Residential General Contractors

The Best General Contractors in Oxnard, California

by Editorial Staff • March 29, 2021

Located on California’s “Gold Coast,” the city of Oxnard is known as the gateway to the Channel Islands and it’s the largest city in California’s Ventura county. Though the city is known for offering numerous opportunities for its enterprising and

The Best Residential General Contractors in Los Gatos, California

by Editorial Staff • March 23, 2021

Los Gatos is home to diverse architectural styles ranging from Victorian to contemporary. The town’s serene nature serves as a backdrop for these beautiful homes. General contractors in the area are challenged to bring fresh ideas to the table and

The Best General Contractors in Seattle

by Editorial Staff • February 13, 2020

Seattle, the home of the tech boom, is where the remodeling industry is well-versed in high-tech conveniences that make a great home design even better. From devices that remotely control your lighting, your thermostat, cameras, and even your crockpot, Seattle’s

The Best General Contractors in Arizona

by Editorial Staff • October 28, 2019

Known for its deserts, scorching hot summers, and of course the Grand Canyon, Arizona also serves as home to the largest federally recognized Native American tribe, the Navajos. The first European contact the natives experienced came in the sixteenth century,

The Best General Contractors in the United States

by Editorial Staff • October 22, 2019

Renovating or remodeling a home is considered one of the most challenging aspects of construction. Renovations entail a lot of activities for both the builder and the homeowner, from subtle changes like improving the aesthetics and layout of the existing

The Best Residential General Contractors in San Francisco in 2018 (by Property Value and by Top Neighborhoods)

by Editorial Staff • October 3, 2019

Knowing who the best contractor for your job isn’t easy; there is a range of factors that can make your project a better fit for one builder over another. Each builder offers a unique set of services at different cost

The Best General Contractors in Seattle

by Editorial Staff • September 4, 2019

The Best Contractor in Seattle by Home Value

As Washington’s hippest residential area, Seattle boasts of some of the state’s finest homes and residential areas. Homeowners can choose from contemporary condo units and timeless traditional homes found in the city’s

The Best General Contractors in Missouri

by Editorial Staff • August 27, 2019

Missouri homes often have striking French influences, due to the settlers that developed the state. Victorian, Italianate, Federal, and Colonial styles are also prominent, particularly in St. Louis County. These early homesteads were built from quarried limestone and brick, but

The Best General Contractors in Plano Texas

by Editorial Staff • August 20, 2019

Plano – safe, affordable, and progressive – is one of the best cities to reside in Texas. Forbes magazine named it one of the safest cities in the nation, and it has one of the lowest unemployment rates, perhaps because

The Best General Contractors in Florida 

by Editorial Staff • July 23, 2019

Home to some of the country’s best tourist attractions, Florida is the perfect tropical getaway for homeowners looking for a relaxed neighborhood. Many structures in the Sunshine State are inspired by its local beaches and exotic climate. This is reflected

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