Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska and the cultural and economic hub of the state. Home to numerous museums and historic sites, Lincoln offers a rich cultural and historical experience. The city’s large parks and extensive bike trail system encourage outdoor activities and recreation among residents and tourists alike. With its diverse and growing employment opportunities, low cost of living, and family-friendly neighborhoods, Lincoln is one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the Midwest. 

Lincoln’s popularity, especially as a safe and relatively low-cost place to live, has further improved tourism and the economy. Hospitality, retail, and entertainment are major economic contributors because of increased tourism and the influx of residents that has accompanied that increase. If you are a business owner looking to expand into Lincoln or if you want to invest in multi-use facilities in the city, we recommend you check out this list of the best commercial architects in Lincoln, Nebraska. These firms were carefully chosen by our research team based on the projects they have completed. These architects can help you design and build your dream business and investment and help you flourish in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Architectural Innovations

620 N 48th Street, Suite 102 Lincoln, NE 68504 

Established in 2007, Architectural Innovations specializes in commercial architecture for clients throughout and around Lincoln. The firm focuses on innovation and collaboration in creating commercial designs that meet and exceed client expectations. Following thorough standards and procedures, the firm delivers professional designs on time and within budget. The firm’s principals and associates have a broad spectrum of experience in commercial architecture in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, Arizona, South Dakota, and Missouri. This experience allows the firm to create regionally appropriate commercial designs that are unique and effective. In addition to commercial architecture, the firm also creates ground-up designs and renovations of auto dealerships, healthcare facilities, warehouses, apartments and mixed-use developments, hospitality and entertainment centers, and places of worship.

In designing commercial property, Architectural Innovations uses time-tested methods as well as new techniques to create the perfect balance between function and beauty. A great example of such balance is exemplified in the firm’s design of the Ridge Plaza multi-use building in the Far South neighborhood. Set on a 2.4-acre lot, the building and its classic two-tone exterior create an image of professionalism that is perfect for offices and medical use. The uneven façade creates a simple yet distinct image that is recognizable from a distance. The use of recessed lights and the combination of bricks and tiles in the interior provide a subtle ambiance that is ideal for inspirational and innovative thinking. Its overall design shows Architectural Innovations’s ability to balance safety, efficiency, and beauty while creating the perfect atmosphere that suits a building’s purpose.

Architectural Design Associates

3410 O Street, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68510 

Architectural Design Associates is a Lincoln-based architecture design firm that provides design solutions services to a wide range of clients in the midwest. The key to the firm’s success over the past 30 years is its provision of client-focused service through the responsible practice of architecture. Drawing on its vast experience and knowledge, the firm offers clients design solutions that fit their mission and purpose. ADA offers new construction, renovation, and remodeling design services for residential, commercial, and industrial sector projects. Each one is approached with an innovative eye and resolved with a careful blend of artistry, functionality, and sustainability.

Since its founding in 1989, ADA has collected extensive experience in projects of varying sizes and scopes. This has allowed the firm to comprehend the different intricacies related to each project type and provide specifically tailored design solutions that match clients’ needs and goals. The firm’s exceptional ability in commercial design is showcased in the Gateway Mall food court project. ADA was tasked to design the relocation and update of the food court, which included a new entrance, a reconfigured portion of the parking lot, and a new ceiling and floor space. The new design opened and brightened up the space, which created a more inviting and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for individuals, friends, and families who come to the mall to shop and hang out. As the mall was in full operation during the remodel, ADA carefully planned and phased the project to ensure minimum impact on tenants and customers.

Studio951, a Division of Shive-Hattery

800 P Street, Suite 203, Lincoln, NE 68508 

Studio951 is an architecture firm that offers design and construction administrative services for a variety of project types including multi-family housing, custom single-family residences, commercial workplace, restaurant, and retail, and medical offices. Since its foundation in 1994, the firm has maintained the basic philosophy that good architecture results from the synergy between design, finance, and technology. Grounded on this philosophy, the firm develops design solutions that are unique, efficient, and sustainable while keeping within time and budget limits. The firm’s core principles of integrity, intellect, and innovation allow it to offer structured quality solutions that serve clients’ needs and transform their visions into reality.

Studio951 creates architectural design solutions that balance human needs, environmental stewardship, art, and science. Each design is guaranteed to be effective for its purpose, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and unique. In designing Sandhills Global’s headquarters, Studio951 used the perfect blend of traditional materials and contemporary techniques that represented Sandhill’s evolution from traditional publishing to modern information processing. The firm incorporated brick veneer, wood siding, and stone for a natural feel and to create a distinction between the buildings. The firm also used multiple technologies to ensure that all buildings achieve maximum performance while maintaining energy efficiency. This is a critical factor especially for Sandhills because of its large data centers and publishing machinery. To further increase sustainability, the design also included solar panels, light-harvesting photosensors, and LED lighting. Sandhill Global’s 68-acre campus is LEED Gold-certified and reflects the company’s efforts to maintain a low carbon footprint.

Peace Studio Architects

1835 Kings Highway, Lincoln, NE 68502 

Established in 2013, Peace Studio Architects offers architectural design and planning services for residential, educational, hospitality, and commercial projects. Founded on the principles of passion for design and commitment to client service, Peace Studio creates stellar design solutions that exceed client expectations and improve the built environment and overall cityscape. The firm emphasizes the importance of a clear and structured design process that considers all possible challenges and opportunities. Its focus on the details and intricacies of each project ensures an excellent final product and high customer satisfaction. 

Principal and owner Gill Peace have decades of experience in architectural design and planning as well as landscape architecture and interior design. He is licensed in Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri where the firm has completed projects for both residential and commercial clients. Rooted in Peace’s experience and passion for collaborative work and excellent designs, the firm creates exceptional architectural solutions to a wide range of project scopes for diverse client types. For Lincoln’s newest boutique hotel, The Kindler Hotel owned by Nick Castaneda, the firm carefully planned and designed the addition of three floors and a new skywalk as well as the guest suites, dining areas, and amenities with the help of the hotel’s Interior Designer, Ross Vincent. The firm restored the original historic structure while adding stories and modern elements fitting an upscale boutique hotel. Peace Studio also coordinated with the construction team and jurisdictional authorities to deliver the project on time and within budget. The hotel has now become a place of prominence frequented by both residents and tourists. It was also given the 2020 Gold Key Award – Best Lobby Upper Midscale by Boutique Design Magazine. The firm is also currently designing a new Kindler Hotel in Kansas City.

DLR Group

1128 Lincoln Mall, Suite 103, Lincoln, NE 68508

DLR Group is an integrated design firm with offices around the globe. Its large team of designers and licensed architects, engineers, planners, and interiors professionals. are backed by the resources of the entire firm, which results in more diverse design solutions for clients. Since its founding in 1966, DLR Group has worked on numerous projects in different settings and sizes. It has gained expertise in educational buildings and campuses, performing arts theaters and museums, hospitality sites, civic and government spaces, workplace and mixed-use sites, healthcare facilities, and sports venues. The firm is also committed to sustainable design as demonstrated by its adoption of the Architecture 2030 Challenge and its signing of the AIA 2030 Commitment and the China Accord. Each DLR Group design and plan—across all project sectors, sizes, and scope—results in a high-performance building that contributes to a sustainable future.

Photo by ©Paul Brokering, courtesy of DLR Group

As it designs commercial sites and structures, DLR Group aims to create environments that engage guests, clients, and customers. The resulting design solution is more than a building or a home—the space actively entices people to engage, participate, and innovate inside the space. The firm’s design of UNICO Group’s Lincoln office is a remarkable testament to this focus. The 32,000-square-foot office is fitted with a balance of open space that fosters group work and brainstorming and individual offices for private meetings and conferences. The use of modern design elements and accent colors inspire creativity and professional harmony without becoming an eyesore. The overall design creates an elegant and professional atmosphere that engages collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking.


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