The city of Walnut Creek provides plenty of outdoor activities and sites to visit—the Shell Ridge Open Space and the Ygnacio Valley Canal Trail for example. It also acts as the East Bay business hub for Contra Costa County. Walnut Creek has evolved from a bucolic suburb into a much more business-oriented city, and the residential design has evolved as a result.

If you’re looking to build or renovate in this growing town, this list will help you find the best general contractors in the area. We considered each firm’s overall experience, awards, accreditations, and media features as we curated this list. 


Achieve Remodeling

712 Bancroft Road #832, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Owner Alex Altar established Achieve Remodeling in 2018. While the firm may be young, Alex makes up for it with his 20 years of experience, leading the team to create wonderful, vibrant projects. The firm provides various designs in its projects including modern kitchens, contemporary decks, and ranch-style living rooms. The team works well with projects that have a rustic aesthetic. It uses plenty of white-colored furnishing complemented by wooden designed furniture such as chairs, mirrors, and vases. It has received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for its works. 

A notable aspect of the firm is its ability to create room additions that improve and enhance the homeowners’ living environment. Whether the family is getting too big or in need of something new, the firm delivers beautiful additions to each home. A great example would be this cozy dining and living area. It exudes a natural aesthetic with the lush plants and stone flooring. It resembles a green-house garden: tall windows, a wooden ceiling, and natural light that illuminates the entire room. The home balances indoor and outdoor living and this natural-looking addition brings a calm, peaceful atmosphere to the whole home.

C Cubed Construction, Inc.

P.O. Box 305 Danville, CA 94526

C Cubed Construction was established in 1991 by John Colonias. The firm serves the Greater Bay Area with projects ranging from traditional, contemporary, to luxury homes. The firm’s projects represent its diversity from conventional stone masonries, light wood cabinets, and high-end glass panels for a more lavish, elegant lifestyle. It’s a multidimensional firm that offers a variety of styles and layouts.

This outdoor cabana is a beautiful luxury escape, complete with magnificent views, a sophisticated ambiance, and the elegant swimming pool that you expect. It’s a nice place to relax, socialize, take in in the gorgeous views, and have a drink or two. The cabana has a lavish, high-class design with a marble column that holds the fireplace and a sliding glass door. It also retains some typical features, including the wooden designed ceiling with an electric fan attached. It keeps simple aspects of a stereotypical cabana but takes advantage of the scenery and space to create this lovely high-end cabana that is sure to impress.

Creation 7

33 Quail Court, Suite 300, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Before founding Creation 7, owner Eyal Mathalon graduated from Ono Academic College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He established the firm in 2016 and it’s currently one of the leading contractors in Northern California. A notable aspect of its projects is the diversity it has when designing a home’s interior. It’s known for its luxurious style that incorporates traditional furnishing from candle chandeliers, stone masonries, and mahogany furniture.

Kitchen with Island, Sink, Cabinets, and Hardwood Floors in New Luxury Home, with View of Living Room, Dining Room, and Outdoor Patio

An example of a mixture of high-end and traditional features is this sophisticated great room. The marble kitchen island, sleek black cabinetry, and couches create the home’s luxury. Other features like the glass dining table and white chairs are set off by the classic chandelier. The kitchen lamps are just simple light bulbs set against a wooden design and a sleek color palette. Another key feature is the combination of the great room with a second living space outside. The contrasts between classic and high-end designs can be more prominently seen in the wooden ceiling and walls outside and the interior’s refined furnishing. The interior includes minor traditional furniture and structures like stone masonry. A blend of styles like these creates a beautiful, sophisticated lifestyle that radiates class and a sense of comfort.

Eagle Peak Builders

2411 Old Crow Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA 94583

Growing up, Thomas Birdsall was surrounded by construction from a young age. He learned the trade from his father, who worked in a local lumber yard. He had no other guide and no books to teach him: it was a trial and error process. Today, he is a licensed general contractor and he established Eagle Peak Builders in 2013. The firm’s projects are timeless, classics. It builds houses that are cozy, that radiate a homey ambiance. The firm has received accreditations from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the BBB.

This remodeled home in Danville is a great example. The firm optimized every inch of space. Black leather contrast with the wooden dining table; elegant couches contrast with the white-colored wooden table and stone masonry. The floor space is not overcrowded, each area of the home is designed minimally to create a sense of space. 

EverLast Construction

1270 Sprinkbrook rd #101 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 

Ariel Baleli graduated from the University of Haifa with a degree in Computer Science. He eventually transitioned into construction, establishing EverLast Construction in 2012. The firm works with a sophisticated, clean, vibrant aesthetic completed by bright furniture. The firm employs green home methods, using sustainable and recycled materials and putting an emphasis on energy efficiency. The firm has accreditations from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), the BBB, and the NARI. 

This general kitchen and living room remodeling project exemplifies their sleek, clean aesthetic. The white cabinetry, marble kitchen island, and dome-like chandeliers complement the wooden flooring brown-colored furniture. The living room consists of brown leather seats with small wooden tables. The combination of white and brown is a simple way to create an inviting atmosphere. Black dining chairs, the island’s gray cabinetry, and high steel chairs completed the room’s sense of an elevated level of comfort. 

Gayler Design Build

390 Diablo Road, Suite 210, Danville, CA 94526

George Gayler is the second generation builder of this family-owned firm. He started working in the construction business at age 13, helping his dad during the summer. In 1979, George received his contractor’s license and he took over the firm a year later. He expanded the company’s services, offering commercial services. Over its 59 years in the industry, the firm has won numerous awards, including the 2016  Landscape Design/Outdoor Living Award, the 2003 Residential Interior Award, the 2004 Residential Addition Award, and the 2003 National Contractor of the Year. The firm is no stranger to the press, either, having been featured in Diablo Magazine, Pro Remodeler Magazine, and The Qualified Remodeler.

A project that exemplifies the firm’s strengths is this 1,685-square-foot house in Danville. The home received an entire makeover, starting with enclosing the patio area, creating a kitchen area, and adding a second entrance from the kitchen to the living room. A bar was installed in the kitchen, along with more cabinetry and a functional desk area. The entire area became a unique living space that acts as an extension of the living room. An atrium was added to the side of the dining area. It’s a small room with a traditional rocking chair for those who want to relax. The bedroom was transformed and now has a vibrant ambiance with white cabinetry and walls. A wall was removed allowing for more space. The entire home radiates with beautiful designs that create a pleasant living experience.

Gordon Reese Construction, Inc.

3021 Citrus Circle #170 Walnut Creek CA 94598

Gordon Reese Construction, Inc. was established by Gordon Reese in 1984, and it has received accreditation from the NKBA and NARI. The firm has also won numerous awards: the 2017 BIG50 Award: Remodeling Magazine, the 2016 NARI CotY Award – Residential Interior $75K to $150K: Universal Design, the 2016 NARI Remmies – Universal Design Recognition 1st Place, and the 2014 NARI Remmies Gold Award – Residential Open Concept Kitchen. The firm has completed various projects, in a broad range of styles and designs.

A project that displays the firm’s diversity is this remodeled home in Walnut Creek. The structure and design of the house is a mix of multiple styles. The furniture is traditional Victorian; the house’s structure is a blend of modern and traditional. The living room and kitchen are combined into one large area. The living room contains classic furnishings like the candle-like chandelier, dark wood shelves and fireplace, and conventional office space. The kitchen, a study, in contrast, is a modern, open space while the wooden cabinetry and walls infuse a classic look. This home is a study in unorthodox, successful fusions. 

McCutcheon Construction Inc.

1280 6th Street Berkeley, CA 94710

McCutcheon Construction Inc. is an accredited firm established in 1980 and currently operated by fourth-generation builder Michael McCutcheon. The firm has received accreditation from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the NARI. The firm has won several awards as well, like the 2018 Winner Bay Area Remodeling Awards for Entire House Over $1M –  SFBA NARI and the 2018 Winner Bay Area Remodeling Awards for Bathroom Over $100K – SFBA NARI. The firm has been featured in the Oakland Magazine, Professional Remodeler Magazine, Luxe, and Berkeley Times.

This award-winning Oakland home remodel represents the firm’s experience and its accolades. The owners of this 1950s home wanted it to be a place for family and entertainment. A notable feature that is in plenty of areas in the house is the lighting. The living room, dining area, and bar area have lights that can transform to blue and purple creating a club ambiance. The same goes for the entertainment room, where the lights turn pink, and the theatre room has a sky blue glow by the walls. The furniture is modern: leather couches, dark wood dining table and chairs, and a high-end fireplace. Minor details, such as classic movie posters, echo the 1950s. A house that provides a cozy home and entertainment ensures a lively atmosphere for family, friends, and social gatherings. 

MSK Design Build

37 Quail Court, Suite 200 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

MSK Design Build is an award-winning and accredited firm established in 2001 by Scott Wesby. Over the years, the firm has won awards like the 2019 NARI REMMIES East Bay Home Remodel, the 2019 NARI COTY Regional Winner – Entire House, the 2018 NARI REMMIES Winner – Entire House, and the 2017 2017 NARI REMMIES Winner Residential Bath. The firm also has accreditations from the NARI, NKBA, and the Better Business Bureau. The firm uses different aspects from different home styles to provide a personalized approach to each client’s project. The firm often brings a multidimensional look to the houses it builds.

This 2019 award-winning home remodel radiates multiple styles and takes inspiration from different types of buildings. The living room and garage were transformed into a cafe and library: classic bookshelves, artwork, and instruments complete the ambiance. The kitchen has an entirely different atmosphere with changes in the flooring that lines the walls. The kitchen also includes light gray wooden cabinetry and a kitchen island that is also a high bar table. The laundry room incorporates some beach-like designs by adding elegant, lush plants, paintings, and a dark gray wooden wall.

New Key Construction

2890 N Main St #205, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Reggie Keding established New Key Construction in 2019. He started in construction design for a national remodeling company in 2005, then started his own first construction firm in 2008, partnering up with a home improvement franchise. New Key Construction is still young in the construction industry, but Reggie’s experience allows the firm to provide high-quality projects with beautiful furnishings and designs.

This Lindenwood kitchen remodel is an example of the firm’s capability to provide high-quality results. The kitchen’s transformation from traditional to modern includes drastic changes starting with the vinyl flooring added to the final layout. The white cabinetry gives it a clean look to go along with the black marble countertops. The firm used every inch of space while leaving enough room to move around. The kitchen is situated between the living room and dining area, allowing family and friends to gather and socialize. The firm did a fantastic job creating a modern kitchen to go along with the house’s contemporary style while incorporating other areas of the home to complement it. 

Pacific Crest Builders Inc.

2109 East Street, Concord, CA 94520

Jeff Randolph is a licensed general contractor and he has over 20 years of experience. He established Pacific Crest in 1998. The firm blends traditional structured homes with modern color palettes and designs. The firm occasionally produces more modern and contemporary looking homes as well.

Note this sleek, lavish modern home on Miller Avenue. The exterior has a jet black appearance with a mixture of dark wood walls—a classic combination nowadays for many modern homes. On the left side is the garage area, but the house’s elevation has the entrance located at the second level. The interiors mix classic and modern aesthetics: dark wood cabinetry and a kitchen island with a unique structure that contains multilevel countertops. A beautiful feature to note is the balcony areas that offer magnificent views of its surroundings and the city from afar. Having the house on an elevated lot improves the aesthetic but also the overall atmosphere of the place. It’s a sleek, designed home and very cozy.

Tobias Builders

3378 Deer Hill Rd. Lafayette, CA 94549

Before founding Tobias Builders, Stacy Tobias graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Interior Design and Interior Architecture. He then established his firm in 1990, creating contemporary and Asian-inspired homes. Take a look at the Tobias Builders portfolio. The coastal themed kitchen that has sky blue cabinetry and a kitchen island is a great example of its work. The use of mahogany furniture keeps things relatively simple but elevates the area’s features.

The contemporary kitchen has been featured here. Most of the area is white, but the firm made sure that there were contrasting elements to balance the bright white color. The first would be the black seats by the island. It’s an easy tactic to contrast bright colors with black furniture, and with the light wood vinyl flooring, it was essential to have something dark to balance the kitchen’s aesthetics. The kitchen’s clean look and elegant finish are sure to impress.

Toupin Construction

1818 Tice Valley Blvd. Walnut Creek, CA 94595

Tim Toupin established the firm in 1978. Throughout its 40 years in the industry, the firm has produced homes that focus on the essentials, getting together with the family, and relaxing. Cozy furniture, designs, and structures are signature elements. 

This Canyonwood home renovation exemplifies the homey and cozy atmosphere. It has a vibrant ambiance, beautiful gray dining chairs, and elegant white couches. The kitchen makes interesting use of an island as it displays decor that can be seen in the living room. The various areas of the house, from the bedrooms, outdoor deck, dining area, are all close to one another creating a sense of togetherness. 

Younger Brothers Builders

1661 Botelho Drive Suite 255. Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Owner Cam Younger established Younger Brothers Builders in 2013 and has over 20 years of experience working locally in the Bay Area as well as internationally. Today, the firm produces contemporary style homes. Some have a high-class or traditional blend that creates a sleek, high-end atmosphere; others have a simple, comfortable ambiance. Many favor a minimalist style or Asian inspired design, or a fusion of the two. With over 20 years of experience, Cam helps the firm produce high-quality homes with a variety of different layouts and designs. 

This Alamo house remodel is a simple, beautiful home with a minimalist design. The house has two living rooms. One is more modern; the other has a beautiful minimalist design. The minimalist living room contains the classic wooden dining seats and chairs, elegant white couches, white cabinetry, a large space for guests to circulate through. The tranquil space connects to an outdoor patio that leads to the backyard. The other living room is more sophisticated, with tall gray seats that lead into the office. It also retains some minimalist aspects by including small plants in the room. The home exudes a calm and serene atmosphere with its large open spaces and simple furnishing, which creates a peaceful living environment.

Green Bay Remodeling Inc

1470 Maria Ln #200, Walnut Creek, CA 78731

Green Bay Remodeling Inc. is a leading development and remodeling general contracting company serving San Francisco Bay Area, CA and Austin, TX. Clients have been provided with outstanding design-build services, including kitchen and bath remodeling, room additions, full-house renovations, and new home construction. The firm has been featured in the SF Business Times list of fastest-growing private companies in the US and mentioned in well-known publications such as MarketWatch.

Avichai Hazan and Mike Yarom co-founded Green Bay Remodeling to focus on residential construction and home renovation. Hazan takes charge of the company’s growth to reshape the construction industry’s face and innovate the way customers are served using the best-in-class research and golden customer service. Yarom, the CFO, handles the company’s financial functions, human resources, and marketing activities. Together, they have worked on various vibrant, modern, and high-end-looking projects, including the luxury full-house remodel project featured here.