Kentucky, known as the Bluegrass State, is home to many marvels. The world’s deepest underground river is a popular destination in Bowling Green that tourists from all over the world visit. The Kentucky Derby, held in Louisville, is also something participants and fans worldwide travel for every year on the first Saturday of May. A staggering 100,000 Mint Juleps, a bourbon cocktail, are served during the event. Bourbon connoisseurs nationwide travel to Louisville, the largest city in the state, for its Kentucky Bourbon Trail, tasting the most diverse Bourbon selection. It is no surprise that the city is responsible for 95% of the Bourbon produced worldwide. 

There are a great many reasons to visit Louisville. It’s not only intriguing but also enchanting, with some tourists opting to live out their visit permanently. In 2020, Kentucky’s inbound population percentage was an outstanding 52.4%. It is an excellent choice for families looking for a city that has a good mix of suburban and urban living. The city is home to various major corporations and some of the biggest employers in the world. You will find skyscrapers and other notable infrastructures in town with the most distinct yet versatile architecture. 

The 400 West Market downtown is the tallest skyscraper in the state. It is thirty-five stories high and 549 feet tall. Its architecture features a Romanesque dome that illuminates outward from its interior at night. Though unique to Louisville, this towering office building is not alone; there are many other notable office buildings in the city thanks to Louisville’s wide variety of office contractors. If you are thinking of putting up an office building in Louisville, read on for some of the most reputable contractors in the city.

Prodigy Construction

11106 Decimal Dr., Louisville, KY 40299

Business First ranked Prodigy Construction as #12 in its Top General Contractors of 2018. The firm is a general contractor established in 2005 offering Design-Build services throughout Kentucky. Louisville native Steve Bosco also provides the firm’s design and management services around the state’s surrounding regions such as Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, and Maryland.

Steve has over twenty-five years of experience in commercial construction. Before founding the company seventeen years ago, he worked full-time as a missionary in Tacoma. Steve and his family are active members of their church, and Steve applies his faith-based moral values to the company’s work ethics, thus naming the firm Prodigy Construction. The firm’s approach to each project is centered around its core values to deliver efficiency and excellence with the utmost respect for clients and their vision. The firm prioritizes building lasting relationships with clients by avoiding miscommunication and providing cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. The in-house team of civil engineers’ attention to detail combined with the transparency the firm ensures clients that developments are never executed by cutting corners. 

The Al Boyd Headquarters in Louisville is a prime example of Prodigy Construction’s design expertise. The company’s headquarters’ subtle display of modern-day Sacral-inspired architecture is one of the firm’s specialties. It is both contemporary yet akin to religious days past. Its color palette, dominantly black with touches of gold, allows the structure to maintain sophistication in contrast to its bolder features like the exposed-stone columns. Prodigy Construction successfully gives this office building regal qualities.

Miranda Construction, LLC.

322 E. Kentucky St., Louisville, KY 40203

Providing services throughout Kentucky, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee is a locally based firm, Miranda Construction, LLC. This general commercial contractor provides clients with a wide range of services at competitive prices. 

The firm values the client’s vision, listening carefully to their desired outcome. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to the firm’s team, led by Ryan Miranda. Ryan has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Kentucky and the Eastern University of Kentucky in Finance and Construction Management. After graduating college, he immediately took on industry-related roles for large companies, like Churchhill McGee, LLC and Brasch-Barry General Contractors. As president of his own firm, Ryan is well-equipped with the knowledge and experience to lead his in-house experts. Under Ryan’s leadership, the firm has garnered awards and affiliations with industry giants, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Building Industry Association (BIA), and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). In 2021, the AIA in Kentucky recognized the firm with the institution’s Honor Awards for Excellence in Architectural Design. 

Miranda Construction, LLC., worked on the corporate offices of Wyatt Tarrant & Combs. The office is located in Kentucky’s tallest building, 400 West Market, in Downtown Louisville. The obstacles posed by constructing the 20th floor of the tallest building in the state are arguably imposing to any developer. But the firm successfully delivers high-quality materials to Wyatt’s post-modern buildout.

Calhoun Construction Services, Inc.

7707 National Turnpike Suite 400, Louisville, KY 40214

Comprised of construction managers dedicated to worker safety and project quality, Calhoun Construction Services, Inc. has gained prominence within the state since its inception in 2012. Included in its list of expertise is a long list of self-performance involving various trades. 

Calhoun Construction Services, Inc. provides developments with its own demolition, excavation, various installations, framework, material manufacturing, carpentry, painting, and interior services. The self-performing Design-Build firm provides clients with materials and services from its in-house experts that other contractors normally outsource to the corresponding trade experts. Its self-sufficiency allows the firm to provide clients with not only cost-effective but sustainable solutions than its competitors. 

The firm is accredited by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) for providing developments with more eco-friendly alternatives than traditional methods. It is affiliated with the USGBC and certified by the council with LEED Silver status.  

The Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville is an impressive contemporary structure designed to accommodate heavy foot traffic and provide visitors with sprawling spaces. Its generous paneling of picture windows provides an abundance of natural light to flow into its interior. The firm completed the staggering 960,000-square-foot LEED-certified edifice in 2018.

Schaefer General Contracting

4716 Pinewood Rd., Louisville, KY 40218

Serving Louisville in Kentucky and some regions of Florida, Schaefer General Contracting is one of the most reputable commercial contractors in the state. The firm offers its specialties in project management, general contracting services, and Design-Build packages to commercial developments. Schaefer General Contracting also deals in hospitality projects such as senior and multi-family living. 

The commercial contractor has provided its comprehensive suite of services to clients for sixty-eight years. The company’s founder, Frank J. Schaefer Sr., established the firm in 1954. He eventually handed the firm over to his son, Eric, and long-time trusted employee, Peary Wilson. Peary is currently at the helm of operations as the company’s president. Before assuming the position, he worked under Frank for twenty-eight years. Peary continues to implement the values Frank built the company around, which keep the people (both clients and team members) at the center of its developments. The firm believes in cultivating an environment of mutual respect in providing clients with cost-effective solutions and industry-leading innovations. The relation among all associates involved in developments remains the driving force behind the Schaefer team. 

The firm provided The Airline Reporting Corporation with Design-Build services for its commercial office building in Louisville, Kentucky. The outfit mimics a terminal with a modern infrastructure integrated with the classic airport detailing of the 1960s. The structure spans over 19,000 square feet and houses conference rooms, office spaces, and multiple restaurant bars.

LBM Construction Company, Inc.

11421 Blankenbaker Access Dr., Louisville, KY 40299

The firm that has provided its services encompassing different industry sectors to clients around Louisville, LBM Construction Company, Inc., has gained statewide renown over the last twenty-five years. The firm’s list of expertise includes Design-Build and maintenance. Clients seek its general contracting services for exclusive offerings such as its “Project Approach,” which ensures cost control, strict scheduling, and quality mastery. 

LBM Construction values its client’s time and finance and prioritizes the efficient execution of developments. The demand for efficiency within the firm guarantees the client’s resources are dispatched with respect and transparency. Part of the firm’s “Project Approach” is a weekly report that helps clients analyze where their finances are going. The outcome of each week their project remains under the LBM Construction Company, Inc. is transparent in its financial reports. Jeff W. McLellan holds such priorities in high regard. Jeff’s Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology & Construction Management is put to good use in leading the firm as president. Jeff uses his extensive background, consisting of his formal education and field experience, to lead the firm in delivering quality developments without compromising guaranteed time and costs. With its impeccable workmanship and work ethic, the firm has built affiliations with industry leaders like the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), the Building Industry Association (BIA), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The firm has also gained recognition among its affiliates, earning multiple Awards of Excellence from ABC.

Above is an example of the LBM Construction Company, Inc.’s specialty in combining function and fashion. The Republic Bank & Trust Company’s 55,000-square-foot office building in Louisville was built by the firm from the ground up. Embellished with Italian Marble and reflective Laminated Glass, the building’s structural steel and concrete are well disguised by the combination of modern and classical features.

A.L. Post, Inc.

11301 Decimal Dr., Louisville, KY 40299

A general contractor specializing in construction’s commercial and industrial sectors, A.L. Post, Inc. was established in 2001. The firm from Kentucky offers engineering, construction, and design services to various states across the United States, including Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Utah, and Idaho.

The firm’s portfolio is made up of developments throughout different industry sectors. A.L. Post specializes in historical, medical, religious, and retail, with its hundreds of projects collectively amounting to $190,000,000. Its president, Leo Post, takes the lead of the firm’s day-to-day operations. Leo’s comprehensive background includes a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and more than thirty years of industry experience. Leo has led the company through some notable projects, namely preserving historical infrastructures. The firm has helped preserve and redevelop some of Kentucky’s most historic structures like the Colonial Gardens and the Stewart and Associates building at 550 W. Kentucky St. 

The firm worked on the redevelopment and renovation of the building at 9750 Ormsby Station Road, located in downtown Louisville. The firm refurbished its interior, encompassing its three anchor tenants: Saling Wealth Advisors, Hyland Insurance, and TRIO Commercial Property Group. A.L. Post also redesigned its roofing and exterior finishing, including the revamp of its insulation.

Bosse Construction, Inc.

2116 Plantside Dr., Louisville, KY 40299

A Louisville native, Bosse Construction, Inc., is a commercial construction general contractor specializing in management, renovation, and repairs. Founded by Boyd Bosse in 2000, the firm gained professional renown with accreditations and affiliation with the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), the Chambers of Commerce, and the Construction Financial Management Association. 

Boyd graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. His vast industry experience includes being a Shift Technical Advisor for a Nuclear Power Plant in Palo Verde and Project Engineer for Entek IRD International. Boyd’s expertise in engineering helps the firm focus on the project’s pre-construction details in depth. Bosse Construction, Inc. pays incredible attention to planning and concept development before initiating the building process. The extra resources that go into Bosse Construction’s pre-construction process help cut costs and maintain efficiency throughout the rest of the development. The firm approaches each project with cost-effective means by implementing proper field management and value engineering. 

Bosse Construction, Inc. has worked with projects of various scales, from remodeling smaller spaces to providing turnkey services to industrial buildouts. The firm assisted in developing the eight and a half million dollar Preston Pointe commercial building in downtown Louisville. Originally designed by associated architects, Bosse Construction delivered an office building with a postmodern facade. The abundance of reflective picture windows adorning each side of the building allows a generous flow of solar light to illuminate the interior and add a natural gloss to its exterior.

The Poling Company Inc

450 South 3rd St. Suite #200, Louisville, KY 40202

A contractor based in Louisville and serving its residential, industrial, and institutional industry sectors, The Poling Company Inc. has garnered renown statewide. The firm is known for its team of in-house specialists whose expertise includes overall construction management and their efficient concept and execution processes. The firm is also prominent in the field of land development. 

Mark Poling is at the helm of operations. Mark had over thirty-five years of executive management and amelioration experience before establishing The Poling Company in 1994. He provides the firm’s clients with vast knowledge and experience in land and construction development of executive standards. As an individually owned and operated firm, Mark remains active in each partnership with clients and every association the firm develops to this day. He single-handedly runs the firm and leads his team in being one of Louisville’s leading contractors. Over the years, Mark has led the firm into developing some notable affiliations, becoming an active member of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABD) and earning accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

The firm specializes in developing minimalist stylings with contemporary features. Above is an example of the firm’s office interior work that features fundamental designs that commission more room for function and essential elements.

RLM Construction Company, Inc.

3522 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, KY 40207

Operating within the metropolis of Louisville since 1994, RLM Construction Company, Inc. is known for its work in both residential and commercial work. Clients have hired the full-service general contractor in Frankfort Avenue all over the city for its Design-Build services, including proprietary methods. 

The RLM Construction Company Inc. implements various innovative techniques to guarantee clients what they will go through with each aspect of their vision being analyzed thoroughly. The firm utilizes feasibility studies and project budgeting in its pre-construction coordination to provide clients with the most realistic estimates for their projects. Its extensive process generates more accurate development details to ensure clients don’t deal with unforeseen costs and delays due to improper planning. A project’s conceptualization is the pinnacle of each development’s success. 

With RLM Construction’s comprehensive, detailed planning and execution, clients receive cost-effective structures with multifaceted designs. Above is the firm’s work on the Louis – Schneider Electric commercial building. It is a contemporary structure with graceful postmodern techniques.