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Hialeah is known as the City of Progress for its contributions to the region’s “Spanglish-speaking” culture—a blend of traditional Americana values with Spanish heritage. The town is located in Miami-Dade County and deemed the sixth largest community in the state, more than 94 percent of which is made up of Hispanics. The structural landscape reflects the predominantly Latin influence, visible in residential properties and commercial facilities. The suburban locale is a good spot to set roots with its thriving business market and a lively cultural scene. 

For Hialeah residents interested in building a new home or remodeling their current home, the following list ranks the best general contractors in the Hialeah area. The companies were selected as a result of extensive research that factored in several key criteria. These variables include each firm’s history, portfolio strength, principle background, awards and accreditations, and client reviews, among others. The studios included work mostly on residential sectors, save for a few that also provide commercial and light commercial services within the territory.


Caribbean Building Corp.

10950 NW 138th St. 6, Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018

Caribbean Building Corp. has become synonymous with high project standards during its decade-long industry tenure. Based in Hialeah Gardens, the builder earned local prominence for its strong work in general contracting, construction, and remodeling markets. The company uses innovative technology to consistently deliver top-grade results. Its team is headed by Raul Hernandez, a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of field expertise. He leads a roster of trusted builders and developers committed to excellence in the field. All facets of construction are handled proficiently from the planning stages through the post-building phase, and a collaborative environment allows full client support at any point in the process. 

Aside from its base city, the firm also serves the surrounding Monroe, Broadway, and Miami-Dade counties. Other expertise offered includes foundation and wall construction and shell contracting services.

The general contractor has an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial work that includes high-end homes, upscale townhouses, and towering business facilities. The featured project is a sample of its handiwork—a two-story abode with a minimalist aesthetic that exudes simplicity and modern beauty. Eco-friendly methods are integrated into the team’s work, as well as innovative techniques that provide environmentally responsible and energy-efficient structures to residents of the area. 

Dream Team Renovations

18845 NW 64 CT, Hialeah, FL 33015

Dream Team Renovations is a quality-driven outfit with a focus on home improvements and residential projects. It is fresh on the scene—established in 2019—though it is quick to carve its niche within the area’s building landscape. An innovative approach ensures that every work completed is functional and stylish to fit modern standards. Homeowners are also integrated into the process to allow seamless input throughout the duration of the project. These methods in the field have earned positive client commendations that cite the builder’s efficiency and craftsmanship as some of the company’s strong points. A solid network of repeat clients has also remained consistent project providers, a testament to the firm’s interpersonal bonds.

The local firm excels in the renovation and remodeling of kitchen and bath projects. These jobs are carried out by a team of seasoned professionals who strive to deliver the best output possible with every project on their slate. As illustrated in the featured bathroom remodel, raw materials are used to their full potential to maximize costs, and projects are completed strictly on time and on budget. Other services offered include floor installation, replacement, and repair; deck services; carpentry; concrete work; and more. All projects come fully licensed with a year-long warranty, with discounts available to military and senior clients.

Home Interior Services

1690 West 38th Place Suite B-1, Hialeah, FL 33012

Home Interior Services is a south Florida general contractor that upholds quality and fair pricing in all aspects of its work. The company operates in Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach counties. Whether it’s architectural floor plans and flooring installations or brownstone and townhouse renovations and kitchen and bathroom design services, the same level of dedication is displayed no matter the size of the project. 

Julian Betancourt leads a certified crew who are committed to work and service excellence, each one well-versed in the industry’s specifications with solid passion in their craft. A client-driven process places customer satisfaction at the end of its project chain, and every decision in the field is at the service of this goal. Testimonials from former clientele praise the professionalism and expertise of the Home Interior Services team. Reviews also cite the proactiveness and ease of communication, as well as the positive experience provided as some of the firm’s standout attributes.

Key services involve new construction, remodeling, and flooring in the residential, condominium, and commercial markets. A showcase of the builder’s work is the featured living room project, which exudes sleek interiors that pop thanks to upscale material selection, strategic layout, and contemporary design elements. Projects are delivered fully licensed and insured for the property owner’s convenience.

HOP Contracting Inc.

10840 NW 138th St. Suite 1, Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018

Established in 2015, HOP Contracting Inc. rose to regional renown through its masterful use of cutting-edge technology. Its deep portfolio of projects displays an affinity for contemporary aesthetics, reflected in the prominence of futuristic light fixtures and minimalist exterior hues. Headed by Hendrys O. Perez, its team is attuned to the industry’s ever-evolving methodology when it comes to building and design, all equipped with more than 10 years of experience in construction and management. The certified crew strives to deliver up-to-date service that not only provides functional elements to every residential space, but also adds a touch of modern aesthetic appeal to make living both stylish and comfortable.

Five core services that prop up its operations include remodeling, construction, smart homes, metal and design, and industrial fabrication. The remodeling facet of its work is focused on improving existing baths, kitchens, and landscaping components of a residential property. Construction of ground-up structures involves complex measures that include surveying, soil preparation, and electrical systems. Smart homes offer a full showcase of the firm’s technological strengths, as it uses high-tech systems that range from surveillance cameras and access controls to light and energy management. Metal and design include welding custom metalwork like gates and ornamental designs while industrial fabrication is a department for non-residential industries like highway safety systems and modular home design.

Miami Fresh Renovations

501 E 33rd St., Hialeah, FL 33013

Miami Fresh Renovations is a full-service practice with a solid grasp of remodeling and renovation work. The Florida firm operates in Hialeah and the Greater Miami-Dade areas, where it earned a solid reputation as one of the top firms in residential and commercial markets. Its residential expertise includes home, kitchen, and bath remodeling, as well as exterior projects such as decks and driveways. The commercial department covers office renovations, build-outs, and warehouse improvements. With Owner Willim Perez-Borroto at the helm, quality materials, top-notch service, and fair pricing are ensured for long-lasting projects that deliver customer satisfaction. Customers are guided in all stages of the project for a collaborative approach, and meticulous attention to detail is practiced to guarantee optimal output.

Perez-Borroto is a seasoned general contractor with an extensive background and a masters degree in construction management. The industry stalwart has completed more than $70 million worth of managing construction and renovation projects that cover custom homes, condominium units, office buildings, and community clubhouses—an impressive feat that proves his worth as one of the firm’s greatest assets. His remarkable resume is backed by Perez-Borroto’s communication savvy and strong interpersonal relations, which have expanded the company’s network of clients through organic referrals and recommendations from former patrons.

Miami Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

3401 NE 1st Ave. #916 Miami, FL 33137

Miami Kitchen and Bath Remodeling is a studio deemed among the top design-build firms in its namesake city. Integral to its identity are values of quality, integrity, and fine craftsmanship. These principles have shaped the firm’s process from inception to completion, complemented by a strong focus on client service and satisfaction. Under the leadership of Adam Mansfield, a roster of talented craftspeople powers the company’s day-to-day operations. This veteran crew comprises seasoned designers and design-build contractors who handle every aspect of the job from permitting and planning to design and construction. Crafting top-grade structures that meet the owner’s vision is consistently met through an efficient process that follows strict cost and schedule compliance.

Every project undergoes a three-phase process that encompasses the entire project scope. Design is the initial step when the in-house designer collaborates with the client to create a mock-up of the structure and covers the property measurement, budgeting, and aesthetic planning. The second phase is the material selection, which allocates extensive focus on sourcing the best cabinetry, appliances, and fixtures for any given space. Last, the renovation and installation stage makes use of all the preparation to bring blueprints to life. This streamlined course has molded a strong portfolio of stunning homes and interior spaces, which includes the elegant living room featured with this piece.

Ozzy’s Golden Construction

1441 E 8th Ct., Hialeah, FL 33010

Ozzy’s Golden Construction is a full-service general contractor that operates in residential and commercial markets. The company is a trusted name in the southeast Florida domain, even ranked as one of the top three home builders in the Hialeah region. Its reputation as a reliable builder can be attributed to eponymous owner Osvaldo “Ozzy” Graveran, who wields vast knowledge in the construction and engineering industry, bolstered by business-management expertise and a solid commitment to high-quality service.

Over the course of 25 years, the general contracting studio has built an extensive portfolio with both small- and large-scale projects. This building selection ranges from quaint suburban properties to large commercial facilities, with cost values that vary between $100k to a $100 million spectrum. Projects include new additions, renovations, and additions, completed on time and on schedule by an efficient team of certified professionals. A sample of its work is the featured residential project, finished with finesse by the Ozzy construction team. The stylish two-story home reflects a contemporary aesthetic with a one-car garage as part of the extended house.

Saad Remodeling

18191 NW 68 Ave. Ste #104, Hialeah, FL 33015

Since its establishment in 1980, the firm of Saad Remodeling and Custom Home Builders consistently strives to bring every client’s dream home to reality. The Florida-based company specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling and home additions. It is helmed by 30-year veteran Angel Saad, whose expertise lies in residential and commercial construction. 

Saad Remodeling and Custom Home Builders is an affiliate of the Gold Coast Builders Association (GCBA) and the Greater Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce. The builder only works on a few projects at a time to allow full commitment to each project, which ensures quality work and total availability to the client. Property owners are provided with laser-focused attention from the initial phases until the structure’s completion. The team’s ability to provide a positive building experience has earned commendations from former clients, who’ve praised the promptness and professionalism of the staff.

The industry stalwart flaunts an expansive resume with more than 200 luxury custom homes built within the Broward and Miami-Dade areas. A signature style is noticeable in his body of residential work, one that echoes a timeless aesthetic with a few touches of modern design. The featured project reflects this visual panache, a faint elegance that shines through the minimalist exterior of the estate.

Source Remodeling

7415 W 33rd Ln., Hialeah, FL 33018

For more than 25 years, Source Remodeling has maintained a reputation as a company committed to quality service. This discipline is weaved into the core of the South Florida studio, a trait that extends to its talented roster of industry specialists. Headed by the team of Jorge, Jorge L., and Alejandro Rodriguez, the builder’s roster is filled with like-minded experts who strive to provide innovative solutions through smooth collaboration. These seasoned professionals offer diverse skill sets that range from project management and plumbing to carpentry and painting.

As its name implies, it is a practice that excels in residential and commercial remodeling, as well as general contracting services. Its residential remodeling work encompasses bathroom projects and full-house makeovers. The home crafting process upholds function and beauty, with a goal to provide a comfortable living environment that fits the owner’s lifestyle and vision. The scope of its commercial work covers office facilities and retail establishments, among others. These specialized spaces are designed for optimal business efficiency, augmented with modern amenities for the convenience of the employees. Its general contracting expertise is available for structures both big and small. 

As evident in the featured remodel, meticulous attention to detail is observed no matter the project size, ensuring top-notch output at the end of the process.

Top Choice Renovations

455 W 28th St., Hialeah, FL 33010

Top Choice Renovations’ over three-decade industry tenure has sharpened its craft, raising its profile as one of Hialeah’s best firms. Its operations are helmed by Sebastian Tarallo who oversees projects in residential and commercial markets within the Florida region. The family-owned practice is known for its superior quality, its body of work reflective of its moniker. Its core services include general contracting, additions, repairs, and renovations for homes, kitchens, and baths. The company prioritizes client satisfaction in every project, as well as functionality and style aesthetic. Solid interpersonal bonds have earned not only rave reviews from former clientele, but also a steady network of repeat customers loyal to the builder.

The firm’s esteemed staff is filled with field experts with extensive knowledge and high craftsmanship. These professionals deliver personalized service to fit a client’s budget and lifestyle and are always open to communication and owner input. Careful attention to detail guarantees buildings of the utmost quality that carries a long-lasting foundation and a remarkable style. This structural and visual caliber comes at economical costs, therefore, no surprise fees will pop up at the end of the process. Projects are also completed on time and on budget and fully licensed, insured, and bonded for the property owner’s convenience.