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One of the most vital rooms in any home is the bathroom. It’s a place for privacy, relaxation, and acts as a sanctuary for many people. After a long day, many just wish to be able to take a nice hot shower or relax in a bathtub. But it’s not always about having nice shower booths and bathtubs. The ambiance and overall design can affect a person’s mood, which is where firms meticulously design the furniture and decoration to create a perfect environment for its clients. Some of these would be candles, plants, full-body mirrors, etc. The goal is to create that safe space that most people crave in their homes.

This list compiles the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Long Beach, California. We took into consideration the accreditations, certifications, experience, and how long the firm has been in the industry.


California Home Builders & Remodeling Inc.

3430 Wrightwood Dr. Studio City, CA 91604

Founded in 2001, Yaorn Schweiger and the team serves the majority of the California area. It creates, updates, and innovates different styles of bathrooms from contemporary, modern, and traditional. It has completed several projects other than bathrooms like kitchens, addition/extensions, windows, flooring, and exterior design. It has also done projects for office buildings and starter studios.

A project the firm recently completed is this elegant modern bathroom in Calabasas, California. The bathroom is beautifully designed with the marble flooring and countertops. The window placed by the bathtub is an elegant addition. It allows a person to just relax and de-stress, and what better way than to have a nice view of the outdoors. The sink has several drawers fit for different utilities like a hairdryer, towels, and other miscellaneous items. The cabinetry is the typical white color that complements the overall design of the bathroom. This bathroom remodel has a price range of $50k-$75k, and the firm outdid itself with how lavish and stunning the bathroom looks.

Creative Innovation Developers Inc.

1812 W Burbank Blvd. Suite #1032, Burbank, CA 91506

Founded in 2010, Bed Edri holds the firm to a high standard, which allowed it to rise to a five-star rating. The firm creates modern, contemporary, and traditional style bathrooms and offers other services, such as kitchen remodeling, room additions/extensions, and general contracting. One thing of note is that the firm uses 3D models when discussing projects with its clients. The 3D models allow both sides to have a better visualization of the project, and from there, the clients can make the necessary adjustments to create the best possible results.

A recent project the firm completed is this modern bathroom featured here. Right away, you can see it includes both a shower booth and a bathtub. The shower booth has a wooden flooring design instead of marble or cement. It’s a nice touch that gives a Zen or tranquil vibe. For the bathtub, it’s not a usual tub, but instead is placed in the floor. Bathtubs like these are not seen quite often. This is quite a uniquely designed tub that sets the person on ground-level, offering an even more relaxing environment. What’s great about this structure is how a bath plank or table is not necessary. Being on the ground-level allows anyone to place items beside them, such as books, drinks, or candles, which adds a very calm environment. It’s one of the more distinctively designed bathrooms and has an incredibly lavish and laid-back atmosphere.

Eco Renovate Pros

3636 Atlantic Ave. Suite #227, Long Beach, CA 90807

Eli Nodel founded very recently in 2019. Prior to founding Eco Renovate Pros, he worked for different top firms in the industry. He also has an extensive background in project management, which he incorporates into the firm with the similar core principles that he has learned. The firm provides contemporary and modern designed bathrooms and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

This modern bathroom in Calabasas, California, is one of the best the firm has completed. It has a very bright aesthetic with beautiful white cabinetry and marble flooring. The bathroom has both a shower booth and bathtub located by a window that gives a nice relaxing view of the outside. The bathtub is a place where people sit and just relax. Providing a pleasant view helps with the relaxation that will rejuvenate anyone. Everything inside the bathroom contributes to a room where anyone can relax and re-energize themselves. It creates a calm and tranquil environment that will help anyone.

Green Renovation Group Inc.

18340 Ventura Blvd. Suite #223, Tarzana, CA 91356

The firm was founded in 1981, with Jessica Peter being the current manager of the firm. Her family has a long history of builders, so she decided to continue with the business that she grew up with. The firm has been serving the greater Los Angeles area for nearly 40 years and is still providing contemporary, modern, high-end projects. It has accreditations from different organizations like the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI), National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), and the BBB.

A recent project the firm completed is this beautiful contemporary bathroom. One thing to note is just how much space there is. Both the shower booth and bathtub are on one side, while the sink and cabinetry or on the other. The balcony area is also a unique addition to the bathroom. A typical bathroom is accessed through a bedroom or by the living room, but having another bathroom entrance, especially coming from the outside, is relatively unique. It’s a great way to unwind, especially when combined with a shower. The bathroom should be a private place to relax and de-stress, and the overall design allows for a very tranquil environment.

Kyra Construction

15101 Magnolia Blvd. Suite #G4, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Kyra Construction is a family-owned firm established in 2019. Although the firm is relatively new, it has completed several beautiful projects ranging from bathroom and kitchen remodels, additions and extensions, and hardscape design. The firm allows its clients to visualize what kind of bathroom they want and, at the same time, offers the latest styles and designs to incorporate into the project. It also has an accreditation from the BBB.

This modern bathroom project in Sherman Oaks, California, is one of the firm’s best. The sink is elegantly designed with black cabinetry and a traditional looking mirror. The shower has a relatively unique structure where two large panels cover the booth. This type of structure is also being used in different styles and has become quite a trend for people to want this design type. The color palette adds to the modern vibe it gives while also offering a traditional aesthetic. The white brick wall design in the shower booth and the scale-designed floor pattern is a unique touch. The furniture and design is a nice complement that creates a unique ambiance for the room.

Liebo Builders

12149 Burbank Blvd. Suite #4, Valley Village, CA 91607

Liebo Builders is a family-owned firm established in 2008. Joe Liebowitz started the business after being in the real estate development industry. Liebo aims to provide different remodeling projects from bathrooms, kitchens, room additions, and even exterior projects like patios and decks. The firm also includes an in-house team of craftsmen from plumbing, carpentry, tiling, and carpentry work. The firm has completed multiple bathroom projects with the understanding that it’s a vital part of the house where people spend some time relaxing and feeling comfortable.

This complete remodeled bathroom is a beautiful contemporary bathroom the firm recently finished. The bathroom is split into two rooms, one for taking a bath and the other for freshening up. This is not a typical structure for a bathroom, but it does give even more privacy for the person. Having that extra privacy really helps people to unwind and de-stress. The initial room in the bathroom is beautifully decorated with mahogany cabinetry and traditional lamps. This initial room has a different wall design from the second room, offering a straight white design, while the second room is designed with a gray wall design. The surroundings affect the kind of environment the room will have. If a place is meant for relaxing, you would want it to be like the second room. It gives off a calm and comfortable environment vibe that helps set the mood for de-stressing.

Pacific Coast Custom Design

10545 Ellis Ave., Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Pacific Coast Custom Design is a family-owned firm established in 1987. It creates traditional and contemporary style projects for most of the Southern California areas. Having been in the industry for almost three decades, the firm has nearly 100 projects completed and continues to take on different tasks. The NKBA also accredits the firm. Although it’s a general contracting firm, it specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

A notable project the firm completed is this contemporary bathroom in Huntington Beach, California. The bathroom has a solid color palette of white and gray that complements the Carrara marble and white subway tile. The ambiance has a fresh and calm feeling that the client was hoping for. Another asset is how well the space is used for the shower booth and bathtub. It somehow connects the two and divides it with the glass divider. The end of the tub also acts as a bench for the person to sit. There are times when simple designs and patterns can create a lovely environment, and this is an example of that.

Romano Builders, Inc.

6308 Woodman Ave. Valley Glen, CA 91401

Founded in 2001, Lori and Eli Romano both have more than 15 years of experience and have led the firm to accreditations from the BBB and NARI. It also received certifications from Ygrene and HERO. The firm is a family-owned and full-service-operated company with many years of experience serving the L.A. area and other parts of California. It has completed several projects from room additions to patios, but mainly focuses on bathroom and kitchen remodeling. 

This contemporary designed bathroom is one of the best the firm has done. Instead of having one large sink area, the firm split it into two, putting one on each side of the room. It allows for a more organized setting for each person to place their items, which avoids confusion. And in the center is the bathtub, which has a very inviting vibe. There is something about the main furniture in the room being placed in the middle. The bathroom is meant for taking showers/baths, and when it is placed in the middle, it’s almost as if it’s inviting you towards it. A typical setting would have the tub placed on the room’s side, but the firm did an excellent job of making the space more attractive and inviting.

So Cal Builders & Design

15335 Morrison St. Suite #375, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

John Thomson founded the firm in 1982. So Cal Builders goes through every step of the project from start to finish. It emphasizes communication between teams, which creates for a more effective and efficient process. The firm provides everything from lighting, plumbing, painting, and even has its own masonry service. It only uses the most up-to-date methods, which helps in creating the best results for its clients. The firm understands that the bathroom is a room where you start and end your day in, so making it as comfortable as possible is a key factor.

This bathroom addition in the Crawford Residence is a project that the firm recently completed. It has everything from a rain shower booth, bathtub, and even a sauna. The sauna is a massive addition to the room. It’s quite rare for a bathroom to be able to accommodate a sauna with the space for a bathroom, but the firm was able to execute the project beautifully and efficiently. The sauna adds to the relaxed and comfortable environment the firm emphasizes. It’s a place to de-stress and pamper yourself, so having an addition such as the sauna is an excellent way to provide extra comfort.

South Coast Woodworks

15661 Producer Ln. Suite A, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

David Michael Branch founded the firm in 1995. The firm has completed contemporary, modern, and high-end designed projects and currently has an accreditation from the BBB and was featured in publications such as Orange County Living and Coastal Home magazines. Many of the firm’s projects have a bright aesthetic and relaxed ambiance. It uses different styles of furniture ranging from luxurious wine cabinets, high-end chandeliers and lots of artworks. The firm also uses smaller furniture well, such as plants, vases, and other miscellaneous items. In every project, each space is used to its potential, which creates a very cozy environment. 

The firm recently completed this beautiful contemporary bathroom. The bathroom is very spacious, with two sinks and an open counter in the middle for anybody to fix themselves. A seat can even be placed in front to allow for a relaxed pace. It is beautifully paired with gray cabinetry that compliments the aesthetic of the room. The bathtub has a bath plank, which adds to the de-stressing process with small furniture such as candles, plants, and a bookstand. It helps when there is another place to unwind, aside from the typical areas such as the living room and bedroom. The bathroom can also be a vital place for a person to recharge, and creating a comfortable environment helps with that process.

Treeium Inc.

5352 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Suite #200, Valley Village, CA 91607

Treeium Inc. was founded in 1991 by Moty Gonsburg. Moty earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in Argentina and would later immigrate to the U.S. and work for JMR Electronics. He would later earn a promotion to become the president, where he managed 400 people with offices worldwide. Currently, he is managing 150 people at Treeium with offices across California. The firm has tackled numerous bathroom projects, with more than 4,000 completed. It has certifications from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), HERO, and GAF. It has also won awards such as the INC 500 fastest growing privately-held company 2015-2016 and Qualified Remodeler‘s Top 500 from 2013 to 2016. 

One of the best bathroom projects the firm has completed is this high-end luxurious one located in West Hollywood, California. The bathroom is split into two parts, with the toilet being situated inside a small room that does not interfere with the room’s ambiance. The sinks are lavishly structured with gold-colored sinks and black cabinetry. In the middle would be the makeup counter, which comes with an elegant white chair. There are two designs within the room: the white wooden structure and the gray and white marble pattern. The shower booth matches the floor design with the wooden design being used by the bathtub and toilet area. Both designs really go hand-in-hand with one another to create that luxurious, yet relaxing vibe. It’s a multi-dimensional designed room that exudes elegance and luxury.

Zieba Builders, Inc.

1390 E Burnett St. Suite A, Signal Hill, CA 90755

Before founding the firm in 1988, Joe Zieba earned his degree in architecture and engineering from the University of Maryland in 1984. He worked as a civil engineer for the Department of Defense until 1988, where he decided to relocate to Southern California to start his own firm. Today, the firm has garnered numerous awards like the 2008 Professional Remodeler’s Best of the Best, the 2015 Regional Chrysalis Award, the NKBA SoCal Design Awards with the 2018 1st Place Large Bath and 2018 1st Place Medium Kitchen, and the NKBA SoCal Design Awards — 2nd Place Medium Kitchen 2019/2nd Place Small Kitchen 2019. It also received an accreditation from the NKBA. 

The firm recently completed this beautiful contemporary coastal style bathroom. It’s a very classic looking bathroom with a white and brown color palette. The bathtub has modern features attached, like the water jets on the side. It gives a jacuzzi effect, which is a lovely addition for people to relax in. Artwork is also hung on the wall, which improves the ambiance aspect as each furniture piece and design complements the overall mood. The floor’s gray color palette really goes well with the white and brown colors of the rest of the room. It gives off a more modern vibe that goes well with the coastal theme of the room. It’s a beautiful modern bathroom that radiates a laid-back vibe that will surely help anyone unwind and relax. 


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