El Paso is known to be the commercial and financial center for an extensive trade territory where livestock ranching, irrigated cotton farming, and mineral production are major economic activities. Nowadays, Downtown El Paso is a city shaped by commerce, culture, community, and historical circumstances. Among the five districts that carry these circumstances,

El Centro is a district where shopping serves as the daily activity, making the district bustle with life. Among the various shops El Paso houses are boutiques crafted by the contractors featured in this list. Alongside leaders who expertly lead their teams into producing quality work, these firms are also known for having years of experience under their belt. 


Banes General Contractors

6001 Doniphan, El Paso, TX 79932

Banes General Contractors is the oldest and one of the largest general contractors in the southwest. Established in 1946 as a design-build firm, it was one of the first general contractor/engineering firms to provide turnkey design-build and construction management services. The firm’s current portfolio is filled with projects completed for various sectors. So far, this includes, among others, commercial buildings, medical facilities, and shopping centers, which have helped the firm generate approximately $50 million in annual gross revenue.

Today, the firm is a known member of the Associated General Contractors of America’s El Paso Chapter and is a lifetime member of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America. 

Croom Construction Company

980 Gato Rd., El Paso, TX 79932

Established in 1965 by Trigg Croom, Croom Construction Company has a solid reputation with local architects, lenders, suppliers, subcontractors, and various clients which are typically individuals or small business entities. Over the years, the firm has done tenant improvements for medical facilities like MRI centers and dental offices, as well as for warehouse shipping and receiving offices.

The firm also does new construction, and repair/maintenance work. As a firm that only focuses on the private sector’s small to mid-sized commercial projects, Croom is known by clients for being affordable and trustworthy in completing projects that portray the brand’s image.  

EPPX Construction 

2223 Montana Ave., Ste B, El Paso TX 79903

EPPX Construction is a full-service general contractor with extensive experience in commercial construction, consulting, and real estate development. During the firm’s first three years of business, it successfully completed over 35 major projects. Now, it’s known for the quality general contracting services it offers for clients around Texas, New Mexico, and throughout the Southwest. So far, it has completed projects for numerous companies, including Dollar Tree, Advance Auto Parts, and Domino’s.

Aside from these projects, the firm’s portfolio also contains industrial buildings, schools, restaurants, and retail stores. Projects like these are successfully completed thanks to a team of highly educated and experienced contractors and project managers who have at least a four-year degree in construction management, as well as laborers with 30 to 40 years of field experience. Alongside this talented team, the firm also focuses on learning each client’s target market and industry goals. With this collaborative approach, the firm is able to provide customized quality services that have lasted for several years.

F.T. James Construction, Inc. 

700 W. Paisano Dr., El Paso, TX 79901

A firm that offers a full range of preconstruction and construction services such as construction manager at risk, general contracting, and design/build, F.T. James Construction Inc.’s capabilities extend to several markets. Among the many sectors for which the firm has completed projects are municipal, government, and private work that includes housing, restaurants, and retail shops.

When it comes to retail work, the firm has completed more than 70 new construction and renovation projects for various names including Planet Fitness, Starbucks, and Barnett Harley-Davidson.

Medlock Commercial Contractors, LLC

7380 Remcon Circle, Suite E, El Paso, TX 79912

Established in 2007, Medlock Commercial Contractors is a firm supported with the foundations of sustained relationships with reputable subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, and clients. As a commercial contractor, it has done work on facilities in many sectors, including government, educational, medical, religious, industrial, office, recreational, and retail facilities.

Over the years, the firm has worked for brands like Wendy’s, Planet Fitness, Ferguson, and Bassett Furniture.