Mission Viejo is an upscale California city located in Orange County. The modern neighborhood has a population size of around 95,000 and is considered one of the largest master-planned communities in the country. Despite the expensive cost of living, the town is considered an ideal residential utopia for its dense suburban landscape and progressive atmosphere. Staying in the city offers plenty of recreational perks as the mini-metropolis is rife with contemporary and cultural attractions such as parks, malls, museums, and theaters. 

For those interested in moving to Mission Viejo, or for local residents looking to build a new home or update their current home, the following article lists the top general contractors in the Mission Viejo area. These companies were selected through an exhaustive research process that factors in several key criteria such as the firm’s history, the strength of its portfolio, quality of reviews, accreditations, and leadership backgrounds and expertise. Most of the firms include work exclusively in the state’s residential markets, save for a few that also work in commercial sectors, as well as other states.


Arris Builders, Inc.

27261 Las Ramblas Suite 320, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Founded in 2002, Arris Builders, Inc. is a customer-driven firm dedicated to hard work and top-notch service. It specializes in general contracting, construction management, and in-house expert services. The company established a reputation as a builder with integrity and quality at the heart of its operations. Client satisfaction is considered a top priority, and every action is at the center of this objective. Arris Builders has a clear-cut goal of bringing dream homes to reality, which is achieved through a streamlined process handled by a team of experienced specialists.

The practice is headed by Terry Lysek, a seasoned general contractor with more than three decades of industry experience. A licensed professional since 2001, Lysek has worn many hats in the industry—tradesman, supervisor, manager, and builder. His resume includes construction and management work for several notable projects in the Southern California region, which has a total cost value of over $600 million. These include office and retail towers, high-rise condominiums, hotels, government and civic facilities, and more. Another vital leader is David Kuhn, a veteran construction manager with over 18 years of expertise and a versatile portfolio that reflects his diverse skill set. Kuhn’s background in management and international business are integral assets in the firm’s arsenal, complemented by his solid commitment to every project at hand.

As depicted in the featured kitchen, the firm’s designs are modern and bold. Detailed woodwork is at the center of the kitchen, surrounded by a unique vent hood and artistic backsplash acting as the kitchen’s focal point.

Bourke Construction

816 Manzanita Dr., Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Bourke Construction is known for quality work and upstanding service. Owner Ed Bourke, a construction expert for over 35 years, has always been committed to building standout high-caliber projects across California. The firm’s team values open communication and honest work, allowing seamless collaboration between the homeowner and the team. Structures and spaces are created to serve function and style, all completed strictly in compliance with the set timeline and budget. Because of these traits, stellar commendations aplenty fill the builder’s reviews across third-party sites. Ed has earned praise for his professionalism, workmanship, and responsiveness during the building process. These merits extend to his crew, whose members are regarded as knowledgeable and easy to work with.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) accredited firm serves Orange County and surrounding locales, with key services that include remodeling, additions, bathrooms, kitchens, decks and landscaping, and roofing, among others. Drought-resistant landscape and multigenerational living services are home improvements that update any household to meet modern standards. The use of sustainable construction solutions is also central to its process, actively integrating environmentally responsible and energy-efficient facets to every home to benefit both the owner and the surrounding landscape.

The featured home, with a stucco exterior, stone accents, and a tiled, multi-directional roof, is a prime example of the firm’s design expertise and exceptional craftsmanship. Large framed windows allow ample natural light to shine through the home, and the covered patio enables the homeowner to relax outside, as well as entertain.


9630 Research Drive, Irvine, CA 92618

Irvine-based company BuilderWell is built on the cornerstone of integrity and quality service. Its vast selection of services ranges from design-build and remodeling to architecture and structural engineering. Projects are handled by two departments—the office team and the construction team. Both groups work efficiently under the leadership of CEO Camilla Tafreshian and managing officer Saeed Khanaman, whose guidance leads to excellence in cost handling, management, building, and design.

The company’s core specialty involves full-service home remodeling and commercial building, both offered at competitive prices. It has made a mark in the area through consistency in the field, especially when it comes to crafting long-lasting structures and livable spaces. With over two decades of industry experience, the NARI-accredited builder has amassed an extensive portfolio filled with standout projects. As a relationship-based business, customer satisfaction plays a key role in its day-to-day operations. Forging interpersonal bonds with customers, plus excellent work quality, equals happy clients, which is the firm’s primary objective.

A balance of modern style and traditional aesthetic is prevalent in BuilderWell’s work, as reflected in the residential project featured in this article.

Grant Maury Construction, Inc

1443 N. El Camino Real Suite A, San Clemente, CA 92672

Grant Maury Construction Inc. is a reliable name when it comes to residential building and home-improvement projects. The firm relies on its pillars of honesty, quality, and integrity—values that helped raise its profile within the California domain. Third-generation builders John Grant and Benoist Maury, both natives of the area, serve as principals of the practice. The veteran duo leads a roster of craftspeople with vast skill sets that range from construction to management. These certified experts are dedicated to top-grade spaces and collaborative work, each one passionate in their craft with exceptional work ethics. High ratings are given to the staff not only for their building prowess but also for the positive attitude provided during every project.

Main services offered by the firm include full home remodels, kitchen and bath remodels, and outdoor living. These include gourmet kitchens, upscale bathrooms, room additions, and custom decks. Residential upgrades are personalized to fit the owner’s vision and furnished with a custom finish. In addition, clients are regularly consulted for accurate results. 

As the featured outdoor addition illustrates, the firm is passionate about giving residents the perfect venue for entertaining guests. As was the case with this external space, the firm studies the area’s specifications thoroughly to maximize the site and ensure smooth expansion.

Greater Pacific Construction

17291 Irvine Blvd. Suite 159, Tustin, CA 92780

Greater Pacific Construction earned regional renown through its building expertise and high-caliber craftsmanship. Its reputation as a reliable commercial builder is attributed to its roster’s field efficiency and meticulous attention to detail—skilled craftspeople passionate and committed to providing quality work in the field. Due to its excellent work, it has become the preferred building partner of several international brands such as Marriott Corporation, McDonald’s, LA Choppers, and the BMW automotive company, 

The Orange County firm has been serving the area since its 1989 inception. Its operation covers multiple sectors, which include industrial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, tenant improvement, and warehouse. Property owners are walked through the process from the planning stages to the post-construction touches to ensure smooth coordination. Each project is built with a solid foundation backed by a personalized aesthetic to fit the customer’s vision, as well as contemporary standards.

President Kevin Zabeti is dedicated to value service, a focus that elevated the builder’s profile in Southern California. Zabeti oversees projects firsthand, remaining consistent in his leadership for over 11 years. The licensed general contractor is well-versed in the industry whether it’s new construction projects or home-improvement tasks. He is a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Building Industry Association (BIA), and the California Building Industry Association (CBIA). 

The featured Orange County residential construction project features solar panels for efficient living. Large windows and doors give an incredible view to the swimming pool area, and the covered patio offers comfort in the shade on hot, sunny days.

Horizon Construction and Remodeling Inc.

614 South Euclid St., Fullerton, CA 92832

Horizon Construction and Remodeling Inc. is a family-owned company with over 10 years of industry presence in the California domain. Based in Fullerton, it serves Orange County, San Bernardino County, and other adjacent communities. The firm is headed by Mark Besnos, a construction veteran with a focus on residential projects. Integrity is a key aspect of his work, a trait that extends to every member of his crew. Craftspeople well-versed in building, management, and design fill the team, all of whom are committed to solid customer service and a collaborative approach. Projects are always completed on schedule and on budget, with full cost transparency to meet the homeowner’s demands.

Horizon Construction is a member of the NARI and the NAHB. It is also a Lead-Safe Certified Firm by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As a full-service builder and remodeler, Horizon strives to create livable spaces and long-lasting structures with functionality and stylish flair. These buildings are crafted using modern techniques to meet current standards, though time-tested practices are also utilized for guaranteed results. Environmentally responsible methods are implemented for minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. 

The firm completed the featured house; a striking palette makes the suburban estate a standout property in the community, complemented by stone walkways that echo the classic American dream.

John Jacobs Construction

27371 Via Santillana, Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Founded in 1977, John Jacobs Construction is an Orange County general contractor with a forte in design-build projects. Its prime services include custom homes, room additions, tear-down construction, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). High-grade materials sourced from trusted suppliers are used in every building job to ensure optimal results. Exclusive services such as 3-D design and building information are given prior to the actual construction for an accurate image of the project at hand.

John B. Jacobs Jr. heads the eponymous firm. As a family-owned and operated practice, its personnel provides every project with a perspective rooted in tradition. The firm collaborates with property owners from inception to post-construction, making sure that clients are fully involved throughout the entire process. Customers satisfied with the builder’s work have high praise for the company. Craftsmanship and attention to detail, as well as the professionalism and cleanliness of its staff, are cited as some of the team’s best attributes.

Featured is a home project completed by John Jacobs Construction. The two-story residence features wood exteriors painted with a muted blue palette complemented with white trimmings. A back patio gives owners a dynamic space for social gatherings or an afternoon of alone time.

Maha Group Construction

4521 Campus Dr. # 164, Irvine, CA 92612

Irvine-based construction company Maha Group Construction is known for its remodeling and renovations prowess in residential and commercial markets. The company’s dynamic approach to projects has elevated its status as one of the most reliable firms in its region. Its high-quality services are offered at economical prices, delivered through a hassle-free experience. Among its building services are general contracting, remodeling, renovation, and design and build of custom furniture and spaces. Other specialties include electrical and lighting, woodworking and carpentry, interior and decorative painting, plumbing, and flooring.

The practice is led by Houman Yekta, who has served as CEO for over six years. Houman has a background in project management and design and served as a research and development specialist for a regional company. Under his leadership, Maha Group Construction has earned recognition from third-party sites for its service excellence. These client-voted merits serve as proof of the firm’s proficiency not only in construction but also in customer assistance. Thanks to its well-rounded process, the firm has become the preferred contractor of more than 300 homeowners, as well as over 100 commercial businesses throughout California. Some of its local clients include Google in San Diego, CFCO corporate in Costa Mesa, DH Engineering Lab in Irvine, Telecare in Orange, KW Realty in Irvine and Revance in Pleasanton.

The featured kitchen remodel includes sleek black cabinets, white marble countertops, and all new stainless steel fixtures and appliances, giving it clean, modern aesthetics. 

OC Builders Group

600 West Santa Ana Blvd. Suite 114A-449, Santa Ana, CA 92701

OC Builders Group is a luxury construction firm specializing in general contracting and home-improvement projects. The firm is driven by the goal of customer satisfaction; whether it’s small-scale structures or large renovations, the team always gives 100 percent when it comes to building and design. Innovative solutions and modern trends are used in its process to craft up-to-date spaces that meet the current industry standards and homeowner needs. A detail-oriented roster of seasoned professionals led by Principal Even Vahab ensures that projects are completed within the set timeframe and with full cost transparency. 

The company serves the Orange County area’s residential market. Key services offered include construction, remodeling, design, extensions, roofing, and installations. As a proponent of environmentally responsible construction, green building is practiced to improve the homeowner’s way of living. Its body of work showcases a variety of remarkable spaces, one of which is the featured residential property. A contemporary approach to the exterior design highlights a minimalist palette of predominantly white hues with black accents in window and door frames. The outdoor pool area includes mod furniture pieces that complement the home’s sophisticated atmosphere. The prominence of large glass windows allows an open view of the exteriors. The interior features a modern, open layout.

Optima Construction Inc.

Orange County, CA

Originally established as TI Contractor in 1992, Optima Construction Inc. is acclaimed for its excellence in three key areas—quality, price, and timeliness. The caliber of its work is well-regarded for its long-lasting foundation and strong visual appeal. Cost-effective projects, offered with full transparency, are deemed economical and worth every penny. Jobs are completed efficiently and thoroughly—never rushed, right on schedule. The seamless balance between the three consistently bear high-performance spaces delivered with top-notch service to boot.

The builder’s key services include kitchen, bath, and home remodeling, fire and water restoration, and commercial work. Its operations are led by the professional team of Stephen Brown and Brandon Proffitt, two seasoned experts committed to optimal structures crafted with precision and style. Brown, the owner of the practice, is a well-decorated veteran with over 20 years of industry expertise. His background in residential and commercial remodeling and improvements, as well as insurance claim repairs, makes him an all-around asset in any project-building process. Brown is backed by Proffitt, the firm’s project manager. Creative and customer-driven, Proffitt always strives to assist clients in any way he can to ensure a positive building experience. His resume includes collaborations with high-profile companies such as Tesla and SpaceX.

The featured residential build sports a combination of stained wood with a darker gray siding. Black and white accents around the doors and windows, as well as the garage door, add to the appeal of this single-story home. 

Steven Foster Construction

26939 Camino De Estrella, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

Steven Foster Construction is a trusted Orange County general contractor renowned for its quality designs and affordable prices. The Capistrano Beach practice serves California, Hawaii, Oregon, Chicago, and New Mexico. The full-service company has excelled in home improvement tasks such as kitchen and bath remodels, as well as patios and decks since 1981. Thorough steps in drafting and planning are taken to ensure accurate results. Clients are consulted regularly for seamless input integration. Top-grade craftsmanship is evident even in the minute details of a project, which is backed by long-lasting and modern design. Timely service is a guarantee, handled proficiently from inception to post-construction.

Eponymous Principal Steven Foster is a jack-of-all-trades with backgrounds in carpentry and concrete contracting. A subscriber to old-school building disciplines, Foster believes that skill, efficiency, and hard work are integral components in every construction process. He leads a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to quality work and passionate in their craft, always going full-throttle no matter the project scope. The firm’s standout work has led to collaborations with international retailers such as Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Bath and Body Works.

The firm’s unique design expertise is shown in the featured two-story house with light hues of gray and white, accented with a darker roof. Brick-framed asymmetrical concrete steps and superior landscaping add to the appeal of the home.

Streamline Construction

23632 Via Fabricante Suite F, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Streamline Construction specializes in building not only quality projects but also trustworthy relationships with its clients. The Orange County custom builder has been in the field for more than 20 years and is known as an industry stalwart with integrity and honesty weaved into its framework. Founder and President Jason Adams has a laser-focused commitment to quality work and customer service. Adams’s extensive experience is a major asset in the studio’s arsenal, a resume backed by high standards in building and design. His leadership has led to several merits that recognize his practice as a standout in the service department.

Client satisfaction is one of the main goals of every project. The team strives to deliver top-notch craftsmanship and a positive building experience to the homeowner. Over the years, the in-house process has produced plenty of remarkable projects in the area, earning commendations and referrals from satisfied customers. The staff’s transparency and ability to finish within the projected timeline and budget have earned rave reviews, as well as a network of repeat clients for the firm. The company’s full range of services includes residential and commercial construction, design-build remodeling, kitchen and bath remodeling, custom cabinets, electrical, and window and door sales and installation.

As illustrated in the featured residential project, the firm completes custom homes based on client ideas and specifications. In the hundreds of homes Streamline Construction has completed, no two projects are alike.