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When choosing a general contractor, you want a trustworthy firm that offers diversity in styles and services. Whatever project is needed, you also want to avoid miscommunication and unnecessary mistakes.

That’s why hiring a reliable general contractor from the start is critical in keeping the process as seamless and straightforward as possible. We’ve evaluated the best general contractors in San Bruno to help you choose the right firm for the right job. This list evaluates each firm’s approach, designs, diversity, and history. 

Baron Construction & Remodeling Co.

14510 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070

With two locations in  West Hills and Saratoga, Baron Construction & Remodeling provides an array of services that help clients with the necessary expertise to build, add, and maintain their homes. Since 2013, Mike Baron and his team have focused on the quality and attention to the menial tasks and details of every project. For example, extensive details are present in this San Mateo residence kitchen that features a bevy of minor furniture that contributes to the entire aesthetic of the area. 

As a one-stop shop for all the necessary steps in building, Baron Construction & Remodeling understands the need to have a simple, yet efficient process. From the designs, architecture, engineering, and permitting, the firm tackles each phase with the goal of creating a fun environment for its clients, along with mitigating any complex issues. The attention to detail and a client-first approach allow the company to build quality homes with contemporary finishes. 

Bay Builders & Remodeling, Inc.

800 Charcot Ave. Suite #100, San Jose, CA 95131

Inspired by a mix of traditional and contemporary designs, Bay Builders & Remodeling incorporates classic furniture within a modern structured home. It understands the need for variety in the way different houses are structured while also keeping in line with the client’s vision. Featured here is an open space, which includes the living area, kitchen, and dining area. It includes a traditional chandelier and white dining seats to add variety to the home and complements the contemporary setting of the room. 

Since 2015, the firm offers various services throughout the Greater Bay Area. As a licensed contractor, it has produced numerous amenities and features in many homes—from wine cellars, swimming pools, and guest houses. Prior to the firm’s establishment, owners Shawn and Gilad have had more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry, which helps the firm have a solid foundation with a mix of classic and modern techniques.

California Construction Bay Area Inc.

1900 N Camden Suite #101, San Jose, CA 95124

One of the leading general contractors in the industry, Erez Zilberberg and the team have established residential projects across the San Francisco Bay Area with grandeur designs. The firm is able to build homes that stray away from the mainstream modern designs to provide a level of personalization and uniqueness for its clients. From colorful ranch houses to European and Greek-esque residences, the firm has set the standard for diversity to attract new and old clients with projects like this traditional cabin-style home. It features classic chandeliers and furniture, surrounded by wooden structures that embody a combination of European and cabin-like designs.

Working alongside the clients in each phase of building, the firm follows a standard of professionalism and integrity with every project. Impeccable service that exceeds expectations is what Erez and the team are known for, and with a high recommendation and word of mouth, the firm continues to place itself as one of the top firms in California.

GPI Builders

262 East Hamilton Ave. Unit C, Campbell, CA 95008

With more than 1,000 projects and 700 clients, GPI Builders has established itself as a household name in the industry. A family-owned business, the firm has an array of services featuring numerous styles with quality materials. Whether it’s an exterior project, interior remodels, or whole house construction, the firm follows the same approach, providing superior quality and unparalleled service. 

Offering numerous designs, the firm provides a combination of modern furnishing and classic designs. The use of wood is prominent in many of the firm’s projects, from outdoor decks, patios, ceilings, and porches. It adds a rustic charm to any home, whether it’s a contemporary or traditional house. This living room, for example, features wooden beams and cabinetry along with vinyl flooring. It’s a different take on designing spaces and provides a unique style with the firm’s out-of-the-box approach.

Green Planet Remodeling, Inc.

9595 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #900, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Known for its eco-friendly and green-building methods, Jonathan and his team are licensed general contractors with an extensive portfolio. The firm focuses more on kitchen, bathroom, and new construction, but extends its services to all facets of construction. Flexible in its design, Green Planet Remodeling tackles any project with a client-first system, implementing transparency and honest communication between themselves and the client. 

Understanding the effects that building a new home has on the environment, the firm explores eco-friendly methods that can produce an energy-efficient home and keep costs down. With these methods, they do not compromise quality for a cleaner process, providing high-level furniture and designs like the great room featured here. Designing the area with a contemporary approach paired with classic furniture creates a satisfying aesthetic, with the tall windows providing natural lighting. Maintaining quality is a top priority when building, but the firm elevates its projects with clean processes that exceed the house itself and considers other external factors. 

Greenberg Construction

904 Industrial Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94303

Among Greenberg Construction’s numerous contemporary projects is this remodeling of the La Mesa Terrace with its revamped design and modern furniture. It combines the usual white background with black furniture, creating an up-to-date modern look with a refined aesthetic. Keeping things simple is what brings out the best in many projects, and owner Maor Greenberg brings his passion and experience to provide clients with premium results every time.  

Licensed and accredited, Greenberg Construction is a full-service firm that embraces modern technology to further advance its process, leading to better quality projects and services. Aside from its approach, the firm emphasizes energy-efficient techniques paired with green-building methods. This helps create long-term benefits for their clients by lowering overall costs and increasing the property value. All this promotes a long-term healthy living environment. 

Home Quality Remodeling

2672-2680 Bayshore Parkway Building 5 Suite #527, Mountain View, CA 94043

Former Performer of the Year in 2016, owner Ahron “Ron” Poliker and his team have produced an array of projects featuring various styles. With an extensive background in construction, Ron has completed a number of projects ranging from minimalist remodels, industrial homes, and farmhouses. One of its projects, featured here, is this remodel located in Sierra Avenue. The project took five months to complete and features a basic concept of a minimalist approach. A bright layout complemented by wooden furniture is a classic design that the firm implemented, creating a fresh open living space and emphasizing a clean aesthetic. 

With an extensive amount of experience, the firm doesn’t settle for any less than the standards they set. Ron and the team prioritize client satisfaction above all things, which shows the amount of dedication it presents for each project. After two decades in the industry, Home Quality Remodeling continues to be one of the leading firms in the area, which manifests in its extensive portfolio. 

IBA Builders

Mountain View, CA 94040

IBA Builders brings commitment and indigenous ideas to its projects. Having a well-experienced staff allows the firm to tailor each project to fit the client. The firm’s mission is to provide a healthy living environment that is stylish and doesn’t compromise quality. With an established  track record for producing luxury contemporary designs, the firm showcases its ability to blend styles—a rare combination in the business. 

IBA’s portfolio spans numerous remodels, additions, landscaping, and custom homes. Well-versed in contemporary living, the firm incorporates a refined  aesthetic in many of its projects. Furniture like chandeliers, cream white seats, and live plants accentuate a modern household, elevating the living environment. As an established firm, IBA Builders brings variety into its projects along with a dedication to quality. 

JPM Construction

151 W 3rd Ave. Suite #1, San Mateo, CA 94402

Located in Menlo Park, JPM Construction completed this traditional 3,500-square foot home, featuring contemporary furniture with a classic aesthetic. John and the team complemented the white fixtures with classic pairings like wooden tables, glass ceiling lamps, and chandeliers. The firm worked with numerous teams to complete this project namely J. Maliksi & Associates, Nash Design Group, and Sung Engineering. 

With an emphasis on unparalleled quality, John instilled a level of dedication to communication and transparency between the firm and client. The staff works closely with tradesmen, subcontractors, designers, and architects to set the standards of producing the best possible homes for its clients. The firm offers a premium end-to-end service with a focus on quality craftsmanship, which allows it to achieve its primary goal of client satisfaction. 

Podesta Construction

344 Connecticut St., San Francisco, CA 94107

Launched by Jerry Podesta in 1986, award-winning firm Podesta Construction specializes in residential remodeling through a comprehensive process. Jerry and his staff support and guide clients throughout the building phase to better understand their vision, while considering other factors like budget and design solutions. The firm also manages the more tedious tasks, such as permits, providing superior service and ensuring client satisfaction. Offering open communication, timely project completion, and a safe environment, Jerry upholds a standard that aims to please its clients. 

Featuring the 2013 SFBA NARI Residential Kitchen $80-120k, 2nd Place project, the Oak Park kitchen remodel showcases a modern design with mahogany wood and marble. The firm had the kitchen and dining room adjoined into one area with the additions of walnut cabinetry, a pantry, a wine bar, and Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. Other adjustments the firm made include a window adjustment and the realignment of the sink to accommodate a dishwasher with a pull-out trash/recycle station. 

S.E.A. Construction Inc.

1009 S Railroad Ave., San Mateo, CA 94402

Creating masterfully living spaces since 1989, S.E.A. Construction Inc. has established a reputation for its honest and transparent process. A clear communication between the firm and the client produces impeccably designed projects that offer creative solutions and quality craftsmanship. With more than 30 years in the business and a team full of experienced contractors, the firm has developed a meticulous approach with the mindset of exceeding client expectations. 

Having an array of styles it can produce, a diverse range of spaces revolve around contemporary, traditional, and Victorian designs. In terms of interior setting, the firm has developed areas catering to a more intimate background, while others have a more social setting fitting for gatherings. The featured project shown here is a modern family room with a personal and relaxed aesthetic. A dimly lit room using desk lamps accentuates that private setting and complements the furniture, including the couches, the bar area, and the fireplace. A natural environment subtly complements the contemporary design, using tall plants by the corner of the room as well as small table-top plants, which add to the intimacy of the space.

Via Builders, Inc.

4600 El Camino Real Suite #209, Los Altos, CA 94022.

Founder Ralph Saviano started in the business working with his father Dominick on various projects. Today, Via Builders is one of the established firms in the Bay Area and has produced numerous contemporary, traditional, and cabin-style projects with its personalized and extensive process. The project pictured here is the Eleanor Avenue home, featuring a contemporary and a modern farmhouse combination design. The great room connects to the backyard, extending the living space while integrating indoor and outdoor living. Classic furniture, including leather seats, wooden cabinetry and tables, and chandeliers, keeps the interior design simple, complementing the bright aesthetic that the natural light provides through the tall windows. 

Personal relationships forged from years of experience have Via’s staff working with Ralph for nearly three decades. A consistent approach is key for the firm’s success. That kind of system has allowed the firm to produce more than 400 residential and commercial projects that vary in designs. By continuously improving its methods, the firm has created long-lasting relationships with clients, allowing room for new techniques and approaches for future clients with unique projects.