Situated near the city of Phoenix is Arizona’s third-largest city, Mesa. Mesa is famous for its breathtaking vistas of the Superstition Mountains, its desert atmosphere, and hundreds of parks and entertainment spaces. Despite being a small town more than a hundred years ago, the city has quickly evolved into a thriving suburban community. This has led to a growing population of 500,000, as residents appreciate the range of lifestyle and leisure activities available. 

The below list compiles the greatest multifamily architects in Mesa, Arizona, to help people find the right designer to manage their architectural needs. These companies were chosen based on their capabilities, qualifications, and expertise. Each of these firms has received several accolades, including industry awards, customer evaluations, and newspaper coverage.

Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architects

8906 North Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85020

Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architects is a renowned architectural firm that delivers projects through heavily sustainable practices while ensuring the highest design quality that is attainable. It does this by focusing on the bigger picture of the project, as it considers each individual aspect. 

Marlene Imirzian, AIA, is the leading principal architect of the firm. When she began in the architectural industry, she was mentored and guided by esteemed architects, which encouraged her to establish her own firm. Now, the firm is LEED-certified with Gold/Silver and accredited by associations, such as AIA, Chamber of Commerce, and USGBC. It has earned multiple awards in the same year, including the 2019 AIA Arizona Component Design Citation Award, 2019 AIA Arizona Distinguished Building Merit Award, and 2019 Arizona Forward’s 39th Annual Environmental Excellence-Crescordia.

Above is Cimarron Apartments, a multifamily residence situated in the local area of Mesa, Arizona. The structure features a style similar to Mediterranean houses while incorporating that contemporary design to provide a timeless project. It has parking spaces out in the open just outside the residence, as well as safe sidewalks and a freshly-cut grass lawn. It has multiple levels, as well as multiple floor plans that cater to the needs of its clients.

Allen + Philp Partners

7154 East Stetson Dr. 4th Floor, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

What distinguishes Allen + Philp Partners from other architectural firms is its flexibility and expertise, ensuring that each project proves unique, as each client is unique. It also ensures that its methods and designs are creative and connect with the client’s imagination. 

For over four decades, it has accomplished several distinct projects over the state of Arizona, one of which is Main Street Place. This colossal residential building is a state-of-the-art project brought by the firm. It has multiple features and facilities that tackle the needs of its tenants, including an outdoor pool and balconies with an outlook on the local area. It also has a pleasurable color theme.

LEA – Architects, LLC

1730 East Northern Ave. Suite 110, Phoenix, AZ 85020

LEA – Architects, LLC is driven by its passion to enhance personalization and sustainability for all of its clients. It believes that having a living space that is centered around each individual is vital to providing them lifelong experiences and cherished memories. 

At the forefronts of the firm’s leading services are the FAIA-and-AIA-certified principal architects, Lawrence Enyart, Lance Enyart, and Randy Jones. Each of the principals ensures that the firm delivers a top-tier and memorable project for its clients to give them their desired dream home. Because of the three’s management skills, the firm has now been accredited by several associations, such as AIA, LEED APs, USGBC, and LEED Platinum/Gold. 

The featured project is Bon Vie Lofts, a condo community building. This mid-century residence has two levels and floor plans, incorporating high-end design to give its tenants a luxurious experience during their stay. The building is sturdy and built out of solid concrete blocks.

CCBG Architects, Inc.

102 E Buchanan St. Phoenix, AZ 85004

Established in 1965, CCBG Architects, Inc. now has over fifty-six years of dedicated service and experience in the architectural industry. Since then, it has designed spaces and homes that continue to shape the lives of its residents. It has a diverse portfolio that includes almost 8000 projects, all of which have satisfied their respective clients. 

The firm is AIA-accredited and has won awards, such as the 2015 Architectural Lighting Magazine Award. It has also been recognized by media outlets, such as MultiHousing News, AZ Big Media, and Arizona Daily Star.

A prime example of the firm’s multifamily residential projects is  Linear at Roosevelt Row. This impressive building is one of the two residential projects that the firm has designed that is located on Roosevelt Row. This structure provides tenants with a quality experience at affordable prices. It has a convenient location near coffee shops, marketplaces, and light rail transit.

Stewart + Reindersma Architecture (SRA360)

8145 E. Indian Bend Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Stewart + Reindersma Architecture, established in 2008, is a progressive full-service architectural firm. SRA serves the retail, commercial, hospitality, and multi-family markets. The company has over forty architectural licenses across the United States and delivers exceptional quality projects.

The firm is led by three principal architects: Larry Stewart, AIA, Monique Reindersma, AIA and NCARB, and Sake Reindersma, AIA and NCARB, Together, they manage the firm, optimizing its approach and exceeding clients’ expectations.

The design theme of the apartment complex is the Mid-century Modern aesthetic of areas such as Palm Springs, California and inspired by the likes of Richard Neutra and John Lautner.  The constitution of these designs is characterized by the use of simple lines and cool, smooth exterior finishes, creating open canvases of flat planes seeking to accent the vibrant colors of the desert landscape in the foregrounds created a Sonoran Desert oasis within the Central Phoenix urban context.

Perlman Architects of Arizona

4808 North 24th St. Phoenix, AZ 85016

With over two decades of experience, Perlman Architects of Arizona has proven its ability to take on various projects and to ensure excellent design, cost-effective prices, and practical planning through intensive problem-solving and solutions. 

It has been featured in several publications, such as AZ Big Media, Arizona’s Family, and Firehouse Magazine. It has earned multiple awards, including the 2014 FIREHOUSE Magazine Career Gold Award and the 2011 Light Commercial 2nd Runner Up award. 

Featured above is Cedar Crossing. This multi-family residence is a massive structure with several units, with the intention of having multiple families and residents in the same local space. It has a primarily modern style, with a color that evokes a feeling of comfort for tenants and guests. 


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