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Anchorage, Alaska is home to the state’s largest community of artists—not surprising, since the area’s natural beauty is a constant source of artistic inspiration. 

Homeowners in the area are privy to majestic ocean, mountain, and forest views but face unique challenges arising from the far northern latitude. In this post, we introduce you to some of the best remodeling contractors familiar with Alaska’s special challenges and beauty.

360 Construction and Design

3330 C St. Suite #100, Anchorage, AK 99503

From its name, one can guess that 360 Construction and Design covers everything in construction, including remodeling jobs. General Manager Scott Allen is one of the founders of the company. Scott has over 22 years of experience in the construction business. In those 22 years, he has worked as a division manager, general manager, CEO, and President of several construction companies. 

Four core values guide the company. People come first, along with the importance of building relationships within the company and with its clientele. Second, constant improvement is an essential value, including being able to see a space as evolving and adapting to the needs of the client. Third but no less important is integrity, the willingness to stand by one’s work and admit mistakes, keeping in mind the client’s wants and needs. Last but not least come craftsmanship and professionalism. The relationship built with the client is and will always be a business relationship, demanding the professional skill and responsiveness that customers deserve. The company delivers exceptional quality based on these core values.

Alborn Construction

118 E. International Rd., Anchorage, AK 99518

Remodeling jobs are a major undertaking, especially for the family who may be living in their home during the remodeling. The professionals at Alborn understand the importance of their job. This is why they strive to fulfill their clients’ requirements: quality work, done promptly, for a reasonable price. The company is family-owned and managed and is well-known on the Anchorage construction scene. Alborn offers a diverse range of construction services, including remodeling and renovation. 

One of the company’s notable projects is the Youngblood bathroom renovation. This project showcases the company’s talent and diversity. The space features a beautiful, enclosed shower with marble walls and tiles. The shape of the shower is trapezoidal, fitting perfectly in the space available. The sink features a piece of cut marble with jagged edges, giving the room a natural and rustic feel.

Grayling Construction

7133 Arctic Blvd. Suite #3, Anchorage, AK 99518

Remodeling or renovation requires specific skills, so it’s a good idea to hire a company that specializes in this sort of work. Grayling Construction is a design-build company that focuses on remodeling. The company, established by Stacey Grayling, has served the Anchorage community for over 19 years. Stacey is a graduate of Illinois State University with a degree in Industrial Technology. 

The company’s projects range from traditional to contemporary homes, all with the same level of attention to detail. An eye-catching example is the Eagle River Hillside remodel. This project was a remodel of a dark kitchen that lacked space for entertaining. The project succeeded in brightening the space by giving all the wood cabinetry a new life with a lighter varnish, while the flooring was changed from tiles to wood. The kitchen counter was converted to an island to create a more open space and to allow room for a larger dining table.

Vogel Home Improvement

11161 Vosikof Pl., Anchorage, AK 99507

Remodeling calls for a specific set of skills, including versatility, creativity, and a fine attention to detail. This is what Bob Vogel, the owner and operator of Vogel Home Improvement, has to offer to the Anchorage community. Bob was a teenager when he first dipped his toes in construction, helping his father build a house. He then began remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces for his friends and family. After retiring from the Air Force, Bob opted to become a licensed contractor and is now well known in the home remodeling industry in Anchorage. 

With Bob’s love for home remodeling, it is no surprise that many of the company’s customers have returned to Vogel Home Improvement for future remodeling needs. The company has truly become a household name in the community. Bob and his company are among the most popular and reliable remodelers in the market.

Hawkinson Construction

7700 Hillside Way, Anchorage, AK 99516

Luxury homes bring unique challenges, especially when it comes to remodeling. These larger-scale projects need a keen eye for detail to ensure that the home design remains cohesive. Hawkins Construction is a top choice for luxury home remodeling. With 54 years of experience in construction, this family-owned and managed business has worked on a diverse range of project types, from residential to commercial, with their specialty being luxury homes. Jon Hawkinson is the third-generation owner and operator of the company. He is joined by his son, Sean Hawkinson, who has a degree in Construction Management from the University of Alaska. Sean finished his degree while working at the company alongside his father. 

What sets Hawkinson Construction apart is its specialization in luxury homes, of which there is a surprising number in Anchorage. Hawkinson is adept at projects featuring quintessential Alaskan architecture, including wood construction and modern log cabins that are sleek and geometrical. 


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