Oklahoma City is renowned for its rich cowboy histories, festivals, horse shows, museums, and other things because of its Western roots. This vibrant city is also home to the world’s largest stocker-feeder cattle market, even though it is becoming more like a big city as more restaurants and entertainment venues open up. In recent years, more young people have moved into the area, giving it a more active, creative, and forward-looking atmosphere than in the past. 

This article lists ten of the best industrial contractors in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These impressive firms were assessed based on their skills, experience, expertise, and portfolios.

The Boldt Company

101 W. Hefner Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Since its inception in 1889, The Boldt Company has remained committed to Martin Boldt’s goal of being a reliable and trustworthy contractor. Over the years, the firm has continuously grown to become one of the country’s best professional construction services firms because of its high-quality craftsmanship, superior quality, professionalism, and flexibility. Its client-centered process and dedication to continuous learning allow it to consistently deliver the best results and value for their investment. The firm approaches every problem with creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork to help its clients realize their ideas and vision. As a result, it has earned an impressive portfolio of exceptional projects in various markets such as healthcare, industry, education, and renewable energy.

One of the firm’s notable projects was PHARMACORR’s warehouse and distribution center, which used to be an old eight-screen movie theater. Several walls between the existing theaters were removed to make the floor plan more open. To support the rest of the roof, beams and columns were added. The spread footings were changed to hold more weight and keep the new columns.


620 NE 36TH St. Oklahoma City, OK 73105

CMSWillowbrook is a general construction company that offers a full range of services. It is backed by a team of construction professionals who take an integrated, personalized, and hands-on approach to overseeing projects from the beginning to the end. The firm’s team offers years of combined technical and management skills to ensure high-quality projects are delivered on time and within budget. Although the firm has only been in business for five years, its impressive portfolio showcases its dedication to delivering high-performance results. With its knowledge, teamwork, and services that add value, the firm has solidified its reputation as one of the best in the industry.

CMSWillowbrook built a new manufacturing and research facility for Bio-Cide International in Norman, Oklahoma. It features a shipping and receiving area, a research lab with wet and dry containment, and an experimental containment station for gas. The corporate offices have administrative and sales offices, standard rooms, and a research library.

A.C. Owen Construction, LLC

1376 Fretz Dr. Edmond, OK 73003

A.C. Owen Construction is a general construction firm that believes that trust between a customer and a contractor and between a contractor and a subcontractor is the key to a project’s success. As a result, the firm handles each project with a meticulous, hands-on approach that allows it to communicate and collaborate closely with its stakeholders. It is backed by professional architects, engineers, subcontractors, and vendors to reduce costs and risks without compromising the project’s quality standards. Its streamlined and optimized processes ensure all parts of the building process are planned well, scheduled carefully, and thought out.

The Schwab Meat Company’s new distribution center and corporate office are one of the firm’s notable projects. With  new space, the firm can make more products for a broader range of customers and grow their roots in the state and other places. The new building was constructed next to the only way semi-trailer trucks could get into the building to drop off and pick up materials. This required extensive coordination with operations.

Precision Construction Group

2808 South Purdue, Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Precision Construction Group (PCG) is a general construction firm that has been in the industry for 25 years. It has earned an impressive portfolio that is a testament to its knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience in delivering high-quality projects. The firm’s processes are based on its motto of “Built Fast, Built Right.” This belief has become the key to its success, bringing in a few advantages that help it guarantee satisfaction and exceed expectations. Since its inception, the firm has remained dedicated to its core values by being honest with its clients and working closely with them to keep all costs in check. 

Cougar Tools is a company in Canada that sells and takes care of drill heads used in the oil industry. It contacted PCG to build a new facility in Oklahoma, which included underground oil collection and reclamation pits, overhead bridge cranes, jib cranes, new Class A office facilities, truck loading, and a yard area. It completed a 20,000-square-foot facility from the ground up in just four and a half months, meeting all of Cougar Tool’s requirements and specifications.

Timberlake Construction

7613 N Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Timberlake Construction was founded in 1976 based on the idea that successful projects result from hard work, meticulous management, and close attention to detail. With 46 years of experience, the firm’s dedication to getting the job done right is shown by its tenacity, skills, and expertise in every project it undertakes. It handles every project with an integrated, personalized, and hands-on approach that allows it to deliver the full attention of its experienced team and its complete resources. No matter the project’s size, scope, or complexity, the firm delivers a smooth and streamlined building process, from pre-construction to project completion. The firm has also built long-lasting relationships with clients, architects, subcontractors, and key personnel on every project.

In this featured project, Timberlake Construction built the housing around a new chiller plant, which cools the college campus as it grows. The 10,000-square-foot building was constructed at the same time that Johnson Controls put in the chiller pipelines. Both projects were going on simultaneously and required careful planning and teamwork.

T&T Industrial Inc.

1021 S Rockwell Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73128

T&T Industrial Inc. is a general construction firm focusing on mechanical contracting and fabrication. The firm also offers emergency maintenance services in Oklahoma, including mechanical piping, process piping, sanitary piping, and custom metal fabrication projects for industrial, commercial, and residential clients. Although the firm has only been in the industry for four years, it has earned an impressive portfolio that showcases its ability to handle projects of all shapes and sizes. The firm continues to grow its team to consistently deliver exceptional projects that offer good value for the client’s investment. As a result, the firm has earned many happy customers because of hard work, low costs, and a great reputation. 

All of the mechanical work for Mom’s Meals in this featured project was done by T&T Industrial. Mom’s Meals is proud to serve only the best food in the millions of meals it makes weekly for local nursing homes. The firm has installed 5 miles of pipes on different floors, set up all the equipment and piped in all the lines, put in all the boilers, waste water pipes, and air compressors.

Landmark Construction Group, LLC

13301 N. Santa Fe Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Landmark Construction Group is an Oklahoma-based construction company specializing in the commercial industry. Since its inception in 2004, the firm’s impressive portfolio features many projects, such as office, medical, warehouse, educational, religious, health care, financial, retail, remodel, and tenant improvement projects. It offers a one-stop-shop solution for its clients, including general contracting, construction management, and design/build. In every project, a team of expert and dedicated builders provide high-quality craftsmanship, creative design and construction techniques, cost-efficient solutions, and cutting-edge technology to ensure success. The firm also has an extensive database of hundreds of subcontractors and suppliers of materials, made possible by building long-lasting relationships with its trade partners. 

Cytovance Biologics is a biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing company with a lot of experience fermenting E. coli and Pichia in batch and fed-batch processes. Landmark Construction Group built the client’s state-of-the-art facility, showed fermentation processes in the development phase, and then scaled up for cGMP operations. The production team and the tech transfer group work together to ensure a smooth transition from the lab to the clinic.