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Situated in Montana’s Northern Rockies, Missoula is a quickly-growing city that is home to an endless array of attractions and beautiful landscapes. The city has steadily developed into a regional retail and culinary destination with three separate shopping areas and a diverse selection of restaurants, cafés, and breweries. It has small-town values and big-city conveniences. With the right architect, it can be the perfect place to grow a business. 

The below list includes the best commercial architects in Missoula, Montana, to assist enterprises seeking to grow their consumer base and sales profit in the area. These architects were carefully selected based on their credentials, work history, years in the business, relevant projects, and awards won in recent years.

Cushing Terrell

306 W. Railroad St., Ste. 104, Missoula, MT 59802

Cushing Terrell understands that steady, consistent actions toward a better future are necessary to effect positive change. That’s why the firm concentrates on its strong connection to Missoula, providing comprehensive services and designs to the city for more than eight decades. Established in 1938, the firm has served as one of Missoula’s most inventive, accomplished, and considerate pioneers in creative design solutions. With its strong roots in the American West and amid mountscapes, it defines the natural beauty in the built environment through sustainable and creative methods. 

Principal architect David Mitchell helps spearhead the firm and has been a long-time architect, driven by his ambition to grow. David has been Cushing Terrell’s architect for more than three decades and currently heads its government design team. His expertise in project management and construction administration has allowed him to help propel the firm to success through effective communication, planning, and quality assurance. 

The firm has consistently been hired to work on various commercial and government projects in recent years. Its design professionals have adapted to the new standard and devised solutions and recommendations for improving business operations and surroundings to keep up with the demand. A notable example of this is the Stockman Bank Six-Story Tower in Missoula.

The bank has a total area of 67,753 square feet with an adjacent parking structure and six stories. Outdoor terraces are located on the top three floors of the structure, with a sixth-floor roof garden including flora and trees. The rooftop, which has magnificent views of Missoula and the neighboring hills, is utilized for conferences, entertainment, and community events. This is Stockman Bank’s most energy-efficient facility, having just received LEED v4 Platinum certification. The bank accomplishes nearly a seventy percent reduction in water usage due to an inventive on-site rainwater storage system. The project was awarded the USGBC Mountain West Leadership Award in 2019.

In2itive Architecture

In2itive Architecture, LLC, 127 E Main St, Suite 302, Missoula, MT 59802

In 2008, In2itive Architecture was formed with the goal of pushing the boundaries of design and elevating the human experience in the built environment. The Missoula-based architecture firm aims to take a client’s idea and bring it to life, resulting in exceptional outcomes that promote awareness of human connection with its environment. Marie Wilson is the firm’s president and acts as a source of vision and leadership for the firm’s specialized team. Marie is a member of the AIA with certifications from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and LEED AP BD+C. Along with her team of architects, she has established a fundamental philosophy of simplicity and inclusion, resulting in a cohesive unit. 

In2itive Architecture has a portfolio that contains several projects it has worked on over the past thirteen years. A notable project is the Consumer Direct Care Network building. The firm helped the clientele expand its industry to Missoula Montana by designing its next facility. This building is a vast, geometric structure with a navy blue exterior color scheme that provides a relaxing atmosphere for guests. It also has open spaces outside for people to enjoy the view of the Montana skyline.

JCM Architecture

JCM Architecture, 319 W. Pine – Suite A, Missoula, MT 59802

With a history of almost three decades, JCM Architecture has had ample time and opportunities to establish itself as a pioneer in the industry that exemplifies strict professionalism and diverse expertise. Although it is mainly situated in Missoula, Montana, the firm also works for clients over the entire United States of America, demonstrating that clients from multiple areas and states are loyal to the firm for its outstanding performance. Its services range from planning to facility manufacturing, and it employs its extensive experience to  improve the construction process for contractors.

At the forefront of the firm is Jeff C. Maphis, the principal architect and founder. He graduated and earned his degree in architecture in 1983. Since then, he has focused on developing his architectural skills. He worked in two local firms for seven years, then established his firm, JCM Architecture. Bringing his extensive skill set, he continued his pursuit of exceptional architecture for almost four decades. His communicative and attentive ethics prove vital to the firm’s architectural planning with clients. 

A prime example of the firm’s excellent services is H&M Southgate Mall. The structure of the establishment was designed to be rectangular for economical and compact purposes. The shape of the building gives customers a more direct experience in their shopping journey. The design also features the symbolic white-and-red color scheme of the H&M brand and other modern finishing touches for design standards.


1605 Stephens Ave, Missoula, MT 59801, USA

GAVIN-hanks is committed to providing projects that reflect its users while strengthening communities. Each day, it works to become the best architecture in the area and to solve its clients’ challenges. 

In eight years, the firm has already displayed impressive feats and its commitment to its clients through its exceptional projects. As a result, it has earned multiple awards over those eight years, such as the Best General Contractor (2017 & 2018) from Missoula Independent. It has also been certified by AIA. 

Fuel Fitness is one of the firm’s commercial projects within the local area. The firm provided a fitness center that has wide spaces for each user’s endeavors. It has the complete, appropriate equipment and facilities to help support and accommodate the customers. It was also designed to be accessible so customers could freely move without interrupting others.

Inkstone Architecture

Inkstone Architecture, 259 W Front St Ste 5, Missoula, MT 59802

As an architectural firm with over twenty years of service and experience in the Missoula area, Inkstone Architecture has proven its ability to consistently meet its clients’ needs. It has also demonstrated its skill for managing different projects with varying problems. The firm does this by offering its clients the complete set of architectural services, from which they can choose freely.

John R. Paoli, AIA leads the firm as owner and principal architect. He brings over a decade of experience to the firm, having worked at multiple architectural firms in New York City. Through this labor, he has expanded his knowledge base and honed his craft in architecture. After a while, he decided to open a practice in Connecticut, then relocated his practice to Missoula through his now-thriving firm. As he worked on three locations, his firm also has the proper licenses and the styles and experiences from these same areas. 

The firm is now accredited with LEED, NCARB, and CSBA and has worked on multiple projects presented in its portfolio. Among those commercial projects lies a notable example, Commercial Renovation. From initially a railroad transfer dock, the firm was able to renovate the property into a work-friendly and relaxing office for its users. Despite changing the use of the building, the firm decided to retain some of its original designs and aspects to show authenticity and timelessness. Some features include enclosing the dock bays and redesigning the interior to provide an open, classy office.

DVG Architecture & Planning

111 North Higgins Ave., Suite 420, Missoula, MT 59802

DVG Architecture & Planning P.C. is a dedicated architectural firm that designs exceptional spaces for the community it thrives in. It offers its clients well-rounded design solutions for their architectural needs, completing commercial, residential, and other sustainable projects. The firm assures its clients that it can be trusted as it supervises the entire architectural process from start to finish.

For two decades, the firm has maintained its commitment to clients throughout Missoula, Montana. It has earned respect and official certifications from associations such as USGBC. It has also amassed various awards, including the Missoula Historic Preservation Awards.

Featured above is one of the firm’s best commercial projects, the Toole Crossing. The firm managed this historic facility, creating 23 new high end residential and 15,000 square feet of commercial space, an area that could house hundreds and variety of tenants.


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