Pacific Grove is a lovely locale that neighbors the Pacific ocean. Situated in the middle of Point Pinos and Monterey, the community offers a scenic view of the sea and a quiet place to live for those who prefer the simple life. The coastal city is home to many Victorian-era manors: some are residential estates, others exist as bed-and-breakfast inns. Potential settlers will require, of course, the services of a proficient expert. And local homeowners will always need home improvements and trustworthy contractors to perform them. 

Here is a list of the best general contractors in Pacific Grove, California. These names stood out to us for their construction and management prowess, portfolio quality, their positive client feedback, and the depth of their backgrounds in the industry. Most of these companies have principals with years of experience in the field. Their body of work speaks volumes and usually includes both residential and commercial markets.


H&M Construction

P.O. Box 51819, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Since 2002, H&M Construction has been a go-to contractor when it comes to home improvement projects. The Pacific Grove builder offers a wide range of services to clients in the Monterey Peninsula. Its expertise includes new homes, remodels, additions, custom cabinetry, exterior work, and equestrian centers.

Owner Kevin Harrod leads an eight-person team that specializes in construction and architecture. The firm’s experience and knowledge ensure a comprehensive project approach from start to finish. Plenty of customer feedback commends their process, making H&M one of the most preferred companies in residential contracting.

The featured project is a quaint kitchen space with hints of both modern and classic design. It has an open layout that connects the cooking area, the bar, and the dining table, which all share a muted white palette. Sleek granite counters and crisp wooden furniture mesh aesthetically with the dove-colored tiles and ceilings. A high-end ambiance also emanates from every surface, reflecting the owner’s sophisticated style.

Level 5 Construction

2094 Sunset Drive, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Level 5 Construction Inc. is a firm that excels in high-end residential buildings, small-scale remodels, and commercial tenant improvements. Its range of construction services covers design-build, value engineering, public safety, and building and site aesthetic requirements. 

Owner Carlos Posadas is a 35-year construction veteran with experience working on both small and million-dollar projects. He started Level 5 Construction Inc. in 2005 to provide his brand of contracting services to the Pacific Grove. Posadas’s streamlined process balances innovative and time-tested methods to produce cost-effective projects with skill and efficiency. He also practices sustainable building that minimizes environmental impact and fosters better living conditions.

This interior space showcases the firm’s eye for design and crisp handiwork. The small room features a leather couch, a low center table, and a stone fireplace. Though simple, the two-person lounge exudes sophisticated flair. The white walls and ceilings complement the home’s beautiful wood floors.

Hare Construction

221 15th Street, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Hare Construction operates based on a core framework that involves planning, building, and maintenance. The full-service company is a real estate developer and construction expert, all rolled into one. Quality and attention to detail are consistently evident in the firm’s work. Its commitment to a high level of craft and service has generated numerous positive reviews and even more long-term relationships.

The firm specializes in residential, commercial, and institutional developments in Pacific Grove and its adjacent communities. That includes single-family, mixed-use, and multifamily properties. Historic buildings, sustainable projects, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are also central to their work.

President and CEO Ethan Hare has a dynamic portfolio of structures and interior spaces. One standout work in the residential market is this custom Pebble Beach home. The 5,800 square foot house includes a luxurious living room, a posh kitchen, and multiple bedroom suites. The coastal residence features a modern design with understated colors and a relaxed atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer natural light during the daytime and allow optimal views of the ocean scenery.

Murrer Construction

1219 Forest Ave, Suite H, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Murrer Construction, Inc. is a locally-owned general contractor known for its high-quality, cost-effective work. Each project’s management approach is customized for the customer. Custom plans incorporate the owner’s needs and preferences for spaces that serve their specific comfort and function.

President and chief contractor Paul F. Murrer has over 30 years of experience as a construction manager. He leads a roster of experts well-versed in a wide range of services. Whether it’s a simple remodel or a complex build, the Murrer team sees to it that the project is completed on budget and schedule, with a quality finish to boot.

The full-service firm has an impressive portfolio that includes residential properties, commercial developments, and institutional structures. Among its standout projects is this Modern Kitchen Remodel in a Carmel home. It features white counters, drawers, and appliances with black and white checkered floors. Neon LED lighting is also present on the overhead cabinets, which work pretty well despite its unorthodox placement.

Hastings Construction

11 Thomas Owens Way, Suite 201, Monterey, CA 93940

Hastings Construction Inc. is a Carmel-based firm that has operated since 1993. Its core specialties include building, contracting, and engineering. The general contractor is well-known for its ability to provide strong craftsmanship using durable materials as well as the quality of its all-around service.

Owner Justin Hastings spearheads the company’s day-to-day operations. His experience includes design and drafting, permitting, excavation, installations, painting, and concrete pumping. He and his team have completed custom homes, subdivisions, renovations, and remodeling projects in residential and commercial territories.

Featured is an interior from one of the eight homes built by the company inside a Pacific Grove subdivision. The 2009 multi-house project is a collaboration with architect Robert S. Walker. Each residence displays a unique style with varying layouts. The two-story property on David Avenue features a front elevation with cedar shingle siding, white trims, and composition shingle roofing. The interior walls are in a soft rustic color that matches the dark wood surfaces that run throughout the house. Sparse decor further highlights the polished lumber, giving the abode a distinctive personality.

Louis Ptak Construction

P.O. Box F, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Louis Ptak Construction, Inc. made its mark through quality craftsmanship and efficient service. Some of its offerings include general contracting, pre-construction planning, value engineering, detailed budgeting and scheduling, and design development.

Owner Louis Ptak’s hands-on approach to every project guarantees a finished project that matches the owner’s vision. The Pacific Grove general contractor fosters a creative and open environment that encourages seamless collaboration between the team and the client. That process yields optimal results that reflect the customer’s lifestyle, and each space becomes unique and need-specific.

The acclaimed company worked on numerous residential estates and commercial structures. One of its notable projects is the Creekside Residence in Woodside, a stylish design-build project built in partnership with architect Peter Bohlin. It features custom cabinetry, beamed ceilings, and high wood-clad walls. The contracting team also procured and installed exposed woodwork. This exemplary build won six accolades, including the Wood Design Award and the Merit Award for Excellence in Architecture from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) San Francisco.

JDR Construction

3072 Bird Rock Rd., Pebble Beach, CA 93953

JDR Construction Company, Inc. strives to provide the best building experience possible through proficient construction, management, and service. The firm’s custom homes are specific to the owner’s lifestyle, each built with a consistent commitment to quality, function, and style.

Owner Jeff Reisdorf established the company in 1992. As an expert in construction and management, he provides custom home building and remodeling services to clients in Carmel and its surrounding areas. His team uses fine materials and modern building methods to complete projects with optimal quality. The crew consistently meets the schedule and budget thresholds, all while providing a positive work environment for the owner’s convenience.

The featured project is a contemporary kitchen in a California home. Its make-up is mostly wood, from the drawers and counters to the polished floors. Simple fixtures illuminate the space, and the center island tethers the overall aesthetic. A few feet away, a stone fireplace adds homey charm to the kitchen.

Bakker Construction

40 Clark St., Suite J, Salinas, CA 93901

Bakker Construction is an award-winning design-build firm that excels in residential remodeling and construction. The Monterey-based contractor serves clients in Big Sur, Carmel, Pacific Grove, and Pebble Beach. The full-service general contractor became a staple of the area for its quality building and reputable services. The firm’s meticulous planning and budgeting before mapping out the blueprints ensures optimal projects that live up to the owner’s standards. 

Company president Shawn Bakker is a fourth-generation carpenter and a standout in his field. In 2018, he was named one of Professional Remodeler Magazine‘s 40 Under 40, an accolade reserved only for the industry’s elite. His talent has been realized in his portfolio of majestic homes, modern interior spaces, and children’s playgrounds.

Here is one of its projects, a Historical House Restoration in Pacific Grove. The mid-Century residence required foundational improvements and aesthetic updates to fit the modern landscape. The finished structure combines elements of the old with the new, with hints of the classic wood seamlessly existing with contemporary accents and designs.

Lewis Builder

3706 The Barnyard #G-11, Carmel, CA 93923

Lewis Builders is a design-build contractor that has been serving Carmel for over two decades. It specializes in construction, design, and renovations, with a particular focus on custom and luxury homes. John Lewis and Scott Julian—CEO and President—oversee the company’s operations. They lead a dedicated roster of seasoned specialists that consistently aim to achieve client satisfaction through high-quality projects. Functional and visually appealing spaces elevate people’s way of living, a guarantee with the firm at the helm.

Lewis Builders has completed numerous projects in residential markets. These exceptional properties yielded many awards, such as the Silver Award for Residential Interior from Qualified Remodeler Magazine in 2020 and the Regional Award for Whole House Remodel $300K-$700K from the 2019 Chrysalis Awards.

The Carmelo project is a design-build remodel of an existing Mid-Century home. Originally crafted by famed architect Joseph Eichler, the house already has a solid foundation with clean lines and open spaces. The updated home has been dubbed an “Organic Contemporary,” a home, in other words, that blends natural elements like wood with modern design.