Based in the Rocky Mountains, the mini Metropolis of Boulder lives up to its name as a community surrounded by stone-filled landscape and towering hills of stone. Located in the Northern Colorado region, the city is the perfect blend of traditional and modern America. The innovative locale was once dubbed the #1 Best Place for Business by Forbes magazine and serves as a hotspot for start-up companies in various food and tech markets. The Boulder community features classic architecture styles and suburban culture. The perfect marriage of the historic and the contemporary, Boulder is a prime spot for people looking for a fresh start.

For potential movers and existing homeowners looking to update homes alike, the following companies were selected as some of the best custom home builders in Boulder. These firms were found through extensive research that factored in select criteria relevant to the process. Our editorial team examined each company’s history, the quality of their portfolios, the backgrounds of their principals, the awards they have received, and the nature of client testimonials they have received over the years. Each one specializes mostly in residential projects; a few offer light commercial services to Colorado business owners. Green building is also prevalent in some firm’s services, a major component that reflects a commitment to environmentally friendly structures and energy-efficient designs.


Boulder Builders

4845 Pearl East Circle Suite 101, Boulder, CO 80301

Boulder Builders is founded on the cornerstones of quality and integrity. The company mantra: “If you can dream it, we can build it,” and that promise is consistently fulfilled. The practice specializes in building long-lasting homes and strong client relationships. Kevin Gregory, principal of the firm, is a construction veteran with more than 20 years of field experience. His resume includes million-dollar projects in the area and career stints as a general contractor with expertise in new constructions, remodels, and additions.

Core services offered by Boulder Builders include kitchens, bathrooms, basements, exteriors, and custom living projects. Personalized homes that fit a homeowner’s lifestyle and vision are a staple of the company, as well as open communication during the project that integrates homeowner input into the process. The Boulder Builder’s in-house crew comes equipped with home remodeling savvy and client service expertise that serve as vital assets in the firm’s arsenal. Every craftsperson on staff is committed to high-end residences constructed with high functionality and aesthetic qualities, and all are completed within the projected timeframe and budget. Green building is also a major aspect of its work. Environmentally responsible construction and design are practiced in the field for energy-efficient purposes and for the benefit of future generations.

Boulder Valley Builders

5578 Pennsylvania Ave., Boulder, CO 80303

Boulder Valley Builders has earned prominence through construction expertise and residential craftsmanship. The firm’s reputation as a trusted builder is rooted in its team’s ability to complete projects with efficiency and attention to detail. Owner David Garner is committed to value service, a focus that has raised his firm’s profile within the Colorado region. Under his leadership, the operations have earned acclaim from homeowners in the area for its well-rounded approach to construction. Transparency about project prices ensures that no surprise costs pop up in the middle of the process.

Certified professionals make up the company’s team, each one passionate about their craft and dedicated to providing top-notch work in the field. Known for their promptness and proficiency in the field, these experts walk clients through the process from the planning stages of the project until the post-construction maintenance. Each structure is created to reflect a strong foundation and upscale aesthetic that fits within the modern housing landscape. Most of the firm’s projects come from referral commissions, but the company also has a solid network of repeat clients—a testament to the quality of the firm’s work and the interpersonal bonds it has built over the years. The fully insured and licensed company also maintains operations in Louisville.


13905 Braun Rd Golden, Boulder, CO 80401

Buildwell is a practice that excels in remarkable spaces crafted with style and precision. The firm’s engineering, building, and design prowess have catapulted its name to the top tier of builders in Colorado. Ryan Wither, founder and owner, is a Steamboat Springs native with a background in industrial and furniture design, fashion, and custom furniture and architecture and fabrication. Mr. Wither’s work in upscale residential and commercial spaces is some of the best in the region: his firm has repeatedly been commended by clients for the high-end quality of its work. These standout projects have led to mainstream features in industry publications, including 5280 Home, Modern in Denver, and Colorado Homes and Lifestyles.

Featured is a luxury modern home completed by Buildwell. High-performance properties and quality service have molded the firm’s reputation as a reliable construction partner. Its roster of skilled professionals is well-equipped in handling every aspect of the project from the permits and zoning specifications to sourcing high-grade materials. The firm’s projects come with strong aesthetic allure and long-lasting quality, delivered through a seamless process that covers all the bases. The builder’s portfolio includes diverse projects ranging from whole residential construction to interior additions and renovation. Key services offered include residential and civil construction and custom fabrication.

Built By Krueger

1194 Diamond Circle Unit T, Lafayette, CO 80026

Built By Krueger is a custom home builder that specializes in construction and real estate projects. Established in 1977, the trusted local builder was founded on traditional values and integrity. Its operations are family-oriented and ethics-based with a focus on skilled building and management. A collaborative approach has propelled the firm to the front of the Boulder building landscape, and its work has been commended by former clients for its quality and long-lasting appeal. Krueger’s areas of expertise are divided into three categories—new builds, remodels, and real estate. New builds include custom homes and semi-custom projects, and they all are built using a client-first process. The remodels bracket includes additions and “reclaim,” “renew,” and “revive” projects. Real estate services cover buying, selling, and investments.

The company’s leadership team includes brothers, Brian, Matthew and Warren Krueger. The group of experts has combined their skills to craft a strong body of work that includes the residential property our editorial team decided to feature here. A contemporary estate located in Denver area, the Colorado rustic home is a three-story mountain-style house with a mixed siding gable roof design.

Ellis Construction

2975 Valmont Road, Suite 110, Boulder, CO 80301

Ellis Construction was founded on the values of listening and collaboration. The Boulder County practice upholds quality and customer service in every aspect of building work. Open communication between its team and clients guarantees that fresh input is integrated into a project to achieve optimal project results. Teamwork between its crew of subcontractors, specialists, and architects have solidified an optimal working approach. Sound cost management has ensured that projects are completed on-budget and on-schedule. This transparent process and collaborative methods have made it a trusted partner in residential projects; the firm has created a solid network of repeat clients who’ve been working with the practice for years.

In 2002, the University of Colorado alum David Ellis established the company as a custom home builder with a penchant for contemporary designs. His background and passion for crafting and architecture became vital assets in the builder’s arsenal. He leads a roster of professionals that hail from different backgrounds and offer a wide range of skill sets. Ellis’s project scope includes upscale custom homes, ground-up constructions, additions, renovations, basement finishes, and more. Featured here is a great example of the firm’s work—a gorgeous Colorado home with a minimalist modern design and a structure that perfectly fits the surrounding landscape.

Elton R Construction

1740 38th Street, Boulder, CO 80301

Elton R Construction is a locally-operated company that has been dubbed “the perfect design-minded general contractor” by its clients and partners. The firm’s “Live in the Wow” mantra captures the firm’s mission to build exceptional homes that strive to amaze homeowners with their structural and aesthetic beauty. Client reviews praise the firm’s team for the upstanding workmanship, excellent service, and the positive environment provided in the field. The firm is helmed by Beau Beck, a 25-year industry veteran with vast amounts of experience working for tech building companies.

Elton’s dynamic portfolio displays diverse residences that range from classic homes to contemporary manors; Victorian, transitional, Craftsman, and eclectic styles are all represented. Featured here is a modern home located on Utica Avenue in Boulder. The two-story property embodies a design that reflects the current architecture landscape. An asymmetrical exterior frame exudes a playful design that perfectly blends a cedar brown and soft black palette. Horizontal and vertical piping panels add texture to the outside walls and an interesting visual to the estate. The abode’s interior also shines with its contemporary make-up and spacious layout. The sleek design and white walls are complemented by neutral-colored furniture and fixtures that add a subtle charm to the minimalist space.


1420 28th Street Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80303

Established in 1977, Hammerwell is an acclaimed general contractor that has carved its niche in the Colorado home building domain. Hammerwell’s operations are helmed by Drew Lindsay, president of the company. For more than 40 years, the practice has excelled in crafting luxury residences and producing high-quality home remodels. Most of its work has been recognized by local and national publications like Boulder County Home and Garden magazine, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles, Modern in Denver, and Spray Foam magazine. In 2019, the firm opened a new studio in Salida to expand its client network in the Rocky Mountains and serve the Western Slope market.

Hammerwell’s business framework is propped up by clarity, accountability, and efficiency. The Boulder-based builder works with homeowners, architects, and interior designers to create long-lasting estates with attributes that meet the functional and visual standards of both the industry and client. Meticulous attention to detail has become a staple of its work, and every member is well-versed in constructing enduring structures and delivering quality service. Customers have commended the team for its all-around expertise in and out of the field. Clients praise the seamless process and prompt service delivered by Hammerwell from blueprint planning and material selection to scheduling management and building itself.

Melton Design Build

3082 Sterling Circle, Boulder, CO 80301

Melton Design Build is a Colorado-based company that focuses on construction in the residential and commercial markets. The firm is headed by Ty Melton, a seasoned professional who serves as president of the practice. He leads a roster of certified craftspeople equipped with extensive skills in custom home building, remodeling, and home care and repair. This crew guides clients from the early stages of the project through to the post-construction touches and provides design and management assistance at a reasonable cost. These experts are committed to the construction aspects of the job and proficient in providing quality service and client satisfaction. 

Featured is the Training Paradise, a custom home construction project built by Melton. Situated atop the base of a foothill, the residence is located in a nice neighborhood surrounded by lush mountain views. The estate used to be an empty lot and was turned into a luxury home with a folding nana wall and a vast exterior yard. The modern site is a prime locale for physical training activities due to its spacious landscape. The property’s interiors include two master suites, a basement, and an industrial staircase connected to the four floors. A fitness room, guest suites, custom-built wine display, and traditional kitchen were also standout components of the unique home.

MK Construction

2907 55th St. #7C Boulder, CO 80302

MK Construction is a full-service practice that focuses on “building beautiful spaces” in residential markets. Founded by Mike Kellogg in 2014, the firm specializes in custom home building, remodels, and general contractor services. The company has earned a reputation as a builder that meets project challenges head-on. Kellogg, a stalwart of the Boulder construction arena, has prior experience as a finish carpenter with interior woodworking expertise. His dedication to efficient work is a value that extends to his core team of certified craftspeople. That team practices a solution-oriented process that balances construction, design, and service in the field. Under his leadership, every specialist in his crew strives to create top-notch projects that are completed within the set schedule and within the cost range.

Featured is a residential project completed by the team. The firm’s portfolio includes contemporary home styles with high-performance aspects that guarantee long-lasting structure and impressive aesthetics. MK Construction has earned commendations from former patrons not only for its exceptional home facilities but also for the promptness and professionalism of its experts. The firm’s collaborative approach is bolstered by the firm’s ability to create a consistent number of repeat clients throughout the years, a testament to its roster’s work quality and strong interpersonal relationships.

Modern Homestead

5454 Conestoga Ct., Boulder CO 80301

Modern Homestead’s expertise lies in high-end residential construction. The award-winning firm’s name reflects its modern approach to project-crafting and operates with five core values in mind—professionalism, excellence, dedication, creativity, and leadership. Former clients praised the firm’s ability to build and craft exquisite luxury homes as well as the crew’s skill and professionalism. Its roster of qualified specialists delivers optimal output by providing strong workmanship: clients always get their money’s worth. 

John Ploumitsakos serves as the company’s CEO, a former law practitioner who spent over a decade in leadership roles for global tech firms like Google and Twitter. His expertise in spearheading teams is a strong aspect that he carried over to Modern Homestead, where he leads with a laser-focused commitment to up-to-date technology and concise management and service. Though new to the building scene, his influence and innovative approach have become a huge factor in the consistent growth of the company, and it continues to do so through solid work and sound relationships.

The practice specializes in new construction, home renovations, and remodels, with a goal to create livable and comfortable living spaces with gorgeous aesthetic quality. The home featured here is a modern Craftsman estate completed with a crisp structure augmented by a minimalist design.

Skycastle Construction

1245 Pearl St. Suite 202, Boulder, CO 80302

Skycastle Construction is a practice focused on quality, professionalism, and service. Skycastle places a strong emphasis on customer service and consistently delivers top-quality results when it comes to building, as well as collaborating with the client. Brandon David, LEED AP, President of Skycastle Construction, has over 25 years of hands-on experience in residential and commercial building in the Rocky Mountain area, and has an in-depth knowledge of high-end custom green homes. His field experience gave him a firsthand understanding of the industry, and his passion for green building has elevated the firm’s profile as one of the most environmentally-friendly builders in the territory. Brandon brings an impeccable level of personal integrity and calm, clear communication to the entire process.

Featured is the recently completed LEED Platinum Home, the innovative Hoefling House. This 3,000 square foot, near-net-zero energy home is filled with green features, including a “live” green roof, 10kW PV solar panels discreetly tucked onto the roof, a ground-source heat pump, foam insulation, an energy recovery ventilator, and water-conserving fixtures.

Sloan Construction Co.

1644 Conestoga St, Suite 6, Boulder, CO 80301

Sloan Construction is a Boulder County firm with a strong focus on green building methods. It is a reliable builder with key services that cover remodels, additions, and new construction work. An in-house process that follows a “be nice, do good work” philosophy becomes a guiding force in every project handled by its team. Its streamlined process includes initial consultation, project planning, and construction—in that order. Quality craftsmanship is consistently delivered within a positive environment, so homeowners get a positive experience from start to finish. Testimonials from former clients cite the crew’s high efficiency, smooth pace, professionalism, and deep construction knowledge as some of the firm’s best traits.

As stated, sustainable construction is central to the operations of Sloan Construction. Founder and firm president Dave Sloan is a botanist and carpenter prior to his current general contractor role. An active proponent of green building, he also serves as the president of the Green Building Guild. His process integrates environmentally responsible and energy-efficient aspects to minimize nature impact, decrease waste, and promote natural ventilation and lighting. Every project is built and designed to improve the homeowner’s surroundings as well as to contribute to future generations’ way of living. Solar panels, heat pumps, and green roofs are some of the products installed in green homes.

SoBo Homes

2150 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80302

SoBo Homes is a firm that aims to provide a fun and professional building experience to local homeowners. The Colorado design-builder is known for its smooth building process and its penchant for completing complex projects. A contract with the firm means that a special commitment is forged between the team and the homeowner. For this reason, the company only accepts 10 to 16 projects annually. This gives the SoBo crew ample time to get to know clients thoroughly and understand their vision, as well as allot optimal time and effort to a single project without much fuss. The firm’s specialty services include complex additions, remodels, and custom homes.

The boutique operation has gained prominence through its strong residential work, work that shines with aesthetic personality and structural quality. The firm’s refined, dynamic homes reflect playful and authentic designs, each one unique to the client, each reflecting the homeowner’s vision. The operations are headed by co-owners Mike D’Onofrio and Eric Youngren. Mike has gained extensive knowledge in residential construction and a passion for crafting modern spaces. Youngren is a jack-of-all-trades well-versed in woodworking, electrical, and mechanical systems. The two experts’ experience is a vital asset in the firm’s arsenal and they have the commendations and industry acclaim that inevitably follows an impressive skill set.