One of the major cities comprising Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale has a diverse community and a growing population thanks to its prime location. With easy access to San Francisco, San Jose, and the Pacific Ocean, Sunnyvale offers beautiful ocean views and quick access to a wide range of entertainment choices. The city is a favorite with both visitors and residents, providing a peaceful suburban setting with a tech-focused economy. 

As the heart of Silicon Valley, many software and technology leaders are headquartered in Sunnyvale. Those looking to set up their own industrial facility in this tech hub will need a quality contractor to meet the high, modern architectural standards of the town. We’ve compiled a list of the best industrial contractors in Sunnyvale, California. These firms were chosen after examining each company against a rubric that includes company profile, portfolio, client base, awards, and recognition. These contractors have the resources and the experience to meet the unique needs of industrial construction.

Gordon Prill

310 E Caribbean Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Gordon Prill is a comprehensive design-build company with nearly half a century’s worth of experience in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. The firm provides smart design solutions as well as construction services to numerous market sectors. The firm has completed projects in the aerospace, biotechnology, and science and technology industries. On top of its superior building services, its team also performs mechanical and electrical engineering jobs to provide a cohesive experience for its clients. The contracting company currently serves the entire bay area, including Sunnyvale.

The expertise of Gordon Prill’s team centers around the innovation that led to the growth of the Silicon Valley. The firm is dedicated to building strong, long-standing relationships and serving the needs of these pioneering companies—many of which are returning clients. Gordon Prill has become the top choice for design-build services because its experience encompasses nearly all major industry sectors.

More than the commercial sectors, the contractor also has experience creating industrial facilities. The Gordon Prill team provided a complete design of the new Waste Treatment expansion for Lam Research. Its designers came up with a functional plan for new mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and security systems as well as new lighting and communication systems. The firm took into account the relocation of the underground storm drains and the installation of a new sanitary sewer line. Represented by a team of experienced team members, Gordon Prill can provide start-to-finish solutions for complex industrial construction projects.

TEAMWRKX Construction

1855 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126

TEAMWRKX Construction is a general contractor that specializes in commercial and industrial construction. Although the firm was founded recently, in 2004, it has already reached the 5,000-mark for successful projects. Serving the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest, the firm is composed of a dedicated team of experts who focus on the client’s goals and objectives. As a building partner for success, TEAMWRKX offers renovations, corporate facilities, and new construction services. 

The firm doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to projects. Understanding that each job has unique requirements, its team uses a tailored approach to meet the clients’ needs and earn their trust. Each project has a team of dedicated project managers, field staff, and support personnel to ensure that all aspects of construction are taken care of. They manage the work and ensure that everyone is aligned with the client’s desired output. They also make sure that there are no unnecessary delays and costs. This attention to detail results in an efficient building process and a successful project. 

TEAMWRKX provided the tenant improvement for Cepheid Campus in Sunnyvale. The campus included the construction of clean rooms, labs, critical environments, and dry rooms. The firm understood the company’s strict adherence to tight security and safety requirements, so its project team made sure that each phase was completed in keeping with the highest building standards.

Iron Construction

1955 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126

Founded in 2001, Iron Construction is a full-service general contractor that has a niche focus in the life sciences and high-tech manufacturing facilities. The firm holds itself to the highest standards, equipped with veteran project managers and a highly skilled team of craftsmen. As an efficient team, they can manage everything from modest tenant improvements to technical construction projects. The firm also partners with subcontractors and vendors to get only the best materials and professionals for each project.

Iron Construction is more than just a commercial builder. Its team is made of forward-thinking experts who take leading companies in the Bay Area to new heights. It is the go-to contractor for when customers need life science and manufacturing expertise. Building for tomorrow’s needs, Iron Construction has a broad knowledge of the needs of the life sciences industry. As such, much of its work comes from repeat business, as their clients completely trust Iron Construction. Over the years, the firm has built a diverse client list across different markets. Its track record of successful projects has earned the firm a reputation for quality outputs in the niche industries of Silicon Valley.

The contractor provided intense and advanced improvements to the manufacturing facility of Pacific Ceramics Inc. As a world-class manufacturer of advanced microwave ceramic materials, the project required close coordination between client and contractor. Improvements consisted of a new wastewater treatment system, a comprehensive HVAC system, and an upgraded fire sprinkler system. Iron Construction also renovated the lobby, restrooms, break room, conference rooms, and offices for a better work atmosphere.

Hillhouse Commercial Construction

140 Charcot Avenue, San Jose CA 95131

Hillhouse Commercial Construction is a general contractor that has been building commercial structures in the Bay Area for over 30 years. The firm has helped make Silicon Valley what it is today: it’s built hundreds of technical structures using progressive construction methods. Hillhouse stays at the forefront of sustainable construction, up-to-date with the most advanced green building technology for scientific facilities.

Hillhouse is staffed with LEED Accredited Professionals (AP) who can meet the specific requirements of technical, clean-room environments. Its builders have been educated to design and build these facilities using a sustainable approach. The firm is also part of the USGBC and the Green Building Council, affiliations that deepen its ability to provide sustainable projects to Silicon Valley. Hillhouse led the charge when workspace priorities shifted from supporting equipment to supporting people. What the contractor has realized is that employees are happiest when environmental factors are integrated throughout the workspace. As such, Hillhouse is committed to providing healthy work environments for its clients through green building.

The firm’s strong commitment to this goal has earned it an unparalleled reputation and distinguished recognition in the industry. The firm was the recipient of the Safety Excellence Award in 2017, 2020, and 2021. It has also received the Best Reuse/Rehab Project Award and the Best Green Project Award from Silicon Valley Business Journal. Currently serving Sunnyvale and its surrounding areas, Hillhouse is dedicated to creating a better building environment, one structure at a time.

SC Builders, Inc

910 Thompson Place, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Celebrating over 20 years of building innovative projects around Sunnyvale, SC Builders is a mid-sized general contractor that can overcome any construction challenges. The firm’s diverse portfolio of work includes the top tech firms in the Bay Area. The firm has also produced work for mission-critical, life science, and industrial clients. Represented by the industry’s top builders, its team can find long-term solutions to building challenges. More than 80% of its business comes from repeat clients and referrals, which goes to show the firm’s ability to deliver quality project output regardless of size and budget. 

What sets the firm apart from its competition is its focus on the pre-construction phase. Even before the first hammer falls, SC Builders takes into account every potential pitfall. It sets the stage and trajectory for successful output, maintaining staff continuity from the first client meeting to closeout. It also brings a new industry standard for safety. As its top priority, the goal is to have an injury-free construction site by meeting OSHA safety regulations and industry best practices. The firm has earned the 2018 Most Improved Safety Program, including the Excellence in Safety Award for 13 of the past 14 years from the industry-leading Construction Employers Association (CEA).

Providing quality services that increase the value of its clients, SC Builders is a local contractor that can meet the needs of Silicon Valley and beyond. Whether the job is a small corporate interior project to a major data center development, SC Builders has a dedicated team of experienced builders to get the job done.

Overaa Construction

2380 Qume Drive, Suite A, San Jose, CA 95131

Backed by a century’s worth of experience, Overaa Construction has been providing smart building solutions to the Bay Area since 1907. Fourth-generation and family-owned, the firm has steadily grown into a powerhouse, now recognized as a top national contractor. With headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Richmond and San Jose, Overaa currently serves Northern California with its building services. This long-standing and award-winning builder is a formidable construction partner for any client’s industrial needs.

Its team is known for deliberately seeking out technically challenging projects to exercise its breadth of expertise. Rather than seeing challenges as potential setbacks, they use them as opportunities to find long-term solutions. This can-do attitude has helped Overaa shape California’s infrastructure. To date, the firm has successfully performed numerous award-winning projects found in nearly every major city in the San Francisco Bay area. Its long history in the industry is also decorated with awards and accolades. In recent years, the firm was a recipient of an ENR California Best Project Award, a Dixon Wastewater Treatment Facility Envision Silver Award, and a Design-Build Project of the Year Award. 

Committed to its customers and the local community, Overaa is a self-performing builder. With roots tracing back a century, the family business has a well of knowledge to help them make informed decisions. Drawing from extensive experience, they can perform concrete frameworks, steel framing, and more. Overaa is a nimble building partner—an increasing rarity in large commercial contractors.

GCI General Contractors

453 Ravendale Drive, Suite F, Mountain View, CA 94043

Offering tenant improvements, laboratories, infrastructure, and base building renovation services, GCI General Contractors brings nearly three decades of experience to every job. As a multi-award-winning general contractor serving the Bay Area, the firm is dedicated to building environments for the local community. Its commitment to the people is evident in its multiple offices located all over Silicon Valley and its surrounding areas. These offices are in prime locations so that the firm can better cater to its clients in the peninsula.

GCI General Contractors is a premier industrial contractor that specializes in green building. Its full-time labor force can perform sustainable demolition, carpentry, clean-up, and protection work. As a whole, its team strives to achieve a minimum of 80% waste diversion on all projects company-wide. Its team continues to implement innovative methods to prevent construction waste from ending up in landfills. Always raising the bar on sustainable building practices, the GCI team is experienced with LEED Certifications, the Living Building Challenge, WELL Building Standards, and Fitwel. The firm is also an active member of the USGBC, International Living Futures Institute, Bay Area Deconstruction Policy Working Group, Northern California Recycling Association, and Sustainable Construction Leaders Group.

The contractor is able to achieve sustainability by collaborating with customers and architects in the early stages of the project. This way, GCI can implement the most advanced ideas in green building without compromising the end goal of the client. The result is a dual commitment to customer excellence and sustainable methods.

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

3975 Freedom Circle, Suite 950, Santa Clara, CA 95054

McCarthy Building Companies is the longest-standing firm featured on our list. With roots tracing back 150 years, it has played its part in building America. Represented by the industry’s highest-performing teams, McCarthy is known as one of the oldest building and construction companies in the country. This firm is also the most-decorated on our list. In 2020 alone, McCarty was a recipient of not one, not two, but eight awards. By hiring the best professionals in the industry, McCarthy has built a reputation for being the best industrial contractor nationwide. 

Aspiring for excellence on each job, its team works collaboratively with its clients, subcontractors, and vendors to ensure that everything is operating smoothly. Operational excellence is an essential part of McCarthy’s building process and it’s why clients have an outstanding building experience. Regardless of the project scope, the McCarthy team embraces innovation at every turn, well-versed in the latest technological improvements in commercial building. The firm continually explores ways to improve the building process, one structure at a time. This desire for setting new industry standards has helped maximize building outcomes for clients. 

McCarthy is also a leader in advancing green building construction. To date, the contractor has more than $7.6 billion in green construction projects. As one of the Top 20 Green Builders in America, sustainable building is common practice in McCarty Building Companies. The firm was leading the way for green building before the term was even coined. McCarthy enjoys long-standing relationships with its clients and weaves the best building techniques through all aspects of its processes. 


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