With several industry giants, low-cost lifestyles, and historically centered festivities, Oklahoma City is rich in culture and economically thriving. It’s a great place both for tourists that looking for a vacation spot or clients interested in settling into the place. It is also a convenient and profitable location for businesses that are looking to expand due to its productive economy and high population. As the largest city and the state capital of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City boasts one of the most diversified industries and sectors in the nation.

That kind of economy can create windows of opportunity but also high risks of competition among businesses, which is why each establishment needs its own space to stand out and promote itself. Our editors have compiled this list of the best retail architects in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to assist. These firms were chosen for their years in business, awards, and expertise.

Bockus Payne

1001 NW 63rd Street, Suite #300, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Bockus Payne is driven by its passion for aiding clients through a broad range of comprehensive solutions. The firm employs a dedicated professional team specializing in project design and problem-solving for long-term effects on its projects. It emphasizes client-based services and promises to deliver timeless, long-lasting qualities and styles that exceed architectural standards. Bockus Payne values its clients over its reputation, which is why it continues to grow as an architect and partner. The firm has received several certifications from well-known associations, including AIA, the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, LEED AP, and NCARB.

The person leading the firm is Bruce Bockus, its principal architect and chairman. Bruce has a great career background, including many years as a registered architect and several certifications on his own, such as AIA and LEED AP, with many more credentials. It’s also worth noting that Bruce has a long list of volunteering activities that strengthen his and the firm’s capacity for aiding others.  

Featured is the Oak Grove Retail Center, a project that includes multiple restaurants and retail options on a single site. The firm developed distinctive retail shell spaces for each tenant while considering space management and functionality. The monochromatic theme fits well with the surrounding environment and its atmosphere. The floor plan is laid out perfectly to integrate the multiple establishments into one big center. The clients were pleased with the result as it attracted many tenants and customers after development.

Fitzsimmons Architects

2721 N Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City OK 73103

Fitzsimmons Architects is a full-service architect that takes pride in delivering incredible results through close and effective collaboration with its clients. From consultation to landscape design and everything in between, the firm communicates with users in order to achieve the best version of each project. At Fitzsimmons Architects, the team develops not only spaces but also strong and deep connections with its clients. The firm has only been around for 17 years but already provides high-quality services and results. 

At the firm’s forefront is Brian Fitzsimmons, the principal owner. Brian is a registered architect in the state and a registered interior designer as well. His talent for designing and developing projects is immediately evident in his work. He serves as a member of many architectural organizations, such as the AIA, the ULI, and the Midtown OKC Association’s Board of Directors.

Showcased is an award-winning project, Make Ready. Initially a car sales establishment, the space was successfully transformed into a campus for small-scale businesses to thrive. The site underwent multiple phases, which ranged from renovation to addition services. Doing so allowed the firm to maximize the site’s elements and space while ensuring that the tenants had equal footing in their businesses. The project won the 2020 ULI Oklahoma Impact Award and the 2021 AIA Commercial Architecture Merit Award.

Rand Elliott Architects

35 Harrison Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

What separates Rand Elliott Architects from its competitors on this list is its artistic perspective on architecture. The firm believes that its architectural practices should capture the essence and purpose of each space and the ground it is built on. When designing spaces, the firm pays attention to an area’s details and considers its effects on each space. The amount of light that shines, the wind that blows, and the stability of the ground are all important elements in Rand Elliott Architects’ project management. The firm has been employing this approach for over 46 years and is still going strong in its performance.

Included is Uptown Kids, a retail-and-restaurant establishment. Upon entering, users will immediately notice the fun and unique design, akin to high-end art exhibits. The use of a dominant black-and-white scheme with occasional pops of color adds depth to the already striking style. Another exciting feature is the grid-like elements throughout the space, which complement the artistic style.


914 N. Broadway Avenue, Suite #200, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

HSEarchitects is highly dependable when it comes to providing solutions to its clients’ needs and problems. What makes HSEarchitects different is its lack of a signature style in its work. The firm understands that each client’s project is unique, so it should not resemble any other. This versatility has enabled the firm to be a top architect in the city for over 17 years and counting. 

The firm has earned several awards for its performance and projects. Some of these include the AIA Central Oklahoma Merit Award, the AIA Central States Citation Award, the Fastest Growing Private Companies, and 3rd Place for Best Commercial Architectural Firm or Design Company. The firm’s work has also been featured in publications such as The Journal Record, The Purist, and The Oklahoman.

BC Clark Jewelers is an example of what HSEarchitects can deliver to its clients. This project is a remarkable blend of the jewelry brand’s iconic, traditional style and the modernized touch that elevates the design. The building synergizes with the surrounding structure’s modern themes while highlighting its own style. The firm designed the project’s overall makeup to represent retail and jewelry.

GSB, Inc.

3555 NW 58th Street, Suite #700W, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

GSB, Inc. Architects & Planners has been creating signature spaces in Oklahoma and across the country for 43 years. Since its establishment in 1979, the firm has grown into one of the largest architectural firms in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

GSB’s team of professionals, led by firm Principals Ronald G. Smith, Michael Hinchey, Phil Elwell, Larry Schwab, and Ryan Eshelman, is dedicated to providing clients with expertly designed projects and outstanding customer service. GSB works collaboratively with clients to create unique design solutions tailored to their exact needs.

The practice provides a comprehensive approach to projects that span a wide range of markets including retail. A recent example is the exterior update for Whole Foods Market in Oklahoma City. The facade refresh design for this popular retail grocery store includes stone veneer, brick, and metal panel. The result is a sleek look on each elevation that highlights store signage and adds to the surrounding neighborhood. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the handsomely lit ADA entry ramp accented with stone planters which provides an attractive and user-friendly entrance into the building and flexible seating area.

In addition to retail, GSB is well-known for their hospitality portfolio which ranges from boutique hotels to destination resorts. Furthermore, they have a robust portfolio of community clubhouses, amenity centers, multi-family and single-family residential, mixed-use, entertainment, civic, and education projects.

Preservation and Design Studio

616 NW 21st Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Among all the architects on this list, Preservation and Design Studio is the sole firm that has extensive experience in historic preservation. As evident in its name, its preservation services are one of its primary assets. The firm understands that developing fresh ideas and styles from old spaces can result in design breakthroughs. The firm feels that architecture consists of providing spaces that positively affect human minds. 

Preservation and Design Studio has received its fair share of recognition from prominent publications within the city and state. These include, but are not limited to, Oklahoma City Free Press, Tulsa People, Oklahoma Watch, and The Journal. The firm has also earned AIA and NCARB certifications. 

Capitol Hill Historic District is an accomplished project with several units on one site. As the name suggests, the project includes several dated and historic structures that resonate with one another in terms of significance and style. The buildings also echo the respective architectural styles during the period when they were first built. Now, the historic district acts as a center for commercial activities and transactions.

Howard + Associates Architects

11032 Quail Creek Road, Suite #155, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

As a firm with a history of over 62 years, Howard + Associates Architects is considered one of the most prominent and oldest architects in the state. The firm has been listening to clients and tending to their needs while ultimately developing their desired space. The firm has had plenty of opportunities to prove itself as a top firm and has done just that through its premier portfolio and large client base with positive testimonials. Throughout its history, the firm has maintained a steady pace of improvement and preeminent performance.

Included is South Shields Plaza Shopping Center, located in the Southern part of Oklahoma City. Howard + Associates Architects took it upon themselves to devise an effective plan and layout for the shopping center to include multiple tenants while also renovating the entire site. The project included several phases targeting different goals, including renovation, addition, and reconfiguration throughout the shopping center. The resulting project is now a thriving hub for retail that maximizes space and provides a canvas for fashionable designs.

Renaissance Architecture, LLC

11100 Stratford Drive, Suite A100, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Renaissance Architecture is a community-focused, full-service architect specializing in effective designs and lasting quality through dedicated performance. The firm is well-known for its innovative designs and associated processes that stem from its handling of complex projects throughout the city. The firm also offers cost-effective pricing for its clients’ convenience. It has won a number of awards over the years, including some Outstanding Project Awards and a People’s Choice Award. It has also been featured in publications, including Learning by Design Magazine.

Featured is The Piazza Shoppes, a large storage facility with a retail office. The firm decided to upgrade an existing clock tower by transforming it into a massive self-storage premise with additional offices and facilities for a multi-purpose project. The trendy design has a light-yellow hue with dark blue contrasts. It’s a great commercial site with plenty of retail options for customers to enjoy.

Studio Architecture

816 N Walker Avenue, Suite #100, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Studio Architecture creates projects that pay homage to the past while being sustainable for the future. The firm is able to adhere to this philosophy by creating spaces that use natural materials to seamlessly connect with the landscape and the surrounding environment in which it is built. The firm has developed into a multi-disciplinary architect during its 11 years of service to Oklahoma City; it is able to handle all sorts of projects across different sectors. It has only a decade’s worth of experience, but it has already made a lasting impact on the communities it serves. 

Cross Neighborhood is located in the University of Oklahoma’s neighborhood. By the time the project was finished, the neighborhood emerged as the campus’ newest community with mixed-use residential spaces. It can accommodate over 1,000 students, and it has several amenities for them to enjoy, including lavish rooms with high-end designs, clinics, workout centers, and even eateries. The developed structures share the same traditional theme with a brick façade and symmetrical layouts.

Mass Architects

1225 N Broadway Place, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

At Mass Architects, one of the key traits when working with the firm is the deep connection formed and nurtured through collaboration. The firm considers its clients part of the design team. The projects are the canvas; the firm’s team—including the clients—are the artists. After successfully working together, the final result of the project should be a masterpiece that leaves a deep impression.

Duane Mass is the firm’s president and leading principal architect. Individually, Duanna has an impressive career history with several years of experience. He is a registered architect and licensed in over six states, which adds to his flexibility in working conditions and styles. He is a member of the AIA and has earned several honors during his career, including the Alpha Rho Chi medal for merit in architecture and Architect of the Year from the American Subcontractors Association.

Tract 30 at Chisholm Creek is a prime example of the firm’s work. It has a picturesque design, a relatively large size, and effective practicality for retail establishments. The project, in all its grandness, blends the necessary elements and tenants for a festive lifestyle. From the contemporary residences to the productive work environment, it has great qualities for users to enjoy. It has home areas, dining areas, offices, and other retail stores.

Fitzgerald + Associates

3900 N. Santa Fe Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Fitzgerald + Associates has an incredible 44-year history filled with growth, commitment, and competitiveness. During those years, the firm has dedicated itself to developing its skills as an architect: it is able to produce well-rounded solutions and top-tier designs. Its unique but successful approach starts with thorough communication with its clients in order to properly visualize their dream space and, later on, bring them to reality. The firm’s thriving work process and commitment have been recognized by multiple publications, including Construction Review Online, Senior Housing News, and Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Provided is Veranda at 150th & Western, a distinct project in one of Oklahoma’s metropolitan districts. This project really shines despite the surrounding urban and industrialized buildings thanks to its classic style. Using an attractive mix and layout of stone, concrete, and some metal elements for durability, the site pays tribute to traditional architecture while incorporating modern details. Some of the prominent classic designs include red-tiled roofs, columns, and intricate stone patterns on some of the surfaces. The building has a diverse variety of retail tenants.