Kansas City is a pleasant and laid-back town that also pulsates with vibrant, creative energy. This city is home to a thriving community and bustling businesses. From sports attractions to shopping districts, Kansas City offers a lot for tourists, consumers, and businessmen.

Our editorial staff has compiled a list of The Best Commercial Architects in Kansas City, Missouri. We carefully selected these firms based on their accreditations, certifications, professional affiliations, and the recognition each company has earned in the form of industry awards, customer evaluations, and press coverage. The editorial team also included the services the companies provide, their specialties, and how long they’ve been in business.

H2B Architects, Inc.

209 W 18th Street Kansas City, MO 64108

H2B Architects. Inc. (H2B) is an architectural, interior, and planning design firm founded in 2008. For decades, the firm has provided a genuine concern for client service and put a lot of emphasis on excellent project performances. The firm employs exceptional people with decades of expertise to ensure and maintain quality results.  Jeff Hall and Jason Dalton are the principals of the firm; they are responsible for designing creative and lasting spaces for communities and individuals. The team is dynamic, innovative, and adaptable and clients can be confident that the firm will be completely engaged in every project.

H2B offers a full range of planning and architectural design services. One of its notable commercial structures is the Tea Drops. The project, a 1,400-square-foot tea and coffee store in the center of the Kansas City Power & Light Entertainment District, is a local favorite. The area is sleek and modern, with custom casework made of steel and bamboo.

B+A Architecture

100 W 31st Street, Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64108

Since its inception in 1995, B+A Architecture has primarily provided architectural services for a wide array of commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects. The firm prides itself on mastering the art of breathing new life into underused properties by turning them into profitable multifamily or condominium complexes. Behind this growing firm is principal Dennis Bradley, who has established a legacy in and around Kansas City. B&A Architecture tries to give its clients the most effective solution and design response possible, fulfilling their specific criteria regarding spatial demands, image, and funding. 

A preconceived style or solution is never forced on a project but instead emerges contextually via the design process in collaboration with the client and team. The firm’s portfolio reflects just that, notably with one of its commercial projects. The new 1350-square-foot building Awesome Nail Salon on 119th Street in Olathe, Kansas, has a total of ten manicure and ten pedicure stations. B+A Architecture developed a structure that was elegant, intimate, and contemporary.

Urban Prairie Architectural Collaborative

4523 Mercier Street, Kansas City, Mo. 64111

For more than eight years, Urban Prairie Architectural Collaborative has been found everywhere on an empty, underutilized, or abandoned urban site. The firm believes that there is typically a fascinating past, another side to the tale, and always an opportunity that is not necessarily obvious at first glance. This quest for potential in projects characterizes Urban Prairie Architectural Collaborative’s approach to design. The firm strives for incredible value and exceptional results. Paul Minto is the mind behind the firm’s philosophy and growing nature. He drives the firm to achieve excellence in its projects and to strike a balance between the constructed and natural worlds, the urban and the prairie. 

With over a quarter-century of architectural expertise, the firm has had the chance to participate in the design and development of nearly every sort of project. The firm’s projects have been featured in the 2019 issue of CLADnews. The commercial projects of the firm range from minor tenant improvements to massive historic repairs and brand-new structures. A great example of the firm’s work is the Alight Analytics project. The firm created a setting that emphasized the client’s elegance. Three modest changes were made to the entry ceiling: a significant partner’s office with a tiny 6’x9′ window added to the south and a pleasant leisure room for that time in-between.

DRAW Architecture + Urban Design

214 W 21st Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

DRAW Architecture + Urban Design is an interdisciplinary architecture and planning firm that creates beautiful, functional, responsive environments for clients and communities. A Certified B Corporation™, DRAW, led by founder Dominique Davison, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB, strives to deliver thoughtful, user-driven design that inspires everyday life by drawing people together around beautiful architecture and public spaces. The firm also aims to optimize the impact on clients’ budgets. The firm does this through a radically resourceful approach called POSITIVE IMPACT DESIGN, which includes digital modeling, which helps customers to grasp what it would be like to experience the various areas of their new home and how they connect. Kansas City Business Journal featured the firm when it won the AIA Central Region’s 2018 Honor Award for Adaptive Reuse.

For 16 years, the firm has been exploring ideas by developing new models and creative technologies guided by a vision of a more efficient and inclusive environment. One of its projects, The Box Building, is a product of the firm’s remarkable practices. DRAW implemented sustainable design methods to respect the building’s heritage and character. The firm maintained the structure’s historic character through a rigorous and tedious procedure, mitigating restoration expenses by historic tax credits and incentives under the Missouri Works Program. Most of the original structural components, existing apertures, internal volumes, and distinctive interior finishes were preserved. The original elevator shaft was converted into tiny conference spaces on each level of the structure.

International Architects Atelier

912 Broadway Boulevard, #300, Kansas City, MO 64105

International Architects Atelier (IAA)—founded in 1988 in Kansas City—is dedicated to architectural excellence through research, experimentation, and creativity. For the past 30 years, the firm has contributed to the cultural dialogue by building dynamic, practical, and elegant spaces that improve daily living and inspire future growth. Founding partners Elizabeth Amirahmadi and Majid Amirahmadi are both members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). They are responsible for the development and evolution of the firm’s three-decade-old practices and expertise. Elizabeth has created award-winning cultural institutions, higher education facilities, and business projects. She also served on the board of the Kansas City Municipal Art Commission for ten years. 

International Architects Atelier produces completely integrated designs. The firm’s close participation and real dedication results in authentic and coherent places of purpose. The Roasterie Factory Cafe is a remarkable commercial project designed by the firm. IAA meticulously repurposed and connected each building by relocating the central loading docks to the perimeter, allowing for an expansion and other unifying aspects. The project owner acquired a real DC-3 plane to be deployed “anywhere on the site to add to the architectural difficulty.” The distinctive attraction was designed to promote the brand concept: premium air-roasted coffee made from the best beans available from around the globe and flown in small quantities to the heart of America. This daring concept was accepted, and the plane is placed right above the structure, giving the impression that it is taking flight. The runway structure that supports it leans forward as a symbol of releasing the plane. The dramatic scene unites the previously disparate elements into a single coherent establishment.


817 Wyandotte Kansas City, MO 64105

GastingerWalker&, founded in 1981, is a varied collection of motivated, intelligent, and forward-thinking experts that are passionate about the product and process of architecture and design. The firm’s business strategy is to build clientele rather than one-time tasks. The firm believes that offering the finest possible service and earning its clients’ confidence is the key to success. Cofounders Kirk Gastinger and Wade Walker have driven the firm to guarantee partner engagement, design awareness, and profound regard for client finances. 

Kirk is also a well-known architect and a driving force behind the sustainable design movement. He co-founded the National AIA Committee On The Environment and was designated an AIA Fellow in 1993. Kirk also has held positions of leadership in the AIAKC Chapter at various levels, as well as serving as Board Chair at Horizon Academy, Charlotte Street Foundation, and 2020 Leadership.  

Kirk and Wade’s leadership has given the firm opportunities to be featured in several publications, including the 2020 issue of the Kansas City Business Journal. The firm has also won several awards, such as the 2020 Firm of the Year by the AIA KC and the 2016 Ingram’s Best Architectural/Design. One of the firm’s notable projects is the historic renovation of J.Rieger & Co. The transformation of the former Hein Brewery building in the Electric Park area into a refurbished distillery with historical exhibitions, event spaces, and a gift shop, as well as the creation of additional space for barrel storage in an existing nearby warehouse. Each event location has its unique personality that is firmly steeped in J’s history. A slide and a glass chamber surrounded by barrels stocked with maturing whiskey, gin, and vodka are two of Rieger & Co.’s distinctive attractions.


1512 Holmes Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

Jonathan O’Neil Cole, the firm’s founding principal, had a vision in 2007 to create a business focused on strategy-oriented projects and client-centered relationships. Today, Pendulum is more than its studio, architects, and designers; it is a movement that develops the appropriate solutions that perform above and beyond expectation and description. The company was founded on the basic philosophy of improving all elements of the human experience. Under Jonathan’s leadership, the firm has concentrated its work as experts in a variety of architectural kinds on community betterment, niche projects, and sports facility design. Venues Now, Sports Business Journal, and Stadia Magazine are some of the several publications that have featured the firm. Pendulum has also won numerous awards for its individual projects. These include Rethinking The Future ACDA 2020 First Award for Sports & Recreation Concept for its Future Stadia Concept and 2013 Professional Design Award Citation by the National Organization of Minority Architects for its work on RW/2 Studio & The Guild.

The firm’s extensive portfolio demonstrates the firm’s creativity and unique concepts. Pendulum was tasked to create the new store for WyCo Vintage. Owner Patrick Klima wanted a bigger and better concept for the next store of the brand and Pendulum rose to the challenge. The firm designed the boutique retail storefront located a few blocks north of the historic Westport neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri. Pendulum completed the design and execution on an expedited schedule.


300 West 22nd Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

For more than half a century, HOK has been a global firm specializing in design, architecture, engineering, and planning. Its 1,600 employees work together in a network of 23 locations spread across three continents. Since 1955, HOK has been creating structures and places that are responsive to people’s and the environment’s demands. The firm’s designers are grounded in technical expertise, inspired by inspiration, and dedicated to delivering solutions that inspire clients and communities. Hok has been featured in numerous publications, including the 2020 issue of ENR and twice in the 2019 issue of Kansas City Business Journal.

HOK is made up of many distinct voices, each with its own great concepts. One notable concept from the firm is its take on the Kansas City Power & Light District. Over seven city blocks in downtown Kansas City, this dynamic “live-work-play” neighborhood mixes eating, shopping, office, residential, and entertainment facilities. It has not only revitalized the city’s center but has also become one of the country’s most successful entertainment areas. To create a genuine Kansas City experience, the design incorporates materials and colors inspired by the city’s historic downtown architecture. The success of the Kansas City Power & Light District, which is next to the Sprint Center, has prompted more construction, which is assisting in attracting yet even more visitors to downtown Kansas City. 

Gould Evans

4200 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kansas City, MO 6411

Gould Evans practices with a passion for regional architecture and design. Founded in 1974 in Lawrence, Kansas as a general practice, the firm has developed strong community ties in each of its locations including Kansas City, San Francisco, Phoenix, New Orleans, and Lawrence. Gould Evans’ varied architectural portfolio and award-winning designs are known for a sensitivity to people and location. With a design approach that begins with the client’s aims, the firm’s work conveys a love of regional architecture and design that has a beneficial influence on communities.

Gould Evans portfolio showcases the numerous projects it has worked on for over 47 years. This featured project is an example of the company’s commercial work, titled the 4200 Penn Renovation. The project consists of two-story studios that use the existing structure’s distinctive bones to create various sophisticated and flexible workspaces. A makers-space, heads-down loft space, technology-enabled teaming rooms, and an outdoor terrace along the former trolley lines are among them. A favorite feature is the unique perforated metal stair paneling designed by a Gould Evans employee that generates a changing patterned light show throughout the day.

Helix Architecture + Design

1629 Walnut, Kansas City, MO 64108

Helix Architectural + Design is unique in that it is an integrated architecture and design business that focuses on people rather than structures. It revitalizes culture and changes business through a design process that starts and ends with the people who will live, work, or play in the spaces it builds. Over the years, it received awards and certifications from associations such as AIA and National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) due to its efforts, and it has also been featured in publications like the 2021 Kansas City Business Journal and 2021 CityScene KC.

A prime example of its work is Farina, a commercial restaurant project which featured a rustic theme, as per the client’s request. The company tried to create a modern Italian idea influenced by Tuscany and Umbria. The 5,500-square-foot restaurant seats 90 people and has an intimate cocktail bar, a fresh oyster and charcuterie counter, and a 20-seat private party room. The restaurant layout makes use of big windows along the north and west sides to bring in natural light and link diners to the activities in the nearby Crossroads Arts District. 


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