Ridgewood is home to numerous vintage establishments, buildings, and residences. The village includes a number of classical elements and makes a conscious effort to preserve its traditional feel. Beautiful and quaint structures surround the village, and so it’s no surprise that updates and upgrades are required to keep them functional and safe. That includes the residential areas of Ridgewood, with various classic-designed homes needing an overhaul. The best general contractors in Ridgewood are capable of producing modern designs that still complement the town’s traditional feel.

Our editorial team has put together this list of the top ten best general contractors, after looking into each firm’s portfolio, complexity, and experience.

Prominent Builders and Design 

243 Rock Rd, Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Since 2006, Prominent Builders and Design have offered clients a variety of including remodeling and renovation. The firm has put together an impressive portfolio of contemporary bathroom and kitchen remodels, all the result of an intricate process that includes conceptual designs, site plans, and blueprints. The picture below is an example of that approach that resulted in this functional modern kitchen. This kitchen was part of the Franklin Lakes Residence project featuring marble countertops, an island, white cabinetry, and three ceiling lamps for extra lighting. The inclusion of a wine bottle rack and a wine refrigerator completes the sophisticated look of the kitchen.

Braunius Bros., Inc.

PO Box 298 24 E. Summit Ave, Midland Park, NJ 07432

For over five decades, Braunius Bros has continued to provide renovation, remodeling, and addition projects. That includes bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, lounge areas, and study rooms. Under the leadership of Paul Braunius and Robert Breeman, the firm continues what founders Peter and William Braunius started and they continue to innovate the firm’s techniques in a way that consistently results in quality finishes. The company has further improved its reputation through a series of projects with unique designs.

Pictured below is one of the company’s basement renovation projects, which transformed the space into a lounge. The mahogany flooring, gray cabinets, and leather add a unique distinctly masculine appeal. With the inclusion of the TV, fireplace, and numerous lamps, this basement-turned-lounge is now an ideal space for social gatherings.

Top of the Line Contracting

1 Hollywood Ave Suite 15D, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423

With a portfolio full of kitchen projects, the featured project below is a modern kitchen that employs a classic combination of black cabinetry and countertops with white and gray walls and modern appliances. The black color palette adds a refined touch to the kitchen, while the simple design promotes functionality. This project is a result of the firm’s connections with various tradesmen and subcontractors that aid the company by using up-to-date techniques and designs. As a family-owned business, Top Of The Line Contracting is able to provide personalized services to its clients, with each project personally overseen by the firm’s project managers. The company has implemented this kind of process since 1994 and continues to do so today.

Horizon Forty5 Builders

45 Horizon Court, Township of Washington, NJ 07676

Pictured below is a vintage kitchen renovation project featuring traditional furnishing. Mahogany cabinets and drawers, along with the black countertops, offer a classic setting to the kitchen. Minor details, including the bleached flooring and walls, accentuate the traditional appeal of the kitchen. The addition of three ceiling lamps enhances the area’s classic layout and vintage finish. The Horizon team’s approach involves personally being onsite for all its projects to ensure the construction is on schedule and within budget. This personal approach has allowed the firm to collaborate closely with its clients; continuous updates and timely discussions further establish a seamless process and promote solid results.

Glen Rock Construction Inc.

89 Midland Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432

Since 1988, Glen Rock Construction has developed a strong track record of providing quality craftsmanship with carefully selected materials. The team’s foundation relies on the quality of the materials and products used in each phase of the building. Those materials also ensure an efficient process that will result in functional spaces that are safe and secure. Pictured below is one of the firm’s vintage kitchens furnished with mahogany cabinetry, white countertops, frosted glass, and ceiling lamps. The selection of furniture comprises a traditional-looking kitchen that matches the atmosphere of the home, with the dimly lit yellow lights providing a vintage appeal.

Wennersten, Inc.

29 Coventry Ct. Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Currently, on its third generation of builders, Wennersten’s process focuses on providing quality carpentry finishes for its projects along with an intricate evaluation of each detail. Another service the team offers its clients is custom millwork that can accentuate any residence or can stand alone as its own work. With Richard Wennersten overseeing the production of each residential project, the firm has produced numerous remodeling and renovation projects.

Pictured below is one of the firm’s kitchen projects with a simple design and straightforward furnishing. The combination of wooden vinyl flooring and mahogany furniture comprises a classic modern setting, incorporating the perfect balance between light and dark furnishing. Marble countertops and contemporary appliances make up the functional aspect of the kitchen. A unique feature is the small workspace on the side which is not commonly seen in many kitchens today.

Custom Built Carpentry

570 Upper Blvd, Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Custom Built Carpentry has gathered a portfolio of renovation, remodeling, and custom furniture projects. Its custom-made furniture services allow the company to provide the client with the furniture they need and incorporate a one-stop-shop relationship with the client. As a result, the firm oversees the project’s entire process. The project below is a great example of one of the firm’s projects, complete with modern furnishing and ample lighting. The living room features a classic blend of modern tones between the mahogany flooring, black and white mini bar, and the gray couches. This refined living area is defined by its calming color palette.

Galarza Builders Inc

Ridgewood, NJ 07450

The project below is one of Galarza Builders’ smaller kitchen projects. With the limited space available, the main focus of this project was on providing a functional kitchen with the necessary amenities. It can be a challenge knowing how to maximize such a small space, but the firm was able to include many basic necessities and even provide a kitchen island. The company has been providing numerous interior projects since 2003 and has become a licensed team that is capable of tackling small projects to larger-scale projects. Aside from the projects themselves, the firm has worked with numerous subcontractors capable of assisting the client throughout the building stages, even offering valuable second opinions on what can be done to improve the value of the home. Transparent communication is the key to success for Galarza, which continues to strengthen its track record.

Barthold Home Improvements

PO BOX 135, Waldwick, NJ 07463

A family-owned business for four decades, Barthold Home Improvements is a licensed firm servicing the Northern New Jersey area with various remodeling and addition projects. The firm has built up a portfolio of kitchen, bath, and basement projects. The firm consistently transforms these spaces into something more relevant. Pictured below is one of the kitchen projects the firm completed featuring classic white cabinets, marble countertops, and modern appliances. The detailing and finishing are direct, emphasizing a functional kitchen geared towards providing a more efficient space. The kitchen is a place where people spend quite a bit of time every day: providing the proper elements to create a practical environment results in a more pleasant living experience.