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Oklahoma City is home to numerous government agencies, energy companies, tech companies, and health service organizations. It’s also known for its great sports teams, historical landmarks, and parks. The city’s rising economy, relatively low cost of living, great school systems, and vibrant city life draws in young individuals and families from within and outside the state. The rise in population has made multifamily residences, apartments, and condominiums the preferred residence of choice in the city.

If you are a developer looking to build a multifamily residential development in the city, you should check out this list of the best multifamily architects in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These architects can help you create the optimum design for a residential development given your location, budget, and target market. These firms are licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable in designing multifamily spaces that attract tenants and owners alike. They can help you offer young families and individuals a beautiful, functional, and safe home as well as a secure, profitable investment.

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Plow Building, 29 East Reno Avenue, Suite 440, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris is a multi-award-winning architecture firm with offices in London, Bristol, and Oklahoma City. Founded in 1989, the firm has completed numerous projects in various sectors including education, healthcare, corporate, residential, and much more. Simon Allord, the firm’s executive director and design studio head, has decades of experience designing buildings for public and private clients in the UK, US, and other parts of the world. His passion for architecture and unique insight assists clients in seeing the perfect balance of beauty and functionality in each architectural form. Executive director Jonathan Hall has similarly delivered award-winning designs and leads the firm’s technical and legal teams. These teams support the firm’s development by incorporating research-backed innovative techniques and styles that adhere to regulatory standards and established best practices. Paul Monaghan is also an executive director and design studio head. He leads award-winning projects across a wide range of styles and project sectors and promotes the growth of the profession as an active speaker, teacher, and juror. Executive director and managing director Peter Morris oversees a broad spectrum of activities and programs that improve the firm’s operations, communication, and interpersonal relations.

Wade Scaramucci, who heads the firm’s Oklahoma City office, has years of experience in residential and commercial design. Prior to becoming a project architect in the firm, he worked on various projects in Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, and London. His architectural expertise and knowledge of regionally-inspired styles drive the firm’s practice in Oklahoma City and the rest of the state. One recent project is the Bower condo-town home community in Oklahoma City. In response to the rapid development in the downtown area, the firm opted for a unique mix of townhomes and condominiums that cater to the different spatial and budgetary needs of the diverse local population.  The development includes seven two-story townhomes facing one block of the site and a five-story condominium building with units ranging from 1-bedroom to 4-bedrooms. The townhomes and condo units feature balconies that offer a private outdoor space to each tenant or owner, as well as a special view of the city. To improve the site’s aesthetics and atmosphere, and to promote environment-friendly and healthier lifestyles, the firm incorporated landscaping in all common spaces between the two blocks. The firm’s carefully planned design offers both aesthetics and functionality, and adequately matches the unique needs of the individuals and families who will live in the development.

Rand Elliott Architects

35 Harrison Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73104 

Rand Elliott Architects is a multi-disciplinary design firm that offers architectural design, space planning, interior design, historical preservation, lighting design, master planning, and feasibility studies to clients in Oklahoma City and its adjacent counties. Owner and principal Rand Elliott has over 45 years of experience in the industry and is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects. His work has been featured in more than 85 books and 375 periodicals published in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Established in 1976, the firm has completed projects in various sectors and has received numerous awards, including 10 National AIA Honor Awards in its first 14 years in the industry. 

Core to the firm’s creativity and unique perspective is the belief that light is the essence of architecture. Each design is crafted to become a beacon of inspiration to its owners, users, and the community. Beyond architectural integrity, durability, and efficiency, the firm designs buildings and spaces that improve lives and foster community. 

You can see that commitment to community in the firm’s new Elliott Residences in midtown. Designed with a crystalline glass façade mixed with traditional masonry, the eight-story building blends in well with the midtown cityscape. To offer residents a private view of the skyline, the firm designed each unit to have its own skybox – a wind- and sun-protected exterior private space in place of an open balcony. Communal amenities include covered parking, an outdoor courtyard, and a spacious lounge with a stunning view of the city. The firm’s design allows residents and guests to experience nature and draw inspiration from exceptional views while staying within the busy midtown district.

KKT Architects

2200 South Utica Place, Suite 200, Tulsa, OK 74114

KKT Architects is a full-service design firm offering architectural design, interior design, and civil and structural engineering services to clients throughout the state. Since its founding in 1989, the firm has completed thousands of designs for a diverse range of clients including school districts, corporate organizations, retail establishments, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. The key to the firm’s success is its focus on people – its employees, its clients, and the community. The firm’s employees regularly undergo professional development to improve and update their skills and knowledge. Clients are given focused personal attention to understand their unique needs and objectives that are then reflected in the structure’s design. The firm also contributes to the communities they work in by working with known charities and nonprofits toward improving people’s lives and fostering inclusion, diversity, and empowerment.

In each design project, KKT Architects works toward the primary goal of realizing the client’s needs. The firm balances structural durability and beauty with the aim of creating a space that moves people to learn, work, and live life with greater inspiration and a more positive attitude.

The Tiffany Retro Apartments on Brookline Avenue is a good example of the firm’s multifamily work. The original structure was built in 1966, and KKT designed its historic renovation by working around the existing windows, balconies, corridors, and individual unit door locations. The revamped apartment building includes a convenience store, a community room, a modern-style fitness center, and several other communal spaces. Collaborating closely with the owner and contractor, KKT successfully redesigned the historic site with contemporary finishes that reflect the mid-century modern style of the sixties era. The project earned a citation of merit from the Oklahoma Historical Society in 2019.

Fitzsimmons Architects

2721 North Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Fitzsimmons Architects is a full-service architectural design firm that serves clients in Oklahoma City and the adjacent area. Founded in 2005, the firm has completed dozens of commercial, residential, hospitality, and civic sector projects. The firm offers complete architectural services ranging from space planning and concept development to construction administration and interior and landscape design. Founder and owner Brian Fitzsimmons is a registered architect and interior designer with 24 years of experience in the industry. He has received numerous local, state, regional, and national honors and awards for his work, leadership, and contribution to the profession and the community. His skills, knowledge, and commitment to improving people’s lives through the built environment drive the firm in accomplishing its mission of creating meaningful designs.

In designing multifamily residential developments, the firm makes sure to address the needs and objectives of the developer, the potential owners and tenants, and the neighborhood it is set in. One recent multifamily project is The Frank apartment building in midtown. A blend of traditional elements and design and contemporary materials and finishes, the Frank fuses well with the existing architectural landscape of historical buildings in the neighborhood. The firm also placed emphasis on nature and community interaction by placing numerous plants, shrubs, and greenery throughout the space where residents can rest or engage in communal activities. Each of the 45 units features a flexible floor plan and includes a modern-style kitchen with appliances, a private balcony, and ample built-in storage space. Amenities include covered parking, secure bike racks, gated security, and FEMA-rated storm shelters.

Butzer Architects and Urbanism

718 W Sheridan Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Butzer Architects and Urbanism is an architectural design firm that caters to public and private clients in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. Its portfolio includes designs for single-family and multifamily residences, commercial spaces, offices, and civic sector projects. Director and partner Hans Butzer is a registered architect and a LEED accredited professional. With over three decades of experience and several recognitions and accolades, Butzer’s knowledge and experience are extensive and well-developed. He and his wife and co-founder, Torrey Butzer, lead the firm in creating designs that emerge from the contexts they are set in. Clients and organizations recognize and commend the firm’s creativity in architecture that serves the needs of clients and communities and stands as a testament to their stories.

Committed to the preservation of the natural environment and the promotion of health and wellness, the firm retains LEED and WELL accredited professionals on its team. Its designs are not only functional and beautiful but are also efficient, environment-friendly, and promote a healthy lifestyle. This is evident in its use of local, safe, and high-efficiency materials and carefully-planned placement of gardens, trees, and plants in its designs. In the 7 @ Crown Heights project, the firm carefully planned each component of the site to give residents adequate opportunities to interact with nature and their neighbors without sacrificing privacy. The firm’s choice of materials, elements, and structural style maximize natural lighting and protect the structure and residents from harsh weather conditions. The space surrounding the building is covered with grass, plants, and trees to create a nature-infused environment that promotes sustainability as well as a healthy lifestyle. The firm’s design was given the Residential Architecture Honor Award in 2013 by the Oklahoma statewide chapter of the American Institute of Architects.


914 N Broadway Avenue, Suite 200, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

HSEarchitects is an architecture, interior design, and planning firm serving public and private Oklahoma City clients. The firm’s mission is to create stunning, effective architecture while providing the best personal service in the industry. The firm works closely with clients in creating design solutions that are unique and personal to the client and address their needs and objectives. Principal Larry Herzel has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. He specializes in space planning, budget analysis, project management, and construction administration. His ability to create personalized construction programs that address clients’ needs leads the firm in the successful delivery of design and planning projects. Principal Dan Skaggs’s expertise is in education facilities, LEED projects, and residential developments. His excellent proficiency in creating architectural rendering and visual presentations using design software has been praised by clients as it allows them to visualize the project before construction begins. Principal Todd Edmonds is experienced in architectural design, consultation, and space planning and programming. His portfolio includes both new developments as well as remodels and historic renovations. 

Beyond creating effective, beautiful design solutions, HSEarchitects is committed to ecological responsibility through sustainable designs, the use of green building materials, and energy-efficient measures. In the Block 42 condominium project, the firm fused traditional materials, contemporary styles, and green building principles to create a high-end modern residential development. Through careful planning and creative assessment, the firm designed the space to include townhomes and condos that are functional, aesthetically unique, affordable, and environment-friendly. Each residential unit includes energy-efficient appliances and was designed for optimum indoor air quality and water efficiency. Open spaces were covered with grass and drought-tolerant plants to help maintain ambient temperatures and improve air quality. This condominium project was Oklahoma’s first LEED-designed urban-lifestyle housing development and paved the way for increased awareness and commitment to sustainable building measures in the state.


920 W Main, Oklahoma City, OK, 73106

ADG is an architectural design firm that offers architecture and interior design, engineering, program management, and urban planning services to clients in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. Founded in 1975, the firm has since become an established name in the industry thanks to its exceptional designs, excellent client relations, and its consistent contributions to the communities it serves. The key to the firm’s success in each project is its simple and focused approach – to create quality design solutions while providing outstanding service. That emphasis on quality includes listening and understanding clients’ unique needs and objectives and delivering designs that attract, engage, and delight users—whether in a residence, corporate office, commercial establishment, or civic space—while keeping within budget and schedule constraints. 

In designing and planning multifamily residences, ADG collaborates closely with the developer to understand their objectives and their target market. The firm assists the developer in choosing styles, materials, and amenities that would fit the needs of the potential owners and tenants. ADG’s work on the Lift Apartments in midtown highlights the firm’s ability to create designs that match residents’ needs, personalities, and lifestyles. The 329-unit apartment building features an art gallery, an entertainment deck, a pool, multiple courtyards, a fitness studio, and a pet spa. These match the active lifestyle of the city’s young adults and professionals. Apartment sizes range from 325 to 1,450 square feet, which offers flexibility for individuals, couples, and families. The overall design offers a fusion of rustic industrial and contemporary styles with accent pieces and colors that bring life and inspiration to the space.

The McKinney Partnership Architects

3600 W Main Street, Suite 200, Norman, OK 73072

The McKinney Partnership Architects is a design firm that offers architectural design, interior design, planning, and surveying services to clients in Norman and the rest of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Since its founding in 1986, the firm has completed projects in corporate, healthcare, residential, and various other sectors in the region. The beauty, durability, and functionality of its designs have earned the firm a strong reputation in the industry. Core to the firm’s success is its focus on building a team of professionals who are competent in their design abilities as well as having a strong commitment to service. This allows the firm to create design solutions across a broad range of project types, sizes, and requirements.

President and founder Richard S. McKinney Jr. is a registered architect with over four decades of experience in the industry. He built the firm to provide tailor-fit, exceptional, and innovative design solutions to clients. In multifamily residential projects, the firm balances the needs and objectives of the developer with the needs and lifestyles of potential residents. 

When McKinney designed the Vue in Norman, the aim of the developer was to create a living option for students and young professionals in the area. The firm designed the five-building four-story complex to match the needs, lifestyle, and budget of this target market. The one-of-a-kind facility offers amenities that match the generation’s characteristics and lifestyle: a storm shelter, an electric car charging station, reserved parking for each unit, a rooftop terrace, and much more. The exterior’s stucco siding and red composite panels blend in with the traditional-style existing cityscape while the interior offers uniquely contemporary facilities. The plan and design of the Vue truly is a perfect balance of old and new at a reasonable cost.

TAP Architecture

415 N Broadway, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

TAP Architecture is an award-winning full-service design firm that offers architecture, interior design, master planning, and historic preservation. Based in Oklahoma City, the firm has completed more than a thousand projects in 15 states and 3 continents since its founding in 1988. Many of these projects have been recognized by local, state, regional, and national organizations for their beautiful and functional designs, adherence to sustainability measures, and overall contribution to the community and society. TAP caters to both private and public clients in designing residential and commercial spaces as well as civic spaces, entertainment venues, and places of worship. Adhering to its vision of making a difference by doing work that matters, the firm creates design solutions that are beautiful, durable, environment-friendly, and inspirational.

As a design firm, TAP Architecture aims to create unique design solutions that address clients’ specific needs and objectives, match their budgets and schedules, and cater to the tastes and lifestyles of their target market. 

In the 1212 N Walker Avenue apartment building project, the firm used the building’s location, neighborhood, and potential residents as key factors in deciding on the design and plan. A refurbished former parking garage in the busy midtown district, the building held the potential to attract young professionals and families who worked or went to school in the same neighborhood. The apartment building includes 24 dwelling units and retail space on the ground floor. The firm’s design offers a safe, convenient, and affordable living solution to the neighborhood’s young, vibrant workforce.

Troy D. Rhodes & Company

4323 NW 63rd Street, Suite 201, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Troy D. Rhodes & Company is a full-service architectural design and planning firm. The firm offers architecture, interior design, master planning, signage and wayfinding, and graphic design for private individuals, corporations, government agencies, and civic organizations. Grounded on the core values of integrity and quality, the firm creates design solutions that fulfill clients’ dreams and objectives as well as open opportunities for meaningful interaction and growth. 

With each project, the firm follows a simple yet robust process: relate, create, and transform. In the first stage, the firm seeks to understand clients’ needs and objectives and relate with them in order to ensure that the resulting design matches their goals. The firm then creates unique design solutions that balance science, art, nature, and human needs. Finally, the firm transforms its design into a durable, beautiful, and functional space where people can interact and make memories.

Founder and principal Troy D. Rhodes is a registered architect and a native Oklahoman. His passion for architecture and community drives the firm to create distinct regionally appropriate design solutions that match the specific needs of each client. For multifamily residences and townhouse communities, the firm also keeps in mind the needs of individual residents and the collective needs of the community. In the Hill at Bricktown project, the firm opted for high-end styles and designs to match the city’s revived image and vibrant downtown life. The community features 154 individual townhomes that offer ample privacy to homeowners as well as numerous communal spaces where neighbors can interact and have fun. Those features include a clubhouse, a resort-style pool and spa, a dog park, and several outdoor lounge spaces. The firm’s plan of the community—as well as the design of each individual home—offers versatility and privacy while fostering community and integration with nature. 


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