Lighting, ventilation, space layout, and furniture all make a huge impact on the way people behavior at work. The right designer can help you create a positive workspace that encourages productivity and purpose by accommodating a wide range of work styles and personalities.

We’ve listed the best office architects in Tucson, Arizona. These firms were selected for their accreditations, certifications, and professional affiliations. We looked at each firm’s industry awards, client reviews, and press features. Our team also discussed the range of services the firms offer, their specializations, and the length of time they have been in the industry. 

Rob Paulus Architects

990 East 17th Street, Suite #100, Tucson, AZ 85719

Rob Paulus is a licensed architect recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a LEED Accredited Professional as well. He established his firm in 1995 with the goal of creating unique, region-specific architecture by adhering to two core philosophies. First, the firm takes a team approach in each project. By creating a good relationship with clients, consultants, and contractors, the firm fosters open communication and collaboration that leads to successful project completion. Second, the firm believes that environments that bring people closer to nature positively affect their quality of life. This conviction inspires and drives the firm to create sustainable buildings and spaces that also improve the quality of human life. Following these two principles, Rob Paulus Architects has earned a reputation for creating innovative, efficient, cost-friendly, and environmentally conscious buildings and residences.

Rob Paulus Architects works on a wide range of projects including commercial, educational, residential, and government offices. One of the firm’s office projects that stand out is the LSB Office. The space features a linear skylight inserted into the center of the lobby and open work areas. The result is welcoming space filled with natural light that spills into the surrounding offices and conference room through glass partitions. The vertical height is emphasized with high ceilings in open areas with a floor-to-ceiling sliding wall made from hot-rolled steel that allows for visual and sound separation from the lobby when needed.

BWS Architects

261 N Court Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701

For over 30 years, BWS Architects has been providing nothing but the best service via its commitment to producing the best in architecture and client satisfaction. BWS Architects is an architectural firm that underscores activeness and responsiveness. When clients request the firm’s services, they can expect an open, consistent communication line, a collaborative response to client goals and issues, and complete attention their concepts. Clients throughout Tucson repeatedly approach the firm for its architectural mastery and integrity. The firm’s dedication to service is matched only by its diversity, which is evident in the experience of its team of architects and associates as well as its portfolio. BWA Architects’ services and projects have been recognized by Inside Tucson Business and the AIA which granted BWS the Firm of the Year Award in 2014.

A good example of the firm’s work is the City of Tucson Economic Advancement Center, which BWS completed in collaboration with the local government. A representative of YWCA Southern Arizona said the firm and its team always held themselves to the highest standards while working. BWS Architects did not lose focus on the project and client needs, which is why the Center turned out to be such a success. 

Onyx Creative

22 E Ventura Street, Tucson, AZ 85705

Onyx Creative is an award-winning Tucson-based firm offering architecture, engineering, interior design, and branding services. Established in 1974, Onyx Creative uses an innovative design practice to ensure clients of receive the best creative design possibilities on each project. The firm understands each client’s needs and capacities and strives to provide unique, competitive design solutions with creativity, passion, and principle. Through its diverse team of professionals from multiple disciplinary backgrounds, the firm fuses the scientific and artistic sides of branding, interior design, architecture, and engineering in offering design and planning solutions. By carefully follwing this process, clients can assured that projects will be constructed according to standards and that each structure is designed with its own unique and engaging identity.

Onyx’s aspirational design practice gives each project a unique character that highlights the structure’s purpose and creates an inviting atmosphere for its tenants and patrons. In the design of the GEICO regional office building in Tucson, Onyx included natural elements and textures local to the area to improve the office building’s appeal. Built with concrete tilt-wall panels, rectangular façades, and an outdoor staircase, the three-story office building blends in well with the flat desert valley landscape. The use of large clear windows, brightly colored furniture, and modern style lighting give the office its character and unique appeal as an insurance agency. The building design maximizes energy efficiency, reduces waste, and promotes sustainability. The combination of these design elements created an environment-friendly office building with a distinct character and a unique appeal.

Seaver Franks Architects, AIA

2552 N Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85712

Seaver Franks Architects is a multi-awarded full-service architecture firm with an extensive list of projects in the residential, commercial, hospitality, and religious construction sectors. Based in Tucson, the firm considers the Southwest’s history, natural environment, and architectural landscape to be crucial facets of every design and construction project. While every project embodies these unique Southwest Arizonian characteristics, each is designed to create a distinctive character and a sense of timelessness. Seaver Franks’ success is grounded in its comprehensive process. Each project is assessed for economic and architectural viability prior to design to help create a practical project plan and minimize unnecessary expenses. Principal Michael Franks’s unique ability to understand client requirements and transform those needs and desires into architectural solutions ensures on-time, within-budget project completion.

Among its most notable large-scale projects is the Northwest Corporate Center. This 18,000-square-foot multi-tenant office complex projects a corporate image for Northwest Tucson. Seaver Franks Architects’s design incorporates a highly reflective glass window wall with a vertical unistrut frame defining the circulation core and entry sequence.

Sears Gerbo Architecture

4547 E Fort Lowell Road, Suite #421, Tucson, AZ 85712

Sears Gerbo has established itself as a prominent architectural figure in the state. As a pioneer, the firm is committed to developing places and properties that enhance the legacy of the area they are found in. The firm establishes strong bonds with its customers in order to visualize then actualize what they desire. It offers a wide range of projects that span different sectors, including educational, corporate, and multifamily.

Thomas Gerbo, an AIA member, is the principal architect who leads the firm’s operations. He has an extensive background as an architect, which includes years of experience. He has also had his fair share of management tasks in his career. His go-to methods lie in sustainability as a LEED Accredited Professional, and he employs this technique in the firm’s many projects. He now guides the firm in dealing with commercial projects and office spaces on top of being its principal.

Sears Gerbo built a state-of-the-art customer service call center for the American Automobile Association of Arizona. The 12,550-square-foot design-build tenant improvement houses the main call center floor, training and meeting rooms, administrative offices, and employee amenity spaces. These include a break room, quiet rooms, and a mother’s room for breastfeeding employees.