This list compiles eleven of the best kitchen remodelers in El Paso, Texas. They were chosen based on their skill, background, experience, and portfolios. Transitional and traditional themes are popular in El Paso, and you’ll notice that quite a few of these contractors specialize in these styles. You’ll also find that several of these firms primarily focus on kitchen remodeling, so if you feel you need a dedicated specialist, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are thinking about remodeling a kitchen, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

11) Aspen Remodeling

4208 Norfolk Ln., El Paso, TX 79902

Aspen Remodeling focuses on kitchen and bathroom remodels, emphasizing painting, flooring, and hallway improvement. It offers a full range of residential and commercial remodeling services and is known for its attention to detail. Its team works closely with each of its clients to ensure that their lifestyles are incorporated into their new spaces. And the firm handles every aspect of a project from start to finish. Led by Jesus Gomez, the firm’s team assists its clients throughout the entire remodeling process from material selection and design conceptualization to completion.

Aspen’s portfolio provides insight into the designs it has worked with most frequently throughout its years in service. The firm has been drawn to modern and contemporary spaces, along with traditional, ranch, and farmhouse inspired kitchens. The work below is an example of the firm’s traditional work. For this project, its team made use of a warm and earthy palette. The recurring theme of wood elegantly weaves together its choices in cabinetry, counters, and island.

10) Jim Martin Construction

425 Stonebluff Rd., El Paso, TX 79912

With nearly four decades of experience, Jim Martin Construction offers a full range of remodeling services. It also offers home improvement services, such as window replacing, tile, laminate, and floor installations. It is led by its owners Jim and Becky Martin, who oversee and personally handle each kitchen remodel the firm takes on. Its highly-skilled design team is capable of seamlessly incorporating any additions or remodels to a home. The firm’s clientele is mostly made up of repeat clients who continue to seek out the firm’s services for any required updates.

The firm’s designs mostly feature modern and contemporary themes, as you can see in the project below. The firm made the most out of the space by contrasting the cabinetry with the kitchen’s countertops. They also extended that countertop to create a variety of mini kitchen island a quick meal is possible. The firm also installed large trellised windows to welcome a generous amount of ambient light into the space.

9) Home Makeovers

11220 Peacepipe Ln., El Paso, TX 79936

In the El Paso area for over two decades, Home Makeovers specializes in custom remodeling and additions. It is led by Albert Salazar, who acts as the firm’s project manager and oversees each kitchen remodel the firm takes on. He has been in the industry since 1997 and works closely with a handpicked team of skilled craftsmen and subcontractors to ensure the quality of the firm’s work. Under his leadership, the firm adheres to a philosophy of upholding quality, timeliness, and attention to detail. The firm carefully allocates its team to distribute its team equally, even when the firm is working on several projects simultaneously.

As seen in its portfolio, the firm often designs in transitional and traditional architecture, as you can see in the project below. Here, the firm went rustic by emphasizing woodwork. The beautiful granite countertops and an elegant brick backsplash provide a counterpoint note of sophistication.

8) Ordonez Construction

1267 Franklin Raven, El Paso, TX 79912

Ordonez Construction offers nearly five decades of experience, which makes it the longest-running firm on this list. It provides a full range of services and particularly specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels. The firm’s talented design team assists its clients from start to finish and takes charge of every aspect of a kitchen project, including material selection and design. Its in-house group of experts is known for its ability to make kitchens more functional. Rather than automatically expanding a small kitchen, for example, its team looks for ways to remove unnecessary elements and incorporate better cabinetry, or perhaps install an island to increase workspace. The firm is also known for its beautiful backsplashes, custom cabinetry, floor restoration, and modern designs. The firm also offers outdoor kitchen work for clients who enjoy barbecues and grilling.

We were particularly taken with this modern kitchen, where the Ordonez team made generous use of sleek lines and a contemporary black and white palette. The firm chose a minimalistic approach and organizing elements of the room into categories: the cabinetry off to one side, the kitchen island across from it. Simple, functional elegance was the final result.

7) New Look Improvement Co.

9916 Bomarc St., El Paso, TX 79924

Established in 1991, New Look Improvement specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels, along with window and door installations, siding, and patio work. It has partnerships with some of the area’s best providers, ensuring the quality of the materials it uses and is manned by a team of professionals, each with their own specialties. Each job it takes on is overseen by a foreman, along with its principal Tim Shaffer, who personally manages all labor and materials used by the firm. He brings decades of experience to the firm and still continually takes on personal projects around the area to improve his craft.

The firm’s designs often feature colonial and craftsman styles. The work emphasizes the wooden elements of a kitchen through its cabinetry, custom trimmings, and millwork. The results are rustic, inviting, and warm.

6) Dawco Home Builders

1032 Quinault Dr., El Paso, TX 79912

Dawco Home Builders is a design-build firm that emphasizes the importance of incorporating green building practices in its projects. Since its inception in 2001, it has worked on numerous Green Certified Homes, along with several mini green communities. The firm also maintains a partnership with EnergyStar and employs an in-house Certified Green Professional, both indications of the firm’s ability to work on green building projects and design. Dawco is led by Walter Lujan, an electrical engineer with skills that have been tested internationally. Several of his scientific papers have been published in Europe and the United States, which explains the firm’s goal of emphasizing building science to each of its projects. Lujan also worked as a consultant for General Motors, Siemens, and Philips.

Dawco often builds in traditional and colonial styles. We especially like this project. Here, the team used cathedral-styled cabinetry and showcased its custom millwork and trimmings through the details on the small kitchen island.

5) Murray’s Design & Remodeling

8020 Artcraft Rd., El Paso, TX 79932

Murray’s extends its services throughout El Paso and its surrounding areas, and, as its name implies, specializes in general contracting and entire house remodeling. The firm is manned by a team of trained, highly skilled professionals and has been in the industry for the better part of a decade. Its designs feature transitional and modern styles, as well as traditional and colonial themes. The firm offers its clients competitive pricing and warranties for every kitchen it remodels. Furthermore, it handles every aspect of a kitchen from its cabinetry and countertops to its lighting and fixtures. It is known for its wide variety of options when it comes to materials: the firm provides clients the option to visit its model home to get a better idea of the firm’s style and expertise.

The following project displays the firm’s contemporary work. The firm used a unique curved kitchen island and gave it a touch of art deco through the beautiful mosaic backsplashes. It kept the floorplan open to incorporate other elements of the home into the space.

4) Robe-Ana Construction

10400 Vista Del Sol Dr. Suite #101, El Paso, TX 79925

Robe-Ana is a full service design-build firm that specializes in high-end luxury projects. Its team handles every facet of construction from design and planning all the way to budget and scheduling, granting its clients a highly streamlined, convenient process. The team has a combined experience of nearly five decades and has been servicing the El Paso area since 2011. The firm’s principal, Hector Bernal, personally oversees each project and is always available for any project consultations regarding an on-going project. In addition to Robe-Ana, he also operates a luxury custom home building firm and a roofing and restoration company. Under his leadership, the firm actively takes on 20-30 projects at regular intervals.

When it comes to kitchens, Robe-Ana is an expert in modern and transitional designs. Its work is often characterized by its elegant flooring and its sleek cabinetry. It also makes use of gorgeous backsplashes.

3) AIM Construction

1523 E Yandell Dr., El Paso, TX 79902

AIM Construction has been offering commercial and residential construction and renovation services throughout El Paso for 37 years. The firm is owned and led by Amanda Flores, a skilled builder honored in 2011 with a Minority Contractor of the Year Award and named Texas Business Woman of the Year in 2012. Under her watchful eye, the firm has established a solid reputation for itself when it comes to kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, historic restorations, home additions, roofing, and tenant improvements. The firm has also taken on several industrial and government projects. Focusing more on its designs, the firm mostly constructs in traditional and colonial styles.

In this kitchen, the firm made use of classic paneled cherry cabinetry and sleek granite countertops. It also incorporated the stove onto the kitchen island to make the most out of the space and used a simple tiled backsplash.

2) Moy Construction and Remodeling

3427 Idalia, El Paso, TX 79930

Moy Construction and Remodeling is a family owned and operated business that offers a full range of construction and renovation services, and the team has over 30 years of experience. In particular, its kitchen remodeling services encompass every aspect of a renovation project from fixtures and cabinet installations to backsplash and countertop work. The firm provides its clients the option of either reconstructing an existing kitchen or working on an addition for larger space. The firm is also known for its cabinet refacing and refinishing, as well as its countertop replacements.

Led by father-and-son duo Moises and Moises Chavez, Jr., the firm’s designs are distinguished by its exquisite granite countertops and cabinetry, which it offers in a wide variety of options. The project is an example of the firm’s colonial and traditional work. In this kitchen, the firm used a warm, rustic palette emphasized through wooden elements. A mosaic was also added on one portion of the backsplashes to give it an even more inviting appeal.  

1) A2Z Professional Remodeling

5360 N Mesa Suite F, El Paso, TX 79912

A2Z Professional Remodeling has been providing its services throughout the El Paso area since 2007 and is well-known for its traditional and transitional themed kitchens. It handles both commercial and residential projects and is manned by a team of highly-skilled, talented craftsmen. The firm’s team feels confident that it can handle any project, regardless of size. Led by Isela Abdeljaber, the firm’s work is often characterized by its exquisite cabinetry and wide countertop selection. Furthermore, it incorporates several custom trimmings and moldings into its work, as seen in the featured project.

With this kitchen, the firm used a contemporary palette of black and white but kept its traditional theme through its paneled cabinetry. It also infused several modern elements such as the metal overhead stove cover and incorporated the appliances seamlessly into the finished product.

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If you are thinking about remodeling a kitchen, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.


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