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To those who believe that living in Arizona means only being in the desert, think again. Flagstaff is surrounded by forests and mountains: it even receives snow in the winter. Flagstaff is a never-ending playground for individuals who enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and camping. In Arizona, there are several distinct common types of housing. However, a significant number of them share warm color schemes and natural color palettes, and they don’t all have basements.

Condominiums, bungalows, Pueblo Revival, Contemporary, Ranch, and Mediterranean styles are a few of the popular housing designs in the state. Featured on this list are the best general contractors working in Flagstaff. These firms have a wealth of experience in a variety of sectors, including remodeling, bespoke or new construction, and additions. You’ll also want to take a look at their portfolios to review the wide range of styles and specializations they offer.

JKC Inc.

1820 N Center Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Owner Jeff Knorr, based in Flagstaff, has been developing and constructing for investors and homeowners in Northern Arizona since 1994. Since 1982, Knorr has called Flagstaff home. He has worked as a building project manager, a carpenter, and a cabinet maker. Knorr has also held the positions of vice president and president of the Northern Arizona Building Association. The company has also been honored from 2009 through 2018 by the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program Awards.

Custom homes in Flagstaff and the outlying neighborhoods of Northern Arizona can be built, remodeled, and expanded with the help of JKC. JKC, as a general contractor, has experience with remodeling and additions. The firm has an excellent track record and is licensed and insured. In the featured project, a game room with custom bunk beds, a movie area, a pool table, and a kitchenette were built by adding habitable space above an existing garage. The new area also installed a bathroom with a shower and an external deck leading to the main deck.

Mike Furr Construction

3485 Hidden Hollow Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Since 1979, Mike Furr Construction in Flagstaff, Arizona has valued both large and small bespoke construction projects, including remodeling tasks. When the business began, its initial remodeling projects were for a few homes and businesses. Soon enough, word-of-mouth spread and it earned a name in Northern Arizona. The firm’s principal, Mike Furr, began his career in woodworking and cabinet manufacturing in 1978 and he got his general contractor’s license within the same year the corporation was founded. In 1992, the business was registered as Mike Furr Construction, Inc.

Mike Furr Construction Flagstaff Kitchen

Mike Furr Construction designs and constructs expansions, including home interiors and remodels. For a client’s current or even new structure, the firm’s team is aware of the necessity of adopting contemporary standards and technology for both new construction and older homes. Mike Furr Construction uses cutting-edge techniques to increase the energy efficiency of homes. The firm also pays close attention to the original architecture of the property and keeps an eye on future sustainability.

Green Mountain Construction

2849 N Gregg Drive, Flagstaff, AZ 86002

Founded in 2008, Green Mountain Construction is a residential contracting company that specializes in remodels, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), and energy-efficient, environmentally friendly home building designs. Green Mountain is committed to being on schedule and within budget while also ensuring realistic financial planning. The firm is focused on providing individualized service in order to maintain a relationship with clients and oversee the full scope of a project. Green Mountain Constructions makes an effort to use resources sensibly and reduce the overall impact of a development.

Green Mountain Construction is known for advancing sustainable building practices by fusing clever design, energy efficiency, and recycled and reused materials with original and imaginative ideas. The featured project entailed an additional 700-square-foot studio area with a loft, full kitchen, bathroom, and office space. These features were added to an old Government Prairie house using domestically milled wood and malapai stone. The homeowners’ goal was to create an energy-efficient area with a passive solar design that continues to keep the area warm even in the cold. The firm’s team was completely successful.

Reitz Builders

2201 N Gemini Drive, Box #6, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Reitz Builders offers a wide range of building industry solutions thanks to more than 25 years of experience and an unwavering pursuit of quality. The firm works with small company owners and homeowners to design beautiful, functional places. Reitz Builders uses its clients’ vision to create everything from Mountain Modern homes to rustic mountain cabins. When creating houses, the company’s designers and craftsmen always put their clients and their families first.

Reitz Builders streamlines the process of a home renovation or new house construction by collaborating with Arizona’s top architectural designers to complete these projects on time and within budget. This contemporary luxury home in stunning Flagstaff, Arizona, has a single-level floor plan with stunning glazed windows. An interior with finishes and long-lasting, low-maintenance exterior materials will ensure a lifetime of beautiful scenery.

High Caliber Construction

5200 E Cortland Boulevard, Suite D6, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

High Caliber is a specialist in custom home construction and remodeling. The firm is committed to providing quality work and client satisfaction. The crew has years of experience in all types of building, and the staff’s wide range of abilities consistently produces quality work. High Caliber is a general contractor serving Flagstaff and the surrounding areas since it was founded in 2009. The firm offers remodeling, custom builds, additions, and design services. The company’s goal is to provide high-quality construction while serving the needs of everyone it works with.

The company’s principal, Evan Womble, is a third-generation home builder who learned how to walk in a house that was still being built. He was reared by his dad, another seasoned and respected home builder. Clients benefit from working with High Caliber because of his leadership, and he helps them achieve their goals. Evan only hires people with the greatest levels of honesty.