Although its excellent residential quality and closeness to Denver make Aurora look merely like a suburb of the greater metropolis, this vibrant city has a distinct feel. The city is a major athletic center and the home of several professional football, basketball, hockey, and soccer athletes and coaches, with seven golf courses, a reservoir beach, hiking trails, and a multi-use Sports Park. Aurora’s burgeoning arts sector also provides vibrant theater and visual arts to the city to brighten it up. 

There are many reasons why Aurora is the perfect place to live, work, and play. If you’re a local looking to spruce up your space, the list below features some of the area’s leading remodeling contractors. Our team carefully selected each firm after assessing their awards, portfolio, industry affiliations, and press features.

Timberstone Remodeling

403 Laredo St. Unit Q, Aurora, CO 80011

Launched in 2014, Timberstone Remodeling is a Whole Home Remodeling, Kitchen and Bath, and Basement Remodeling firm passionate about delivering an exceptional remodeling experience. The company comprises a team of skilled professionals trained to deliver lasting value to the clients’ homes. Timberstone’s experts apply the most innovative and cutting-edge designs in today’s home remodeling market as skilled craftsmen and women with many years in the industry. Its professional team is also equipped to make recommendations that fit the homeowner’s taste and style but always give them the final word.

Founder Jack Lent considers it a privilege to lead a team of expert craftsmen turning the client’s dreams into reality while delivering an exceptional experience. He established Best Basements Denver and Timberstone Remodeling, then known as Lent Construction, to bring his expertise as a modern craftsman builder directly to the greater Denver community.

DivisionOne Construction

2352 Dayton St., Aurora, CO 80010

A full-service Denver general contractor, Division One helps build homeowners a new space in Denver or addition from start to finish professionally and with accountability. The company provides a single, responsive point of contact throughout the home-building project and collaborates seamlessly with the client and their architect to realize their vision. Its services include home remodeling, additions, new home construction, and light commercial construction for its clients in Aurora and surrounding areas. 

From initial site and blueprint reviews to laying the foundation, framing, and installing mechanical systems, electrical, plumbing, fixtures, cabinetry, windows, and flooring, Division One has proven to be a reliable home-building partner every step of the way. Under the leadership of Kirk Cochran, the company has a team of seasoned carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanical systems experts, dry-wallers, tile setters, and others with whom it has worked for years. A dedicated and highly experienced supervisor is also on-site daily with team members to ensure that the home is made to the highest standards, on time, and within budget. 

Vista Remodeling

6300 E. Hampden Ave. Unit C224, Denver, CO 80222

Vista Remodeling was founded in 1999 in Denver, Colorado, and has since expanded its area of activity to more complex projects, like remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, home remodeling, flooring solutions, basement finishing, and granite countertops. The developed spectrum of its project made the company perfect its working techniques, and the contractor specialists forming the team completed the aura of its activity. 

Vista Remodeling pleads for quality and proficiency in its clients’ goals and does everything to help them achieve their creation of a comfortable and safe project in their homes. Under Kestas Gausas’s watch, it also cherishes its clients and shows them appreciation by offering a 12-month contractor guarantee for all its services. Vista’s work in the Denver area is not only resumed with renovation and remodeling as its vision project is complex and practical at the same time. The company’s goal is to put the clients’ plans and preferences into practice and provide the best solutions for achieving the desired results in kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Mile High Remodeling

14470 E 13th Ave., Aurora, CO 80011

Launched in 1994, Mile High Remodeling specializes in home remodeling and repair for its clients in Aurora and surrounding areas. It has earned its notoriety by planning and executing, keeping a transparent relationship with clients, and never missing a deadline. Mile High’s growing base of loyal clients is the best proof of the quality of its work. 

Leading the firm is general contractor Luis Santillanes. His passion for construction began when he started helping his dad, who is the one that has taught him all that he knows about the business. Under Luis’s watch, the Mile High team is highly family-originated, with his mother and wife occasionally helping to get the work done. Together with his subcontractors, the studio is equipped to carry out any work clients may need, from large-scale renovations to even the smallest of jobs.

McCanan Construction

2851 South Parker Rd. Suite #426, Aurora, CO 80014

McCanan Construction is a home remodeling, kitchen and bath, additions, and roofing company serving clients in Aurora and nearby areas. As one of the most renowned remodeling contractors in the greater Denver area, the studio is committed to providing dependable and high-quality work at all times. The issues McCanan addresses can include anything from interior to exterior remodeling. Because the greater Denver area residents have a range of needs for their homes, the firm ensures that it can fulfill all of those requirements by delivering the highest quality remodeling services in Colorado. 

After gaining a decade’s experience working at one of the most reputable construction companies in Denver, founders Andrew Buchanan and Joshua McCarthy launched McCanan Construction in 2019. Before this, the two had worked at another city’s leading construction companies. They have been in the construction business for more than ten years, have witnessed the industry’s development, and can utilize these changes to increase the quality of their work.

A2Z Builders

482 S Broadway Suite #200, Denver, CO 80209

A2Z Builders is a family-owned and managed general contractor headquartered in Denver. The company is passionate about building, has years of industry expertise, and has a strong desire to flourish. Building or remodeling a house is more than just a client; it is a designer working with a homeowner to develop a vision that will ultimately represent one of life’s most significant investments. A2Z thinks that to create something new, everyone involved must be dedicated. That dedication is achieved through the firm’s all-in-one multi-level design and development approach.

A2Z Builders specializes in additions, kitchens, basements, baths, and complete restorations. The firm is led by co-owners Efraim and Idan Yitzhak. It is also a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Metro Denver Home Builders Association (HBA), and the Better Business Bureau.

Poonam’s by Design 

6290 S Main St. Suite M-108, Aurora, CO 80016

Poonam’s By Design, LLC, an interior design firm in Aurora, Colorado, was founded in 2004. It serves Aurora, Denver, and the greater Colorado areas with unique and creative ideas for each interior design project. Along with incorporating its client’s passion and style, the company’s goal is to stir inventiveness and enthusiasm in each of them and expose them to design.

Under Pam Moore’s leadership and direction, the company believes its art form sets it apart from the competition. It believes beautiful designs can come to life on any budget and for every taste. Poonam’s By Design does this by blending the old with new, the rustic with contemporary, and whatever the client’s heart desires. The firm takes pride in managing every aspect of the interior design process to ensure the finished project meets its standards and surpasses the client’s expectations.

All About Bathrooms and More Inc

16350 E Arapahoe Rd. Unit #108, Aurora, CO 80016

Since 2001, All About Bathrooms and More Inc. has provided high-quality bathroom remodeling services throughout the South Denver Metro area. It has been working as a bathroom remodeling contractor in Colorado for decades. Specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, the studio has the tools to make its clients’ dream bathroom or kitchen a reality.

When homeowners choose to start their remodeling job with All About Bathrooms, rest assured that the team will be with them until the project is finished. It vows to give clients undivided attention until their bathroom or kitchen looks brand-new. In addition, the studio uses only the highest quality materials and products for its remodeling projects. All About Bathrooms exclusively uses the Schluter-KERDI waterproofing membrane shower system for showers and steam showers.