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El Cerrito is one of the larger cities that is part of the Bay Area. Peaceful neighborhoods are present throughout the city, which consists of numerous classic homes with a simple design. Whether residents are planning an addition, remodel, or renovation, they want the best general contractors to aid you in fulfilling their vision.

This list compiles the best general contractors in El Cerrito, each ranked according to its portfolio, years in the business, and recognitions. These are all experienced firms with thorough processes and extensive services that can provide the best results possible within any budget. 

Levitch Associates, Inc.

1029 Heinz Ave., Berkeley, CA 94710

An established firm, Levitch Associates, Inc., offers complete contracting services from residential to commercial projects with green building methods. Groups of subcontractors, along with a primary team, aid the clients from conceptualization to completion to ensure client satisfaction. With an array of homes the firm has worked with, the team at Levitch has garnered experiences producing numerous styles. From Victorian, contemporary and traditional, it follows the client’s requests with high-level furnishing. 

The photo here highlights an open concept contemporary kitchen and dining area, featuring classic furnishing. White cabinetry, marble countertops, and wooden chairs and tables combine for a modern aesthetic. Complemented by the tall windows, natural light fills the living space creating a bright atmosphere. Simple designs done right with natural lighting offers homeowners comfortable living spaces with an eye-appealing factor.  

Oliver Builders

1031 Pardee St., Berkeley, CA 94710

Featuring the Orinda kitchen remodel, the space incorporates the dining area and living room with the kitchen. Including tall tabletops and bookshelves, it allows an opportunity for the homeowners to spend more time in the kitchen. Classic furniture, from white cabinetry to wooden chairs and tables, take up most of the space, going for a more relaxed ambiance. 

Owner Severin Oliver’s 35 years of experience has enabled the firm to build a team with unique local expertise. Providing numerous residential construction projects, the firm anticipates challenges that the team may encounter, such as custom properties in earthquake-prone areas. Offering a wide range of services, the firm provides cost-efficient methods with high-value results, ensuring that each client gets the most out of their budget. Personal service, along with quality workmanship, results in client satisfaction and well-produced homes.

Home Healing Renovations, Inc.

702 Harrison St. Unit B, Berkeley, CA 94710

Located in Sutter Avenue, Richmond, California, a bungalow residence received a revamp design throughout the entire house. Focusing on the new kitchen design, it features a contemporary finish using numerous white furniture and includes minor subtle details, like the blue brick design on the walls and a blue ceiling lamp. Having some diversity brings life to a home space and prevents a bland look and feel.

With over 15 years of experience, the firm has established itself as a top general contractor, merging sustainability, aesthetics, and integrity in all its projects. Led by Jason Johnson, the team at Home Healing Renovations, Inc. obsesses on creating functional and quality houses designed to allow homeowners to enjoy their homes for years to come.

Promodeling Inc.

10567 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito, CA 94530

The 2019 El Cerrito project is a kitchen remodel with a unique layout. An open concept kitchen, it has a clean look with its white cabinetry and impressive wall design. By the corner of the kitchen is a small lounge area that includes an L-shaped bench and glass coffee table, offering opportunities for the homeowners to use that space to stay in the kitchen more or for an intimate gathering. Led by Guy Oren, the firm commits itself to create lively, comfortable, and appealing spaces for residential and commercial projects.

Dedication to fulfilling client requirements is a top priority for each member of the firm, which results in exceeding client expectations. As a one-stop shop, it caters to every service the client needs, which allows for a smooth process and easier coordination.   

Axiom Build

1136 Parker St., Berkeley, CA 94702

A San Francisco and East Bay general contractor, Axiom Build, is led by Benjamin and Josh Kimmich. Focusing on modern architecture, the firm’s process revolves around creativity and attention to detail that aims to deliver and exceed expectations. For owners Benjamin and Joshua, building is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Having a seamless process from conceptualization to completion helps make it a stress-free experience for the clients, providing the best results possible. 

Offering an array of designs, the firm provides a combination of styles and furnishing. The Vassar Interior design not only features a vintage aesthetic with its classic layout and furniture, but also includes contemporary furnishing. Traditional fireplaces, rugs, and wood cabinetry provide the classic tone, while leather seats and couches offer a modern finish. With a Spanish exterior design, the firm did an excellent job providing an up-to-date look, while retaining its classic look. 

FB Design Build

924 Carleton St., Berkeley, CA 94710

Building residential and commercial projects for the past 30 years, FB Design Build has completed more than 500 projects. As a small firm, owner Amy Brueggemeyer and her team are able to provide personalized services, focusing on quality. Having numerous connections with subcontractors and tradespeople, the firm is able to ensure quality, integrating these professionals into the process. Throughout each phase of building, the firm streamlines costs and provides an overview of the project details to keep its clients updated. It tackles an array of projects from large new construction to small remodels. 

Working with myriad project sizes, the firm focuses on modern designs with traditional aesthetics. Situated in Berkeley is the Claremont Hills house, which  features a contemporary design. The use of wooden and white furniture brings out a classic modern feel that emphasizes a comfortable living environment.

Troy Construction

7387 Terrace Dr., El Cerrito, CA 94530

Having an extensive portfolio for its kitchen projects, the photo shown here features a modern dining area and kitchen. Wooden cabinetry takes up the majority of the kitchen space, with a marble island in the middle providing a classic combination. Committed to delivering exceptional remodeling, Troy Construction aims to make each project as comfortable as possible for its clients. Specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodels, it takes into account quality and value, ensuring its clients get the best results possible within their budget.

Tory also offers a step-by-step process, collaborating with architects, engineers, and designers.  In addition to remodels, the firm also provides an array of services, including additions, decks, fence installations, restorations, and more.

SRY Construction & Electric

2516 Nason Ave., El Cerrito, CA 94530

With 17 years of serving the Bay Area, SRY Construction & Electric has become an established firm with its reputation for offering a client-centered approach. To ensure successful outcomes, the firm solely focuses on providing customer-focused solutions and methods that will cater to each client’s needs. Providing a personalized and unique model of each project ensures that client expectations are met and each detail is present. 

Featuring classic designs in its portfolio, the firm provides simplistic living spaces with basic furnishings. The featured project includes white cabinetry, gray brick walls, and black stools, which comprise most of the kitchen space. Nearby is the dining area and glass doors that lead to the backyard, providing a seamless link between indoor and outdoor living. Learn more about their work at

Chris Kiefer Construction

5740 Olinda Rd., El Sobrante, CA 94803

Since 1979, Chris Kiefer Construction has provided full services for El Cerrito, offering a complete one-call solution, including the best return on investments in home additions and upgrades. Its complex portfolio features additions, remodels, whole house construction, and apartment designs, which include various styles ranging from contemporary, traditional, and Victorian.

With a feature from the
Kitchen and Bath Business, the firm completed this conventional kitchen and dining area pictured here. Using light wood and mahogany furniture, along with marble countertops, the firm provided a traditional theme with minor details, like the rug and artwork, accentuating the space’s design. The integration of both areas creates a larger room for gatherings, which is both efficient and effective.