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Nestled within the heart of Texas, Fort Worth combines a unique blend of historical charm and contemporary dynamism. With its rich cultural heritage, thriving arts scene, and burgeoning economy, Fort Worth offers a vibrant environment for those seeking the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Look no further when shaping spaces that harmonize with this dynamic city. The following list showcases the finest interior architects in Fort Worth, Texas—each chosen carefully by our team. These experts bring an unparalleled understanding of design aesthetics, spatial dynamics, and the art of transforming interiors into captivating narratives.

Schwarz Hanson Architects

2627 Tillar Street, Suite 131, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Established in 1995, Schwarz Hanson Architects, founded by Gerald Schwarz and Tod Hanson, is well-known for its expansive project portfolio and prowess. The team includes registered architects, registered interior designers, and architectural interns, collectively holding active licenses across Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, and Minnesota.

Noteworthy achievements include the 2020 Affordable Housing Award from The Texas Apartment Association and the 2013 Design Award from the Texas Society of Architects. It also maintains affiliations with the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, the East Parker County Chamber of Commerce, the Granbury Chamber of Commerce, and the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce. The firm’s work has likewise been featured in Affordable Housing Finance.

Principals Gerry Schwarz and Tod Hanson along with recently added principals Brad Naeher and John Pathak lead the firm. Their combined expertise, innovative approaches, and client-focused mindset exemplify the company’s commitment to excellence. At Schwarz Hanson Architects, dedication to comprehensive design and unparalleled service drives every endeavor.

Quorum Architects, Inc.

825 West Vickery Boulevard, Suite 100, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Founded in 1992, Quorum Architects a wide range of comprehensive services, including architecture, interior design, and master planning. Its dedicated team includes architects, interior designers, technical staff, and support staff—together they approach each project with attentive collaboration. The firm’s expertise includes diverse sectors, including projects for the animal care, public works, retail, senior living, entertainment, and multi-family housing sectors. Clients, both public and private, consistently seek Quorum’s guidance. 

Quorum Architects was honored with the 2021 Recreation Facility Design Excellence Award by the Texas Recreation and Park Society (TRAPS) North Region, Small Business of the Year Award from the Fort Worth Chamber in 2022 and was chosen as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Fort Worth by the Fort Worth Business Press in 2023. It also maintains affiliations with the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and its work has been recognized in the Fort Worth Business Press.

Guided by esteemed principals—Kim Dowdy-Hickman, David G. Duman, Douglas L. Moon, Karin C. Taylor, and Scott T. Wilson—Quorum Architects always stands poised to make the client’s vision a reality.

Merriman Anderson Architects

300 N Field Street, Dallas, TX 75202

Merriman Anderson Architects—an innovative architectural and interior design firm—specializes in crafting new buildings and revitalizing existing spaces. Its adept team is dedicated to comprehending the client’s unique requirements and actualizing its client’s vision. Faced with challenges, the firm leverages its extensive experience and creative ingenuity to shape each project. Beyond architecture, the company’s proficiency extends to interior design, urban and space planning, graphic design, LEED®/sustainability, construction, BIM/REVIT design, and 3D visualization. However, its paramount strength lies in its keen aptitude for attentive client engagement.

Notable within the architectural landscape, Merriman Anderson Architects is associated with the American Institute of Architects Dallas. Its endeavors have also garnered recognition in esteemed platforms like REJournals, Dallas Innovates, and Dallas Morning News.

Principal Milton Anderson, AIA, leads the firm’s endeavors, a visionary with two decades of experience orchestrating awe-inspiring, futuristic, and cost-efficient architectural solutions. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, Anderson’s dedication has become the cornerstone of the team’s design journey.

97w Architects

901 South Main Street, Fort Worth, TX 76104

97w Architects, founded by Jason Eggenburger and Steven Halliday, brings distinctive architectural experiences to Fort Worth and beyond. The firm’s designs seamlessly integrate into their surroundings, embracing the local geography, culture, and history. The firm’s work can be discovered in the pages of Fort Worth Magazine and PaperCity Magazine. It also maintains affiliations with the American Institute of Architects.

Jason Eggenburger, the founding partner, boasts a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University and a Master’s in Architecture from Clemson University. His architectural journey began in New York City, culminating in 97w’s inception in Fort Worth. Registered in multiple states, including New York, Texas, and Arizona, he holds the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art’s Certificate in Classical Architecture.

Steven Halliday, another founding partner and a LEED-accredited professional, champions place-rooted design accessible to all. His Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Houston fuels his passion. He is a licensed Architect in Texas and holds the prestigious LEED Accredited Professional certification.

Heritage Design

596 N Kimball Avenue, #100, Southlake, TX 76092

Heritage Design—an esteemed architecture and interior design firm—crafts exceptional spaces tailored to the distinct lifestyles of its discerning clients. Every design endeavor is an artistic masterpiece, from the initial sketch to the intricate construction blueprints.

Heritage Design Studio specializes in remarkable home design services. Guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence, it creates individualized works of art that stand the test of time. Drawing inspiration from historical styles, its dedicated team infuses each design with enduring elegance and always sidestepping fleeting trends.

The firm’s affiliation with the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art and the Colleyville Chamber of Commerce underscores its dedication to architectural integrity and community engagement. Founded by Chris Hough in 2000—a visionary who honed his skills alongside notable architects—the studio continues to generate designs that echo its legacy of excellence.


2945 Lubbock Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76109

The American Institute of Architects is a key affiliation for the firm, reflecting its commitment to professional excellence. The principal architects, Joe Self and Tracy Self, lead with expertise honed through comprehensive academic backgrounds and hands-on experience. Joe Self, a registered architect in Texas, holds degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington and Rice University. Tracy Self’s design journey includes both the University of Texas at Arlington and TCU. Joe’s accolades include design awards, teaching recognition, and artistic exhibitions.

FIRM817, a design-oriented architecture and interior design firm established in 2000, places unwavering focus on crafting captivating spaces both inside and out. Whether expansive or intimate, the project receives dedicated attention from the principal team, firmly aligned with the client’s aspirations. The firm’s core pursuit centers on fashioning spaces, structures, and finishes that exude elegance within budget and practical functionality.

GGO Architects

1808 S Good Latimer Expressway, Suite 105, Dallas, TX 75226

Established in 1987, GGO Architects continues to redefine architecture through its focus on environmental stewardship. Armed with a unique blend of extensive planning and design experience, GGO approaches each project intending to create a masterpiece.

GGOArchitects stands as a respected private architectural firm based in Dallas. Renowned for its contemporary designs infused with sustainability, every project echoes its commitment to environmental responsibility. GGOArchitects is synonymous with pioneering green structures that seamlessly incorporate energy efficiency, passive solar techniques, natural daylighting, non-toxic materials, advanced building science, and superior indoor air quality.

Notable for accolades like the 2022 Innovative Home: Award Winning Green, GGOArchitects is proudly affiliated with the American Institute of Architects. Its influence is felt beyond design, as seen in its feature in Dallas Innovates. Led by Gary Gene Olp, GGOArchitects’ founder is an educator and advocate for community well-being, reflecting a broad professional vision intertwined with civic dedication.


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