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Located on California’s rugged central coast, Monterey is a mix of old and new.  From some of the state’s oldest historic sites to seafood restaurants and bars in converted factories, the city has much to offer. Its neighborhoods provide residents with a beautiful mix of urban living and suburban comfort. A significant portion of the population owns their homes.

Our editorial team curated this list of the 15 best general contractors behind some of the area’s best residential spaces. They were chosen for their depth of experience and the excellent portfolios they have produced.

Lewis Builders

3706 The Barnyard #G-11, Carmel, CA 93923

Lewis Builders is a full-service general contractor that specializes in designing, building, and renovating residential projects. Since the firm’s establishment, it has worked on countless custom and high-end luxury homes in Carmel. The firm employs a great design-build approach that allows it to tailor its methods to each of the firm’s projects. Lewis is especially noted for its use of great state-of-the-art technology. The firm models most of its work in 3D, assuring homeowners of the accuracy of both its design and the project estimates. The firm also offers a great range of specialty services. These include aging-in-place, mold work, and historic renovations. The firm tops all of this off with outstanding communication processes and excellent virtual walkthroughs.

Lewis Builders’s expertise is best embodied in the project pictured here. The project was completed in Carmel Valley. It challenged the firm with its whole extensive house remodel. It sits on a two-acre property that had been badly neglected. It now features a stellar modern farmhouse theme. The photo above shows its excellent kitchen. Our editorial team loved its double islands and its black hardware and accents, which were constructed from reclaimed fence boards.⠀

Groza Construction

883 Abrego St., Monterey, CA 93940

Founded in 1978, Groza Construction is an award-winning firm that extends its services throughout the Monterey Peninsula. Some of its best projects can be found in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods of the Central Coast, including Big Sur, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Pebble Beach, and Monterra. The firm adheres to the highest standards and, since its inception, has generated a solid clientele list for itself and built relationships with some of the area’s best subcontractors. The firm has also collaborated with some of Monterey’s best and award-winning suppliers, subcontractors, architects, interior designers, and engineers. The firm follows the guidelines set forth by Build It Green and has had the privilege of working on the first LEED Platinum residence in Monterey County. The firm and its projects have been featured in numerous publications and it has also been the recipient of several industry awards, including the Golden Nugget Award. 

Showcased above is the firm’s work on its Pebble Beach Vintage project. The company had to work with several artisans for this home, including blacksmiths, mural painters, and master craftsmen: the home is a sensitive historical site, and the firm had to maintain that sense of the past while updating the home with various modern amenities. 

Stocker & Allaire

21 Mandeville Court, Monterey, CA 93940

Stocker & Allaire has been in business since 1983. It has worked on the restorations of various estates and the construction of custom homes on challenging sites. The firm specializes in numerous architectural vernaculars, with its portfolio showcasing everything from modern spaces to classic coastal themes. Stocker & Allaire has also served on both the Pacific Grove and Monterey Planning Commissions. The firm is a proud and active member of the Green Building Council. The staff attends workshops and conferences, enabling them to keep up to date on the latest sustainability techniques and methods. The company takes great pride in the excellent reviews it has received over the years and the large percentage of its clients that come from referrals. Its team assists clients closely throughout the entire process and is well-respected for its stellar preconstruction services. The firm’s projects have been featured in various publications like Dwell, Luxe, and Architectural Digest

The project above was completed in collaboration with Joni L. Janecki & Associates. We were impressed by its timeless Spanish Colonial finishes. Our editorial team also loved its neutral tones and exposed beams. 

Avila Construction Company

12 Thomas Owens Way Suite #200, Monterey, CA 93940

Avilla Construction Company is proud to have one of the largest construction staffs in Monterey County. The team includes talented project managers, project engineers, accounting and risk management staff, site superintendents, supervisors, carpenters, and experienced laborers. With such a diverse group of professionals, the company has been able to extend its services throughout Monterey and specialize in both residential and commercial projects. The firm has been in business since 1988 and is personally led by founder Steve Avila and his brother Mike. Under their leadership, the firm’s work has been featured in a multitude of publications. It has also become a leading expert in a variety of architectural themes. 

The project above was taken from its work on a private residence in Monterey. It features exposed beams and exquisite brick backsplashes. Our editorial team also loved its custom cabinetry and Tuscan finishes. 

Hare Construction

221 15th St., Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Hare Construction specializes in both commercial and residential projects. It has also taken on various accessory dwelling units and works on every phase and aspect of the entire process. The firm coordinates with external stakeholders at the city and municipal agencies to assure clients of the efficiency and seamlessness of its operations. The team is experienced in terms of overseeing management and various zoning ordinances. Additionally, the firm assists clients from start to finish. It is also known for its excellent development work and provides superior value engineering and cost analysis services. Aside from its residential work, Hare has also taken on numerous medical, office, retail, restaurant, and government spaces. 

The photo above depicts the firm’s work on the Straine residence. It features a unique chandelier. We also loved its floor-to-ceiling windows and entryways, which bring in a rich amount of ambient light. Slate finishes and granite touches can both be observed. 

Hastings Construction

11 Thomas Owens Way Suite #201, Monterey, CA 93940

Established in 1993, Hastings Construction extends its services throughout Carmel and the surrounding area. The firm provides homeowners with a complete and comprehensive range of residential construction and remodeling work. It can take on projects regardless of size or scale. The Hastings portfolio depicts an extensive range of project types, from modern renovations to new home constructions. The firm is regarded as a premier building contractor in Carmel and assists with every project’s nitty-gritty aspects. That includes drafting, accurate designs, permitting, and various installations. Hastings also offers architectural CAD drafting services, which are tailored to get a better feel for its clients’ needs and visions. 

The company has had the opportunity to work with some of Monterey’s best architects, suppliers, and construction professionals. Its talent and expertise can best be seen in the project above. Located in Pebble Beach, this extensive remodel was completed in 2020. It spans around 2,800 square feet and features large windows and sliding glass doors. Some other outstanding elements include its farmhouse-style exterior. 

Regency Construction Company

21 W Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley, CA 93924

With nearly two decades of industry experience, Regency has had the honor of completing homes and spaces for around 600 clients since its inception. The firm is known for its ability to provide homeowners with great custom solutions that address their unique problems. It includes a talented team of architects and interior designers who also work on accurate cost estimates and drafts. This means that homeowners can be sure that all of the spaces and projects the firm takes on are completed on time and within the agreed-upon budget. Regency further bolsters this track record with cost management tools, transparent, easy-to-read bills, and the use of excellent materials. 

Aside from its residential work, the firm has also taken on various projects from other market types. In 2016, it was recognized in the Religious Arts and Architecture Awards for its work on an impressive worship space. 

Masterwork Builders

24409 San Marcos Road, Carmel, CA 93921

Composed of an excellent group of artisan builders and master craftsmen, Masterwork Builders specializes in every aspect of the residential process. It combines the highest level of skill with the best tools and materials. At its helm is Harlan Bradley, an experienced and talented professional who oversees every project that the company takes on. Under his watchful eye, the company has become a trailblazer in terms of an extensive range of architectural themes. Its work is often distinguished for its unique fixtures, woodwork, and various custom finishes. Our team was especially impressed by the project below.

For this project, the firm’s team opted for a great mid-century theme. It features excellent paneled flooring and finishes as well as exposed beam work. Our editorial team was particularly impressed by its minimalist finishes. 

Palma & Company

146 Beach Way #B, Monterey CA 93940

Assisting its clients from inception to completion, Palma & Company has been in business since 1985. The firm is experienced in designing and building custom homes, in addition to working on extensive residential renovations. The firm is respected for its ability to generate a complex budget analysis that guides the entire process to an affordable conclusion without ever compromising its design. Palma also typically makes use of innovative approaches and energy-efficient methods, which have always resulted in functional spaces. The firm is led by its owner and namesake Dennis Palma, a residential designer and master builder. The firm has become known for its grand interior and exterior living spaces through its vision and ideals.

Palma has worked with some of the area’s most reputable contractors and subcontractors. We were also impressed by its incredible attention to detail, meticulous finishes, and its use of excellent materials. Our editorial team also loved its great bathrooms and kitchens. 

Malachi Boyce Construction

660 Dry Creek Rd., Monterey, CA 93940

Malachi Boyce Construction extends its services throughout the Monterey Peninsula. It uses a highly hands-on and personal approach and is composed of a talented team of architects and designers, in addition to carpenters and artisans. Together, they have generated various environments, all well-regarded for their aesthetics and functionality. They also often infuse different sustainability approaches, assuring homeowners of the high efficiency of their work. The firm’s namesake oversees all of the firm’s work. He is a native of the Monterey Peninsula and has had the opportunity to work in some of the best neighborhoods along both the Peninsula and the San Francisco Bay area. 

The firm’s talent can best be seen in the project below. Completed in Los Gatos, this home features various outstanding custom elements. It welcomes its owners in with a wonderfully designed mahogany Dutch door complete with a rocky mountain mortise lock. Inside, we loved its reclaimed walnut flooring with a German wax finish. The photo above mainly showcases the home’s great kitchen, including its coffee bar and hidden walk-in pantry. 

Burke Construction

680 Lighthouse Ave. # 51824, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Burke Construction specializes in green building and sustainability techniques. It offers a wide range of home improvement and construction services for local and out-of-town homeowners. Some of its projects include home additions, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, deck and patio building, and home maintenance. The firm is also well-respected for its competitive pricing, stellar artistry, and reliable work. The team uses only the best materials and is led by Tony Burke. He draws inspiration from nearly three decades of industry experience and has worked in and around American and European building trades, as well as various historical restorations. Under his leadership, the firm maintains affiliations with various organizations like the US Green Building Council. Its best projects can be seen throughout the Monterey Peninsula, particularly  Carmel, Carmel Valley, Carmel Highlands, Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Pebble Beach. 

Renowned architect Frank Wynkoop designed the project pictured here, and the firm had the privilege of taking charge of its extensive update and remodel. It is a historic butterfly remodel that has become a landmark residence in the area. The firm employed green building standards, cutting-edge sustainable materials, fixtures, and technology. The home was eventually featured in Remodeling Trends Magazine

Caribou Construction Company

PO Box 221817, Carmel, CA 93922

Caribou Construction is the brainchild of its founder John W. Fitzpatrick, who founded the firm in 1979. Since its inception, the firm has become widely recognized as one of the finest for residential construction and remodeling. The firm maintains affiliations with organizations like  Build It Green, which allows the staff to keep up to date with the latest sustainability practices and techniques. The firm is particularly of note for its stellar kitchen and bathroom renovations, home additions, sun decks, stonework, and drainage systems. It has also installed numerous solar panels, great fences, and gates, and also provides various repairs. 

John Fitzpatrick is a talented and experienced contractor who assures clients that he oversees each of the company’s projects. He is respected for his great attention to detail and his expertise in an extensive range of designs. 

McNickle Construction

209 Dundee Dr., Monterey, CA 93940

McNickle Construction specializes in high-end carpentry projects and works on both ground-up construction and remodeling work. The firm takes great pride in the stellar reviews it has received through the years and in the excellent quality of its work. Its process emphasizes the importance of close communication with its clients throughout the entire process, providing them daily updates regarding production and cost. McNickle uses a rigorous design-build approach that it executes with the help of some of the area’s most talented architects and designers, professionals the firm has had the opportunity to work on countless projects. The firm has also secured a solid reputation for its great carpentry, concrete, and detail drafting. Its portfolio includes a wonderful range of custom details, specialty woodworking, specialty framing, and finish carpentry. 

The mid-century home pictured here challenged the firm with its extensive overhaul. For this project, the firm’s team had to work on expanding its living room and master bedroom. Our editorial team was especially impressed by its breathtaking courtyard and main entrance. 

Balestreri Builders

PO BOX 1308, Monterey, CA 93940 

With nearly two decades of industry experience, Balestreri Builders provides its clients with an extensive range of residential and commercial construction services. It has worked on countless residential and commercial construction projects, remodels, and tenant improvements. It is a local and family-owned business. Now on its second generation of builders, the firm continues to hold itself to the highest standards. It also offers its services at highly competitive rates. In terms of design, the firm can take on a variety of home styles regardless of complexity or scale. Our editorial team was especially impressed by the project below.

This home features great fixtures and overhead lighting. It also showcases a great contemporary feel and clean finished flooring. Some other great elements include its minimalist touches, large glass windows, and entryways. 

J.E.T. Construction

Monterey, CA 93940

J.E.T. Construction is known for its excellent attention to detail and its ability to work in a wide range of architectural themes. The firm’s team is highly detail-oriented and can take on a variety of specialty work. The firm has had the opportunity to complete homes and remodels in some of the best areas throughout Boronda, Carmel, Carmel By the Sea, Carmel Valley, Carmel Valley Village, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Del Monte Forest, Del Rey Oaks, and of course Monterey. Its work is often distinguished by its great custom cabinetry, entertainment centers, custom home bars, and various other custom touches. The photo above depicts one of its projects completed in Pebble Beach. 

For this project, the firm’s team opted for great high ceilings and exposed beams. We loved its transitional touches coupled with its various colonial finishes. Some other great elements include the seamless flow of the open floor plan.