Nestled against the majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder, Colorado, is a haven of natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and a vibrant community spirit. Renowned for its progressive culture and environmentally conscious ethos, Boulder is a place where modern creativity harmonizes with the serenity of nature. With a blend of picturesque landscapes and urban sophistication, Boulder offers its residents a unique and fulfilling lifestyle.

If you’re considering breathing new life into your home in Boulder, the following list showcases the premier home remodelers to contemplate. Meticulously selected by our team, these firms demonstrate an exceptional track record in portfolio, expertise, customer reviews, and industry recognition. These remodelers, driven by a passion for their craft, are adept at envisioning and crafting spaces that seamlessly blend functionality, visual appeal, and sustainability. 

Veron Builders LLC

4949 Broadway St. #115, Boulder, CO 80304

Veron Builders stands ready to assist homeowners, whether a kitchen remodel or a home addition. The firm’s history is woven with the stories of satisfied clients across Boulder and the Greater Denver, Colorado region.

Guided by its passion for creating exceptional living spaces, Veron Builders’ services encompass an extensive spectrum, from backsplash installation and custom home construction to restoration and universal design projects. The company’s accolades include the 2022 recognition by as the Best Window Contractor in Boulder.

Veron Builders believes in quality craftsmanship and sustainable design. A testament to its dedication, Veron Builders has been featured in the esteemed pages of BusinessDen in 2023. At the helm of the company’s endeavors is Thomas Veron, the driving force behind its commitment to turning visions into realities. It is eager to grow its community of contented clients, where excellence and client satisfaction are the cornerstones of every project it undertakes.

Boulder Builders

4845 Pearl East Circle Ste 101, Boulder, CO 80301

Embarking on a home remodeling journey is a significant step, and Boulder Builders grasps the weight of its client’s financial commitment to shape their dream home. It specializes in various services encompassing design, remodeling, building design, additions, extensions, interior remodeling, whole house remodeling, restoration, historic restoration, and home energy upgrades. The company’s affiliation with the Better Business Bureau underscores its dedication to excellence, and its recognition in the 2023 Builder Magazine speaks volumes about its expertise.

Leading the way for Boulder Builders is Kevin Gregory, a seasoned general contractor with extensive experience in new construction, remodels, and additions. Beyond his professional prowess, Gregory’s philanthropic endeavors, including aiding rebuilding projects in Haiti, highlight his commitment to giving back. With Boulder Builders, every home transformation is in capable hands, ensuring a seamless journey toward the homeowner’s dream space.

Heritage Kitchen & Bath

2745 Industrial Ln #101, Broomfield, CO 80020

Heritage Kitchen and Bath, led by Joe, Maggie, and AJ Oestereicher, is a family-owned and operated company. With a combined experience of 70 years in design and renovation, the Oestereicher family helps its clients transform their homes into their dream spaces.

The firm specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling and offers a comprehensive range of services, including 3D rendering, installation, remodeling, drafting, floor plans, handicap-accessible design, and additions. Under the leadership of Joe Oestereicher, Maggie Oestereicher, a University of Colorado architecture, environment, and design alum, and Adam Oestereicher, Heritage Kitchen and Bath brings expertise to every project.

Awards, affiliations, and press recognition speak to the quality of Heritage Kitchen and Bath’s work, with notable features in Supply House Times and the Redfin Blog. Heritage Kitchen and Bath creates exceptional spaces that reflect its client’s vision and needs, guided by a team deeply dedicated to its craft.

SoBo Homes, Inc.

2150 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80302

SoBo Homes, Inc. is a preferred partner for a professional yet enjoyable building journey. It specializes in intricate projects, thriving when faced with complex challenges. If the solution isn’t clear, it is equipped to be brought on board. The company sees itself as far from the typical construction company. Its focus is on delivering an intimate design-build adventure, prioritizing satisfaction throughout—from the process to the final masterpiece.

Guided by Mike D’Onofrio and Eric Youngren, SoBo Homes is driven by a passion for craftsmanship. D’Onofrio’s hands-on journey started with a civil engineering degree from Northwestern University, while Youngren’s childhood woodworking and hands-on skills developed into a love for all things design and construction. Together, they bring diverse expertise to each project. From 3D rendering to handicap-accessible designs, the company vows to be a trusted partner to translate its clients’ dreams into realities. 

Built By Krueger

1194 Diamond Circle Unit T, Lafayette, CO 80026

Established in 1999, Built By Krueger has grown into a family-centered enterprise. With a legacy rooted in generations of expertise, the journey continued as Matt, the youngest sibling, stepped into the role of head of sales. Meanwhile, Warren, breaking free from his corporate career, assumed the mantle of head of strategy, deepening the family’s commitment.

Spanning Colorado, the company welcomes many, including nieces and nephews, fostering a culture of growth and shared knowledge. While excellence is the hallmark of each project, Built By Krueger acknowledges that challenges may arise. When they do, rectification is paramount, accompanied by a commitment to learning. This ethos is reinforced through dedicated weekly training sessions.

Fueling this journey is Brian Krueger, CEO, who founded the firm after honing his craft under his master carpenter father and gaining experience in diverse roles. Krueger’s dedication led him to embark on his venture, driven by a passion for crafting homes that inspire and uplift.

Sloan Construction Company

1644 Conestoga St, Suite 6, Boulder, CO 80301

Sloan Construction Company embodies the spirit of a family business, infusing each project, client interaction, and challenge with a genuine commitment to integrity, kindness, and empathy. With a deliberate focus on remaining small, the firm prioritizes cultivating enduring, personal relationships with its clients—a testament to its core values.

Its team of dedicated professionals, each a specialist in their craft, is collectively renowned as the town’s premier crew among fellow contractors. The experience the company brings to the table amounts to 150 years in construction. The company approaches every endeavor, whether a residential remodel, custom home construction, or commercial project, as an opportunity to transform, enlighten, and uplift. It aspires to ensure a seamless and transparent journey backed by the expertise of individuals who treat people not as clients but as cherished friends.

Founder and president Dave Sloan, an eclectic blend of botanist, carpenter, and general contractor, emanates boundless positive energy. Juggling his role as a father and lengthy work hours, Sloan’s involvement within the local AEC community and his dedication to building parade floats for his kids’ school encapsulate his dynamic spirit.

Petra Custom Builders

5303 Spine Rd #203, Boulder, CO 80301

Petra Custom Builders’ mission revolves around creating an unparalleled, tailor-made template that authentically translates the individual dreams of each client. Through a deeply collaborative approach, it designs and constructs homes, additions, renovations, and basements, all underscored by an unwavering commitment to intricate detailing and excellent finishes. The firm’s canvas is the scenic expanse of Boulder, where its craftsmanship finds its ultimate expression.

Leading the firm’s endeavor is Jimmy Moore, a trailblazer whose trajectory began post-graduation from Lyons High School. With a wrestling scholarship, he ventured to the University of Wyoming, scripting the initial chapters of his career. A carpenter’s role in a major commercial construction company became his foundation, with a pronounced inclination toward school construction. Swiftly ascending the professional ladder, he etched his name as the youngest superintendent in the company’s annals. With invaluable experience, Moore heralded the inception of Petra Custom Builders, a testament to his understanding and aspirations.

Boulder Valley Builders

841 Ithaca Dr, Boulder, CO 80305

Boulder Valley Builders centers its operations on a steadfast commitment to delivering its esteemed clients the utmost value and service. Holding comprehensive insurance and licenses within the City of Boulder, Boulder County, and Louisville, the firm has cemented its reputation as a personable, dynamic, and trustworthy local enterprise. This reputation has been cultivated through years of dedicated experience and unwavering attention to detail—a crucial aspect of any successful construction endeavor.

Under the leadership of its owner, David Garner, Boulder Valley Builders’ accomplished team brings an unbridled passion for its work. Spanning the entirety of its projects, from initial brainstorming sessions to the meticulous final touches on-site, the firm remains unwaveringly committed to its projects and clients, ensuring a seamless journey at every step. Notably, a significant portion of Boulder Valley Builders’ projects emerges from referrals, a testament to its consistent quality. The studio’s very foundation rests on the bedrock of its hard-earned reputation.