Situated between the border of Missouri and the state of Kansas, Kansas City is Missouri’s most populous city. Despite the fact that the residential population of the city has quadrupled in the last decade, the city has a fairly accessible price point. The median household income is around $51k, slightly lower than the national average of $57k. The average property value of $146k is similarly lower than the national average of $205k.

Kansas City homes are mostly built in Tuscan, Craftsman, Contemporary, and Bungalow styles. In this list, homeowners will find 13 of the best home remodelers in the city. The firms on this list are curated, tallied, and ranked in accordance with their local prominence as measured by their awards and accolades, expertise, work history, and quality of the craft.


13) Hurst Construction

1401 Fairfax Trfy., Bldg. A-138, Kansas City, KS 66115

Ian Hurst established Hurst Construction almost two decades ago after spending a decade gaining valuable experience in the industry. Hurst, a graduate of the University of Kansas, has an eye for contemporary design. His company works with simple and straightforward primary design elements, matched with trendy and vibrant patterns.

In the work pictured, the company incorporates simple and elegant design elements, such as the marble kitchen island, wooden cabinets, and circular pendant lights, with colorful elements like the paintings, chairs, and ornaments. The combination of calming and hip elements invokes a unique charm and authentic identity.

12) Bryan Casey Construction

8805 N Hull Ave., Kansas City, MO 64154

Bryan Casey Construction is a full-scale remodeler in Kansas City. The company offers all remodeling-related services, from 3D renderings to the actual design of the space. Since the firm responds to the specifications and requirements of each client, the firm is able to work fluently in various home styles from Tuscan or modern to traditional.

In the featured work, the company remodeled a Tuscan home with a rustic aesthetic. Warm tones and dark accents dominate the space, presenting an upscale yet inviting look. Symmetrical dark cabinets that hold both a bar and silverware emulate both practical and decorative functions, and symmetrical furniture sets accentuate a sense of balance. This remodel not only gave the home an improvement aesthetically—it also upgraded its practicality.

11) KC Home Solutions

13480 S Arapaho Dr., Olathe, KS 66062

KC Home Solutions is one of Kansas City’s most acclaimed home remodelers, with three consecutive National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Remodeler of the Year (REMY) awards. The firm is led by Nick Shepard, an industry veteran of 18 years.

The firm’s works are characterized by space-maximizing furniture and calming colors. In the featured work, the company provided general remodeling services to this Craftsman home. This massive space interconnects the kitchen, dining, and living area. The layout is designed for sensible everyday use, in neutral colors with bright accents. All in all, this area is given more life through the emphasis of functionality and home-like appeal.

10) Bichelmeyer Renovations

13122 Logan Ln., Lenexa, KS 66285

Bichelmeyer Renovations is a Lenexa-based construction company; however, it has completed a number of projects in Kansas City. The firm is led by Matt Bichelmeyer, who has been in the construction business since 1996.

The firm focuses on mid-century contemporary home styles, with a taste for both practicality and style. In the featured work, the company overhauled a kitchen in a mid-century contemporary fashion. This kitchen offers a functional counterbalance to its artistic elements by including as many open shelves and cabinets as possible. The kitchen island, which separates the kitchen and pantry area, also contributes to achieving this purpose. The kitchen achieved comfort through the use of Earth tones and gray accents. In this kitchen, the firm has successfully married practicality and a contemporary aesthetic.

9) RedesignKC

1705 Summit St., Kansas City, MO 64108

RedesignKC, founded in 2008 by Rick O’Neill, is one of the most recently-established firms on this list. RedesignKC constantly strives to improve its processes and systems and in doing so we are constantly improving our service, culture, and profitability.  The firm offers comprehensive design-build services and full-range of construction stints.

The company works in a wide range of home styles, but mid-century contemporary and contemporary appear to be the most well-liked. A kitchen done in contemporary style takes the spotlight in the featured work. Neutral colors and minimal decorations are the core of the design, supported by a diversity in texture. Shades of white were created naturally, through the use of organic materials such as the granite tops and off-white wall paint, matched with the neutral undertones of brass and bronze decor.

8) Owen Homes

113 S. Bridge St., Smithville, MO 64089

Smithville-based Owen Homes is a design-build firm offering custom construction and remodeling services to the greater Kansas City area. Luke Owen, founder and principal of Owen Homes, established the company shortly after receiving his degree in business from William Jewell College.  A decade later, Owen and his team of 20 won the Clay County Economic Development Council Keystone Award, proving the company’s prominence in the area.

The firm has an inclination for contemporary home styles. Most of the firm’s works value straightforward shapes, neutral colors, and simple decorations. In the work featured, the firm has remodeled this Missouri lake house. This living area serves as the central area of the home, connecting bedrooms, function rooms, and the exterior. An irregular cutout for the mirror adds a hint of modernity and playfulness to the overall design of the space. The space introduces modernity through a combination of slightly unconventional design choices.

7) Reilly’s Design & Contracting

307 W 80th St., Kansas City, MO 64114

Reilly’s Contracting has been providing a modern touch to Greater Kansas City homes for over a decade. Tim Weatherly and his company offer a full range of contracting services, from custom home builds to remodels. However, the firm specializes in large-scale remodeling.

The company’s portfolio is dominated by contemporary, modern, and Craftsman home styles. In the picture, the company remodeled a kitchen and hearth room to fit the homeowners’ request: to be different from the rest of the homes in the subdivision. Walnut shelves, pecan-colored hardwood floors, and granite kitchen island conspire to make the space warm and pleasing. The company has successfully transformed this kitchen and hearth room into a distinguished, elegant space, wholly different from the default look of the homes in its subdivision.

6) Faust Construction

17918 S Fieldview Pleasant Hill, MO 64080

Faust Construction is a Pleasant Hill-based general contractor that has been serving the Kansas City area for over 14 years. The company’s founder and principal, Brian Faust, holds a degree in Construction Management from the University of Central Missouri. Faust’s skillset catapulted the company to local prominence, complete with various features and accolades from publications such Kansas City Kitchen & Homes Magazine and Dwell Magazine.

When it comes to Faust Construction’s design, less is more. The featured work is a large living space with minimal stylistic inclusions. Furniture with sharp lines and a fireplace with a unique placement go hand-in-hand with personalized ornamentation. The wooden cubic installation serves as the centerpiece.

5) Homoly Construction

924 Oak St., Kansas City, MO 64106

Homoly Construction has been providing luxury home building and remodeling services in the Kansas City area for 22 years. Andrew Homoly, the company’s president, earned a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Homoly focuses on modern homes, often using minimal design. In the featured project, the company remodeled the space connecting the home to the pool. The area maximizes its positioning by using large, glass sliding doors, allowing a smooth transition between the interior and exterior. The minimalist base is then matched with modern accoutrements in the form of high-end furniture, light enclosures, and artwork. The space features a smart and eclectic, yet welcoming design, to ensure that first impressions of the home are favorable.

4) Schloegel Design Remodel

311 W 80th St., Kansas City, MO 64114

Schloegel Design Remodel has been providing remodeling services to Johnson County area since 1980. Jake Schloegel founded the company with his Wife, Debby, shortly after graduating from Rockhurst University. Schloegel’s many years in the industry qualified him to serve as the president of NARI from 1990 to 1992. Schloegel Design Remodel is also accoladed, having won NARI National Awards in 2018 and a REMY in 2017.

Schloegel specializes in Craftsman and transitional home styles. In the work pictured, the company completed a living room remodel with an emphasis on warmth and togetherness. The living area is framed by the leather couch and dark color schemes. The use of brick on the fireplace, heavy carpeting, and ornamentation also contribute to the area’s warm and welcoming atmosphere.

3) Remodel Moore

3115 Gillham Rd., Kansas City, MO 64109

Remodel Moore, a Kansas City-based remodeling firm, is headed by Kevin Moore, who founded the company shortly after acquiring his degree in Finance and Real Estate at the University of Missouri. The firm offers both residential and commercial remodeling services, often done in a mid-century contemporary style.

A basement remodel done by Remodel Moore accommodates group activities and gatherings in an elegant yet comfortable ambiance. The trendy and cozy space is made elegant by a unique wood flooring and neutral tones. The basement’s natural low ceiling helps in achieving a sense of calmness and cohesiveness, as it brings the illusion that the space is tighter, and therefore closer. The remodeling work completed in this basement provides a welcoming, functional space.

2) Total Home Remodeling

11641 W 83 Terrace, Lenexa, KS 66214

Total Home Remodeling is based in Lenexa, but has completed multiple projects in Kansas City. The company is led by Pat Strand, an industry veteran of 20 years. Strand’s leadership enabled the company to win several awards, including NARI Remodeler of the Year in 2014. The company was also the NARI CotY National Winner in 2015, included in Remodeling Magazine’s Big 50, and has won Chrysalis awards.

Total Home specializes in contemporary and mid-century contemporary design. In a featured work, the company completed a clean, modern kitchen and living space remodel. The space uses neutral tones and light shades of brown, which produce a sleek yet comfortable atmosphere. The home’s open layout also adds to the modern and dynamic character, as the kitchen connects seamlessly to the dining and living area.

1) Reed Fuller Construction

14636 S Halsey St., Olathe, KS 66062

Reed Fuller Construction has been serving Kansas City and the surrounding areas for over 35 years. The company’s namesake and founder started working in the industry at the age of 18. Fuller’s expertise and familiarity with the area is displayed through the high number of awards he has acquired; the firm has been hailed as the Gold Remodeler of the Year and Judges’ Pick by Kansas City Home & Garden.

Fuller focuses on Craftsman design, often channeling a rustic aesthetic and vintage design elements. In a featured work, the company remodeled a living room with maximized ventilation and natural light. The area combines warm colors and Earth tones. Shades of vermillion and orange contribute to a bold and stylish atmosphere that is complemented by the warmth and comfort of the brown colors.

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