In this list are some of the best storage facility builders in the area. The firms were selected based on their background, affiliations, and the honors they received over the years.

Shamrock Building Systems, Inc.

1298 Concord Rd, Smyrna, GA 30080

Turning visions into reality is the Shamrock Building Systems guarantee. The commercial builder is led by Seamus Burke and is known for its reliable work in constructing dream projects, while prioritizing client service and convenience. Founded in 1990, the family-owned firm’s forte is the construction of self-storage facilities, whilst maintaining a steady work stream of commercial, and industrial buildings. The CubeSmart Storage building featured here is a sample of the firm’s work—a design-build project in Atlanta, Georgia that is 110,000 sqft of climate-controlled storage located in the heart of Downtown.

The company’s expertise in building multi-story and climate-controlled structures can be attributed to the talented craftspeople on its team. Shamrock’s seasoned roster of specialists has over 40 years of expertise in commercial construction. The company guides clients throughout all phases of a project—from planning site locations to post-construction finishes. Strict observance of the set schedule and budget are also practiced to avoid additional project costs.

Aside from storage establishments, Shamrock Building Systems, Inc. also works on offices, warehouses, sports arenas, and government properties. The firm is a licensed general contractor in ten states, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Storage Structures

Storage Structures Corporate Office, 3807 Carrollton Villa Rica Highway, Villa Rica, GA 30180

Established in 2007, Storage Structures Inc. is a national metal construction subcontractor and the self-storage industry’s innovation and design pioneer. Throughout its career, the company has built hundreds of self-storage facilities, spanning single-story, bi-level, and multi-story structures, as well as conversions, mezzanine systems, recreational vehicle canopies, and buildings. On top of its impressive projects, it also has strong working connections with a wide range of general contractors, engineers, and architects.

Leading the efforts of the company is Richard Allen. He is in charge of the overall strategy and all aspects of daily activities, such as sales, contract review, engineering, design, project management, finance, and back-office processes. Under Richard’s direction, Storage Structures Inc. aspires to provide clients with competence and distinctiveness while growing its service offerings and global presence. The firm is also a member of various local and national storage associations, including Self Storage Association, Inside Self Storage, and Georgia Self Storage Association.

Peak Steel Buildings

1130 Commerce Drive, Madison, GA 30650

Peak Steel Buildings is a Madison-based company specializing in mini storage buildings and warehouses for Morgan County clients. It understands how to keep its clients satisfied, with over twenty years of collective expertise in the metal building sector. Eager to distinguish itself from the competition, the company opened its doors in Madison, intending to keep its promises by bringing the highest quality steel structures at the lowest feasible price, without sacrificing customer relations.

The firm is headed by Johnny Smith as co-owner, who has been there since the company’s inception in 2001. Peak Steel Buildings is acknowledged by the Better Business Bureau and is Dun and Bradstreet Verified. It is there to serve its clients every step of the way and long after the building delivers.

SteelCo. Buildings, Inc.

55 Oxford Business Pkwy a, Oxford, GA 30054

Founded in 2001, SteelCo. Buildings, Inc. specializes in the development of storage, steel, and industrial buildings. The firm serves Newton County, offering a range of markets and large-scale initiatives for its clientele. The company’s history is a mix of growth and intelligent design. It began with a vision, strived to make it a reality, and now, it continues to work hard to improve the quality of its products and services.

SteelCo. aims to contribute to the rewriting of the history of the American steel construction industry. From humble roots to present remarkable success, it is now poised to compete with any “conventional” building type, renowned for its new breed of structures of better design, craftsmanship, and adaptability. Under the leadership of Jay Bailey as its CEO, it was able to reach several milestones, including being named Best of Newton, Best Contractor in 2017 and 2019.

Adel Steel Buildings

600 S Elm St, Adel, GA 31620

Founded in 1975, Adel Steel develops in mini storage, hangars, garages, commercial, and steel homes for its clients in Cook County. It understands that each customer has unique building requirements. As a result, it has a diverse product offering, with building sizes ranging from the smallest storage facility to the largest industrial complex. The firm operates under the direction of Hilda Lewis, offering a variety of accessories to make the structures entirely customizable and occupant-friendly.

Through rigorous purchasing and years of expertise, Adel Steel has developed a strategy to provide its clients with the finest quality materials at the lowest possible cost. Its high-quality structures are combined with efficient, professional service, which enables one to see why numerous individuals have chosen the company for its range of products for their construction needs.

Metal Building Associates, Inc.

4335 Woodward Way, Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Metal Building Associates, Inc. is a general commercial contractor with more than forty years of expertise specializing in constructing pre-engineered metal structures. Its designs, from simple and practical to exquisite and complicated, are always personalized with the client’s demands as the top priority. It also provides complete remodels, small projects, and everything in between.

Headed by Greg Thigpen, it maintains the highest standards in the business while meeting safety norms. Whether a task is big or small, its construction sites are always kept as tidy as if they were the final result. Refuse is constantly carried to an approved landfill, resulting in a clean, organized, and well-regulated job site. Wherever a client’s needs may fall, the firm will be happy to work with them to ensure they are not only met but exceeded.

Georgia Portable Buildings

Georgia Portable Buildings, 11281 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Douglasville, GA 30134

Georgia Portable Buildings is centered on “a family commitment to excellence.” Since its inception in 1990, the company has evolved through years of expertise in producing portable structures and realizing the industry’s demand for continued excellence, inventiveness, and market sensitivity.

The firm’s strategy for guaranteeing that clients receive the highest quality product at the most reasonable cost is a combination of cutting-edge production technology, skilled craftsmen, and high-grade materials. The firm’s dedication to excellence is seen from start to finish in every building constructed and sold, led by Greg Andrews as general manager. Greg has twenty-seven years of expertise in Sales and Customer Service and has proven to be a significant asset to the team. He has been with Georgia Portable Buildings for more than fourteen years. He is now in charge of all day-to-day activities, such as sales, customer support, inventory control, and local building deliveries.