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Located just off the Ohio River, Cincinnati is perhaps best known for its distinctly 19th-century architecture, cultural hubs, and various museums. We decided to showcase the city’s best commercial contractors—the firms behind some of its most recognizable spaces. These companies have worked with countless household brands, and they each have a distinct range of services. Our editorial team chose them for their multiple distinctions, backgrounds, and experience. 

Pepper Construction

4350 Glendale-Milford Road, Suite 160, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Pepper Construction operates out of several offices in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin and provides clients a century’s worth of industry experience. The firm offers a comprehensive range of commercial general contracting services and is manned by a talented team of professionals. It can take on projects regardless of scale or complexity, and its portfolio is filled with K-12 facilities, civic and cultural centers, corporate offices, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and entertainment spaces.

Located in Cincinnati, the featured project spans over 28,000 square feet. It was completed in collaboration with the professionals over at Structure Tone and Gensler. It entailed having to work on its extensive renovation, open-office concept, several high-end finishes, and raised flooring. The Pepper team also reworked its demountable walls and installed custom ceilings. 

HGC Construction

2814 Stanton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45206

Founded in 1931, HGC Construction offers its clients a complete and comprehensive range of commercial general contracting services. The firm is proud to be a member of the Huseman Group Company, which includes the brands SSRG, Stanton Millworks, Stewart Iron Works, and Trade31. Since its inception, the company has grown to become a team of over 300 field and office personnel with a wide variety of skills. 

Located on the first floor of The Kinley, this photo features the firm’s work for the Khora Restaurant. Both Vogue and Food and Wine placed this destination on their respective lists of most-anticipated American restaurants. It features an excellent modern design, high ceilings, light oak, and excellent natural lighting. 

Oswald Company

308 E 8th Street, Suite 500, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Oswald Company is the product of the vision of its founder and namesake, Ken Oswald. He founded the firm back in 1991 and has since secured a solid reputation for being a leader in the construction, concrete, and real estate markets. Its services also include preconstruction. The firm is also a leading expert in the design-build process, which allows it to keep the entire process in-house. Its portfolio also depicts an excellent range of corporate, commercial, healthcare, industrial, multi-family, and industrial projects. Featured below is one of the firm’s best. 

This project was completed for Planet Fitness. It was designed and constructed in collaboration with the professionals at MT Studio and spans around 31,000 square feet. Oswald partnered with Planet Fitness to construct several of its facilities across the midwest. Each facility is designed to house 120 pieces of cardio equipment, spa-inspired changing and locker areas, tanning areas, as well as an extensive training space. 

ML Barnard

3229 Omni Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45245

ML Barnard has been in business since 1992. It extends its services throughout the Tristate area and specializes in every aspect of the commercial construction industry. The firm is composed of a talented and experienced staff of professionals and has worked with some of the area’s best and leading architects, contractors, and designers. Together they make use of a highly comprehensive and hands-on approach that prioritizes the elimination of common design and construction errors during the process. As a result, the firm has secured an excellent reputation for itself over the years. 

Depicted above is one of the company’s best. Located in Blue Ash, Ohio, the construction of Metalex Exterior involves phases that included a 150-ton overhead crane and foundation for a 13 meters vertical turning lathe machine. The HVAC had to be designed for +/- 5-degree Fahrenheit to assure the tolerance required.

Turnbull-Wahlert Construction, Inc.

5533 Fair Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45227

Turnbull-Wahlert Construction is a privately owned commercial construction that operates out of its office in Cincinnati. It has been in business since 1995. It expanded back in 2003 and now offers a great range of construction management, general construction, bid-spec, and design-build packages. The firm prides itself on having an over 60% repeat clientele rate, and it has had the opportunity to work on countless local businesses, schools, medical facilities, major retail stores, and various Fortune 500 companies. 

Each of the firm’s projects is assigned its own team of architects, preconstruction builders, engineers, and subcontractors. The firm’s packages encompass everything including cost monitoring and control, schedule development, and subcontractor management. It also works on field engineering, project accounting, and site assurance. 

Cintech Construction

4865 Duck Creek Road, Cincinnati, OH 45227

With over four decades of industry experience, Cintech Construction extends its services throughout the Tristate areas of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. It has had the opportunity to work in some of the area’s most sought-after commercial districts and is known for its excellent construction management, general construction, and design-build services. The firm’s portfolio depicts a great range of assisted living, multi-family, and corporate offices. The firm has also worked on various industrial, warehouse, retail, automotive, banking, education, and restaurant projects. 

Located in Cincinnati, this featured project spans over 58,910 square feet and was designed by the professionals of KZF Design. The structure is the first LEED Gold-certified building for the City of Cincinnati.  As of 2017, the building still ranks as the 9th greenest building within the Tri-State. Some of its best elements include the vegetated roof, its solar panels, and its great lighting. 

Fiorilli Construction

1247 Medina Road, Medina, OH 44256

Fiorilli Construction operates out of its office in Medina and specializes in a wide range of general contracting work. Its portfolio also depicts countless spaces completed for a variety of markets. These include retail, multi-housing, restaurant, healthcare, commercial, and educational projects. The company maintains affiliations with some of the industry’s most vital organizations, including the US Green Building Council, assuring clients that all of its projects are highly sustainable and energy-efficient. 

The project above best embodies the firm’s talent and expertise. Completed for the Pizzeria Locale, this project entailed having to work on an extensive interior remodel. Located in Cincinnati, the firm was assisted by the professionals at FRCH Architecture. 

Graybach, LLC

2416 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45214

Graybach has been in business since 2007 and operates out of its office in Cincinnati. The firm offers a complete range of commercial general contracting services and has served both private and public markets throughout Cincinnati and the areas surrounding it. At the firm’s helm are its owners, Pete Subach and Tyson Grace. Subach maintains a highly hands-on approach and is experienced in every aspect of the entire process, from development to project management and finishing touches. He first gained experience managing large construction projects for management companies like Cleveland Construction and Sigma Capital. Grace, on the other hand, oversees the firm’s accounting, finance, and asset management branches.

The project above is an excellent example of the firm’s best work. Located in Cincinnati, this space was finished for Heist + Co. back in December of 2019. The firm’s team was tasked with Heist’s extensive renovation of what was formerly an old First National Bank building in downtown Harrison. The firm opted to preserve several original elements, including the brick walls and wrought iron. 

BHI General Contracting

5260 S Gilmore Road, Fairfield, OH 45014

Operating out of its office in Fairfield, BHI General Contracting provides its clients an excellent range of ground-up construction, tenant finishes, renovations, and development services. Since its inception, the firm has built a stellar portfolio for itself. These include spaces completed for the restaurant, retail, automotive, and healthcare projects. It has also taken on several office and industrial spaces. The firm draws inspiration from over two decades of industry experience and can take on projects regardless of scale or complexity. The firm has had the opportunity to work with various great brands, including Wing Stop, Dairy Queen, and Swarovski. 

The firm is personally led by its CEO, Jim Mitchell. He draws inspiration from over 40 years of industry experience. Jim’s sons, Luke and Brad Mitchell, joined him as the president and vice-president of Construction respectively. Despite the firm’s growth, clients can be assured that Mitchell still takes the time to meet with them himself. Under his leadership, the company has become noted for completing all of its spaces on time and within the agreed-upon budget. 

TriVersity Construction

5050 Section Avenue, Suite 330, Cincinnati, OH 45212

Otherwise known as TVC, TriVersity Construction is a full-range commercial general contracting firm. The firm extends its services throughout Cincinnati and maintains a highly hands-on approach throughout the entire process. It makes use of only the best and latest industry techniques, which allows for little to almost no major revisions throughout the entire process. Since its inception, the firm has won various impressive distinctions. Most recently, the firm was recognized on the 2020 Deloitte Cincinnati USA 100 list for the fourth year in a row. 


This project, one of TriVersity’s best, was designed and constructed for Tokyo Kitty in Cincinnati. It was completed within a four-month timeframe and spans about 4,200 square feet. The space contains the country’s very first robotic bartender. The firm’s team was tasked with the complete interior fit-out from a white box shell space to the karaoke bar. 

Terrex Development & Construction

3200 Madison Road, Suite 2B,  Cincinnati, OH 45209

As its name suggests, Terrex offers its clients a great range of commercial development and construction services. The firm is well-known for its excellent consultative work, and it has had the opportunity to work all across the greater Cincinnati area and beyond. The firm’s team provides its clients with innovative and budget-oriented solutions. Its comprehensive work includes investment analysis, land acquisition, incentive negotiations, design services, building construction, renovation, and assistance in project financing. In terms of design, its portfolio showcases an excellent gallery of modern and traditionally inspired spaces.

Showcased above is the firm’s work for the Links Unlimited HQ building. The new structure sits on a 11.5 acre urban site Cincinnati’s Bond Hill neighborhood. The project itself spans over 180,000 square feet (30,000 SF office/150,000 SF warehouse) and accommodates over 100 employees.

Megen Construction

11130 Ashburn Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240

With over three decades of industry experience, Megen Construction has worked on projects worth over $2.5B. It has taken on projects across the United States and has an impressive portfolio composed of educational, governmental, healthcare, and various special projects to show for it. The firm has an impressive 80% repeat clientele rate, and it has won several awards throughout the years. These awards include the 2018 Adaptive Reuse Award from the Cincinnati Preservation Association and the 2018 Safety Award from the Allied Construction Industries, Tri-State Area Safety Council. 

The photo above showcases the firm’s work for the Macy’s Headquarters renovation. Located in Cincinnati, this project spans over 233,000 square feet. It was completed in collaboration with Hixson, with the Megen team working as the project’s construction manager.