The iconic Route 66 may end in Santa Monica, but the fun doesn’t stop there. This small town offers a surprising mix of commercial districts, residential communities, and tourist destinations, which includes the Santa Monica Pier. With a thriving economy and plenty of recreational activities for residents and tourists to enjoy, the city is one of the most desirable cities in California.

Living in Santa Monica and waking up with a view of the Pacific Ocean is the ideal morning greeting. However, a great view does not always guarantee a great and comfortable living. Any homeowner will understand that living in a place for too long requires a lot of maintenance and shifts in lifestyle as needs also change over time. When faced with the reality of a remodeling task, so we’ve listed six of the best remodeling contractors working in Santa Monica that can assist you in your projects. Remodeling a home requires a lot of work, especially when it’s a place that needs to be upgraded without damaging the structure. Our editorial team chose these firms for their craftsmanship, professionalism, and ability to deliver projects. Staffed by teams of experts, these firms all enjoy the satisfaction of providing projects that exceed clients’ expectations.

AGA Construction, Inc.

18375 Ventura Boulevard, #548, Tarzana, CA 91356

AGA Construction places a high value on client satisfaction. It strives to complete projects on time and within budget while also prioritizing the quality of its work. As a result, the firm has earned a reputation for providing excellent customer service. The company is based in Los Angeles and is a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). The firm specializes in home remodeling, new construction, and room additions. Clients can rely on the firm’s expertise to deliver high-quality projects due to its complete in-house team that can cater to all different types of projects. 

Owner Ariel Azriel has over 25 years of construction experience. His belief in customer satisfaction motivates the rest of the firm. Meticulous attention to detailfrom space to accessibility to the overall design of the projectreflects the firm’s commitment to quality and workmanship.

Abraham Building & Consulting

2219 Main Street, Suite 149, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Abraham Building & Consulting is a general contracting firm based in Santa Monica. Established by owner Rani Abraham—whose family has an extensive history in construction—the firm provides home construction, room additions, home remodeling, accessory dwelling units (ADU), and more. The firm fosters a collaborative environment between all those involved in the process. Staffed by its dedicated team, the firm provides thorough and transparent communication to ensure that the project’s needs are met. The firm guarantees successful project delivery. 

The firm’s goal is to provide service without adding to the stress and hassle that comes with construction. The firm’s previous clients consistently attest to the firm’s high level of service and quality of work and it has become one of the most trusted firms in the area. Run by a family of contractors, the firm is committed to excellent customer service and exceptional craftsmanship.

Novel Remodeling

263 W Olive Avenue, Suite 122, Burbank, CA 91502

Novel Remodeling believes that remodeling a home includes developing relationships and working collaboratively with the clients. As a result, each project is guaranteed to meet the needs and requirements that the client envisioned. The firm also approaches the projects with cost-effective solutions in mind and finds the best practices without compromising quality. With over 27 years of experience, the firm has extensive expertise in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, garage conversions, and window replacements. 

To ensure each project is delivered as effectively as possible, it is critical for the team to have a thorough understanding of the task at hand and to address any suggestions or concerns made by the client. It offers a comprehensive planning process for kitchen and bathroom remodeling and 3-dimensional (3D) concept designs to provide an in-depth look at each project. The firm strives to complete all projects on time and to be available and engaged from conception to completion.

Gleicher Associates

415 2nd Floor, South Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Topanga, CA 90290

Gleicher Associates recognizes the importance of good communication and collaboration. Cooperation between its team and clients means an efficient project delivery that caters to all the needs and requirements of the project. Since 1983, the firm has provided custom home construction and remodeling services to all of Los Angeles County. Throughout its years in the industry, the firm has built a network of trusted subcontractors and vendors to provide high-quality projects. 

Being a part of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the firm is an advocate for green construction and strives to find the best practices and solutions for its projects. For over two decades, it has stayed on top of new technology and sustainable processes. As a result, the firm has become one of the most trusted and reliable firms in the state.

Quality First Builders Inc.

5530 Corbin Avenue, 345, Tarzana, CA 91356

Quality First Builders understands the daunting task that comes with construction, whether it be a full-scale construction or a room remodeling, each has its distinct requirements that the firm strives to accomplish. The firm values communication and that is clear in its client-centered approach. Owners and partners Eli and Donna Ezra, who have respective backgrounds in construction and design lead the firm via their combined skill sets. As both second-generation builders, they treat each project as if it were their own, working closely with clients and remaining closely involved in each one. 

With high expectations for each project, its professional team collaborates and stays on top of each task, ensuring a quality project result and consistent delivery. The firm completed a home renovation for a family in Santa Monica in the project featured here. The space was designed by the firm to be minimalistic, but functional. The firm installed an indoor fireplace in the living room, replaced the flooring with new hardwood floors, added a bathtub and cabinets in the bathroom, and redesigned the child’s bedroom to provide more play space.

Oran Remodeling

2643 S Centinela Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Oran Remodeling is a premier remodeling firm that provides new construction, residential ADU, room additions, green construction, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling services to the Greater Los Angeles region and San Fernando Valley. Since 1985, it has approached projects with great focus and attention to the needs and requirements of the client. With its strong work ethic and craftsmanship, its team takes meticulous care of each project. As each project completion represents increased productivity, functionality, and creativity for the clients, the family-owned company is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions and excellent service.

The firm completed this featured kitchen remodel in Mount Olympus, which is located in the Greater Los Angeles area. The firm completely demolished the kitchen before proceeding with the construction. Oran installed and supplied fixtures such as new cabinets, countertops, recessed lighting, and a faucet.