Construction of recording studios requires pitch-perfect precision and sound engineering expertise. Whether it is for a commercial facility used to record mass-produced albums or for musically-inclined individuals who wish to belt hits in the comfort of their home, the construction and design of this particular project require a specific set of industry knowledge. Hiring only the best contractors who are knowledgeable about sound-proofing design and acoustic installations for such projects is a must.  

Here, we compiled the top recording studio contractors in the country. Our team of researchers and editors gathered, reviewed, and selected firms from a wide pool of commercial constructors in the country using set criteria that take into consideration each firm’s background in the music industry, quality portfolio, accreditation, and more. 

If you are thinking about building a recording studio, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

Accurate Construction Chicago

637 Mckinley Ave, Mundelein, IL 60060-2443

Accurate Construction has consistently delivered prolific and quality projects, making them one of the top soundproofing companies in Chicago and the Northwest Suburbs. The firm is dedicated to delivering quality work and customer service and also implements competitive pricing for its work. Accurate Construction’s roster of talented experts consistently showcases excellent workmanship that can be observed both from a large scale macro perspective as well as in the little details of every project. The Chicago-based company has been a prominent recording studio builder not only within its region, but also internationally. Among the services rendered by Accurate Construction include recording studio and home theater construction, commercial, home, and condo soundproofing, acoustical room treatments, and installing acoustical fabric curtains and panels. The firm also provides custom cabinetry and commercial build-out contracting services to its clients.

Work of Accurate Construction has been commended by former clients, with special praise for firm owner Jeremy Feigen. The industry veteran has been lauded as smooth to work with and proficient in his craft. Under his leadership, the company has forged long-term relationships with clients and has earned numerous repeat clients in the process. The firm’s catalog of clients includes the Ace Hardware Corporation, Costco, and Hard Rock Hotels. It serves Chicago, Cook County, and Lake County areas.

Ahl, Incorporated

Minneapolis, MN 5423

Ahl, Incorporated is one of the select studio designers and builders in the Midwest. Services offered by the company include design and build, consulting, acoustic analysis and testing, and acoustic treatment installation of broadband absorbers, bass traps, ceiling clouds, and more. The firm’s patented Ahl Diffusers™ are utilized for studio projects. The poly-cylindrical wood-faced diffusers are better than typical absorbers as it minimizes flutter echoes that bounce off parallel surfaces, improving sound quality, and smoothing out sound decay and distribution without deadening the sound. These are installed in staggered horizontal and vertical arrangements to avoid phase issues. Ahl, Inc.’s construction portfolio also includes restaurants, conference rooms, churches, and private home theaters. The firm has worked with national corporations such as Fox TV and Target.

The company was founded by firm president Dave Ahl in 1984. A founding member of The Suicide Commandos, a Minneapolis-based punk rock band, Ahl has always been musically inclined. Aside from being a musician, he is also a builder and designer. Working in his chosen pathway has allowed him to combine his love for music and construction. His passion for both fields has given him an intimate understanding of each side’s expertise, allowing him to build with firsthand understanding of both music and construction.

Alter Contracting

2825 Winchester Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19136

Alter Contracting has been a staple of the commercial construction plane in Philadelphia. At its core, the company specializes in acoustic design-build services for recording studios, broadcast studios, production rooms, and the like. Its expertise in creating low noise structures with good acoustics has made Alter a go-to builder for the music recording field. The company offers two core services—construction and soundproofing. Its planning and management methods have been infused with a collaborative approach that integrates client input seamlessly into the process. The firm’s projects include residential and commercial structures, as well as working as rehab specialists proficient in structural and foundation repair. 

The company is led by Larry and Tom, a father and son team who spearhead its operations from the planning stages until the post-construction touches. Former customers have given the firm raving reviews, praising its construction quality as well as its ability to deliver projects in a timely manner and within the set schedule. Constant top-notch praise from third-party sites has also claimed the company’s speedy response and top-notch customer service, with some claiming that it has set the bar high for its particular field. The project pictured features the interiors of a recording booth completed by Alter Contracting.

Audio One

35 SW 12th Ave – Suite 101, Dania Beach, FL 33004

Established in 1997, Audio One understands the importance of technology and how it affects every homeowner’s way of life. This understanding of efficiency and complex systems resulted in a process that prioritizes client lifestyle and optimizes work to suit their needs. From custom audio-video technology to smart home automation, the company aims to build the best installations available to ensure top-notch output and quality living. This commitment to service has allowed the company to expand to South Florida, and it currently serves  Los Angeles and Miami. Audio One’s support team is available all year round for assists, modifications, and upgrades.

Recording engineer, studio installer, audio technologist, and audiophile consultant⁠—founder David Frangioni wears many hats in his professional life. At his core, the home innovation leader’s passion for sound technology has driven him to success. This dedication has guided him to dozens of gold and platinum albums for his work as a technical consultant, engineer, and programmer for top musicians in the industry. These include Aerosmith, Shakira, Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, Cher, and Journey, to name a few. Audio One is a member of several prestigious bodies including Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA), InfoComm, The Recording Academy (formerly NARAS), and more. Accolades received by the company include numerous CEDIA awards.

Cinergy Construction

2412 Federal Ave #1, Los Angeles CA 90064

Whether for commercial or for personal use, building a recording studio requires a deep understanding of the acoustics and sound. This system is perfected by Cinergy Construction and its talented crew of project managers and craftspeople that are masterful in acoustic construction, finish carpentry, stretched fabric systems, and technical assemblies. Co-founders Greg Francise and Graham Osbourne have synced their skills to create a firm that offers top-notch construction and the expertise to create collaborative partnerships with designers and engineers. Their joint forces have led to Cinergy’s prominence as an elite builder of not only recording studios but of other specialty spaces such as theaters, acoustically sensitive spaces, and safe rooms.

A key factor in the firm’s process is keeping the project to manager ratio low. This allows the team to direct its focus on a single workspace and produce organized and optimal results. Cinergy’s team cultivates an open channel of communication with its clients that allows freedom of input and collaboration. Documentation and attention to detail are also exercised skillfully by the firm. Due to these attributes, the CEDIA accredited firm has received rave reviews from former customers who commend their exquisite work and ability to complete projects within the projected timeframe and budget.

CK Commercial

1520 Jabez Run Road, Suite 302, Millersville, MD USA

A commitment to construction and customer service has allowed CK Commercial to carve its own niche in the burgeoning construction industry. The company’s ability to solve complex projects through extensive case studies and a meticulous approach has won CK Commercial mainstream exposure through features in Inc. Magazine and the local BizJournal publication. Teamwork is a central value prioritized by the company, as its craftspeople must work smoothly as a unit in order to complete quality work. Part of this teamwork strategy is the integration of clients into the building process, giving them the ability to openly coordinate with the crew and allowing builders to accurately mold the owner’s vision of the structure.  This collaborative approach on projects has earned CK Commercial long-term professional partnerships both big and small. The company works on projects in the commercial, education, healthcare, and hospitality sectors, among others.

The Cybrary project featured is a cybersecurity and information technology (IT) workforce development facility. It is a 9,474 square foot project that includes a recording studio, office areas, conference rooms, and common community spaces. Services rendered by CK in the construction of the Cybrary include a fast-track schedule and an open plan concept that allowed seamless collaboration. The structure’s industrial design concept features brick and wood walls, floor to ceiling glass windows, concrete flooring, and exposed ductwork.

CSB Contractors

2658 Griffith Park Blvd. PMB 232, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Paul Reynolds has a background in both sound engineering and architectural training. He has amassed high-profile clients during his tenure in the music field and worked as a recording engineer with music executives Jimmy Iovine and Don Smith for U2, Stevie Nicks, and Tom Petty. Combining both fields, he created CSB Contractors, Inc., a recording studio builder serving California-based clients. The company has been renowned for its top-caliber studios and acoustic facilities as well as its residential projects and specialty installations. With the expertise of partner Eva Lund, who handles the finance and client relations aspect of CSB, Reynolds and the company continues to maintain its reputation as a construction powerhouse in its particular field.

Coordination and teamwork form the cornerstone of the firm’s field process. The CEDIA-accredited firm has worked side-by-side with architects and designers to craft exceptional structures for every client. Positive customer feedback can be observed in the number of repeat customers over the years, proof of CSB’s tremendous work quality. The team also strives to complete every project within the set time and cost parameters and without any hassles. Some of the labor offered by the full-service firm offers general contracting, pre-construction planning, site evaluation, project and construction management, and value engineering.


174 West 4th St., New York, NY 10014

The DDCG, short for the Dennis Darcy Construction Group, is known for its high-end commercial and studio projects that are completed under projected costs and schedule. Established by Dennis Darcy, it began its existence as “Brooklyn Interiors” in 2003 and was rebranded as its current banner in 2011. Green building is a major factor of the DDCG, its projects reflecting environmentally-friendly and sustainable facets. It is accredited by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The DDCG is tailored to meet technical studio construction and acoustically complex projects, thriving on the completion of challenging projects through a sound project strategy and a crisp construction process. Quality service is guaranteed from the planning stages up to the construction phase and even for post-facility maintenance. Fiscal projections and budgeting are also completed with transparency and integrity.

To date, the firm has more than 100 completed projects in its catalog, both large and small scale. The company’s expertise includes film and commercial editing, production facilities, radio and television broadcast studios, newsrooms, and music creation facilities. It also works on THX-licensed screening and listening rooms as well as Dolby 5.1 mixing rooms. Other projects unrelated to the media industry include luxury residences and commercial workspaces.

D.P. Builders, Inc.

Santa Clarita, CA 91380

Business management is a forte of D.P. Builders, Inc., a California enterprise with a project catalog that includes commercial and residential structures. Dale Peterson is the “D.P.” in the firm’s name, the owner and principal of the company. The third-generation industry veteran keeps an extensive amount of skills in his back pocket ranging from his building know-hows to cost and value engineering. His portfolio features million-dollar projects, completed with a group of industry experts under Peterson’s leadership. Combined, the firm’s roster of professionals carry over 23 years in their resume. The team includes project managers, superintendents, and office staff that are proficient in construction, design, estimating, and installations—specialists that have worked with the top building departments and lending institutions in the country. Each individual, Peterson included, is committed to constructing the best project possible, utilizing skills in the field and in the office to deliver the prime output to the firm’s clients.

A sample of the company’s work is the featured Gray Martin Studios project located in Sta. Monica. To produce quality projects, D.P. Builders invests in quality equipment from its compressors and compaction equipment to its stake bed delivery trucks and delivery vans. The same thing goes for the materials used in its process, which include fine woodwork, Venetian plaster installation, wood and stone landscaping, and more.

Fairweather and Associates

140 Todd Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Innovative design, excellent craftsmanship, and stellar customer service—three attributes that define Fairweather and Associates since its establishment three decades ago. Founder and CEO Simon Fairweather spearheads the firm’s operations. The veteran builder has over 30 years of experience, utilizing modern building techniques to craft projects that meet both customer and industry standards. Sustainable building is practiced by the firm, with green and efficient elements integrated into every Fairweather project. Close collaboration with clients allows a smooth flow of information that makes every project an uncomplicated experience. Cost transparency has also been synonymous with the firm, practiced with integrity to put clients at ease.

The unconventional music recording studio featured is a project of Fairweather. Instead of a typical studio in an urban facility, the studio is inside a cabin located under a sparse canopy of trees in the middle of a forest. Though verdant in setting, the furnished wooden house stands out amidst the backdrop. Its unpainted exteriors and contemporary interiors evoke a playful balance between a city aesthetic and a natural charm. Large glass windows on its walls and wide-opening front doors let the beauty of its surrounding nature through—a serene view that could possibly enhance an artists’ creativity while recording their craft. The architecture was done by Schwartz and Architecture and Pete Aigner helmed the project as its superintendent.

FW Construction, Inc.

13500 Saddleback Pass, Austin, TX 78738

Passion for construction has fueled FW Construction for over 40 years, ignited by the fire of its builders and designers that are hungry to prove their mettle in the field. The firm is driven by a “build it, live it” mantra, which encapsulates the company’s approach to its work. A strong priority is allocated to quality, which serves as the focal point of every project. The opportunity to craft structures that match a customer’s vision is always taken as a challenge, one completed successfully based on testimonials about the firm.

Former clients have commended the firm for its ability to exert “cordial, thoughtful, and trustworthy efforts” during the construction process. Fred Williams, whose initials represent the letters of the company title, has earned praise not only for his outstanding work quality but also for his fair and honest leadership. These traits have earned Williams strong relationships with long-term clients, some of which have been business partners for decades. Williams is assisted by his son, Aaron Somers, who takes charge of streamlining the company’s business with the new generation of construction technology.

FW Construction is a member of the Texas Association of Builders and the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Greater Austin. Its services include residential and commercial construction, small room renovations, large commercial production developments, and sound studio construction. The firm also does finish-outs and accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

Kaiser Comm Construction

17333 Lockwood Valley Road, Frazier Park, CA 93225

Stellar projects and customer service have propelled Kaiser Comm Construction towards the industry limelight. The company was established in 1985 by Kevin Kaiser, a professional musician with over 45 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with some of the top celebrities as well as studio architects and designers during his industry tenure. His hard work bore fruit when he created Kaiser Comm Construction in 2005, which started as a builder of custom log homes before integrating recording studio construction in 2012. Decades in the music business have molded the company’s framework and Kaiser’s deep knowledge of sound and building has allowed his firm to rise as one of the best companies in the music construction field.

The company is included among the top recording studio contractors in Los Angeles and its adjacent areas. A strong dedication to music has allowed Kaiser to produce a streamlined method that has earned acclaim from former clients. To build quality recording studios, Kaiser collaborates with top-notch contractors, architects, acousticians, and electrical engineers. Some services offered by the company include product consulting and installation, architectural design, custom acoustic treatments, soundproofing, and quality control. Featured is a recording studio built by Kaiser Comm Construction.

Landis Commercial

7059 Blair Rd., NW Suite 300, Washington, DC 20012

As a response to the increasing demand for builders during the early ‘90s, brothers Chris and Ethan Landis established Landis Commercial with the intent of providing contracting services to the energetic Washington region. The company is an award-winning commercial building contractor for Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Its team implements an innovative approach to building and stays up to date on construction trends to ensure the best structural results. The firm’s expertise includes commercial construction contracting, space planning, and tenant fit-out. Landis also practices green construction in its building process, ensuring environmentally-efficient structures and sustainable living.

A firm composed of architects, designers, and builders require the leadership skills of someone who has a knack for excellence and lucky for Landis, the company has two of those. Chris is a licensed architect in Washington, DC, New York, Maryland, and Virginia. He is an American Institute of Architects (AIA) member who has worked on office building construction and design with Fortune 500 companies in the country. Ethan holds an MBA from George Washington University and with countless construction and restoration projects in his resume. He is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) and a part of the DC Mayor’s Green Building Advisory Council. The partnership of the Landis brothers is a core asset in the firm’s arsenal, steering the company to quality building and customer satisfaction without any hitch.

Martin Horn

210 Carlton Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Forty years in the industry and thousands of projects built have solidified Martin Horn’s status as a top-tier builder in the country. Originally founded by Jack M. Horn and Warren Martin, the company is now led by Horn’s sons: Jack D. Horn as CEO, John D. Horn as President, and Doug Horn as Vice President of Preconstruction Services. Martin Horn was sculpted from the ground up, and has expanded into a multi-million dollar entity from its distant humble beginnings. It is renowned for its integrity in the field and proficiency in its craft, traits ingrained in its team of industry professionals. Community involvement is also a major focus of Horn, an active participant of local organizations such as the Building Goodness Foundation.

It wouldn’t be a fifty-million dollar company without solid bonds with people from architects and engineers to its vast client base, some of which have been partners of the firm for years and even decades. These customer relationships helped elevate Martin Horn in its current position, complementing its mastery of construction and design.

The company’s versatility can be observed through its body of work, which showcases apartment buildings, healthcare facilities, residential homes, educational buildings, and stadiums. The majority of Martin Horn’s projects are commercial establishments including multiple facilities in the University of Virginia, structures for the Coca-Cola brand, and office buildings in the Charlottesville Downtown Mall. Martin Horn is a proponent of green and sustainable building and holds accreditations from the LEED and Alternative Energy.

RWT Design & Construction

2901 Floyd St, Burbank, CA 91504

RWT Design and Construction is synonymous with top-notch service and quality construction. The company was established in 1989 and showcases a versatile portfolio that includes recording studios, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Founder Romney Tripp is a veteran builder with over 40 years of experience who specializes in home remodeling, restoration, and addition projects. His longevity in the business gave him a solid grasp of the ins and outs and allowed him to mold RWT into a firm focused on integrity and exceptional results. Tripp and his team hold every project to a high standard and provides high-grade materials and service to every customer. Project schedule, permit handling, and management are also strictly observed to minimize any snags during the process. The firm’s outstanding craftsmanship and customer service have earned rave reviews from former clientele, commending the firm’s strengths in building quality projects with mastery and ease.

Other specialties offered include landscaping, handy for clients looking to build a backyard garden or having fences and pergolas installed. It also provides custom cabinetry and furniture upon request.RWT is accredited by the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), the California License Board, and the California Real Estate Association. The company operates in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Burbank, and adjacent locations.

SRKO Commercial Builders

24 NW Chipman Road, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

Innovative solutions are guaranteed with SRKO Commercial Builders at the helm of any project. The company is one of Kansas City’s Business Magazine 100 Fastest Growing Companies in the city based on Ingram’s Corporate Report. It is a recognition well earned as the firm consistently strives to build projects that exude quality and stability as well as creating client bonds that endure. The firm is known for its ability to provide an innovative approach to construction and complete each project within the set budget and schedule. These attributes have slowly expanded its prominence and eventually earned SRKO its status as an elite builder in the area.

Dean Kirby is the company’s founder and chairman, an industry stalwart with almost 40 years of field experience. He is joined by firm CEO Stephen Rupp, whose forged partnerships with local brands reflect his proficiency in customer service. Rupp is a fellow of the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program (HEMP), a program that invests in future entrepreneurs through the mentorship of the top business leaders in the country. Their general contracting and construction management company operates in the greater Kansas City region. Pictured is a sample of SRKO’s work, a recording studio at Bark Productions. Other sectors worked on include corporate, retail, healthcare, and specialty markets.

Studio Construction Service Inc.

158596, Nashville, TN 37215

Studio Construction Service Inc. is a renowned local name in sound and building. Its main expertise lies in recording studio design and construction. During the course of its over three-decade tenure, the company has gained prominence for its custom fine-tuning techniques and building mastery in its particular niche. Guiding clients throughout the process in a seamless and collaborative manner, the firm has amassed glowing reviews that praise Studio Construction’s work quality. Composers and musicians have praised the company’s service, commending the accuracy and efficiency of the sound and acoustic components installed, the longevity of the studios built, and the construction and design proficiency of the firm.

Founder Mark Wenner built his career on the foundation of creative excellence. The construction virtuoso has crafted his resume through working with national composers, producers, and record labels, offering his building knowledge to create exceptional commercial and residential properties for his clients. His time working in the industry has earned Wenner renowned international clients such as Warner Music, Atlantic Records, Brentwood Music, and Universal Digital Productions. Together with a team of skilled craftspeople, Wenner maintains its reputation as a reliable partner in the field. Among the services offered by Studio Construction are architectural design, general contracting, soundproofing, acoustical design and analysis, and project management.

Wardell Builders

649 Valley Avenue, Suite A, Solana Beach, CA 92075

Wardell Builders is a firm that constantly innovates its building methodology to meet current construction standards. Barry Fennell, an industry stalwart with over two decades of experience, heads the firm as its principal. Fennell’s portfolio of projects showcases a wide array of home styles from fabulous modern mansions to traditional craftsman homes. His passion for home building and remodeling has earned the firm many accolades including the Bath of the Year Award from the San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles Magazine in 2016. A commitment to building sustainable structures has been ingrained in the firm’s core, which extends to its roster of building professionals. Its skilled crew of designers and builders aims to bring homeowners’ visions to life in collaboration with the clients, striving to create dream homes with structural stability and absolute precision. An open channel of communication includes the clients in the managing and building stage and allows them to fully understand the whole procedure from the budgeting facets until the post-construction phase.

The company has a track record of exceeding expectations in terms of quality and service. Keen attention to detail is implemented in its projects as well as thorough planning and management. The firm also practices complete transparency in its process, finishing structures on the agreed-upon schedule and budget with no surprise costs. The pictured project is the Huber music room, a personal recording studio built inside the residential property of owner Chris Huber.

Yanchar Design & Consulting Group

26741 Portola Pkwy 1E, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

Yanchar Design and Consulting Group is a company focused on utilizing acoustic technology and applying it effectively to the entertainment production industry. The company offers construction, design, and engineering services, sound and music expertise weaved into the process to achieve the requirements and successfully meet the industry standards. A strong commitment to service and construction has raised its profile within its niche, earning its status as a reliable construction partner in building and design.

It is led by president Carl J. Yanchar, whose experience as a recording engineer, equipment designer, and studio owner offers a firsthand perspective of the field. During the seminal segment of his career, the University of Southern California alum hit the ground running and served as vice president of the Kendun Recorders and Sierra Audio simultaneously. He went on to amass an impressive amount of projects such as the construction of establishments like Paradise Studios, Fantasy Records, Smooth Rock Studios, and Artisan Sound Recorders. His vast portfolio has sharpened his edge and expertise in music construction and design, a major asset in his company’s operations. Yanchar holds many accreditations, some of which include the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Audio Engineering Society, the Acoustical Society of America, and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

Zadok Construction

1571 S 280 W, Payson, UT 84651

Over the course of its industry existence, Zadok Construction has cemented its status as an acclaimed general contractor in the Utah region. Its core expertise lies in the hospitality and multi-family sectors, as well as other commercial properties. Zadok’s dedication to quality service and exceptional projects has allowed the firm to make its mark in the industry through a strong work ethic, empathy for the needs of their clients and unparalleled effort to achieve customer satisfaction.

As the firm’s principals, Ben Smith oversees Project & Design Development while Nick Miller controls the Project Management and actual building process. Their company’s services include Project Development, Construction Management, Design-build, and budgeting. The full-service design and build general contractor has earned a reputation of being excellent partners in construction, treating its customers as long-term friends while remaining professional in every aspect of the job. They attribute a great deal of their success to their unique win/win approach to project delivery and partnership mentality.

Established in 2000, the June Audio Recording Studio is a mix and overdub room with roots in Utah. Our state-of-the-art studios were custom designed by Wes Lachot Design Group and expertly built by Zadok Construction in 2019. Situated in the heart of Downtown Provo, the new space was built directly behind a turn-of-the-century pioneer home that houses several production studios. The two new rooms offer total flexibility, able to accommodate any type of project – large enough for a full orchestra and small enough for an intimate solo session. The equipment is top-rate, the instrument selection is extensive, the rooms are comfortable and sound amazing, and the staff will put you at ease and take care of your every need. The outdoor courtyard, artistic touches, stocked lounge, and being within walking-distance to countless restaurants and shops, make the time outside the studio just as enjoyable as the working hours.

About Our Rankings

This list takes a range of ranking criteria into consideration, including but not limited to: work history, customer satisfaction, awards and recognition, geographic area of work, cost, building permits, and clientele. We spent over 40 hours researching local contractors before calculating the final ranking for this post. If there is additional information about your business that could affect these rankings, please fill out this form and we will take it into consideration.

Get Bids For Your Build

If you are thinking about building a recording studio, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.


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