Two decades ago, residential solar was not a viable energy solution for the majority of Americans. Today, the outlook is much brighter for solar; it has become one of the cheapest sources of energy for many homeowners in regions across the US with progressive tax policies. This meteoric growth is largely attributable to the establishment of the 30% Federal Tax Credit in 2006, coupled with dramatic decreases in both the cost of production of photovoltaics and the cost of installation.

While new solar installations peaked in 2016, the industry continues to show strong growth and in 2017 employed more Americans than oil, coal, and gas combined. National behemoths SolarCity and Vivint account for a large chunk of new solar installations, but the majority of residential power systems rely on local contractors and installation partners. We’ve compiled a list of the best residential solar contractors in every state across the US based on work history, customer satisfaction, and experience.



Southern Solar Systems

11807 Memorial Pkwy., SW Huntsville, AL 35803

As one of Alabama’s best solar contractors, Southern Solar Systems provides top-notch quality for both residential and commercial photovoltaic needs. The firm is dedicated to improving the quality of life economically and environmentally for the Southeastern United States. Supervising the firm is Larry Bradford, an Aerospace Engineering graduate and former NASA employee. At his previous employment, he supported the Department of Energy’s solar research during the 1970’s energy crisis, then spent the next 30 years on the research and development of renewable energy. He formed Southern Solar in 2007. With such a highly qualified principal you can trust the firm’s capability for solar installations. Besides solar installations, the firm also offers other progressive energy services and solutions, including water pumping and geothermal heat pumps.


Arctic Solar Ventures

2000 W International, Suite B3
Anchorage, AK 99502

Venture through the snowy roads of Anchorage to the best solar provider for Alaska. Arctic Solar Ventures has installed over 600 kW of grid-direct solar PV systems as of 2018, and it is a co-owner of Amicus Solar Cooperative. Founded in 2015, the firm is especially qualified to provide solar services, backed by numerous certifications and accreditations from several associations, including North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Arctic Solar Ventures is also a co-owner of Amicus Solar Cooperative, and it is a certified B-corp. The firm seeks to do business that is beneficial to the environment and community. The firm also donates 5% of its annual net revenue to charitable causes.


Arizona Solar Wave & Energy

12 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85201

Arizona’s sunny climate and warm atmosphere make it one of the best places for both supporters and contractors of photovoltaic power systems. Despite the prevalent competition, Arizona Solar Wave & Energy stands out among the rest with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. Founded by local Arizonian and electrical engineer Bryan McCormick, the firm is committed to improving the lives and the economic vitality of its community. The firm provides durable solar panels and includes free repair and maintenance services to its clients. Clients have shown their satisfaction in their reviews, stating that the firm provides great work, and puts an emphasis on punctuality and professionalism. McCormick himself keeps his clients up to date with the newest info, never keeping them in the dark, making every relationship as warm as the Arizona sun.


Shine Solar

8110 W Ford Springs Rd., Bentonville AR 72712

Shine Solar guarantees its customers absolute satisfaction and affordability, following through on its mission to make its clients, and the planet, happy and healthy. The firm was founded by Nick and Caleb Gorden, two professionals with remarkable leadership skills. The two operate Shine Solar with the utmost professionalism, ensuring that all crew members are courteous, certified, and keep the workplace tidy and spotless. Besides that, the firm even offers an annual scholarship award for students with a declared major/minor in renewable energy or related courses. A thoughtful and trustworthy firm, Shine Solar is Arkansas-based and won’t disappoint.


LA Solar Group

16238 Raymer St. Unit B, Van Nuys, CA 91406

LA Solar Group focuses on innovation and long-term improvement for itself and its clients. The firm is packed with solar and smart home energy services that will help meet the needs of its LA residents. LA Solar Group had its start in 2012 with only four employees and a motivated leader named Ara Petrosyan. The company’s goal was to provide the most knowledge about solar and install the best renewable energy systems at affordable prices. The firm operated with consistent successes, and today LA Solar Group with its team of engineers and consultants have over a dozen offices in seven states, all of which offer complete residential and commercial solar-powered solutions. Everyone in the firm believes in being transparent with the clients to create total trust between them and the company.


Namasté Solar

6707 Winchester Cir. Suite #700, Boulder, CO 80301

Namasté Solar basks in the splendor of the sun as one of the best solar companies in Colorado. A member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative and a certified B Corporation, Namasté Solar promotes affordability and professionalism through its qualified installers. The firm has 14 years of experience and has installed over 32,000 residential solar installations, which comes to the equivalent of 35.2 million pounds of carbon prevented from entering the atmosphere in a year. Outside of the business, Namasté Solar supports its communities through volunteer work such as Habitat for Humanity and Neighborhood Cleanups. The firm has also collaborated with CareerConnect and CareerCoach to bring Denver student-interns to the company, and provide photovoltaic designs for communities across the nation.


Aegis Solar

81 School Ground Rd., Branford, CT 06405

With age comes wisdom, and Aegis Solar bears the prestige of being the oldest solar company in Connecticut. The firm has kept itself up-to-date with the latest in renewable energy technology. Aegis is deeply knowledgeable and employs only the best at their craft. The firm is also a proud sponsor of an Apprenticeship Program by the Department of Labor, encouraging interns of similar fields of study to work alongside veterans in the industry. Aegis offers eco-friendly solutions for both commercial and residential solutions. A perfect example is a solar installation project in the town of Bethany. The installation of a solar array and a battery backup system eliminated the client’s worry about power outages. Whether it’s to cut down on monthly utility bills, or for environmentally conscious reasons, Aegis is ready to commit to its customers’ solar-powered needs.


CMI Solar & Electric

83A Albe Dr., Newark, DE 19702

CMI Solar & Electric knows its customers. It has operated for over 20 years and has built its reputation with the goodwill and trust of its clients. Throughout those years, CMI Solar & Electric installed over 500 photovoltaic systems throughout Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The firm’s technicians are licensed, and they take on the responsibility of permits, designs, inspections and external coordination, making the process easy for their clients.

Besides solar technology, CMI also does work on home improvement that involves generator installation, home remodeling, security installation, and more. One project of CMI has made an appearance in PV Magazine USA, featuring a finished solar project for a corporate customer.


A1A Solar

10418 New Berlin Rd., Unit #223 Jacksonville, FL 32226

A1A Solar is a solar contractor that is owned and managed by US Navy veteran, Pete Wilking. Wilking’s credentials include being a certified NABCEP installer and having both an MBA and a BS in Environmental Science. He entered the solar industry in 2006 after seeing the need for a trustworthy solar company in Florida. Once A1A was founded in 2010 he began to run the firm with a strong focus on overall improvement, performance, and customer satisfaction. A1A Solar takes its work seriously, putting value in punctuality while conducting its inspections and maintenance judiciously.

The firm was voted #1 Rooftop Residential Solar Installer in 2016, according to an issue of Solar Power World Magazine, in addition to the honor of being one of the Best Places to Work in Jacksonville. SBDC named them the Veteran-Owned Business of the Year as well.


Coastal Solar Power

229 W. General Screven Way Suite #1, Hinesville, GA 31313

A man with a successful career in real estate had an idea for a solar company that would be able to boost the solar industry in the state. Enter Coastal Solar Power, a reputable solar energy company that was founded in 2011 by Clay Sikes. Although Coastal Solar Power primarily does commercial and agricultural solar projects, the firm is capable and well-devoted to the industry, serving the solar needs of Georgian residences.

Coastal Solar Power conducted a project in the neighborhood of Savannah. The firm installed an 8-kilowatt solar grid on the roof of a home, providing the residence a 65% power cost reduction. For its involvement in renewable energy, the firm was featured in an issue of Milling and Grain, a British-based agriculture magazine that ships its issues to 13 countries. Coastal Solar Power was also acknowledged as one of the top National Contractors by Solar World Magazine.



660 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96813

Solar contractor RevoluSun has conducted over 8,000 residential solar installations on the island paradise of Hawaii. A firm that’s dedicated to renewable energy, RevoluSun provides great quality work with its knowledge and experience on energy efficient homes and photovoltaic solutions. The firm has a team over 20 Smart Home Specialists with a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve optimal home energy efficiency.

RevoluSun also provides air conditioning services and skylight window installation, and the firm performs installations on commercial projects.


Big Dog Solar Energy

620 Pheasant Ridge Dr., Pocatello, ID 83202

Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming, and nine other states in the nation: Big Dog Solar Energy has provided all of them with its photovoltaic installation services. Big Dog Solar Energy is adamant in helping homeowners generate free energy for a significant monthly bill reduction. Big Dog Solar Energy has been in operation since 2008, working on residential, commercial, agricultural, and government projects that requires the firm’s expertise on the matter. Whether it’s a preference for a regular solar system or one that’s off-grid, Big Dog Solar Energy is set to give its clients the kind energy independence they need and deserve.


Tick Tock Energy

800 E. Fayette Ave., Effingham, IL 62401

Take advantage of the SREC incentive in Illinois with Tick Tock Energy, one of the best the Midwest has to offer in terms of premiere photovoltaic services, providing service across Illinois and to a generous swath of Missouri and Indiana. Whether it’s commercial or residential, Tick Tock will give its all to deliver fast, satisfactory results. The firm is also experienced in harnessing the power of the wind with its wind turbines. Tick Tock Energy believes that it is essential that people start to cut utility costs. With the price of energy going up annually, the next few decades might break one’s budget. The clock is ticking, and putting some time and effort into generating your own power is a venture that’s worth the trouble.


Jefferson Electric

2114 East Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46201

Recent findings show that solar power in Indiana has been growing in part because of technological improvements, but also thanks to the 30% federal tax credit. Jefferson Electric is set on helping Indiana become familiar with the amazing benefits of solar technology. The firm knows the industry well and can perform a solar installation of any size, on any surface. The firm believes that solar should be accessible to everyone, that the technology improves the lives of homeowners and the bottom line of small businesses. The Jefferson Electric staff are dependable, certified, and will make an effort to be transparent with their clients for a relationship that stands not on secrecy, but on trust.



230 Sugar Creek Ln., North Liberty, IA 52317

A company with a mission to lead the change to a sustainable world, Moxie is a tested photovoltaic installation firm that strives to offer the best solar service for several American states. Moxie works to ensure that every client’s experience for solar is continuously beneficial, both economically and environmentally. The firm employs the best professionals for the job at an affordable price tag. NABCEP certified installers are quick and efficient, and they don’t shy away from helping clients understand solar technology better.

For its continued excellence in the photovoltaic industry, the firm was included among the annual top solar contractors by Solar Power World, and they earned a Gazette Business Award for business excellence. Moxie was also named the Fastest Growing Company of 2016 by Corridor Business.


Good Energy Solutions

641 E. 22nd St., Lawrence, KS 66046

Over the past ten years, Good Energy Solutions has been providing quality solar solutions in the states of Kansas and Missouri. The firm has installed solar energy systems for both commercial and residential projects, and actively promotes the use of solar technology to lower dirty fuel consumption and energy costs. The firm’s mission is to provide reliable service to its clients, and they deliver on that mission with integrity and trust. Good Energy Solutions also offers various financing options to help homeowners with even more energy-saving home improvements. Its years of good quality service earned it a BBB Integrity Award in 2016.


Solar Energy Solutions

1038 Brentwood Ct. Suite B, Lexington, KY 40511

Solar Energy Solutions is one of the oldest renewable energy companies in Kentucky, boasting a count of over a thousand systems installed since 2006, as well as having more NABCEP certified employees than any other firm in the state. One of its aims is to educate the public on the benefits of the power of photovoltaic technology. The firm is also the only certified Tesla Powerwall certified installer in Kentucky. The company serves the states of Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Besides solar panel installations, the firm also does solar hot water systems for commercial and government buildings.


Joule Energy

701 S Alexander St., New Orleans, LA 70119

Joule Energy is one of the oldest B-corps firms in Louisiana. The firm is adept in the field of solar technology and services both commercial and residential projects. Joule Energy strives to work with its clients to ensure that they get the best energy options for their lifestyle and business needs. With over 1,500 solar projects completed in its decade of service, Joule Energy has managed to help hundreds of businesses save energy, a venture that has certainly helped create a sustainable future. The firm also advocates for LED lighting, which—like solar technology—helps with reducing energy consumption. LED stands to be durable for ten years, is eco-friendly, and uses 60-80% less energy than other types of lighting. The firm has completed work on several commercial lighting projects, from retail stores to warehouses.


Revision Energy

142 Presumpscot St., Portland, ME 04103

Attentiveness, punctuality, professionalism: these three attributes inform ReVision Energy. The firm has handled photovoltaic projects since 2003 and was originally named Energyworks, before being rebranded to ReVision Energy in 2009. Founder Bill Behrens has a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics and a BS in Electrical Engineering. He has worked on over a hundred photovoltaic installations in the past 20 years.

Revision Energy was recognized as one of the Top Solar Rooftop Installers and the Top Solar Contractor in New England by Solar Power World Magazine in 2014 and 2017, respectively. ReVision Energy is one of the most accomplished full-service solar contractors out there.


American Sentry Solar

221 Gateway Dr., Bel Air, MD 21014

Maryland’s American Sentry Solar is a well-known solar contractor founded in 1993. Its honors include being ranked as one of the top remodelers in the country by Qualified Remodeler Magazine and being consistently ranked in the Top 500 Solar Contractors by Solar Power World. The firm was founded by Joseph Tunney back in 1993 as American Design and Build. Eventually American Sentry Solar was established as its division of photovoltaic services. Together with his team of qualified professionals, American Sentry Solar performs at its best consistently. The 25-year old company also serves areas in the state of Texas.


Solar Flair

190 Pleasant St., Ashland, MA 01721

Solar Flair is a Massachusetts-based solar contractor that has decades of experience with commercial and residential photovoltaic projects. This privately owned company makes sure that the budget of its clients is spent for the best results. Solar Flair was started by NABCEP certified professional Matt Arner in 2007. Matt was an independent solar energy consultant before starting Solar Flair, and it’s easy to see where his passion for renewable energy came from. The firm went on to build thousands of solar projects for both commercial and residential properties across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Solar Flair’s goal is to reduce the effects of climate change and promote the use of clean energy.


CBS Solar

16880 Front St., Copemish, MI 49625

Its passionate commitment to communication and quality has given
CBS Solar a reputation for being one of Michigan’s most trusted solar contractors. The firm wants to put solar tech into the mainstream and help reduce the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels. And they want to save their clients some money while saving the planet. Company president Allan O’Shea is a driving force for conserving energy, and the first president of the American Wind Energy Association.  He is a firm believer in the renewable industry and strives to establish solar energy as the primary source of electricity for properties throughout the US. The firm’s efforts have not gone unnoticed: the company was featured in 2017 in a segment of the 9 & 10 News.


All Energy Solar

1642 Carroll Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104

All Energy Solar is an experienced full-service building and electrical contractor that has serviced Minnesota for the past decade. The firm provides eco-friendly solutions for residential, commercial, government and agricultural clients. All Energy Solar has worked on commercial, residential, commercial and agricultural projects. The firm is especially familiar with the industry and its process, thanks to its team of certified NABCEP workers. All Energy Solar is especially client-friendly, providing answers to inquiries and an advanced monitoring system that lets clients follow the progress of their projects in real time.


Mississippi Solar

1016 Saxon Airport Rd Suite 118 Philadelphia, MS 39350

The first in its state to be licensed for Solar and Wind installation as well as residential building. Mississippi Solar is based in the heart of the Magnolia state, and at the heart of the company is Will Hegman. Before he founded Mississippi Solar, he and his wife Carolyn worked with installing wind and solar tech on his sailboats back in the 1980s. In addition to that early experience, he has completed courses from Solar Energy International and completed a number of other certifications. Currently, the company is owned by  John and Virginia Wilbanks

Mississippi Solar has earned nothing but approval from past clients, who praise the firm’s professionalism from presentation to completion. Rain or shine, Mississippi Solar will heed the call for the photovoltaic needs of its customers.


Sun Solar

6724 S. Hwy. 63 Houston, MO 65483

Sun Solar is an award-winning solar contractor with a dozen honors and certifications. With seven years in and no sign of decline, Sun Solar knows how to commit to its customers and the honorable cause of decreasing the damage done to the world by fossil fuel consumption. The firm was founded by Caleb Arthur, who retired early from his career as a law enforcement officer to focus on other ways of serving the people. In the beginning, it was a one-man job, where he’d install and sell solar energy systems on his own. Years later, he saw the fruits of his labor. His company and its reputation grew. Today, Sun Solar continues to work with its qualified workers and quality equipment to provide for the solar demands of Missouri.


Solar Montana

420 North Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601

Solar Montana is NABCEP certified and ready to serve its customers with high-quality solar products and solar installments. The firm was founded by Jackson Isabel, OSHA trained and former Board Member of the Montana Renewable Energy Association. Under his leadership, Solar Montana has gone on to provide over a thousand energy systems in Montana’s state capital. The firm provides high-quality products and takes the time to tailor its solar arrays to individual needs. Montana’s premier solar company is set on a path to benefit the state in more ways than one.


American Energy Advisors

20214 Veterans Dr. Suite #600, Elkhorn, NE 68022

Agriculture’s not the only industry that’s hot in Nebraska these days. Findings by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows that Nebraska ranked thirteenth when it came to solar energy potential. With that in mind, American Energy Advisors makes an effort to be one of the state’s most trustworthy solar contractors. The privately held firm is attuned to the unique needs of any individual solar project, and it offers a variety of services for both commercial and residential projects. These include both heating and cooling services such as radiant floor heating, garage heaters, air-conditioning repair, and WiFi thermostats.



4305 Dean Martin Dr., Suite #150, Las Vegas, NV 89103

In the middle of the solar market in Nevada, and live from Las Vegas, is Sol-Up. Sol-Up is a solar company that offers premium solar products at affordable prices. Rated #1 in Las Vegas by Solar Power World, Sol-Up works hard to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. Clients have made a point of noting the firm’s smooth installations and a pleasant, personal approach.

The firm was founded by Frank Rieger, who came all the way from Germany to Las Vegas to start the solar power company. Reiger’s company is the only solar power company in the area to have a solar tech showroom to promote his products and the benefits of investing in renewable energy.

New Hampshire

Harmony Energy Works

10 Gale Rd., Hampton, NH 03842

Harmony Energy Works is committed to providing solar products to its customers across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Harmony Energy Works has seen success under the leadership of George Horrocks, an electrical engineering graduate and NABCEP-certified installer with three decades of experience. Within his career in the industry, he has been the project manager and principal designer for hundreds of solar-related projects. He is also a member of several associations, including the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers and New Hampshire’s Sustainable Energy Association. The firm has worked on residential and commercial projects alike, including farms and parks. New Hampshire’s renewable energy sector is in good hands with George and his company.

New Jersey

Kopp Electric

1184 Fischer Blvd., Toms River, NJ 08753

Kopp Electric is one of New Jersey’s leading electrical contractors. With over 20 years in the industry, this family-owned firm has judiciously provided for the solar needs of the state with its trained installers and high-quality equipment. Kopp Electric strives to give its all for its clients. Every process and stage is handled by no other contractor but Kopp Electric, from educating its clients about the work to final site evaluation. Clients from all around New Jersey have praised the firm for this thorough, personal approach. Its work has also earned it a spot on the Top Solar Residential Contractors ranking by Solar Power World. Kopp Electric also engages in renovations, site maintenance, commercial lighting, and generator installations.

New Mexico

Positive Energy Solar

3651 Princeton Dr. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107

Positive Energy had its start back in 1997 when it was founded by Allan Sindelar. In 2004, Allan was joined by NABCEP certified installers Randy Sadewic and Mark Drummond. The three of them shared a passion for the industry and went on to build the firm’s reputation on the basis of hard work, sweat, and smiles. This effort led to Positive Energy Solar becoming one of New Mexico’s most distinguished solar providers. The firm uses only the best quality solar products that generate long-term value for clients and the planet. Prior customers have left testimonials praising the firm’s team for its speed and the pleasant approach they bring to their work.

New York

Apex Solar Power

64 Main St., Queensbury, NY 12804

Apex Solar Power is a New York-based company that has provided its services to over 900 cities, including several surrounding states, including Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. In the past few years, Apex Solar has installed over 3,000 solar energy systems for both commercial and residential properties, providing more than 60 megawatts worth of clean energy. Through its efforts, the firm was granted a NABCEP company-wide accreditation, an honor that makes them the fifth in the nation to receive such an honor. The firm’s operations are overseen by two Presidents and a Chief Operating Officer: Stan Dobert, Greg Demarse, and Chris Hall. These dedicated leaders ensure the best quality for their employees and their clients.

North Carolina

Powerhome Solar & Roofing

919 N. Main St., Mooresville, NC 28115

Powerhome Solar & Roofing is a solar and roofing service company that was founded in 2006 as Rescomm; in 2014 it became Powerhome Solar & Roofing by 2014. The company has grown large enough to service other states, including South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan. The company’s strong passion for the solar industry has helped it expand through the years. The firm’s commitment to innovating and servicing its clients have given it the trustworthy reputation it has today. Powerhome Solar & Roofing has received the honor of being listed as a top 10 overall installation company in the nation by Solar Power World.

North Dakota

Wind & Solar World

8144 6th Ave., NE, Upham, ND 58789

Although North Dakota’s solar industry is still emerging, there’s a market for any North Dakotans who are interested in making a positive change for their own lives and the broader community. Wind & Solar World is a general contractor that specializes in services relating to renewable energy. The firm is BBB accredited and provides new construction services to suit the needs of its customers. Need a wind turbine? A solar panel?  A bit of both? This company’s got you covered. The firm’s services also cover LED Street Lights, Water Wells, and remote terminal units.



1925 St Clair NE. Suite #250 Cleveland, OH 44114

With a desire to reduce Ohio’s carbon footprint, YellowLite gets the job done with excellence and efficiency. The firm believes that solar will continue to grow in the mainstream market as a healthy, viable alternative to fossil fuels and its derivatives. This reputable firm is knowledgeable in the renewable energy industry and will educate clients and potential clients about the benefits of solar technology. YellowLite operates throughout Ohio and all concerns are handled in a timely and effective manner. All of its products are of the highest quality, and having one for your home or business can make all the difference in how much you pay for your monthly utility bills.


Solar Solutions

400 Spruce Dr., Yukon, OK 73099

With Oklahoma’s rather sparse photovoltaic market, there are only a few firms out there that can deliver. Solar Solutions is one of them. Solar Solutions starts with a property inspection, followed by free consultation. Before Solar Solutions gets to work, the firm ensures that the place that will be altered will not suffer adverse repercussions; they look closely at which tech and its placement will work best for the unique house. The firm offers complete solar installations with a twelve-year warranty on every installation. Solar Solutions also handles upgrades like inverters and battery banks, further ensuring its clients and potentials that they’ll have all the benefits and none of the stress.


Sunlight Solar

7935 E Burnside St., Portland, OR 97215

Sunlight Solar is a photovoltaic contractor that specializes in all things solar for residential and commercial properties. The firm started back in 1988 in sunny California. Its founder, Paul Israel, has been in the renewable energy industry since the late 1980s. During this time, he had worked as the Vice President of a Virginia-based solar company and went on to open Sunlight Solar Energy’s first location in Oregon in 1997. Since then, the company has gone on to work on over 3,000 solar projects in five states. Sunlight Solar has proven to be here for the long run, garnering honors and awards for its work on solar-related matters.

These honors and appearances in publications include The Source’s Best Green Business, the Energy Award for Excellence in Design by the Connecticut Chapter of The Association of Energy Engineers, and Solarize Connecticut. Paul Israel was also acknowledged as Professional of the Year by Oregon Solar in 2012.


Paradise Energy Solutions

3105 Lincoln Hwy., East Paradise, PA 17562

One look at your new bill and you’ll know you made the right decision. Free yourself of the burden of expensive electricity and move onto solar with Paradise Energy Solutions, a solar company with years of experience in the industry. The firm employs several NABCEP certified installers and operates in several states, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New York. The firm’s integrity and professionalism stand out, and the firm strives to better the world by promoting renewable energy. Paradise Energy Solutions works on both commercial and solar ventures, and publishes articles online about solar energy, for both the industry and for those interested in the topic itself.

Rhode Island

Sunwatt Solar

1005 Main St. Unit #2129, Pawtucket, RI 02860

Sunwatt Solar is a Rhode Island-based firm that is locally owned and has been in business since 2014. The firm has NABCEP certified professionals that are personally invested in The Ocean State, they also work with local small business owners and farmers on solar solutions. The firm is owned by Peter Hughes, Walter Mahla, and Steve Lambert. All three have a history working in the electrical and renewable energy industry. Hughes played a role in building two successful solar companies in the nation; Mahla worked with Megawatt Energy Solutions; Lambert worked in his own electrical contracting company for over two decades before his employment at Sunwatt Solar. Together they oversee operations and lead their team of talented installers to provide the best photovoltaic services for Rhode Island.

South Carolina

Alder Energy

495 Jessen Ln., Charleston, SC 29492

South Carolina’s solar industry has become competitive with grid electricity, and if there’s any time to become invested in solar technology, it’s the present.

Alder Energy is a premier South Carolina solar company that works on both commercial and residential projects to provide affordable, renewable energy to the people of South Carolina. The firm has done projects on numerous homes, with homeowners achieving an annual energy yield of over 8,000 kilowatts per hour. Alder Energy employs NABCEP certified installers and has been acknowledged by reputable publications, including ranking Top Solar Contractors in 2018 by Solar Power World.

South Dakota

GenPro Energy Solutions

13261 Timberline Plz. Suite B, Piedmont, SD 57769

Recent reports show that South Dakota’s solar market is still in its infancy. Small as it is, this shouldn’t be a deterrent for South Dakotans who are looking for healthy home improvements. GenPro Energy Solutions fills the gap as the state’s most trustworthy solar company for commercial and residential photovoltaic projects. The firm, founded by Dwight Patterson, was initially a solar water pumping distribution company. GenPro grew through the years, acquiring new dealers and new business opportunities that helped it grow into the reputable firm that it is today. And the firm has consistently ranked in Solar Power World as one of the top contractors, annually making the list since 2014.

GenPro’s process is simple and straightforward, and its team members are capable of giving deep insight into the benefits of solar energy. Once a client gets in contact with the firm, its certified consultants will help coordinate and plan the project, as well as provide energy savings estimates to ensure that the customer has a proper experience.


Lightwave Solar

3026 Owen Dr., Suite #104 Nashville, TN 37013

Lightwave Solar stays ahead of the competition with a staff comprised of NABCEP professionals, more than any other firm in the state. The reputable solar installer was founded in 2006 and has since installed over 800 solar projects throughout its home state and several others, including Arkansas and Kentucky. Lightwave Solar is even a founding member of Amicus solar cooperative, a collaboration of trustworthy solar energy firms. Besides Amicus and NABCEP, the firm is also a member of the Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association (TenneSEIA) and is a certified installer of TESLA products. As a firm, it strives to operate at peak client satisfaction. Customers of Lightwave Solar have noted its punctuality and professionalism, as well as the quality products they received for their projects. Lightwave Solar also works on commercial projects, such as parking canopies and small stores.


Longhorn Solar

1905B Kramer Ln., Suite 600 Austin, TX 78758

Though there are many Texan firms out there who can provide for any solar needs, Longhorn Solar stands out with its longstanding reputation and experienced employees. The firm does not hire subcontractors and ensures that all the work is done by Longhorn Solar installers to ensure first-rate quality and customer service. Clients have reported that Longhorn Solar’s professionalism and insight was refreshing compared to the other companies they’ve tried. The firm offers a 25-year warranty, one of the best offers in the solar industry. Since its inception in 2009, Longhorn Solar has completed over 1,500 solar projects in Texas, and those projects as of present have produced over 20 Million kilowatts per hour of energy.


Blue Raven Solar

1220 S. 630 E. Suite #430 American Fork, UT 84003

Utah has a surprisingly competitive solar scene, with abundant desert sunshine and a dispersed population looking for the benefits that go with minimizing reliance on the mainstream electrical grid, not to mention the reduction in fossil fuel use. Among the many prominent firms is Blue Raven Solar, one of the fastest growing solar companies in the state. The firm promises to provide the highest quality products and installation at affordable costs. The firm ensures homeowners that their happiness is a top priority, and doggedly pursues its mission to make homeowners’ lives better through renewable energy. The firm strives to complete every project to the utmost satisfaction of the client. Blue Raven Solar continually keeps up to date with the industry. It even operates outside of Utah, including in states such as Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, and Washington.


Peck Electric

4050 Williston Rd. Suite #511, South Burlington, VT 05403

Headquartered in South Burlington, VT, Peck Electric Co. is a 2nd-generation family business founded in 1972 and rooted in values that align people, purpose, and profitability. The Company began operations as a traditional electric contractor and holds a wide range of capabilities to install electric equipment for a variety of end uses. Today, these core capabilities have developed the Company’s business in solar array installation, traditional electric, and data services.  These projects range in size from several kilowatts for residential loads to multi-megawatt systems for large commercial and utility projects. The Company can deploy these capabilities to other large, rapidly growing renewable energy geographies and end markets; namely EV charging stations and energy storage.  Peck Electric has installed over 100MW of solar systems since inception and is focused on profitable growth opportunities



1132 E Market St., Charlottesville, VA 22902

Alt Energy is a firm that’s as dedicated to the cause as it is to its clients. The firm has served the states of Virginia, Maryland, DC, Idaho, North Kansas, and Missouri, serviced by professionals who know each location by heart. Altenergy was founded by Paul Risberg, a NABCEP certified installer and Solar Institute graduate who spent eleven years at the New York Stock Exchange before switching careers. Solar and Thermal Solar Energy was a viable venture for both economic and ecologic reasons. Thanks to his efforts, Altenergy has seen success during its decade in business. The firm has designed and built solar energy systems of all sorts and will help its customers realize the incentives that come with investing in solar.


Artisan Electric

969 S Nebraska St. Suite A Seattle, WA 98108

Jason Williams founded Artisan Electric back in 2007 in the woodsy area of Vashon Island, and would later relocate the firm to Seattle. Jason has had over 20 years of experience as a licensed electrician, along with a background in construction and energy management for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Under his leadership, Artisan Electric flourished, servicing the state of Washington to further promote the use of clean energy and the benefits of energy efficient solutions that are both practical and elegant. Artisan Electric has installed over 900 solar energy systems since its founding and will continue to do so for years to come.

West Virginia

Mountain View Solar

11500 Valley Rd., Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Mountain View Solar had its start in West Virginia when the firm worked on residential construction, specifically custom homes. These houses were built with energy efficient designs, something that would later lead the firm to transition into the solar industry in 2006. Mountain View Solar supports the promotion of renewable energy and has made efforts to educate and spread awareness of the advantages of photovoltaic solutions. The firm has NABCEP certified installers and Master Electricians on its team and has operated on numerous projects ranging from solar panels to electric car chargers. Thanks to Mountain View Solar’s continued efforts, the firm’s projects and endeavors have made appearances in numerous publications, including Preston County News & Journal, Winchester Star, and Local DVM. Mountain View Solar has also won an award for West Virginia Minority-Owned Small Business of the Year award in 2018.


Arch Electric

1237 Pilgrim Rd., Suite 201 Plymouth, WI 53073

Ed Zinthefer has been a Master Electrician for over 20 years. His passion for renewable energy was instilled early, as he spent time on his grandparents’ farm, where he learned how important it is not to waste resources. With nothing but a positive attitude and willpower, Zinthefer quit his job to start his own business in the solar industry. Fast-forward to today and he continues his grandparents’ practice of resource thrift through the parallel of clean, renewable energy. Arch Electric’s NABCEP certified employees are pushing Wisconsin into increasingly greener pastures.

Arch Electric is affiliated with Amicus Solar and Cooperative, Clean Energy Credit Union, the American Solar Energy Society, and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, and it was awarded Panasonic Commercial Installer of the Year in 2018.


Range Solar and Wind

301 Thelma Dr. Suite #154, Casper, WY 82609

Switching to solar in Wyoming is more advantageous than most other states. Cloudy days are a rare occurrence and the temperature is more than acceptable for solar products. Range Solar and Wind knows that and is more than willing to provide for the state. Its humble beginnings started when owners Mark and Stacey Schmid went solar back in 2012, with both their cabin and barn going off grid using solar power. The firm is passionate about solar, striving to give Wyoming the best solar service possible, promising lowered electricity costs and energy independence for its clients. The company knows that no job is completely the same as the other, and promises to put in the extra effort so that every client gets the most out of their projects.

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