Located on the beaches of Lake Michigan, Wisconsin is the beautiful city of Milwaukee. It is known for its world-famous breweries and Major League Brewers, as well as how it integrates nature into its thriving downtown area through its gorgeous river walk and excellent lakefront access. Its historic buildings, art museums, nightlife choices,  and professional sports teams have made Milwaukee one of the best places to live in the state. 

The following list compiles the best multifamily architects in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to assist potential clients looking to move to Milwaukee in finding the correct designer to manage their architectural demands. These were selected based on their expertise, credentials, and experience, as well as industry awards, client testimonials, and press coverage.


333 East Chicago Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202

At Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA), designing is more than just improving the workplace or home; it’s about elevating the human experience. This Milwaukee-based architectural, interior design, and master planning firm intricately explores innovative solutions for its clients’ design challenges. EUA’s expertise in sustainable, state-of-the-art designs can be found throughout numerous sectors— from healthcare and living to offices and retail. 

Led by Greg Uhen, AIA, NCARB, and his passion for designing, the firm has extensively grown since its establishment in 1907. Today, EUA has over one hundred licensed architects and more than fifty LEED Accredited Professionals. The firm is also a proud recipient of numerous awards, including two AIA 2019 Merit awards.

EUA has designed hundreds of remarkable buildings for more than a century. Rhythm Apartments in Milwaukee stands out among other multifamily projects.  Situated in the center of Milwaukee’s East Side, the six-story luxury apartment offers a welcoming environment for its residences and visitors. In this apartment, well-designed rooms make the most of every square inch through space-saving features and streamlined contemporary designs. The building’s lively exterior is grounded on sleek lines and private balconies that connect the multifamily complex to its community. The project is a recipient of the Daily Reporter Top Project Award.

Engberg Anderson Architects

320 E Buffalo St, Suite 500, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Engberg Anderson Architects possesses a strong understanding of how to design a house that one can truly call home. Engberg Anderson Architects has over three decades of experience in designing residential spaces of different scales based in Milwaukee, Madison, Tucson, and Chicago. Its diverse portfolio ranges from structures built in retail and corporate settings to education and housing spaces. 

The firm is accredited with AIA and LEED credentials and has won numerous awards throughout the years, including the Mayor’s Design Award in 2018. The firm has completed over thirty multifamily projects throughout the region, all of which have led to immense client satisfaction. 

This featured project is one of the firm’s remarkable multifamily projects, the Atelier Third Ward in Milwaukee.  This multifamily structure brings thirty-one modern residential spaces to the downtown district and transforms the neighborhood into a dynamic community. Several components, such as exposed brick and concrete flooring, were included in the new flats in this complex. It also features a rooftop expansion with four additional penthouse residences with a view of Lake Michigan. This project won the Top Project of Daily Reporter in 2017.

Kahler Slater

790 N. Water Street, Suite 1700, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Kahler Slater is one of Milwaukee’s oldest partners in multifamily designs and has served the region since 1908. It has since progressed into a  well-known architectural firm with innovative architects and creative designers. Utilizing highly sustainable approaches to complete its projects, the firm maintains the highest design quality while introducing novel design concepts. 

Glenn Roby is one of the firm’s CEO and the team leader of the corporate, hospitality, and residential teams. His in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry has led to the continuous expansion of the firm’s residential portfolio and customer list. The firm currently has fourteen finished multifamily projects. 

This featured project is the Fortress Apartments in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Kahler Slater transforms an 1890s urban factory into 132 modern flats with a variety of shared facilities. The interior design of this multifamily structure reflects streamlined yet vivid spaces that are integrated with the building’s historic character.  The building features enormous windows that provide breathtaking views of downtown Milwaukee, which are incorporated with exposed brick walls and heavy-timber ceilings to preserve the building’s historical background. In 2019, the project won the ASID-WI Chapter Award.

Continuum Architects

751 N. Jefferson Street, Suite 200, Milwaukee, WI 53202

With almost three decades worth of experience, Continuum Architects consistently surpasses client expectations. At Continuum Architects, each project proves unique and is tailored to its clients’ needs and goals. The firm offers interactive programming and planning, complete architectural and interior design, historical consultation and rehab, and comprehensive project management. It manages multiple projects of varying scales without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

The firm’s diverse portfolio reflects its commitment to designing structures that exceed client expectations, from civic buildings to residential spaces. This featured project is the Paper Box Lofts, a multifamily building in Milwaukee. The firm paid homage to the building’s existing industrial style while transforming it into a welcoming environment. The project’s transformation included seventy-two apartments with one, two, and three bedrooms, a communal room, a children’s play area, and both indoor and outdoor parking. This project won the Mayor’s Design Award in 2016 and the Vintage Building of the Year award.


756 N Milwaukee Street, Ste 250 Milwaukee, WI 53202

RINKA is an architectural design firm driven by the desire to enrich the human experience and positively impact the communities in which they live. With fifteen years of experience, the firm has climbed the ranks of Milwaukee’s best multifamily architects through its sustainable and personalized practices. The firm has over seventy-five awards since its inception, including recent ones such as the 2021 ASID WI Silver from Bradley Foundation and ASID WI Platinum from Badger Mutual. 

The firm’s unique approach to projects combines innovative concepts with practical thinking to provide its clients with the best design solution tailored to them. One of those solutions includes the dynamic multifamily complex in Milwaukee’s Upper East Side, the Contour. The six-story building features five floors of flats above street-level stores and has white granite masonry and metal panels to reflect a vibrant and bustling atmosphere.

Zimmerman Architectural Studios

2122 West Mt. Vernon Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53233

Several clients have considered Zimmerman Architectural Studios as one of the leading architectural firms in the state. With 115 total years of service, the firm has continuously adapted to changes and has become flexible to different service requirements and managements. It extends beyond the market sector, specializing in varying designs and complexities.

It has earned the respect and accreditation of associations for over a century, including AIA, LEED AP, EDAC, and ASID. It has also been featured in publications such as Biztimes – Milwaukee Business News, ENR Midwest, and Daily Reporter. 

The West – Apartment Homes is a prime example of the firm’s multifamily residential projects. This apartment complex features 177 market-rate units, including a studio-type unit or bedroom units for residents to choose from. Several amenities are also included within the plan, with entertainment facilities such as club rooms and media rooms. The firm’s overall approach to the building’s design is heavily characterized by a modern theme with hints of a traditional atmosphere.

JLA Architects

311 E. Chicago St., Suite 240, Milwaukee, WI 53202

JLA Architects is a multifaceted architectural firm that has been in service for over a decade. It provides excellent service and delivers outstanding results, by providing hands-on supervision and assistance at every step of the process. It is incredibly thorough, and it permits its clients to observe its development at every step.

In Business Magazine has recognized the firm’s high-quality solutions and project management. Numerous individuals have reached out to the full-service firm, which has enabled it to amass a significant number of projects inside and outside of the local area, leading to a total of forty-eight projects in its portfolio.

Veritas Village is an award-winning project that illustrates the firm’s success. The east wing predominantly has an urban approach to its theme, while the west wing features a traditional design. Both compliment the adjacent buildings and facilities beside them. It has four floors with 189 available units, parking spaces, an open courtyard in the middle of the two wings, and other apartment facilities and amenities. It won The Daily Reporter’s Top Projects of 2017.

Korb + Associates Architects

648 N Plankinton Ave #240, Milwaukee, WI 53203

Korb + Associates Architects understands that a home is more than just a building for residents to sleep and live in; it is a space that transforms one’s life. The firm is committed to providing homes that are customized based on its clients’ needs. 

Jason Korb, AIA, is the man behind the firm and its success. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and earning a Masters in Architecture Organization, Korb has effectively managed the firm, leading to its various achievements. With his guidance, the firm has been certified by AIA, LEED AP, BD+C, and ASID.

Greenwich Park Apartments is a superb example of what the firm can accomplish. This massive structure is situated conveniently on a trendy location with access to athletics and sports activities, commercial and retail outlets, and educational institutions for residents of varying ambitions. The residence offers units of cozy and luxurious quality at affordable prices.

Stephen Perry Smith Architects

215 N Water Street, Suite 250, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Stephen Perry Smith Architects is a firm that is driven by its passion for building healthy and trusted customer-client relationships. It prioritizes listening to its clients to create their desired homes, considering collaboration as a critical factor in home-building and architecture. 

Spearheading the firm is Stephen Perry Smith, who has had a steady and successful career inside and outside of the office since he graduated from the University of Illinois School of Architecture. In 1992, he initially  established the firm as a design and construction consulting firm. Once it garnered praise and success, he began to develop it into what is now a top-tier architectural firm. 

Above is Luxe Luxury Apartments, a multifamily residential apartment. It has a modern urban design built of concrete and bricks, with other parts such as the garage, including hints of wood in the frame. The building has forty-eight available units on four floors, with an additional underground level for parking spaces, and the structure is U-shaped, with a spacious courtyard in the middle of the curve. It also offers various amenities and facilities, such as a gym for residents’ endeavors.

Quorum Architects

3112 West Highland Blvd., Milwaukee, WI 53208

For over twenty-eight years, Quorum Architects has served the Milwaukee area, providing sustainable and well-designed projects for diverse clients in the community. The firm employs a specialized team of professionals to manage a variety of projects, with a strong commitment to its clients.

The firm has garnered certifications from organizations like the USGBC and City of Milwaukee Office of Small Business Development (OSBD): Small Business Enterprise & Woman Business Enterprise. It has also earned awards such as ASID Wisconsin Award in 2019, Mayor’s Design Awards, and LEED Gold awards. These demonstrate the firm’s immense dedication and architectural skill.

Victory Manor, featured above, is a multi-award-winning project. This residence is a multifamily home for veterans, and it serves as a facility for relaxation and calmness. It offers community spaces, game rooms, and kitchen amenities for leisurely activities. The atmosphere proves inviting and comfortable for veterans, with an excellent design and color scheme. It has earned multiple awards, such as the 2019 ASID Design Award and 2018 Daily Reporter Top Projects.

Madisen Maher Architects

700 West Virginia St., #604, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Madisen Maher Architects manages buildings and homes that are personalized for each client. It believes that each home should reflect its residents and that its space should define their lives and lifestyles. Established in 2012, the firm has since delivered superb projects that prove unique to its clients. 

The firm has been in the industry for over nine years and has received accreditations from several known associations, including AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, and BD+C. Over the years, it has also worked on multiple projects in the area, one of which is Beachscape Pewaukee Lake Condominiums, a multifamily residence.

This home is the result of the firm’s refined approach, which involves using a mixed-use development project for multifamily designs and retail space. It is a premium condominium with private entryways and decks and several facilities such as parking spaces and suites. Each unit is designed to open to a striking view of the lake below, to connect individuals to the bustling community and the active beach lifestyle.


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