 100% employee-owned firm that focuses on professional collaborations, safety, innovation, and quality delivery. These qualities can be observed through its enduring relationships with the biggest clients in and outside of the industry, as well as through the outstanding projects that it continuously produces for a wide range of markets, especially as a contractor of structurally demanding builds.

For one of its projects for the parking garage sector, the firm utilized the design-build delivery method to deliver the 210,100-square-foot parking. This was located next to Marietta’s Cobb Country Clubhouse. Unlike other parking spaces inspired by contemporary design, the build is characterized by distinct architectural accents. While its facade hints of this appeal, the structure is supported by modern, state-of-the-art technology especially for its security and parking control system. The American Concrete Association and the Cobb County Board of Commissioners recognized the project with the Outstanding Achievement Award and the Certificate of Achievement, respectively.

Clark Construction

2502 N Rocky Point Dr. Suite #1000, Tampa, Florida 33607

Design-Build Institute of America Awards, Alliant Build America Awards, and thousands more of design, construction, and sustainability recognition decorate Clark Construction’s portfolio of over one hundred years. The firm began as a local excavator in 1906 and has since grown into one of the largest civil construction experts in the country. Regardless of value, size, and complexity, the firm has firmly advocated for safety through efficient delivery methods and employee training.

Running the company and mapping its strategic priorities is Robert Moser, Jr., the firm’s president, and CEO. When Moser joined the company in 1997, he helped the company expand into bigger markets and cater to the needs of the sports, healthcare, museum, and transit infrastructure.

One of the firm’s largest projects for the market is the 1,900,000-square-foot project for the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority. The work involved preconstruction and construction services to complete the six-story economy parking garage, which can accommodate 5,400 cars and an additional administration building. The latter houses the complex’s offices for its parking operations, police, and landscape maintenance crew. The project was completed in 2006 and won the year’s Southeast Construction Best awards, under the Transportation Category.

Coakley & Williams Construction

7475 Wisconsin Ave. Suite #900, Bethesda, MD 20814

Established in 1961, Coakley & Williams Construction carries a reputation for completing a wide variety of projects for the industry’s biggest client pool. Its new construction, interior build-outs, and renovation projects can be found across the region. Many of these contracts highlight partnerships with architects, developers, and subcontractors that have worked with the firm for years, especially in building its highly commended parking structures.

The BWI Parking Garage, for example, was a collaboration with Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern Architects. MD Department of Transportation commissioned the company to complete a 560,000-square-foot parking structure that can hold 1,950 parking spaces. This high-profile construction work was recognized by ABC with the Excellence in Construction Award and the National Award of Merit. The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) honored it with the Best Public Sector Building title.

Other awards for the same market have been given, not just by construction institutions, but also by design and architectural organizations. The firm’s Calvert Street parking garage, for instance, was recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) with the Design-Build Excellence and Excellence in Construction awards.


5430 Warner Rd., Cleveland, OH 44125

People, Safety, Solutions, and Performance are the four values that have driven Donley’s success since its inception in 1941. One of the oldest firms in the country, it has evolved from a concrete formwork contractor to a highly comprehensive organization that offers a wide range of concrete and construction management services. From Ohio, the company expanded to do work in other parts of the country, including Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas.

One of the largest markets that the company serves is the commercial sector and its demand for state-of-the-art parking decks. The firm is one of the specialty builders that offer pre-cast and cast-in-place systems. To date, it has contributed to 230 parking structures’ construction, restoration, and expansion over the last three decades.

The firm’s past clients have nothing but commendations for its timely delivery and cost-efficient delivery methods. Dealer Tire, for instance, lauded the company’s collaborative and communicative approach that contributed to the project’s success. These practices allowed the company to get through the earliest obstacles of the project, including an aggressive construction schedule—a challenge that the company gracefully overcome to complete the contract two months ahead of schedule.


1624 W 21st St., Tulsa, OK 74107

Flintco’s unrelenting drive to deliver high quality, cost-effective, safe, and time-conscious projects has made it one of the most preferred general contracting firms for delicate and high-value constructions. The firm was founded in 1908 and since then has established enduring relationships with business owners and developers not just in Oklahoma but in other parts of the country.

To date, the firm is supported by eight full-service offices. Combined, these offices are licensed to serve 35 states and offer design-build, general contracting, construction management, preconstruction, and project and program management. Aside from these services, the company has the resources and manpower to offer self-perform capabilities. Its experience in excavation, steel erection, piping, underground infrastructure, and concrete has produced many impressive projects.

As a parking garage builder, the company combines its delivery methods and construction practices to cater to several markets, including projects for the academic sector. One example of this is the University of Houston Multi-Service Building and Parking Garage #5. The work covered the construction of a five-story parking garage and academic building located at Entrance 18 and Elgin Street on campus. The 784,369-square-foot, pre-cast parking building can accommodate approximately 2,500 parking spaces for students, faculty, and visitors. The structure is equipped with a Parking Guidance System, a visual monitoring system that indicates the building’s capacity and available parking spaces. It also houses food service establishments, architectural student workshops, studios and office areas, fine art studios, exhibition rooms and new office space for the University. The stunning, two-story structural steel building is wrapped with glazing, metal panels, and brick veneer.

JE Dunn Construction

1001 Locust St., Kansas City, MO 64106

The company’s 22 offices across the country allow it to expand its services from coast to coast, especially to cater to over 20 different market sectors from the technology, entertainment, commercial, and government, healthcare, and the academic industries, among others. Its rich portfolio of upscale and high-value projects have earned it multiple recognition from the industry’s respected institutions. In 2018, the firm won Houston Business Journal’s Landmark Awards. In the same year, it also earned the Capstone Awards and the USAF Design Awards.

As a builder of some of the most iconic parking structures in the country, the firm is recognized for many state-of-the-art builds. Included in its portfolio for this category are the Nashville International Airport (BNA) 2,200-parking space garage, the Kansas City Live Entertainment District Parking Structure, and the Reynolds Street Parking Deck in Georgia, to name a few.

The Rockhurst University North parking garage completed in 2012 and was designed to adhere to the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED accreditation. The 140,000 square feet of the pre-cast parking garage was built in four levels, housing a total of 420 car stalls. The project designer, BNIM Architects, conceptualized the building plan to accommodate a commercial space that will be placed on the building’s first floor.

KBE Building Corporation

76 Batterson Park Rd., Farmington, CT 06032

KBE Building Corporation was founded in 1959 and was later incorporated in 1966. Today, it is supported by over 120 construction and preconstruction experts that are well-versed in BIM, LEED, and other delivery methods that prioritize safety, cost-efficiency, and quality construction and engineering practices. Its accomplishments in the different market sectors are celebrated by the industry’s biggest publications.

The ENR recognizes the firm as one of the Top 400 Commercial Construction Companies in the US—maintaining the same title for over 20 years. The ABC also celebrates the firm’s contribution to the construction industry with 14 Excellence in Construction Awards, four People’s Choice Awards, as well as STEP’s Platinum awards. These commendations are distributed among its varied projects.

While the firm is recognized for many of its projects in the different markets, its ability as a parking garage contractor should not be overlooked. The firm’s project in New Haven for Science Park’s parking garage, for instance, is a complex build and is a combination of its design-build and construction delivery methods to complete a multi-use building and an attached parking garage structure. The latter can accommodate 1,186 parking spaces. The project’s success highlighted the firm’s ability to satisfy repeat clients and present consistently high-value and cost-efficient solutions, despite the structural and architectural challenges of the build.

M.B. Kahn Construction Co.

101 Flintlake Rd., Columbia, SC 29223

A diverse client portfolio highlights MB Kahn Construction’s influence as a builder and provider of significant general contracting, construction management, design-build, and BIM solutions throughout the Southeast. Aside from its modern delivery methods, the firm actively promotes safety programs that make sure its workers are provided with the resources and training to take on complex and challenging projects without worrying about their safety.

The company is also known for its contribution to green construction through eco-friendly industry practices. USGBC-approved facilities through LEED-certifications and Green Globe-certified structures can be found in its rich portfolio. Some of these sustainable constructions are featured in its work for commercial and industrial parking garage projects.

For instance, the CU-ICAR parking structure is a LEED-Gold certified building that houses a total of 1,192 parking spaces. The pre-cast structure, composed of six stories, was built as an answer to the parking needs of tenants and employees of Technology Neighborhood One. The most unique characteristics of the building can be seen on its modern facade: an architectural mesh and the structural glass panels carefully assembled to create a visually coherent design.

McCownGordon Construction

850 Main, Kansas City, MO 64105

When McCownGordon Construction was established in 1999, its founders Pat McCown and Brett Gordon set the vision of creating a company that focuses on business transparency and long-term relationships. Nurturing this culture helped the company land major projects for the biggest organizations in the healthcare, academic, cultural, federal, corporate, sports, science and technology, and private development, among others.

The company’s embrace of advanced construction technologies has allowed it to tackle highly complex and structurally-challenging works. Currently, the firm works under different delivery methods: construction management, general contracting, public-private partnerships, and integrated project delivery, to name a few. The firm employs the most relevant building practices, depending on the requirement of the build.

For instance, when Garmin expanded its corporate headquarters, the multinational tech company reached out to the firm to take on a collaborative delivery with Gould Evans to complete a multi-phased construction work valued at $200 million. The project included the construction of a warehouse facility, office spaces, relevant site work, landscaping, and a new parking facility as an extension of the building’s existing garage. This particular feature secured the firm’s win the Concrete Promotional Group’s (CPG) Excellence in Concrete, Parking Garage Category.

Overaa Construction

200 Parr Blvd., Richmond, CA 94801

For over four generations of construction, Overaa Construction has helped transform California’s construction landscape by leading modern, sustainable, and high-performing infrastructure projects across the region. For years, it has established enduring relationships with industry and government organizations to complete significant projects for the government, commercial, healthcare, education, industrial, transportation, and housing sector, among others.

The firm has completed works that have functionally and architecturally redefined parking spaces. One of the firm’s multi-awarded parking garage projects was made for the City of Berkeley. The 248,000-square-foot structure supports 720 parking spaces, including 350 units for bicycle parking. The project was a modern replacement for the Center Street Garage, a structure built on the location in 1958 and caters to students, tenants, and customers from nearby establishments.

Dubbed as “the greenest parking garage in California”, the eight-story building received the ParkSmart Gold Certification. Its solar arrays on its rooftop powers the structure as well as neighboring city-owned facilities. The building’s double-helix design also caught the attention of design institutions, including the Chicago Athenaeum and the European Centre for Architecture.

S.B. Ballard Construction Company

2828 Shipps Corner Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Over four decades ago, SB Ballard Construction Company was established as a home-based firm that took on small projects for government sectors like the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority. It also catered to the minor renovation needs of its neighbors. During the firm’s early years, it was a rising professional, particularly for concrete contracting, until it expanded to offer general contracting services.

Today, the company serves seven different markets, such as the federal, commercial, industrial, mixed-use multi-residential, healthcare, higher education, and K-12 sectors. Its delivery methods and construction practices are also guided by its experience and resources that offer a sustainable, technology-based approach to every project, regardless of size or value. The same is true, especially when it comes to its contribution to modern parking garage construction.

For instance, for the company’s project for Norfolk International Airport’s parking garage, it implemented a design-bid-build delivery method to complete a nine-level building that can accommodate over 3,200 parking spaces. The firm made use of cast-in-place concrete, post-tensioned concrete, and auger-cast pile foundations, to support the 1,150,000-square-foot structure. Aside from the additional site work, the building was built to facilitate an around-the-clock monitoring system for short-term and long-term parking services.

Sampson Construction

5825 S 14th St., Lincoln, Nebraska 68512

Founded in 1952, Sampson Construction is one of the most influential firms in the country, and has established solid networks of business owners, investors, developers, and communities to provide construction management, design-build, design-bid-build delivery methods to a wide array of markets.

Over the years, the company has earned the trust of brands and organizations to complete significant projects for them. One of the firm’s long-term clients, an institution that has trusted its expertise for over two decades, is the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This partnership produced Lincoln Stadium Drive’s 228,000-square-foot parking garage designed to house 600 vehicles. Additional builds included the construction of commercial and office spaces. The architecture of the structure allows tenants to have a full view of the university’s Memorial Stadium, thanks to its glass-enclosed stairwell.

Aside from its parking garage projects, the company houses massive manpower and technology-based resources to help it complete builds for mid-range to high-end structures such as college stadiums, hotels, corporate campuses, libraries, places of worship, correctional facilities, and manufacturing complexes, among others.


2359 Perimeter Pointe Pkwy. Unit #600, Charlotte, NC 28208

As one of the companies that value sustainability and innovation, Shelco delivers design and building solutions that pass USGBC’s stringent LEED-accreditation standards. Many of the company’s architecturally stunning projects are also recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), ACI Carolinas Chapter, and the North Carolina State Building Commission, to name a few.

Award-winning parking deck structures can also be found across the firm’s portfolio, most are catered to the aviation and medical markets. What’s groundbreaking about its take on parking garage construction is the firm’s innovative approach not just to the structural and functional aspect of this project but also to its potential architectural appeal. The company’s long history of parking garage construction has produced structures of all shapes and sizes, that accommodate 170 to 3,200 spaces built in pre-cast and post-tension materials.

While the company’s main focus has always been office, parking, industrial buildings, its projects for a broad range of markets should not be overlooked. Its major delivery methods, including the design-build and BIM solutions, are deployed to take on advanced construction and construction management projects for the medical, biotechnology, mission-critical, sports, and commercial industries.


9331 Corporate Dr., Selma, TX 78154

SpawGlass is one of the leading industry professionals in the Texan construction scene. Established in 1953, its decades worth of milestones are marked with landmark projects across the region. Some of its notable clients are the San Antonio International Airport, Texas State University, and the Houston Police Department, to name a few.

As a prime builder of innovative parking decks and garages in the region, the firm has delivered over 40 parking structures across Texas. One of them is the Medical City Dallas parking garage. It was constructed to answer the parking needs of one of the city’s busiest medical campuses. Despite the challenge of encountering 27 weather days, the company successfully delivered the project on time. The work involved 280,000 square feet to base a six-story garage with open-air stairways. Built through a cast-in-place structure system, the building is also framed by concrete barrier walls. A parking control system is also in place as well as a charging station for electric and hybrid vehicles.

For all the long list of markets that it serves, leading the company’s every operation is Joel Stone, the firm’s CEO. Stone has been with the company for over 30 years. He served as ABC Central Texas Chapter’s president in the past and has been an active member of different local and regional organizations within and outside the construction industry.

SR Construction

3579 Red Rock St., Las Vegas, NV 89103

Founded in 1991, SR Construction is a full-service general contractor that is capable of delivering LEAN, design-build, and BIM solutions to different markets with varying sizes, complexities and value. Its successful run as an expert in the industry is recognized by the field’s largest institutions. The AIA, NAIOP, DBIA, USGBC, and the Lean Construction Institute are just some of the firm’s long list of affiliations.

The firm’s decades of success in establishing strong relationships with industry organizations and market leaders can be attributed to its owner and president, Scott Loughridge. Throughout Loughridge’s career, he has delivered over 1,200 projects, many of which utilized the design-build and CMAR solutions. Additionally, his advocacy for green construction is supported by his expertise as a LEED-accredited professional.

The experience of the company’s founder and its capability as a builder is reflected in the unforgettable structures that it introduced to many significant sectors. One example of its most in-demand market offerings is for the commercial and industrial garage parking nice. Multiple examples of these projects can be found in the firm’s long list of clientele, including the GY Rainbow parking and the McCarran parking structures.

Suffolk Construction

65 Allerton St., Boston, MA 02119

Real people and real relationships emphasize Suffolk Construction’s identity as a leading contractor that has served the country for almost four decades. Its offices in Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Texas, and California allows it to expand its services to the private and public sectors.

Led by John Fish, the firm’s chairman and CEO, has always pushed for innovation and inventiveness when it comes to the firm’s construction methods. Fish’s commitment to delivering technology-based practices have delivered high-value and high-performing structures that have shaped the country’s architectural and structural landscapes not just in the Northeast but also throughout the Southeastern and Western parts of the US.

Aside from the other sectors that it serves, its work for the parking garage market remains the most unforgettable. One example of these stunning projects is a collaboration with Walker Parking Consultants to design and construct the 482,000-square-foot parking structure housing a total of 1,497 parking units. MBTA Wonderland and Busway is a seven-level community parking deck built for Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s vehicles. Included in the project are the transport company’s new subway station as well as its eleven-line busway.

The Lemoine Company

1906 Eraste Landry Rd. Suite #200, Lafayette, LA 70506

The Lemoine Company is one of the leading firms that offer full-service general contracting and construction management services. Its extensive portfolio represents its experience in small to complex construction and renovations of academic, public, industrial, commercial, and healthcare buildings scattered throughout the Gulf Region.

The company is also one of the builders of landmark parking decks that have supported many facilities in the Southeast. For example, built for the State of Louisiana’s Facility Planning and Control, the Galvez parking garage is a 594,000 square feet of structure in Baton Rouge. The seven-level facility was constructed using pre-cast materials. Included in the project’s scope were paving services for the building’s walkways and surrounding landscape. The entire development took eighteen months, as scheduled.

Similarly successful projects delivered on time and within budget have earned the commendations of its clients and even industry organizations such as the ENR, ABC, and USGBC. The firm, which was founded in 1935 as a local provider, is now a multi-awarded and regionally-recognized firm for its construction and design achievements.

Turner Construction Company

375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014

Turner Construction Company is an internationally-recognized firm that has long dominated the construction, development, and project management industry. Its thousands of projects from high-end and complex markets can be found across the country, many of which are awarded for their sustainable, innovative and architecturally stunning results.

The company’s achievements are well-documented in many local and regional publications, including the New York Times, ENR, Curbed NY, and many more. Awards from the AGC, ABC, and other regional construction organizations also represent its enduring success as a preferred professional in virtually every industry and market sector.

Aside from the company’s contribution to shaping the country’s structural and architectural landscapes, it also produces high-performing buildings and structures that support these facilities. For instance, its work experience as a parking garage contractor is also an important part of its service scope. The photo featured here is a perfect example. The Sheridan Avenue parking garage was built for the Office of General Services in Albany. The facility is an eight-level parking structure that sits on a 456,000-square-foot property. It was designed to accommodate 1,379 vehicles of the government office’s employees and clients.

Walsh Construction

929 W Adams, Chicago, IL 60607

With regional offices across the country, Walsh Construction is considered one of the biggest general contracting, design-build, and construction management firms in North America. Its mother company, the Walsh Group, was established in 1898. It is on its fourth generation of family ownership that oversees two other major firms: the Archer Western headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and Walsh Canada in Ontario.

The company has been constantly recognized across different industries. Through the years, it has dominated ENR’s annual rankings as a leading firm in the public, healthcare, transport, aviation, multifamily, and government sectors. As a contractor that pushes for greener building alternatives, it is also one of the country’s largest green builders. The company’s combined experiences and innovative delivery methods have helped it complete complex and high-value projects, especially for contracts that helped shape community landscapes.

For instance, the Roosevelt Collection parking garage was built to serve tenants and residents of the mixed-use development. The multimillion-dollar contract included the construction of the three-level parking structure, condominium units, commercial spaces, 16-screen theater, and a public park. The development utilized 40 miles of piles topped with concrete pile caps. This was the first time that the city implemented this particular deep foundation method. For the building’s structure, the company opted for a concrete column and slab system combination.

Weitz Company

420 Watson Powell Jr. Way, Suite #100, Des Moines, IA 50309

As the sixth oldest Architectural, Engineering, and Construction firm in the country, The Weitz Company has established a reputation of stability, financial strength, performance, and innovation through its over 165 years of operations. The company focuses on three core product lines that revolve around its commercial, industrial, and international services. Its massive reach and scope allowed it to complete thousands of projects in all 50 US states.

The company currently serves over 30 market sectors, and has completed modern, high-end, and high-value parking structures incorporated into many of its projects across different markets. These include multi-million builds for corporate, aviation, commercial, civic, senior living, student housing, academic, industrial, and government clients.

Completed in 2017, this 944,140 square foot project consists of the new construction of a nine-level, cast-in-place concrete parking garage in the existing surface parking lot of the Palm Beach Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. There is one parking level below grade and eight elevated deck levels that offer a parking capacity of 2,650 cars. The north elevation and portions of east and south are decorative aluminum framing with perforated aluminum grillage. There also is an aluminum canopy feature at portions of the roof line. There are four traction elevators and parking control equipment. The basement level and portions of the top deck have fire protection The basement level has forced ventilation and CO monitoring. Mass excavation of the basement level will require the use of temporary sheet piling. A small office area includes interior finish trades.

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