Known for its numerous influences in the music industry and its bbq cuisine, Memphis is home to various businesses and landmarks that show off these strengths. Museums, restaurants, and retail shops comprise the city’s downtown area, co-existing with modern corporations and establishments. The best commercial contractors in the area have tackled a broad scope of projects with a diverse list of clients. From restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, and research centers, these firms have the capability to adapt their services and tailor them to match the client’s scope.

Finding firms that are able to effectively work on projects such as these can be a challenge, so we have created this list of the top nine best commercial contractors in the area to help. We have looked into each firm’s process, portfolio, and experience.

Grinder, Taber & Grinder

1919 Lynnfield Rd., Memphis, TN 38119

Grinder, Taber & Grinder, Inc. is a full-service commercial and industrial construction firm entering its fifth decade of business. Edward I. Grinder, Harold Taber, and Irven E. Grinder established the firm in 1968 as a closely held family-operated firm but has since grown the team to become an 80-person construction firm. The company offers a bevy of services ranging from construction management, cost estimating, and design/build services. Its notable projects include the FedEx World Headquarters buildings and the  Orpheum Center for Performing Arts. Some accolades include features from the Memphis Business Journal, Memphis Daily News, and The Daily Memphian.

Pictured above is the Memphis Stone & Gravel project, featuring an interior overhaul and update. The floor plan consists of a modern, rustic design with marble flooring, brown dividers, and black columns. In addition, the firm took advantage of the floor plan by offering employees ample cubicle space, allowing for more room to work in. This resembles an open office concept with its massive workspace and dividers. The result is a contemporary office that maximizes the available space.

Montgomery Martin Contractors

8245 Tournament Dr. Suite 300, Memphis, TN 38125

Montgomery Martin established the firm in 1995. Through the years, Martin has assembled a group of well-experienced professionals to be part of the team. The primary goal is to offer clients quality work that is on schedule and cost-effective. This leads to projects that maximize value while maintaining quality. The firm’s approach has garnered numerous features, with the Multi-Housing News, The Daily Memphian, and The Commercial Appeal showcasing its work. 

Pictured above is the Oden project, a single-story renovation of an existing building. The east side of the office consists of renovated office space with three conference rooms, four restrooms, a photo room, and numerous collaborative areas. The west side, on the other hand, consists of a functional parking garage for the employees. A unique characteristic of this office is the numerous pieces of artwork throughout the different areas. This contributes to the office’s modern appeal and brightens up the entire floor space. 

Chris Woods Construction

8068 U.S. Hwy. 70, Memphis, TN 38133

Pictured below is a $27 million consolidated rental car maintenance facility consisting of six new buildings. Three buildings function as an office/administration area, while the other three function as a vehicle washing/fueling area. The firm provided concrete, precast/CMU, metal fabrication, HVAC, electrical/low voltage, and a fire suppression system. All these features lead to a safe, functional facility that includes state-of-the-art equipment for optimum performance. 

These projects are possible with the firm’s three decades of experience. Through that time, the firm has fostered numerous relationships and partnerships with clients and professionals and has built a trusted reputation in the industry. The team has a team-oriented approach that directly involves the client for greater collaboration. Value engineering is another primary focus for the firm. In doing so, the firm can offer clients the best materials, systems, and features that best suit their needs.

Yates Construction

665 Oakleaf Office Lane, Memphis, TN 38117

Pictured below is the ALSAC St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As an internationally recognized research center, the hospital uses state-of-the-art equipment and systems. Alongside the main building is the Tamer-Rashid Building, a six-story office building with a penthouse level. Structures such as steel-framed columns and beams clad with architectural precast concrete aluminum and glass skin comprise the facility’s foundation. This was an essential aspect of the project to provide healthcare professionals and patients a safe, functional hospital/center.

The project above is one of many projects Yates Construction has completed. Since its founding nearly six decades ago, Yates Construction has offered its services to a variety of sectors and markets. These range from offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, manufacturing centers, retail stores, and many more. The firm continues to evolve its processes today, constantly on the lookout for newer, better methodologies that bring value to its clients. Combined with the team’s extensive experience, it remains as one of the top commercial contractors in Memphis to this day. 

Walker General Contractors

3891 Forest Hill Irene, Memphis, TN 38125

Walker General Contractors’ three decades of experience have led to consistent positive outputs in all of its projects. Its process involves the aid of subcontractors that provide the team with additional ideas and solutions that best fit the project. A characteristic that stands out with the firm is desire to include both subcontractors and clients in the process. This is to ensure a timely project completion that is within budget and of high value. 

A result of this meticulous approach is the featured project above, the Bella Vita retail store. Its rustic brick facade complements its unique interior well. The floor plan primarily consists of marbled flooring, yellow lights, and a combination of white walls and decorative walls. A notable aspect of this project is its ambiance. The yellow lighting illuminates the floor plan in a subtle manner that radiates a calm, warm appeal. This adds a pleasant touch to the shopping experience, making Bella Vita a comfortable, one-of-a-kind store.

Metro Construction

1936 Vanderhorn Drive, Memphis, TN 38134

Joe Savage founded Metro Construction in 1981. The firm started with interior projects until branching out to commercial projects after the team tackled the remodeling project of The Ridgeway Inn. For the next couple of decades after, Metro Construction received recognition for a numerous amount of work. These include the Peabody Hotel,  Fire Museum of Memphis, and the remodeling of the WDIA building. This list of clients and projects has led to various publications featuring the firm. These outlets include the Memphis Business Journal, Memphis Daily News, and StyleBlueprint.

Pictured above is the Fox13 Memphis office. The office has a classic mix of contemporary and vibrant furnishing. Its main office area includes neutral color palettes with white walls, black flooring, and wooden furniture. Other places in the office such as the lounge and break room consist of brighter furnishing, matching Fox13’s logo colors. This is evident with its red chairs and blue-green flooring comprising the area’s floor plan. The result is an office that balances work and leisure with its numerous spaces throughout the floor plan. 

Bright Construction Co.

3434 Holman Pl., Memphis, TN 38118

Pictured below is Central BBQ. The project scope involved remodeling services that included floor leveling, staining, customized light fixtures, and millwork. Along with this, specialized kitchen equipment received retrofitting for better incorporation with the existing space. The objective of this project was to work efficiently and effectively to allow the client to operate its services as soon as possible without compromising quality. A great testament to this project’s success was the firm’s and subcontractors’ years of experience in restaurant construction. They were able to finish the project on time without compromising quality.

The project above is one of many commercial projects Bright Construction Co. has completed. Since its establishment in 1964, the team has continued its trend of efficient service. Today, founder Wesley Bright’s son Larry runs the business, implementing the same principles Wesley applied many decades ago. Its consistency has led to the firm maintaining its status as a top commercial contractor in Memphis. 

Nickson General Contractors

3686 Summer Ave., Memphis, TN 38122

Nickson General Contractors (NGC) is a relatively younger firm compared to the other ones on the list. Established in 2015, the firm’s founder Octavius Nickson created the company to offer people quality construction services at a reasonable price. Nickson and his team achieved this with its client-centric approach that specifically focuses on each client’s needs. This leads to projects that are consistently within budget and that maintain quality.  

One of the projects that resulted from the firm’s process is the Eleven W. Huling building, currently housing a creative communications and consulting agency. The building has a modern office setup with various conference rooms, meeting areas, and break rooms. Its brick facade complements the interior’s design, with the floor plan primarily consisting of wooden furniture and structures ranging from tables, benches, flooring, and ceiling. In addition, contemporary furniture such as black office chairs and steel stools are present within the conference rooms and office spaces. The finished product is a rustic office building using traditional materials paired with contemporary furniture.

Traditional Construction Company

1706 Bartlett Rd., Memphis, TN 38134

Pictured below is the Huey’s Millington restaurant, a staple in Memphis for nearly four decades. In those years, the Traditional Construction Company worked closely with Huey’s, offering many different kinds of services. After the restaurant’s nine new locations, five renovations, two corporate headquarter renovations, along with other minor services, this firm is still the main construction company for this restaurant. This is one of many clients the firm has worked for and one of many partnerships the firm has fostered through the years. Founder Lon McDurmon III continues to lead the firm today, growing its clientele and enhancing its reputation. Other notable clients include Dunavant Enterprises, SunTrust, and Casa Perez. 


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