The 15th-largest state by area, Kansas is known for its vast farms, stunning Southwestern architecture, and friendly locals. With welcoming neighborhoods, great schools, a booming job market, a low cost of living, and affordable house prices (the median home value is $137,800), Kansas is the perfect place to settle down and start a family. And the state’s affordability is not limited to rural areas, as even the Kansas’ largest city, Wichita, is known for being both an affordable and pleasant place to live.

Although there are several types of homes in Kansas’ neighborhoods, old, Southwestern-style homes are the most common throughout the state. Many Kansas residents (or “Kansans”) opt for buying these cheap old, homes so they can remodel the houses at a low cost. Completing these remodels and transforming old homes into beautiful, modern living spaces are talented contractors in Kansas and its border states, including Missouri. These contractors not only renovate kitchens and bathrooms, but also install home additions. Here, we list the 15 best general contractors in Kansas, based on notable accolades and significant projects. Five of these contractors are based in Kansas City, Missouri, but complete several projects in Kansas.

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

15) Heiman Development Company

635 E 117 Terrace, Kansas City, MO, 64131 

Established in 1985 by Greg Heiman, who wanted to provide the highest quality craftsmanship to his community, Heiman Development Company is one of the oldest contractors in Kansas City, Missouri. The firm is a staple in the community, and its designs are familiar and timeless. Sophisticated ranch-style remodels are prevalent in the firm’s portfolio, which also demonstrates the Heiman Development’s penchant for using wood molding and custom cabinetry to make designs both functional and stylish.

Throughout its years in operation, Heiman Development Company has received several awards, the most recent of which are Remodeling Magazine’s Big50 Award and 2013 Remodel of the Year (REMY) award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

With several years in the industry, the firm has become an expert in remodeling different spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, basements, windows and siding, and decks and porches. In addition to residential and commercial remodeling, the firm provides room additions and even installs home theaters.

14) Built by Design

9393 W 110th St., Ste. 500 Overland Park, KS, 66210

Despite having successful careers in managing high-visibility, multi-million dollar remodeling and construction projects, Dave Schmidt and Mike Schwartz dreamed of owning a customer-centered firm that could provide direct and honest communication with its clients. So, in 2004 Schmidt and Schwartz abandoned their corporate jobs to establish Built by Design. Since then, Built by Design has received several prestigious awards, including four REMY awards and a “Best Whole Home Remodel” distinction from Prestige Magazine.

Built by Design’s website is filled with helpful insights for homeowners. The firm’s articles range from budget tips to remodeling tips, or a combination of both, such as an article that discusses how to transform an outdated floor plan into a more functional home without breaking the bank.

13) ALH Home Renovations

4710 Mission Road, Roeland Park, KS, 66205

Although he has been leading ALH Home Renovations since 1999, Allen Harris has been involved in the remodeling industry since the young age of 12 working with his father Allen SR who gives all credit for any success with his remodeling and design career to his Father. With this extensive professional background, Harris has no trouble leading the firm, whose philosophy is to always find “a new way to think”— whether remodeling designs or the remodeling process itself.

The firm’s design-build services include providing complex additions, such as in a home in Kansas City Missouri, which won the 2018 Chrysalis Award as well as the “2017 REMY Best of Show”  Other awards that they won include 17 “REMY” Awards spanning from 2008 to 2018, 4 “REMY” Best of Show Awards, 4 “KCHG” awards (Kansas City Homes and Gardens Magazine), 4 National “Coty” awards (Contractor of the Year), 2 Chrysalis Awards, 4 National “Master Design Awards” for Qualified Remodeler Magazine and a National “Remodeling Magazines BIG 50” Award Class of 2011.

ALH consistently demonstrates that it is progressive and open to change. Notably, ALH Home Renovations was featured on the KSHB channel for its excellent work in dismantling gender roles in the construction industry. The firm’s Certified Lead Carpenter is Alex Williams, who is one of the only 8.9% of women in the construction industry.

Initially, the homeowners only wanted a simple remodel because some of the rooms were too small. ALH Home Renovations decided that the best solution would be a modern addition. The addition was expensive, but it was a practical choice because the existing floor plan was outdated. ALH ultimately improved the house’s value and thrives on the synergistic process that occurs when working intimately to achieve personal and unique designs for each invaluable client.

12) Brown Remodeling and Restoration

16250 Foster Overland Park, KS, 66085

Brown Remodeling and Restoration is one of the most popular remodeling firms in its area. Since its establishment in 1995, the firm has developed a loyal clientele through repeat customers and referrals. Now, the firm has gained more clients through regular appearances on KKLO (Fox News Radio’s Kansas affiliate). In addition, the firm has won three Contractor of the Year (CoTY) awards, four 2015 REMY awards, and five 2012 NARI awards.

The firm’s style is mostly traditional Southwestern, but Brown elevates this style by giving it a more polished look. Also, the firm differentiates its style from the competition by pairing bold colors with traditional remodels. This project is a typical ranch-style kitchen, but a pop of red gives the space a more contemporary look, and the addition of hardwood floors makes the space more polished.

11) Mission Kitchen and Bath

5845 Horton Ste 201, Mission, KS, 66202

Established in 1994, Mission Kitchen and Bath boasts of having the most experienced team of builders in the remodeling industry. This team is headed by Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler Al Felman, who’s been in the industry since 1977. Felman has employed a team of superior craftsmen who are Certified, Lead Carpenters. In its 25 years of service, the firm has received more than 30 REMY awards. The firm was also part of Remodeling Magazine’s 2015 Top 550 builders in the nation.

Mission Kitchen and Bath uses European elegance to refurbish the traditional Southwestern style often found in outdated homes in Kansas. The firm’s 2016 and 2017 REMY award-winning projects featured prominent European influences. The 2016 REMY kitchen remodel was a traditional kitchen designed with Victorian-style cabinets and European-inspired light fixtures, while the firm’s 2017 REMY bathroom remodel featured prominent European influences—specifically an open concept reminiscent of European baths.

10) Architectural Craftsmen

10312 Walmer St., Overland Park, KS, 66212

Architectural Craftsmen is run by husband and wife duo Joe and Mary Thompson. Joe specializes in architecture and history, while Mary has a design and project management background. This explains why the firm aims to bring a more architectural take to remodeling. The couple believes that every home has a story to tell. Architectural Craftsmen tells the stories of the homes it serves through intricate architecture that is executed with superior craftsmanship.

Besides remodeling, the firm also specializes in historical renovations, as Joe and Mary are members of Historic Kansas City. The majority of the firm’s historical renovations are award-winning projects that have earned the firm multiple NARI and REMY awards from 2017 to 2010. One of these projects is an 1897 home that was transformed into a contemporary house. Its ranch elements are evident through the exposed wood beams, which feature intricate Victorian moldings.

9) CHC Design Build

15519 W 84th St., Lenexa, KS, 66219

CHC Design Build is a remodeler that specializes in custom work for every homeowner. Principal Designer Kevin Transue is personally involved in each remodel to ensure that his ideas are incorporated into all of the firm’s projects. One of Transue’s impressive designs is an equipment barn that was transformed into a beautiful party barn. This unique design won the Design with a Passion Distinction from HGTV’s Fresh Faces. In addition, the firm has a total of 14 REMY awards.

CHC Design Build has produced many stunning addition projects, including the transformation of a simple porch addition into a unique screened deck. The project is reminiscent of a modern greenhouse; but instead of housing plants, the space serves as an entertainment room. The screened fireplace below the plasma television makes the space perfect for a warm, cozy movie night.

8) Remodel Moore

3115 Gillham Rd., Kansas City, MO, 64109

Remodel Moore is a product of Kevin Moore’s love for historical homes and remodeling. Founded in 2004, the firm is one of the leading historical restoration builders in Kansas City, Missouri. In addition, the firm completes several remodeling projects in Kansas.

The firms remodel of a home in Kansas City’s Art District won a 2017 NARI for Historical Renovation/Restoration under $250K. The outdated 90s kitchen layout was not functional for the family anymore. The firm decided to maximize the kitchen’s space by granting more functionality to each part of the room. A butler’s pantry and a bar were installed for guests, and a cramped corner was transformed into a cozy corner that’s perfect for a cocktail at the end of the day. Notably, Remodel Moore also donates all of its unusable building materials and appliances to a local organization. Their awards include the 2015 NARI REMY- Interior Remodel over $150,000 (Gold), 2015 NARI REMY- Best of Show $150,000- $250,000, 2015 NARI REMY- Historical Renovation/Restoration Under $250,000 (Gold), 2016 NARI REMY- Interior Remodel $75,000-$150,000 (Silver), 2017 NARI REMY- Historical Renovation/Restoration Under $250,000 (Gold), 2014 Kansas City Home & Garden- Best Bathroom (Gold).

7) Kitchen Design Gallery

13406 Santa Fe Trail Dr Lenexa, KS 66215

Shawn McCune established Kitchen Design Gallery in 1995 to bring an exciting change to the monotonous lives of every homeowner. The goal of Kitchen Design Gallery is to provide high-quality remodels through the careful assessment of a home’s space and floor plan. One of the firm’s kitchen remodels won a 2012 REMY award for the transformation of a traditional kitchen into a Victorian colonial home. Its ceilings were raised, and French doorways were incorporated into the lower living area to make the rooms more open. Kitchen Design Gallery’s most recent awards include a 2014 National Kitchen and Bath award, two Kansas City Home and Garden Magazine awards, and four 2010 NARI CoTY awards.

The use of open space in the firm’s projects is evident. For instance, in a recent project the open space concept was incorporated into the kitchen and family room. Before the remodel, the kitchen and family rooms were cramped and closed off, but when these rooms were combined there was more space for entertaining guests.

6) Kliethermes Homes and Remodeling

5251 W. 116th Place, Leawood, KS, 66211

With more than 40 years of experience, Kliethermes Homes and Remodeling is one of the longest-running firms in Missouri. Founder Dan Kliethermes has ensured that the business continues to be run by his family. His son, Cale, serves as the current president of the firm and recently expanded the firm’s services to Kansas. Although it has been winning awards since 1998, the firm has earned even more prestigious awards under Cale’s leadership. These recent distinctions include being part of Remodeling Magazine’s 2016 Top 550, Qualified Remodelers Magazine’s 2016 Top 500, and a 2018 Guild Quality Guildmaster award.

Although Kliethermes’ designs have remained traditional throughout the years, the firm’s remodels are modern. Kliethermes often uses hardwood floors and ranch-style cabinets, which is updated with modern furniture. The firm’s designs also exude a warm, rustic feel.

5) Rhino Builders

1040 Merriam Lane, Kansas City, KS, 66103

In 1996, Terry E. Skilling founded Rhino Builders in hopes of being the leading residential remodeling and consulting firm in the Kansas metroplex. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Skilling aims for his firm to provide a wide range of services that cater to every homeowner. The firm’s versatility is reflected in its style, which spans from creative-themed rooms to modern Southwestern remodels.

The style of one of the firm’s bathrooms remodels was inspired by a 15th-century sailing ship. Despite the dated theme, the firm kept the look of the space updated by blending antique timbers with blue quartz mirrors and LED shelf lighting. This project was featured in Kansas City Homes and Style Magazine.

The firm consistently receives awards from prestigious building organizations. Rhino Builders’ most recent distinctions are a 2017 NARI CoTY award, a 2017 Chrysalis award, a 2016 REMY award, and a 2016 Qualified Remodeler Master Design award. The firm’s founder is also active in various organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau and the Home Builders Association.

4) KC Home Solutions LLC

13480 S. Arapaho Dr. Suite 101Olathe, KS 66062

Building homes have always been part of Nick Shepard. For more than 18 years, he worked on various construction projects. However, as the market for homebuilding plummeted, Shepard decided to become the Vice President of Operations for a logistics company. Despite finding success in the corporate world, his passion for homebuilding never left him, so he left his job and established KC Home Solutions in 2012. Although the company is fairly new in Kansas, KC Home Solutions has already won six REMY awards and three Johnson County Home and Garden Show awards.

KC Home Solutions’ fresh take on remodeling has caught the attention of many residents in Kansas. Classic interiors are often retained but updated through a pop of color. 

3) Winston Brown Remodeling

5600 SW 29th St., Topeka, KS, 66614

Founded by Gary W. Brown, Winston Brown Remodeling is one of Kansas’ leading builders and a household name in the remodeling industry. In 1974, Brown founded the first branch of the firm in Lawrence, Kansas, and, five years later, the firm expanded to Topeka, Kansas. When the public started taking notice of the firm, CBS cast Brown in the 1987 remodeling show, Home Revision. Soon enough, Brown’s television shows put his firm’s name on the map and this led to Winston Brown Remodeling’s unwavering success.

Now, the firm is led by Gary’s son, Jake Brown, who is also a successful builder, with distinctions from Professional Remodeler Magazine and the National Association of Home Builders. Like his father, Jake is a passionate builder.  Under his leadership, the firm was named by Qualified Remodeler and Remodeling Magazine as one of the top remodelers in the country.

The Topeka Capital-Journal featured retired professor Barry Crawford’s renovated home office. The active collaboration between Crawford and Winston Brown Remodeling made the project memorable. Most notably, the space reflects Crawford’s serious and playful sides through “conversation pieces,” such as a jar on his desk that symbolizes the “ashes” of his former students.

2) Scovell Remodeling Inc.

8035 Ward Parkway Plaza, Kansas City, MO, 64114

Jim Scovell and former partner John Wolfe started out as speculative remodelers in Mission Hills and Sunset Hills. They would buy old homes in need of serious repair and resell them for a better price. In 1994, Scovell established Scovell Remodeling. Since then, the firm has made 400 homes worth over $50 million, making Scovell Remodeling one of the most in-demand luxury builders in the entire state. Moreover, the firm has won several awards, including a 2017 CoTY award, a 2014 Remodeler of the Year award, a 2014 REMY Gold award, and a 2017 REMY Gold award. Scovell Remodeling is also known for having a very successful team of builders. Two members of the firm’s team have received prominent distinctions, including being featured on Pro Remodeler Magazine’s 40 under 40 list and Thinking Bigger Business Magazine’s 25 under 25 list.

Scovell served as the Chairman of Mission Hill’s Architectural Review Board for almost eight years, and this role helped him identify the best solutions for every kind of addition and remodel. His previous experiences as a speculative remodeler and chairman have helped him impart creative solutions and processes to home building.

1) Schloegel Design Remodel

311 West 80th St Kansas City, MO, 64114

From a young age, Jake Schloegel always knew that he wanted to be a builder. While he was still in school, his part-time job as a contractor piqued his interest in the building industry. So, a few years after he graduated he established Schloegel Design Remodel in 1980. Schloegel shaped the company on his own throughout the first years of the company. His hard work paid off, as Schloegel Design Remodel is now one of the most well-known firms in Kansas.

Schloegel Design Remodel is popular across the state because it often appears on Kansas City Live as design experts. The firm has also won over 39 REMY awards.

Schloegel Design Remodel is known for bringing elegance to the traditional Southwestern and ranch style commonly found in Kansas. As much as possible, the firm retains the foundation of a home to re-introduce the forgotten charm of a room. Schloegel Design Remodel’s additions always stand out because of how the rooms seamlessly blend with the home’s whole look. An example of this is a porch addition overlooking a swimming pool made for a ranch-style home. Traditionally, these homes do not have room for a pool or porch additions, so the firm extended the backyard and installed columns connected to the home’s roof to provide shade for the porch addition.

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