It’s not hard to think of good reasons to move to the city known for delectable cheesesteaks and historical landmarks. But for families looking to expand or improve their currently existing Philadelphia homes, it can get tricky finding the right contractor for the job. Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are one thing, but renovating the whole loft is yet another. There are so many details that can become a headache if the job has not been handled properly. 

Whether it’s to breath new life into an apartment living room or a full house conversion, these contractors won’t let their clients down. They’re certified and led by experienced principals with a taste for design and an inclination for green building. And these firms have committed themselves to providing fantastic service, and their industry reputation precedes them. 

10) Hivemind

Philadelphia, PA

Hivemind is a passive house-certified construction firm that specializes in high-end residential construction, tiny homes, and woodwork fabrication. This cooperative is handled by a group of people who treat each project like art, pushing for beautiful touches and details that will end in a truly unique result. The firm has worked on a variety of residential projects, including whole home construction and renovations. Hivemind even pushes for sustainable building and can provide services to help a home look and feel naturally beautiful. One good example of this is the work it did for a garden house where the firm used reclaimed materials and plaster walls to give the home a simple, yet quirky style.

The firm has done several renovations and works for the city of Philadelphia. One row home on Malcolm Street was remodeled by fully gutting the home and turning it into a clean contemporary place.

9) DCH Contractors

2008 S 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19148

DCH Contractors is a family owned business operated by David Horlacher and his family. Prior to the firm’s founding, David spent decades building his skills and reputation in the construction industry, working for multiple firms with a hands-on approach. After its inception in 1993, DCH Contractors went on to build and remodel homes throughout Philadelphia, working on interior and exterior jobs.

These stylish projects use modern designs and elements, and the final result is often quite grand. A good example is its work on a penthouse in Center City, completed with a sleek contemporary style for a condensed elegant impression. The firm did a similar whole construction project for another loft: same style, different layout.

8) Gardner/Fox

919 Glenbrook Ave. Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Award-winning firm Gardner/Fox has been servicing much of Philadelphia for over 30 years, striving to satisfy its clientele with exceptional homes and a stressless process.  Publications like Remodeling Magazine and Signature Kitchens & Baths have recognized the firm’s talents, with the latter awarding it Best Kitchen for the Traditional Category during the 14th Annual Kitchen Design Awards. Other accolades include winning a Chrysalis award for an interior reconfiguration job on a 54 year-old home.

This project was given subtle details and energy efficient improvements that highlight its modernist style. Besides remodeling, the firm also offers custom hardware through their cabinetry company, Glenbrook Cabinetry, and includes some quality cabinetry, islands, and counter tops that fuse well with popular interior home styles.

7) Osborne Construction

6351 McCallum St., Philadelphia, PA 19144

Osborne Construction is a general contractor and a design-build firm that collaborates with well-known architects like C2 Architecture to create sleek new homes for its clients. The firm strives to bring every client’s vision to life minus the stress and duress that a construction process can bring, thanks to its team of skilled designers, craftsmen, and workers. Leading the firm is Brian Osborne, whose construction expertise runs in his blood, thanks to his great grandfather. Alongside Brian is Michael Bianchi, a LEED-certified architect, and Martin Madden, expert project manager.

Osborne Construction has worked on numerous residential projects that have resulted in beautiful results, like its work on this Philadelphia loft that features a transitional home with a unique cube design for the kitchen wall and an open brick surface for the living room. 

6) Cottage Industries

293 E. Conestoga Rd., Wayne, PA 19087

Two condo units in Rittenhouse Square were fused together to form one beautiful flat with a design choice that puts emphasis on high-tech luxury. The result features hickory wood flooring and a mix of accents for a modern contemporary look. Cottage Industries holds nothing back when it comes to giving clients quality residential construction services. The firm has been providing these services for nearly 30 years, handled by founders Nick Walker and Adam Sherman. The two met in the 1980s and with their industry experience and passion for old homes, formed Cottage Industries.

Along with their team of workers, they have performed full-service construction for numerous homes in Philadelphia, with each home showing off unique style and grace. Cottage Industry’s efficiency goes beyond its craftsmanship, showing proficiency with its time and budget management.

5) Carmana Designs

1715-19 McKean St. Colorado Ct. Philadelphia, PA 19145

Creativity shines with Carmana Designs, a design-build firm that specializes in high-quality cabinetry and whole house remodeling. Carmana Designs was founded by the husband and wife team of Carmen and Anna Maria Vona in 1981. The latter served as President of the Mid-Atlantic National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) back in 2010. The firm has gone on to serve the renovation needs of Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey, and has shipped its custom cabinetry to areas outside of the US. With its wide reach and honors, there’s no questioning the firm’s long-standing reputation. Besides winning kitchen competitions, the firm has been featured in publications such as Woodshop News, Philadelphia Magazine, and Design New Jersey.

One of its many luxurious renovation projects involved a Rittenhouse Condo, where Carmana Designs was hired for a full overhaul. The firm was in charge of design and installation, and the result is a nice contemporary-eclectic home with a subtle wooden theme, highlighted by the gorgeous glossed cabinets.

4) Buckminster Green

437-439 West Hewson St., Philadelphia, PA 19122

Buckminster Green is a general contractor that takes green building seriously. The firm was founded in 2005 by Kenny Grono and his wife, Bronwyn Reice. Grono had experience with home flipping prior to the firm’s founding. He is enthusiastic about green building and approaches every project with eco-friendly building practices. His firm has received recognition for its outstanding projects, some of which have been featured in publications like Architectural Digest and The Inquirer. Buckminster Green went on to remodel a Rittenhouse condo.

The firm gave it a modern look with a gorgeous contemporary design. Spacious, cozy, and easy on the eyes, the loft made good use of its light aesthetics to amplify its soothing atmosphere. Other additions for this work includes a safety feature for the balcony and a few updated finishes. 

3) Myers Constructs

1400 N American St. Suite #208, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Serving the greater Philadelphia region is Myers Constructs, a general contractor that has won numerous awards from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), which includes whole house and historical renovation. Myers Constructs makes an effort to develop a close relationship with its clients from design to post-construction.

That attention to detail comes from the vision of its leaders and founders, Tamara Myers and Diane Menke. Tamara is a native of Atlanta who moved to Philadelphia and apprenticed for carpentry in 1978. Menke, on the other hand, has a history of strategic planning and project management that has helped maintain the quality of service that Myers Constructs consistently provides. Their effort for the firm has led it and the firm’s works to appear in HGTV Remodels, Remodeling Magazine, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

2) Carosella Design Build

17 Colonial Rd., Havertown, PA 19083

Carosella Design Build is a company comprised of determined industry professionals who are dedicated to giving customers the home they want and deserve. The firm puts a priority on providing quality service at a competitive and accurate price. Its numerous remodeling projects have earned it acclaim from NARI, winning seven years worth of residential renovation awards. 

Carosella Design Build is also an advocate for green building, and many of its projects integrate eco-friendly products and methods. A project of note is the fully renovated Center City condo. It features a modern style aesthetic that, while simple in design, shows off a spacious loft that accommodates beautiful natural lighting. For homes, Carosella worked on a Dickinson Narrows Row Home Revival that incorporates a mix of exposed brick walls and dark wood floors, and the result is truly unique.

1) Hanson Fine Building

86 West Johnson St., Philadelphia, PA 19144

Hanson Fine Building excels in providing residential services that range from sustainable renovation to historic preservation. For many of its projects, Hanson has collaborated with award-winning design and architecture firms in the creation and recreation of beautiful flats. Its work on the Rittenhouse penthouse shows the firm’s skill in a contemporary style that employs chestnut wood for the walls and ceiling for a natural look and feel. This and similar projects have led to consistent client praise and industry recognition, including multiple merit and excellence awards as well as historic preservation awards. The firm has also appeared in several publications such as Remodeling Magazine, Episcopal Connections Magazine, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Hanson Fine Building has been in business for over 20 years and is led by Christopher and John Hanson. Both men are exceptionally experienced with the construction industry. Christopher is a LEED accredited professional and John is a board member of the Greater Philadelphia Preservation Alliance and the Carpenter’s Company of Philadelphia.

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