As the capital of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City is home to a variety of businesses and establishments. It is full of modern corporations in its downtown area, constantly updating their floor plan and design to follow the times. To help you find the best contractor for your business needs, we have created this list of the top nine commercial contractors in the area.

We have looked into each firm’s process, experience and portfolio to find the best. From smaller updates to new businesses, these firms have the experience coordinating with clients and other professionals to bring every vision to a reality.

DBG Construction  

1301 Cornell Parkway Suite 1000, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

DBG Construction continues to establish itself as a top commercial contractor in Oklahoma, despite being one of the younger firms on the list. A proper project hand-off allows the project team to get a better understanding of the scope that leads to a more efficient process. This is an integral part of the firm’s approach to provide the team enough time to manage the project and to deliver it on time and within budget. Today, the firm is fully licensed, insured, and bonded, making them a trustworthy partner to work with.

Pictured above is the Chase Bank project located in downtown Oklahoma City. The scope is a new construction for a 4,200 square foot bank situated atop an existing 21,000 square-foot basement. The firm partnered with Rouch Architecture to provide a functional floor plan while providing steel to support the ground floor of the building to ensure a secure property for the workers.  Other details of the project include the addition of a temporary on-site ATM, a fire suppression system, and waterproofing the basement.

Timberlake Construction

7613 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Timberlake Construction is a veteran in the industry with over four decades of experience. Its premise for success relies on an organized process that is capable of tackling each construction phase on time. This is significant in order to offer its clients projects that are delivered in a timely manner while maximizing its value. With the number of years it has been in the industry, the firm has developed various relationships with architects, subcontractors, and personnel. This assists the firm today in providing clients with the right team of professionals that are capable of tackling the project’s scope. 

Pictured above is the NorthCare Adult Services and Administration. The building features two levels and a size of 60,000 square feet. The medical facility features services that cater to mental health, substance abuse, treatment, and counseling needs, and the firm provided the space with various amenities to cater to these needs. These amenities range from a medical clinic, an on-site pharmacy, counseling rooms, training rooms, a café, and administrative offices. As for the site’s structural foundation, the facility includes a grade steel structure with bar joists, poured concrete, manufactured stone, brick, one-coat stucco, and durable metal panels. The result is a functional, efficient facility that is capable of catering to numerous patients. 

AC Owen Construction

1376 Fretz Dr., Edmond, OK 73003

Pictured below is the Mustang Trade Center. The property features a straightforward design with efficient use of its property space. This was a significant aspect of the project to cater to the various establishments in the building. Businesses such as Pizza Hut, S&B Burger Joint, and orange leaf are some of the establishments that are present in the building. To accommodate these establishments, coordination and efficient construction planning were necessary to create a functional center that divides the floor plan equally. 

The AC Owen Construction team’s success is largely thanks to its partnerships with numerous architects, engineers, sub-contractors, and vendors. These professionals aid the firm in providing clients with control costs and risk management without compromising the overall quality of the project. All this falls under the firm’s planning management process that ensures smooth construction phases from start to finish. This approach has led the firm to be one of the top contractors in the area.

Miller Tippens Construction

45 NE 52nd, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Pictured below is the Bob Moore Infiniti dealership, featuring a new 30,000 square foot floor plan. Its structural foundation features tilt-up concrete walls with structural steel joints and deck that results in a secure environment for the workers. Inside, a modern floor plan comprises the office with a showroom area, a lounge area, and numerous office spaces. The result of this project is a refined dealership with state-of-the-art equipment and amenities that cater to both the employees and customers.

Lance Miller and Sam Tippens are currently leading the firm. The company has a team of well-experienced members who have tackled various projects since its inception in 2006. Its success stems from owner involvement, attention to detail, and cohesiveness throughout the construction process. With this in mind, the firm has developed a reputation for its quality finishes that lower risks and promotes a secure environment for its clients. This has led to a bevy of completed projects ranging from commercial, entertainment, medical, municipal, industrial, and many more. 

Sun Construction Service Gallery

1000 S. Main St., Noble, OK 73068

Pictured below is the Starkey’s Foundation project. The property features classic features from its exterior design to its interior floor plan. The firm used a mixture of wood, cement, and stone that applied to its main entrance and back entrance. Inside, the prominent material present is wood–from its chairs, desks, walls, shelves, and windows, the use of wood provides a warm, classic appeal. This project is one of many other commercial projects the firm has completed. Founders Don Cretsinger, Joanne White, and Sara Fisher currently lead the firm, offering its services to various sectors. Its process is kept simple with a collaboration between the client, architect, engineer, subcontractors, and vendors. This leads to projects that are completed within budget and delivered on time in a consistent manner. 

4 Star General Contracting

512 N. Douglas Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73106

4 Star General Contracting has become known for its storm damage assessments and safety services. These include energy-efficient roofing systems, roofing repairs, and restorations. Through these services, the firm hopes to minimize costs at present but also in the future. Its storm damage assessment is an example of how the firm minimizes costs by analyzing the necessary features needed to prevent damage to the establishment. This results in a solid foundation for many of the projects it has completed. An example of this approach is this completed facility for Steve’s Bindery Service, Inc. The facility houses state-of-the-art equipment for the facility to function properly while maintaining a strong base around the complex. This is to provide workers with a secure environment that minimizes risks and instead promotes efficient work. In addition, the site has an outdoor lot that acts as a parking space, providing some convenience to the employees.  

Paradigm Construction Company, LLC

1000 W. Wilshire Blvd. Suite 122, Nichols Hills, OK 73116

Under the leadership of Steve Crain, Paradigm Construction Company has completed a bevy of projects ranging from retail shops, offices, restaurants, tenant improvements, and medical establishments. Aside from its primary role of providing services to commercial clients, the firm can also work as a subcontractor for other construction companies. The diversity in its services showcases the firm’s ability to adapt to each situation while offering the same level of service it does for each client. 

An example that showcases the firm’s abilities is the recently completed project above, featuring the 7,200 tenant improvement HUB International Insurance Corporate Offices. The floor plan received a major upgrade with its open office concept creating a more collaborative work environment. A notable characteristic of this project is its massive floor space with various private rooms on the side. Another detail of this project is its lighting, with the numerous windows surrounding the establishment offering natural light to illuminate the area.

Shellback General Contracting

PO Box 54436, Oklahoma City, OK 73154

One of the younger firms on the list, Shellback General Contracting, is steadily growing its reputation with over 250 projects across the state. It caters to a bevy of sectors ranging from retail, hospitality, healthcare, and education. With its eight years of experience in the business, Shellback continues to innovate its methodologies with its management team working alongside various subcontractors in the industry. 

Pictured above is the Center for Economic Development Law office, featuring modern furnishings throughout the office. The floor plan consists of an open office workspace with numerous private meeting rooms. As for material selection, the office has white walls and a wooden ceiling throughout the floorplan, radiating a rustic modern environment. A notable characteristic of this office is the vibrant lighting in each area. The Shellback team provided sufficient lighting throughout the office, offering workers a bright workspace to improve the overall atmosphere. 


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