As generalists, general contractors offer an array of services and are experienced in numerous styles and designs. It’s important for you, the homeowner, to know what these firms focus on, the level of complexity of their projects, and the firm’s featured works. That knowledge helps you decide which firm is the best fit for you.

In an area like Piedmont—with its spectrum of house designs—you want the firm to work alongside its client and the community to create quality work that complements the client and the area. This list compiles the best general contractors in Piedmont, California, considering the firm’s designs and styles, the complexity of their projects, and the years these firms have been in business. 


Achieve Remodeling

712 Bancroft Road #832 Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Achieve Remodeling is a veteran firm that has been in the business for over two decades providing indoor-outdoor remodeling and renovation services. It focuses on modern designs provided via quality workmanship and affordable service, always emphasizing client satisfaction. The firm tackles projects across a range of different sizes and takes full advantage of the space available, creating an inviting and livable space for the client. 

The firm specializes in various styles of kitchens. The kitchen featured below consists of jet black colors for the island, cabinetry, lamps, and bar stools. The result is elegant and refined. The kitchen invites you to linger, enjoying good food and good times. 

Dustin Reed Construction

110 Adams Place, San Ramon, CA 94583

Featuring a kitchen remodel in Boxford PI, Dustin Reed Construction offers a vintage aesthetic with a modern design. The firm focused on wood, and you’ll see it in the space’s dining seats, tables, and island. The cabinets offer bookshelves with clear doors, showcasing a collection of cookbooks. During its 15 years of experience, the firm has become increasingly versatile in the range of methods and projects it’s capable of offering. The firm’s well-organized system and its keen attention to detail have earned Dustin Reed Construction a reputation for refined remodeling and design. When it comes to kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, the firm provides a personalized home that is comfortable, yet refined. 

Green Planet Remodeling, Inc.

9595 Wilshire Blvd STE 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

As a general contractor providing numerous services, Green Planet Remodeling Inc. aims to produce quality projects with eco-friendly materials and green building methods. Across its various services, the firm reduces each project’s impact on the environment and emphasizes all things organic to improve the neighborhood and community. The firm’s projects are complex in design and come in a broad spectrum of styles, ranging from modern to European. Each one gives its home a unique identity and reflects the personality of the client. 

The firm creates intimate, casual, and refined areas depending on the client’s requests. The photo below features a kitchen that creates an intimate setting with its small space and connection with the dining area. The modern design features black cabinetry and a marble island countertop. The dining area is right in front of the kitchen, creating a space that encourages conversation shared over great food and even better wine. 

Hometelligent Inc

1164 Solano Avenue #175 Albany, CA 94706

Since 2008, Hometelligent Inc. has focused on remodeling and additions in the form of sustainable methods and green materials. The firm works in an array of styles, producing natural, contemporary, traditional, and European-style projects. It deploys minor furniture to add a depth of complexity to its projects. It also employs energy-efficient methods that keep costs down.

The firm is particularly interested in the bathroom. Each one has its own distinct aesthetic: some have a modern finish while others have a classic layout that includes curtains and windows. In the photo below, the firm provides wooden cabinetry and marble shower booths, successfully fusing modern and traditional designs. Other features include a TV, a bathtub, and a bench by the window.


2705 Webster St. #5755 Berkeley, CA 94705

For nine years, Proyecto has executed its projects in a variety of designs. The firm focuses more on certain areas of the home but also provides new construction. The firm is good at making the most of the space it has to work with and it can create intimate and casual settings depending on the client’s requests. Many of the projects are simple: it avoids overly busy designs and furniture to maintain a clean, original aesthetic. 

Simplicity makes many of the firm’s projects eye-appealing. The photo below features a completed renovated contemporary kitchen that includes white and dark blue cabinetry that complements the wooden shelves and island. The kitchen creates an intimate, welcoming setting with its bright, airy aesthetic.