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Houston, Texas, is a thriving metropolis that has successfully merged its extensive history with modern trends. Besides the cultural diversity and thriving economy, the city is known for its magnificent skylines and charming neighborhoods—and were built by some of the best design-build firms on this list. These firms contributed to the development of Houston’s landscape and are still setting new standards in the demanding design and construction sector. These companies were selected by our editorial team for their experience, track record, and capacity to complete high-quality projects on schedule and within budget.

Frankel Design Build

7800 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007

Frankel Design Build is a reputable family-owned custom home builder based in Houston. Backed by over three decades of experience, the firm offers a one-stop-shop experience for home buyers. It provides award-winning architecture, construction, interior design, home care, land acquisition, and custom pool services. All of the firm’s projects are subjected to LEED home standards—they are creating energy-efficient, sustainable, and environmentally built homes. These homes are also constructed at roughly the same cost as traditional homes.

Contemporary art collectors Lynne and David Devine worked with Frankel Design Build to build their new home. They wanted to showcase their impressive art collection and create a design centered around their personalized art gallery. The house was designed with modern, bright, and minimalistic elements, with plenty of wall space to display the artwork without overpowering it. It resulted in a stunning home harmoniously combining contemporary architecture and art, emphasizing the homeowner’s passion and celebrating their collection.

Stone Acorn Builders

5403 Bellaire Boulevard, Bellaire, TX 77401

Founded in 1999, Stone Acorn Builders is known for its stunning and durable homes, as well as its world-class architectural design. It provides residents of Bellaire, Austin, Houston, and the surrounding areas with new home construction, site and space planning, custom cabinetry, and building design services. The firm’s practices and techniques are well within industry standards and accredited by the NAHB, GHBA, CAPS, and CGB. Its dedication and exceptional craftsmanship were recognized by several esteemed publications, including Southern Living, RAM Windows, and The Business Journals.

Stone Acorn Builders recently completed a remarkable home renovation project, showcasing a sleek and modern design. Taking a minimalist approach, the firm created a spacious, well-lit interior, emphasizing natural lighting through plenty of windows. The result is a stunning home that perfectly balances contemporary style with functionality. The firm’s expertise shines through every detail, making this renovation a testament to the team’s skills and capabilities.

Ashwood Designs and Custom Homes

2434 Robinhood Street, Suite B, Houston, TX 77005

Ashwood Designs & Custom Homes is passionate about creating unique and personalized homes. With expertise in large remodeling projects and new construction, it uses advanced 3D design technology to bring dream homes to life even before construction begins. This approach is an immersive experience for the clients—they can fully envision themselves within these homes. The Ashwood team fosters open and creative communication to ensure needs are met, understood, and effectively executed. Collaboration with clients results in a space that reflects their personality and brings a sense of belonging.

This stunning home renovation in Meyerland, Houston seamlessly blended contemporary and traditional styles. With white and gray accents, the house now exudes an updated yet timeless and durable look. The team’s meticulous attention to detail and expert planning resulted in a beautifully transformed interior with all the homeowners’ must-haves, and the project was finished within budget as well.

Alleanza Custom Homes

1000 N Post Oak Road, #220, Houston, TX 77055

Alleanza Custom Homes is deeply committed to client satisfaction and prioritizes understanding client dreams and plans. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, the firm stands by its custom-built homes and building designs, ensuring quality and peace of mind that will last for generations. The firm has kept its promise of unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations since President Shawn Sidoti founded the firm in 2007. Sidoti has constantly reminded his team to serve with trust, transparency, and excellence. He also reminds them of patience, as building a home is a lengthy process that requires intelligent decisions. This motivates the Alleanza team to help clients throughout the process, from consultation to delivery, to make the process exciting and successful.

In 2021, Alleanza skillfully renovated the Wilhoit residence, combining contemporary and timeless elements to create a stunning and spacious home. With a focus on minimalism, the use of wood added warmth and natural charm. It also serves as accent pieces throughout the house when contrasted with the clean lines that emphasize its sleek and modern character. The home also has an open layout that uses levels to create area partitions. Plenty of full-length windows and doors illuminate the interior—an energy-efficient feature.

Framestead Enterprises, L.P.

3818 Acorn Lane, Porter,  TX 77365

Framestead Enterprises has established itself as a trusted design-build firm dedicated to transforming living spaces for homeowners in Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, New Caney, Porter, and Spring. The firm’s expertise lies in remodeling, conversion, design, building, design consultation, project management, space planning, and installation. Headed by president Michael S. Wimberly, the Framestead team is passionate about thoughtful design, ensuring each project is tailored to the client’s unique personality and style. It creates home environments that are both distinctive and exceptional, leaving a lasting impression on those who reside within them.

Framestead recently completed this new home construction with a budget of $750,000. It features a Farmhouse Cottage style that harmonizes the timeless charm of a farmhouse, the cozy appeal of a cottage, and the sleekness of an industrial style. Using a monochromatic palette, the team created a modern interior that is both stylish and inviting. The result is a unique and visually captivating living space that feels like a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.