Restaurant projects come with the added challenge of having to design and craft highly specific spaces that cater not only to a client’s patrons but also their brands and their team’s specific needs. Often, these can range from various complex master kitchens to lounges and entertainment facilities. This list showcases Scottsdale’s 15 best and leading contractors behind some of its most recognizable restaurants and commercial spaces. These firms are also proud recipients of countless industry accolades and have since been featured in a variety of publications.

A.R. Mays Construction

6900 E. Indian School Rd. Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Headquartered in Scottsdale, A.R. Mays Construction offers a complete range of services and has been in business since 1986. The firm specializes in commercial projects in particular and has worked on projects throughout the southwest. The team has a background of strong training and excellent processes and methods. Led by owner and president Adam Mays, the company strives to exceed expectations in all aspects. 

Adam is an experienced and talented professional who ensures that each of the firm’s projects receives the benefit of his experience. Under his leadership, the company has had the opportunity to work on various noteworthy projects that have been featured in several publications.

The depicted project showcases the firm’s work for the Tanzy Restaurant. It was completed in collaboration with the professionals at TK Architects. The project entailed having to work on over 8,000 square feet of dining space and a 4,500-square-foot bar. Some other elements include its grab-and-go counter and lounge area.

Jokake Construction

5013 E. Washington Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Jokake Construction provides a full range of services and specializes in office, healthcare, education, retail, and industrial build-outs. The firm collaborates only with the area’s best and leading designers and subcontractors, resulting in timeless and classic work. It is noted for its innovative solutions, as well as its adherence to the highest standards. The Jokake team credits its success to combined years of experience in the industry and its method, which gives clients the expertise of a large contractor but with a more personal approach. The firm also puts forth additional efforts in terms of safety procedures amidst the ongoing pandemic.

The showcased project features the firm’s work for the Daily Dose. Located in Scottsdale, this project challenged the Jokake team to convert an existing retail store located along Scottsdale Road in Oldtown. It spans over 3,000 square feet and features a custom granite serving bar and patio dining area. The space was finished within a two-month timeframe.

LGE Design Build

1200 N 52nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008

LGE Design Build works on projects from various market types, including offices, mixed-use, adaptive reuse, industrial, retail, educational, and medical projects. The firm is one of the area’s premier firms and is an expert in the design-build process. It offers its client nearly three decades of industry experience and is composed of a talented team that has worked on countless award-winning designs. Since its establishment, the firm has worked on over 1,200 projects and adheres to the highest standards. LGE is also noted for its comprehensive conceptual design proposals, in addition to its excellent cost control work. This approach assures clients that all of the firm’s projects are completed on time and within the agreed-upon budget. 

The chosen project best embodies the firm’s talent and expertise. Spanning over 7,000 square feet, this project was designed in 2019 and built the following year for The Americano. It houses an open kitchen concept with a wood-fired grill, in addition to elegant butcher block tables, modern artwork, and light fixtures.

Sletten Construction Company

2501 East University, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Since 1928, Sletten has offered its clients a comprehensive range of services and utilized a hands-on approach. Operating out of its office in Phoenix, the company has been an employee-owned business since 2004. It has built an exceptional reputation for itself and has an 85% repeat clientele rate. 

The firm’s portfolio depicts a gallery of banks, retail facilities, office, warehouse facilities, grocery stores, and wholesale shopping facilities. It also showcases a variety of specialty projects, such as churches and monasteries, as well as cultural arts projects, which include performing arts centers, libraries, interpretive centers, and recreational projects. Our editorial team was very impressed by the chosen project. Located in Laveen, the firm’s team delivered this space through a stellar design-build package.

Caliente Construction, Inc.

485 W. Vaughn St., Tempe, AZ 85283

Founded in 1991, Caliente Construction specializes in the design-build approach, enabling it to keep the entire process in-house. This lessens the additional challenge for clients in looking for different subcontractors and artisans. Our editorial team was especially impressed by its comprehensive pre-construction work and its extensive renovations and construction management. Composed of a talented group of over 90 professionals, the company draws inspiration from more than 30 years of industry experience and has since worked on over 4,220 projects. Caliente is proud to be a woman-owned and certified business and has completed projects throughout Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

The featured project spans over 4,000 square feet and is an excellent example of the company’s talent and expertise. For this project completed for the Oregano’s Pizza Bistro, this project entailed a construction management-at-risk delivery process. Inside it houses two full commercial kitchens, exposed stained wood ceilings, and a custom bar. There is also a 600-square-foot patio bar.

Ameris Construction

6501 E. Greenway Rd. #103-609, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Established in 2007, Ameris Construction offers preconstruction and construction services to a wide variety of sectors. It has secured a solid reputation as a leading commercial general contracting and construction management firm and showcases an impressive clientele list.

Throughout its years in the industry, Ameris Construction has worked on both large- and small-scale projects, from small tenant improvements to large multifamily and multiuse projects. The firm is led by its principals, Chris Jones and Greg Goss. Jones draws inspiration from nearly three decades of industry experience and specializes in acquisition, site analysis, and project management. Goss has extensive experience in the real estate industry and manages all administrative aspects of the firm.

The pictured project was completed for Santé, a healthy, high-end restaurant in Scottsdale. Newly opened in December of 2021, it is an excellent example of the firm’s expertise in adaptive reuse and sustainable builds. The impressive industrial design features multiple custom bars, unique lighting and artistic details throughout.

Radius Contractors

7835 E. Redfield Rd. #100, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Radius Contractors offers a complete and comprehensive range of residential and commercial projects. It extends its services throughout Scottsdale and the areas surrounding it and provides its clients with a highly hands-on approach. Its portfolio depicts a great range of custom homes, renovations, tenant improvements, and commercial spaces. The firm credits its success to the experience of its talented team of professionals. It also prides itself on the solid reputation it has secured for itself, in addition to the partnerships with some of the area’s best and leading architects and subcontractors. 

The showcased project best embodies the firm’s talent and expertise. Completed for the Centro at Montelucia, this project features an excellent modern theme. The finished look includes bright lighting, custom finishes, and trimmings perfect for a relaxing resort and spa location.

Reliance Build, Inc.

281 N Roosevelt Ave. #3, Chandler, AZ 85226

Reliance Build operates out of its office in Chandler and extends its services throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area and Tempe. It is regarded for its innovative approaches and specialization for a variety of commercial projects. Composed of a talented team of professionals and artisans, the firm manages spaces regardless of size or scale. The firm has been in business since 1993, and since then, it has managed projects that cost over one billion dollars. It has obtained an 89% repeat clientele rate and is known for its excellent tenant improvements, ground-up construction, and green construction work. The firm’s portfolio depicts several spaces from the financial, fitness, and retail markets. It also showcases its healthcare, industrial, and recreational work. 

Located in Chandler, the chosen project is one of our favorites from the company’s portfolio. The firm was tasked with its ground-up construction and high-end finishes. Its team also had to work on its detailed cost estimating, feasibility study, and scheduling.

Princeton Construction, LLC.

4112 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85018

Princeton Construction has been in business since 2011 and extends its services throughout Phoenix. The firm is the product of the vision of its owner and principal, Charlie Hall. He first gained experience working for nearly two decades managing projects in and around Arizona, Texas, and California. Under his leadership, the firm focuses on healthcare, commercial, and residential projects. He has worked in almost every position in the construction industry over the years and assures clients that each project that the company takes on receives the benefit of this experience. 

The company delivers all of its projects on time and within the agreed-upon budget. In terms of design, its portfolio depicts a great range of contemporary and transitional themes. Our editorial team loved its great beam work, custom finishes, and love for rustic finishes.

Pegasus Construction, Inc.

2140 W. Greenway Rd. #180, Phoenix, AZ 85023

Founded in 1987, Pegasus Construction is a family owned-and-operated general contractor that offers its clients a complete and comprehensive range of commercial services. The firm is a leading expert in the design-build process, which lessens the additional challenge for clients in terms of having to look for additional subcontractors and artisans. This simplifies the entire process and keeps everything in-house throughout the duration of a project. The firm’s portfolio depicts a gallery of excellent commercial, retail, and industrial spaces. 

Since the firm’s inception, the company has had the opportunity to work with a variety of household brands like McDonald’s and Papa John’s Pizza. Its portfolio also showcases spaces for Domino’s, Starbucks, and Krispy Kreme. All in all, it has designed and constructed over 2,765 projects since its establishment.

Builders Guild, Inc.

4950 East Ingram St., Mesa, AZ 85205

Builders Guild provides its clients a full range of services and takes great pride in its outstanding track record. The firm offers its clients over 30 years of industry experience and services the entirety of Arizona. Noted for its excellent design-build method, the firm utilizes a highly hands-on approach that emphasizes the importance of working closely with its clients throughout the entire process. All of its teams come with a Construction Manager at Risk, assuring clients of its adherence to the highest of safety standards. The photo below is an excellent example of the firm’s expertise. 

Completed for the Palo Verde Pizzeria, this project challenged the firm with its ground-up construction work and extensive interior build-out. All in all, the project spans over 3,192 square feet and was completed together with the talented experts over at City Spaces Architecture. This restaurant is only one out of the many restaurants the company has constructed and designed. It takes great pride in the spaces it has designed through the years, in addition to its many outstanding reviews.

Sterling CM

1660 N. Rosemont Ste. 103, Mesa, AZ 85205

Sterling CM extends its services throughout Arizona and operates out of its headquarters in Mesa. It draws inspiration from a team with over 150 years of combined experience. The firm specializes in both commercial and (new custom) residential projects and offers its clients an excellent design-build approach. Through this method, they are able to work hand in hand with architects, clients, and project team, lessening change, exploring cost-saving options and reducing timely delays in construction timeframe. Its portfolio depicts a wide variety of spaces rendered in multiple architectural vernaculars. Since its inception, it has secured a solid reputation for itself and has established long-term relationships with its clients. Come experience for yourself why your project deserves the best, with Sterling CM.

The pictured project was completed for the Decanter Winery & Lounge at DC Ranch in the heart of Scottsdale. The firm had to work on over 2,500 square feet of upscale space for this project. Its team had to design and construct both elegant space for the winery and several dining areas with a capable kitchen space to accommodate its clients. With custom glass roll-up garage doors, Sterling CM was able to connect inside and outside dining areas for all to enjoy the beautiful views Scottsdale has to offer.

ARC Construction

3225 N. Central Ave. Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85012

With nearly two decades of industry experience, ARC Construction extends its services throughout the Valley and specializes in projects for the education, industrial, medical, multi-family, office, restaurant, and retail projects. It can take on projects regardless of scale or complexity and has built long-lasting relationships with its clients. The firm is led by its founder and principal, Bill Borders. He comes from a long line of builders and holds a degree in management from Wesleyan University before moving to Arizona in 1999. Under his leadership, the company has taken on a variety of impressive projects, with its talent best showcased in the project below.

Completed for Jennifer’s Marketplace, this project  spans around 2,712 square feet and costs roughly $189,000. The firm’s team completed it within a six-month timeframe and entailed having to work on both its exteriors and interiors. Some of its best elements entailed having to restore an old brick and wood wall hidden behind drywall.

Western States General Contracting

9420 East Doubletree Ranch Rd. Suite C110, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Western States General Contracting was founded in 2008 and specializes in a comprehensive range of general contracting and construction management services. The firm operates out of its headquarters in Scottsdale and is regarded for its great attention to detail and high regard for hands-on approaches. The company is composed of an excellent and experienced team of designers, engineers, and subcontractors. The firm has a strong knack for the design-build process, as well as its competitive bidding and value engineering.

Located in Scottsdale, this chosen project is one of our editorial team’s favorites from the company portfolio. It was designed for the Al Hamra, an excellent and popular Indian Cuisine restaurant. The firm’s team designed its beautiful interiors, kitchen, and dining areas.

True Performance Construction

21424 N. 7th Ave. Suite 2, Phoenix, AZ 85027 

True Performance Construction first started out in 2001 and has since curated an excellent portfolio for itself. It engages clients from a variety of market sectors but is best known for its commercial work. The company is the brainchild of its founder and president, Steve Watson. Under his supervision, the company makes use of a highly comprehensive and hands-on approach. It has also had the opportunity to work with household brands like Popeye’s, as depicted in the photo below.

The firm provides its clients with an accurate and comprehensive plan, which allows little to almost no revisions throughout the entire process. It also adheres to a strict timeline, assuring clients that all of its work is completed within schedule and budget. 


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