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As everyone knows, Louisville is home to the celebrated Kentucky Derby. Aside from that famous attraction, it’s also become an attractive place to put down roots thanks to its low cost of living. Louisville is also an incredible foodie getaway, taking pride in its unique foods and drinks. There are plenty of iconic dishes that the town offers. The restaurant scene is thriving in the town. If you are one of them, our editorial team has compiled 15 of the best restaurant architects in Louisville, Kentucky to help you make your new or established restaurant the best that it can be.

Luckett & Farley

737 South 3rd Street, Louisville, KY 40202

Luckett & Farley has been providing world-class architecture to Louisville, Campbellsville, Florence, Prospect, and the rest of the nation since 1853. It is an architecture, interior design, and engineering firm specializing in industrial, higher education, government, corporate commercial, hospitality, and civic projects. It aims to create superior designs that benefit the environment, organizations, and communities it serves. For more than a century, the firm has developed numerous LEED-certified projects with a constant commitment to making a significant difference in its clients’ lives.

Aric M. Andrew leads Luckett & Farley. He serves as the firm’s president. He fosters and inspires his employees to learn, then to create innovative spaces that move others. Aric is a LEED-accredited professional and a member of the American Institute of Architects. The firm has won numerous awards, including a Distinguished Firm Award from the AIA in 2020.

JRA Architects

829 East Market Street, Suite B, Louisville, KY 40206

JRA Architects is a 76-year-old firm serving Louisville, Georgetown, Goshen, Frankfort, Mt. Washington, Shepherdsville, Elizabethtown, and Lexington. It is one of the largest, oldest, and most reputable architectural and planning firms in Kentucky, providing architecture, interiors, and planning services. The firm specializes in a wide array of projects, including commercial, education, health care, industrial, and religious. Since its inception in 1946, JRA Architects has shaped its clients’ visions into functional, stimulating spaces that improve their lives and the lives of those who occupy the structure.

By adopting a collaborative approach, the firm successfully delivers outstanding projects with exemplary customer service. President Rob Deal ensures that the firm consistently provides valuable and meaningful workmanship. He is a LEED-accredited professional and an experienced problem-solver and team leader. The firm has been featured by press publications like ArchDaily and Architect Magazine.

Donhoff Kargl Nall Architects

716 East Market Street, Louisville, KY 40202

Established in 1972, Donhoff Kargl Nall Architects is an architectural firm that provides architecture, master planning, sustainable design, interior design, and renovation services throughout Louisville. It specializes in a variety of projects, such as health care, hospitality, industrial, multifamily residential, retail, and restaurants. Among its outstanding projects are LG&E Tower in Louisville and the Villages of Park DuValle neighborhood revitalization. Donhoff Kargl Nall Architects has worked with prominent developers and corporations for over five decades.

Donhoff Kargl Nall Architects operates under the supervision of Rob Dohnoff. He is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Board and is registered in 37 states, including Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Kentucky, and Ohio. The firm’s outstanding work has been featured by media like The Business Journals, EIN News, WLKY, The News and Tribune, and Building Design + Construction.

Potter Architects

333 East Main Street, Suite 500, Louisville, KY 40202

Founded in 1977, Potter Architects is a premier architectural firm located in Lousiville. It serves Louisville and Elizabethtown, providing architecture, interior design, master planning, and historic preservation certification services. The firm has developed numerous commercial, educational, health care, hospitality, industrial, mixed-use, and multi-family projects. For 45 years, the firm has focused on quality architectural design and superior customer service. To do so, it deploys innovative design solutions and state-of-the-art technology.

Potter Architects employs talented architects, creative designers, and skilled construction professionals who share the same dedication towards excellence. The team is led by Henry Potter, a graduate of Tulane University with a master’s degree and a member of AIA.

WorK Architecture + Design

1122 Rogers Street, Louisville, KY 40204

WorK Architecture + Design is a Louisville-based full-service comprehensive design firm with over a decade of experience in the construction industry. It has been specializing in commercial, education, hospitality, industrial, mixed-use, multi-family, and single-family projects since 2012, extending its services to Louisville, Covington, Paducah, Newport, and Prospect. Since its establishment, WorK Architecture + Design has committed itself to finding the innate potential in each project. By being meticulous and focusing on its clients’ distinct, project site, budget, and schedule, it successfully delivers solutions that exceed expectations.

Co-founders Mitchell Kersting and Tyler Watkins lead the firm. Both principals worked with renowned architecture and planning firms before establishing WorK Architecture + Design. The firm is professionally affiliated with the American Institute of Architects and the U.S Green Building Council. It was also featured by publications, including Brewbound and News and Tribune.

Joseph & Joseph Architects

550 S 4th Street, Louisville, KY 40202

Known as the longest continually operating name in architecture in Kentucky, Joseph & Joseph Architects provides a wide range of services, including distillery architecture, general architecture, interior design, master planning, building assessment, historic preservation, and 3D printing. For over 114 years in the business, the firm has delivered innovative solutions to clients’ construction needs. It produces successful, high-quality projects by providing personal attention in every aspect of the construction process and by listening to its clients.

Since its inception in 1908, Joseph & Joseph Architects has served clients in the public and private sectors. It employs a team of skilled architects, project managers, designers, and construction professionals to create beautiful structures that fill Louisville’s skylines. Cash Moter and Eric Huelsman lead the firm. They are both members of the American Institute of Architects. Joseph & Joseph Architects has been featured by The Courier-Journal, The Lane Report, and The Business Journals.

Norman Berry Associates Architects PLLC

815 West Market Street, Suite 502, Louisville, KY 40202

Established in 1971, K. Norman Berry Associates Architects PLLC provides architecture, master planning, interiors, and urban planning services to Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is an architectural firm specializing in historic restoration, churches, education, office, residential, senior living, public, and non-profit projects. Since its founding, the firm has fostered collaboration, harnessed technology, and expanded the vision of its staff, consultants, and clients.

For over 50 years, K. Norman Berry Associates Architects PLLC has constructed a large variety of commercial and residential projects throughout the region. Its commitment to service, its attention to detail, and its responsible approach to clients’ budgets and timelines have built a strong reputation for the firm. The firm operates under the leadership of Bob Haffermann, a member of the American Institute of Architects, is National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Certified, and a Main Street Association Board Member. Furthermore, the firm has garnered multiple awards, including the 2018 AIA Kentucky Honor Award – Historic Fayette County Courthouse.

Architectural Artisans

213 South Shelby Street, Louisville, KY 40202

Architectural Artisans has been operating in Louisville and Prospect, providing architecture, design, residential, restaurant, and commercial services for 29 years. As a small design firm, it strives to create outstanding projects that exceed its clients’ expectations. As a result, it has established an impressive restaurant portfolio and has gained several awards. In 2018, it received the KSA Citation for Additions/Renovations/Restoration: under $5M, and in 2012, the KSA Honor Award for Market Street Barbers in Louisville.

Owner and principal architect Jeff Rawlins founded the firm, and he continues to lead the firm. Architectural Artisans is a proud associate of the American Institute of Architects. The Business Journals, Broken Sidewalk, The Courier-Journal, and Sprudge have all featured the firm’s impressive work.

Bayus-Design Works

1901 Commonwealth Court, Suite A, Louisville, KY 40299

Bayus-Design Works is a Louisville-based full-service architectural firm established in 1981. It specializes in a wide array of projects, including commercial, industrial, institutional, restaurant, religious, medical, educational, and residential construction arenas in serving Louisville and Middletown. Three years after its inception, the firm merged with Anderson and Associates, forming Anderson-Bayus Associated Architects, PSC. This 15-year association has led to several substantial commercial, industrial, governmental and residential projects. In 2006, the firm carried on as Bayus-Design Works, embarking a new direction.

Dairy Queen, Gold’s Gym, and Goodwill Industries are among the firm’s notable clients. Additionally, President and principal architect Anthony J. Bayus supervises the firm. Anthony is a Cleveland native and a master of service in structural engineering.

The firm has been decorated with various accolades, including the 2013 Business First Commercial Real Estate Award in Retail and Restaurant for The Ice House.

Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC

4717 Preston Highway, Louisville, KY 40213

Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC is a Louisville-based full-service architectural firm with 31 years of expertise in residential, automotive, entertainment, manufacturing, church, and restaurants projects. It serves Louisville, Elizabethtown, West Point, Radcliff, Bardstown, and Burkesville, designing the distinct needs of its diverse clients. Since the firm’s inception in 1991, it has developed over 3,800 projects, ranging from $15,000 to $14,800,000.00 in construction costs. 

President and architect Charles J. Keyes III founded Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and has expertise in construction, design/build, and full-service architecture. Charles has been a licensed architect since 1987 and holds a certification from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. The Business Journals and The Lane Report have featured the firm.

Pickett / Passafiume / Architects

1974A Douglass Boulevard, Suite 100, Louisville, KY 40205

Established in 2011, Pickett / Passafiume / Architects is an architectural design practice headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. It specializes in constructing schools, residential, and restaurant projects, and it serves Louisville, St. Matthews, and Indianapolis. For 11 years, it has positioned itself as an expert in solving design concerns, adding value to the lives of its clients in both the public and private sectors. Additionally, Pickett / Passafiume / Architects has broad experience creating thoughtful designs for new and existing buildings.

Jeff Pickett leads the firm. Jeff has been in the construction industry for 25 years and has comprehensive experience in all facets of the design process. Alongside Jeff is Nick Passafiume, a member of the American Institute of Architects who has been in the industry for 20 years.

Architectural Investments, Inc.

222 S 1st Street, Suite 206, Louisville, KY 40202

Established in 1996, Architectural Investments, Inc. is a full-service architectural firm providing a wide range of services, such as architectural design, interior design, master planning, graphic design, construction consultation, and site planning throughout Louisville, Jackson, and Indiana. It is a unique firm that continually strives to create optimal design solutions that meet construction standards and client expectations. For the past 26 years, Architectural Investments  has developed numerous medical facilities, office buildings, residential housing, convenience stores, retail, and restaurants in the area.

Architectural Investments has quickly grown into one of the best architectural options on the Louisville market. Kevin Burns is the president and founding architect. He has 25 years of expertise in architecture and is a registered architect in over 26 states in the U.S. The firm has amassed notable awards, including the 2020 NAIOP Awards of Excellence.

Foxworth Architecture PLLC

903 Lydia Street, Louisville, KY 40217

Founded in 2014, Foxworth Architecture is a full-service, multifaceted architecture and design firm located in Louisville. It specializes in commercial, residential, entertainment, healthcare and fabrication projects while serving the Louisville region. The firm is licensed in Kentucky and Indiana, building spaces that enhance the lives of its clients and the people who will use them. Since day one, Foxworth Architecture PLLC has committed itself to excellence that can only be achieved through great collaboration.

The team works closely with clients, consultants, and contractors, fostering lasting and solid relationships. The firm is equipped with the technical understanding necessary to take on large-scale, complex structures as well as small scale design-intensive projects. Mark Foxworth is a registered architect who leads Foxworth Architecture PLLC. He is a LEED accredited professional and a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Hubbuch & Co.

324 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202  

Hubbuch & Co. has been operating and serving Louisville for over 89 years. It is one of the premier architecture and interior design firms in the region providing architectural design, interior design, and interior contracting services. Since the firm’s founding in 1933, it has developed several economic and functional offices, commercial, industrial, educational, recreational, and religious buildings, banks, clubs, and residences. Hubbuch & Co. professionally handles all facets of design projects, emphasizing clients’ preferences and individuality.

The firm’s excellent craftsmanship has allowed the firm to become a player on the national scene. It employs creative, professional, experienced, and enthusiastic designers and architects to build quality works that last. President Tate Hubbuch leads the team. The Business Journals and The Courier-Journal have featured the firm in their publications.


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